Crisis Recap 6/21/14: Season 1 Finale “World’s Best Dad”

Crisis Recap 6/21/14: Season 1 Finale “World’s Best Dad”

Tonight on NBC their new drama CRISIS airs with its finale episode. On tonight’s episode called, “World’s Best Dad” Gibson finds himself on a mission planned by Beth Ann’s kidnapper; Ian receives a message.

On last week’s episode Finley (Lance Gross) made a heroic move while in the mansion with the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Beth Ann (Stevie Lynn Jones) ended up in further danger as a mystery person was determined to get revenge against Gibson (Dermot Mulroney). Gillian Anderson, Rachael Taylor, Halston Sage, Max Schneider, Max Martini, Michael Beach also starred. Adam Miller guest starred. Did you watch the first episode tonight? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Gibson goes on a mission planned by Beth Ann’s kidnapper in the series finale. Also: A cryptic message sends Ian and Amber on a dangerous odyssey, and Finley and Dunn work to thwart a threat, only to make a shocking discovery.

How much have you enjoyed the first season of CRISIS, do you think it was another huge hit for NBC? Tune in tonight at 10PM EST and let us know what you think. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you. While you wait for tonight’s finale, check out a sneak peek of the episode below.

RECAP: Koz and Dutton lay dead or dying and Dunn calls Olsen and says Beth Ann is gone and they won’t find her. They tell Olsen that the kidnapper now has her. Olsen says to go to the Ballard school and take Gibson into custody so he’s off the streets for now. She asks what charge and he says to use the Patriot Act. They race out. Beth Ann unties her scarf and looks around. She sees her things.

The chorus sings at the midnight vigil for Beth Ann. Finley and Dunn race there and Finley says POTUS is there with Gibson and tells the secret service it’s code red. The kidnapper tells Gibson says that he will confess to the kidnapping on stage and tell everyone in front of the president that he arranged the kidnappings and used the parents.

Janice asks him what the kidnapper wants and he asks if she wants to get Beth Ann back and says he has to trust her. He goes into the basement and locks the door. He asks why he should confess and says there is nothing to confess because he did what he had to do and would do it again. He grabs a sledgehammer and collapses part of the floor and pulls a large box out. We see plastic containers, cash, passports. He puts together a device then assembles the plastic parts.

He’s made some sort of device. Finley and Dunn race to the auditorium just as POTUS is taking the stage and reaches out to shake Gibson’s hand. Finley and Dunn show their IDs and asks the secret service why they didn’t stop it based on his alert and they say they couldn’t stop it but did a thorough check and think it’s safe.

Finley goes out to pull Gibson and Janice aside. Tyler has a cardboard box in his hand and a smaller thing. You can’t tell what either is. Dunn tells Janice they found the people that took Beth Ann and says they are both dead and that their daughter is still missing. She’s horrified that someone bought their daughter. Dunn asks if they’ve received any calls.

Dunn asks if her husband knows who has Beth Ann and then asks if she trusts him. Tyler lays out candles from the box. Finley tells Gibson that Koz and Dutton have been shot and they think Widener has Beth Ann. Gibson says Widener may have has daughter but says he’s surrounded by secret service and can’t do anything to anyone. POTUS calls the Gibsons out to stand beside them.

Gibson says he thinks Beth Ann can feel their thoughts and prayers and says he has something to say to the kidnappers. He says that he loves her even more after this ordeal and says that even though he loves her, if they called and asked him to do something, he would have to say no. Tyler hands out candles and Gibson says we light these candles. Finley says they checked the candles.

Finley tells them to shut it down just as Gibson and the President touch candles to light them. POTUS is hustled off the stage and Gibson says they didn’t get a chance to light a candle for Beth Ann and asks Finley and Dunn if they would in their place and says it would mean the world to him. POTUS and FLOTUS head back to the White House in their limo.

She asks her husband who has their daughter and asks if it’s Widener but he says he’s fishing in Montana. The First Lady is horrified on for Janice and cries. He asks if she’s okay and then we see her nose is bleeding. She asks if that’s her blood then she erupts into a seizure. Olsen tells Finley and Dunn that FLOTUS had a stroke. He asks what happened at the school.

They have Gibson in a room and Finley and Dunn come in. They ask him how he did it. They tell her the First Lady is in the hospital and he asks what the doctor said and they tell him stroke. He says it must have been the strain on her and says he understands. Dunn asks if he’s enjoying this and he says his daughter is missing and he’s waiting for a call. He asks why he would enjoy it.

Dunn says he likes being the center of attention and doesn’t want to be a bug anymore. Finley tells Gibson that she’s FBI trained to get in his head. He says he had a different type of training and throws Gibson to the floor. He demands to know what he’s done and Gibson says he’ll let this go because Finley saved his life in the fire but tells him never to touch him again. Olsen watches.

He asks Finley and Dunn what the hell that was and Dunn says he asked him to do it to see if he would lose control. Dunn says whatever is happening now is because Gibson wants it to happen. We see two vials of liquid and Francis brushing the substances onto his finger. He blows it dry carefully. He’s checked at security but has no discernible weapon.

Later when FLOTUS shakes his hand, he deliberately presses that finger onto her hand. Olsen says if Gibson did put her in the hospital, who benefits from her death. Finley says the question is how taking out FLOTUS gets Beth Ann back. He says they need to focus on Tyler and POTUS at the hospital.

Gibson’s device is running in the basement. Amber gets a text. She wakes and responds to it. Finley and Dunn show up to the hospital and they ask Tyler how his mom is and he says she’s in surgery because her brain is bleeding. They ask why they are there and they think that Gibson may be involved. They ask what Gibson whispered to him and he says that he told him to stay strong for Beth Ann.

They ask what Gibson asked him to do and he says he wanted him to get his parents to come to the vigil to show support for Beth Ann. Tyler asks if he did something wrong. We see Gibson washing his hands in the bathroom a long time and tells the agents watching him that his mom taught him to sing Happy Birthday twice to make sure your hands got clean enough and that he taught that to his daughter.

Tyler is horrified and asks if he helped them hurt his mother. They don’t have an answer for him. Gibson thanks them and says he feels refreshed and says it’s been a long night. Tyler asks if Hurst is bad and says he pointed a gun at Gibson. He asks if Hurst was trying to protect him when he shot him. Finley says Gibson made that happen, not him.

Olsen watches Gibson shaking hands with the first lady and zooms in. He goes in and asks if they can swab Gibson’s hands. He says he has nothing to hide and holds out his hands. The President comes to tell Tyler that his mom died in surgery. He tells his son that his mom loved him very much. They cry and hold each other as Finley and Dunn watch, distressed.

The secret service sends radio confirmation that FLOTUS passed away. Finley says he’ll tell Olsen but then the phone rings. He says they’re coming in now and tells Dunn that Amber has gone missing. Dunn says that the alarms at Meg’s were disabled from the inside and says the security staff has been brought in. Meg says she was on the way to send Julian when she got word.

Finley asks if the kidnappers called and asked her to do something. Meg looks at her sister and says she’s not the only Ballard parent in the room. She asks her sister if they’re watching Gibson. He asks his guards for food and a paper. Gibson’s device sends another text and we see Amber get into a car and drive away as a passenger.

Back at the FBI, the agents call all the Ballard parents and tell them to check on their kids. Only Amber is confirmed as missing and they find that Amber took $500 out of an ATM and they tell them to pull surveillance. Olsen asks Dunn if Meg is lying about getting a call from the kidnapper and she says no, but that she’s been traumatized and says she doesn’t know what this has done to her.

They see that Amber was alone at the ATM, but then they notice a shadow. They watch the tape. Amber walks out and they see they are walking close. They say it’s not a kidnapping – they know each other. Finley says that they need to check the kids’ Facebook pages. Amber and Ian are the only two that weren’t online posting and Dunn theorizes that this time it may be the kids being used, not the parents.

They put a BOLO out on Ian. The car drives down the street and Ian asks if she texted that they got the cash. He says Beth Ann is his best friend and that’s why he agreed, but asks why she said yes. She says because she’s still out there and it’s not over. They each get a text and Ian says they are the same texts but wonders why they want them to go there. Gibson’s device is hard at work in the basement.

Gibson pulls out the soup he was brought and eats. Meg tells Dunn she doesn’t know Ian or why he would be with Beth Ann. Meg asks about Gibson again and Dunn says they have him and are watching him. Meg wonders if her daughter has run away like they did as kids. Sirens sound and Amber rolls down the window as they pull to a stop. A guy comes over and Ian asks for an eighth of MK.

The guy asks if he can handle it and Ian says he can. Amber hands over the cash and the guy disappears. She tells Ian she’s scared and he says he is too. He wants to get out but she says that he needs to stay put. She says they may have brought them there for something other than saving Beth Ann. The dealer comes back and hands her a matchbox. She opens it and there are diamonds.

Amber asks if those are to ransom Beth Ann and Ian says to text and see where they should take them. Gibson’s device shows how many phases of the process are now complete and the next one is processing. He calmly eats his soup and reads the newspaper they brought him. Finley says they have a hit on Ian’s car and it’s parked on L Street.

Meg asks if it’s about Amber and Dunn says to go home and wait. Meg begs her to save Amber. The kids walk into a military surplus store and they’re supposed to go in the third dressing room, but there are only two rooms. He asks the guy how late they’re open and he says they never close. He tells the guy he needs the third dressing room and he says it will cost him.

He hands over the box and then texts that he gave it to him. Amber looks around and sees the masks that the kidnappers worse. She calls out to Ian to come look. Gibson flips through the paper. Meg listens to the news that says that Gibson is in custody for FLOTUS’ death. Dunn asks Finley what will happen if she has to turn her gun on Amber.

Amber has the mask on and a gun in her hand. The store owner is crouching down and says he doesn’t know a Beth Ann. Amber yells at Ian to mace him again. Dunn and Finley come in as Amber demands to know where Beth Ann is. They tell them to put the guns down and Ian says not to shoot.

The device sends a file and the agents’ phones ring that are in with Gibson. They tell him it’s good news and says he’s being taken to a place to be asked more questions. He says enhanced interrogation and says he understands and is ready to go.

Dunn asks what’s going on and the guy says that Amber stole his gun and Ian maced him. Dunn asks her to take the mask off and she says no – she says you put these on when you need to hurt people. She won’t put the gun down. Finley asks Ian what’s going on and says the guy knows where Beth Ann is and they saw the masks and says they are not going to be taken again.

Dunn asks if she needs the mask to get Beth Ann back and says that it’s her job and asks for the gun. Then a guy comes in with a gun and the guy working at the store yells at the intruder demanding to know what took him so long. Finley says he has him and Dunn tells the kids to get down.

Gibson is in the car being transported for some torture type questioning when he complains his tooth is hurting – this is the second time he’s mentioned it. They tell him it’s the least of his worries and he says that’s true since it’s the least of his worries. He works the tooth loose and spits it out into his hand and then cracks it open and covers his mouth as a gas leaks out of it.

Finley tells the guy that they are Federal agents and he needs to put the gun down and they guy says it’s hi third trike. Finley tells Amber to take her finger off the trigger. He notices the counter guy behind Dunn and shoots him as Dunn shoots the guy by the door. Dunn takes the gun from her daughter and tells her it will be okay. Amber apologizes. They hug.

She asks why they are there and they say they got texts to get a box of diamonds and bring it here. They ask if Beth Ann will die. We see Beth Ann in the room. She has the checklist of parents that were being used. Finley shows Dunn a text the counter guy got that says the diamonds are payment to kill the boy and hold the girl. They know now that it wasn’t a ransom for Beth Ann.

Finley says Gibson wanted Amber alive to use to put pressure on Meg. Dunn says killing FLOTUS also puts pressure on Meg since they were besties. Dunn says Meg has Beth Ann. Meg gets a call and Gibson tells her what happened to the First Lady was on her. Meg says she knew who he was and what he was capable of when he took the bullet for Kyle.

She says that’s why she had to take Beth Ann. She asks where he sent Amber and he calls her a bitch and tells her to admit that she killed her best friend. He says to get Beth Ann and call him an hour and he’ll tell her where to make the swap. Meg tells her driver to pull over. Gibson watches as she hops out and takes the driver’s seat and leaves the man there.

She drives away. Gibson follows at a distance. Amber tells Dunn she killed a man in the kidnapping house and she says she didn’t tell her mom and wants her to tell her mom. Dunn agrees. Finley calls Dunn away and says that Gibson is on the loose and they haven’t found Meg. Dunn asks what Meg said before and says that she knows where she is. She goes to run and says she can’t tell Finley.

Dunn says she knows where Meg would have stashed Beth Ann and says Meg did it as revenge. She says she needs him to turn his back and let her go and he says he can’t. She asks if it’s because of the law and he says it’s because he’s her partner. He says he will go be her back up. They head off. Dunn says that they had a special place to go hide when their parents were screaming.

Meg pulls up at the cabin and then moments later, she sees another vehicle pull up. Gibson gets out and she calls out that she has his daughter and she’s going into get her. A guy comes out of the house and Gibson shoots him. She asks when he knew and he says when he came to her house to look her in the eye. Meg says he shouldn’t go in. She says he won’t like what she’s done to his daughter.

He shoots her in the gut and she goes down. He says if something has happened he’s going to come out and run her over with her fancy car. Finley and Dunn are speeding there. Beth Ann reads the page to her dad laying out step by step what would be done. She says she knows his hand writing and he says he was made to write it all out.

Beth Ann says she was stupid for not seeing what he was. She says he took them and hurt them and made the parents do awful things. She asks what he made her mom do. He says the page doesn’t prove anything but she says the gun he’s pointing at her does. Finley and Dunn pull up and race from the car. They see Meg shivering on the ground and she says they have Amber. She tells her sister that Beth Ann is inside with Gibson.

Gibson says he did it all for her because he loved her and needed to protect her. She says everything she hates about herself is him and says she won’t go anywhere with him. She tells him to shoot her. Finley and Dunn bust into the cabin. Gibson grabs his daughter and points the gun at her head. Dunn says to let her go and Gibson says they have to go and he has a plan and says it won’t hurt and will be over.

Finley tells Beth Ann to look at her dad and says he shot the boy in the back and that he couldn’t look him in the eyes. Gibson is crying as she turns to look at him. He says good bye and Finley shoots him in the shoulder. They arrest him for shooting Meg and attempted murder of his daughter. He says she’s a parent and should understand. The FBI drags him out and they escort Beth Ann outside.

Dunn stops and turns back and looks at their old childhood drawings in the room. Beth Ann sits int eh car and cries. Amber sits on her bed and cries. The computer in Gibson’s basement sits off, inactive now. Meg is on a stretcher and Dunn says that she wanted her to find her and she admits she did in case things went bad. Finley shows Dunn the last item in Gibson’s plan. His family reunites and he goes home.

Gibson is in the ambulance playing the words over and over in his head that he said to Beth Ann. The computer comes back to life and another program starts and a test is sent.