CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap – “Dead Rails”: Season 15 Episode 10

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap - "Dead Rails": Season 15 Episode 10

Tonight on CBS CSI: Crime Scene Investigation returns with an all new Sunday December 14, season 15 episode 10 called, “Dead Rails” and we have your weekly recap, below for you. On tonight’s episode, The CSIs investigate the bizarre death of a man who was killed twice.

On the last episode, the CSI team delved into the kinky world of the CSI team investigated a murder at Clark County jail after an inmate stumbled upon a body while running away from officers. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The CSI team investigates the bizarre death of a man who was killed not once, but twice.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season.

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A bizarre case of hit and run was brought to the CSI’s notice on tonight’s episode. It seems their victim, who at the time of his death was covered in dirt, had suffered some previous trauma before the car accident. So following the trail of blood their victim had inevitably left behind – they traced his steps and eventually found out that he had been accidently buried alive.

It seems someone had thought their victim was dead and that same person had buried the victim to most likely hide all the signs of a crime. But the victim was in fact not dead. So he then crawled out of his grave and tried to get himself some help on the nearby road. And well we know what happened next.

At first it seemed like the accident was just poor luck on the victim’s part. Yet, once they had identified their victim – they realized how his bizarre situation came to be.

The victim’s name was Jimmy and he was known as an enforcer. And that’s probably why someone tried to bury out in the desert. But here’s the thing the team couldn’t understand. Why was there evidence of glass, brass knuckles and talcum found on the victim?

Its one thing to say Jimmy was killed by his former friends and it’s quite another to say a baby was used in the crime! So Morgan took a second look and somehow she managed to connect Jimmy’s death to a new kind of pool game that’s become very popular in Las Vegas.

This new pool game involves players making their shots without disturbing the many champagne glasses set up on the pool table. It sounds silly but there appears to be a following for this sort of thing. One Morgan knows awfully a lot about. And so it was her that pointed the team in the right direction. Morgan was the one that asked a known star of the game if she knew anything about their victim.

And Natalie Barrow aka “The Hornet” did know Jimmy. She knew him before he went to jail and stayed in contact with him after he came out. Apparently, Jimmy had found god whilst he was in jail and although he gave up many things – according to her Jimmy could never walk away from a pool table.

Eventually the team found out Jimmy had gotten himself involved with a secret pool game at a club called the Rails. Jimmy used to work there prior to prison and it looks like he still knew some people there if they an exclusive club like the Rails was so willing to let him.

Elise Massey, the billiards championship manager, was a good friend of Jimmy’s. And though the team found evidence of her being a madam – she swears she would never hurt a friend. Sure Jimmy tried to convert her to the righteous path but at the end of the day he respected Elise enough not to risk her reputation. So he mostly kept to himself when he was the club.

Though there were times Jimmy would put himself out there.

It seems Jimmy had befriended the young wife of a known hustler. Her name was Zoe Tate and her husband would sometimes use her in his scams. He would bet a night with his wife and usually the marks would fall for it. But ultimately Zoe’s husband Cal would only play rich guys he knew he could beat. So technically she wasn’t being pimped out by her husband.

Nevertheless, Jimmy didn’t like the scam and he thought Zoe deserved better. So he offered to play Cal for her. It was part of Jimmy’s plan you see. He was going to use the game to get Zoe her freedom and that way she didn’t have to follow her abusive husband anymore.

But, as it turns out, Zoe’s husband wasn’t the only one that was using her. Sadly, Zoe was being pimped out. Though it wasn’t by Cal. Funnily enough it was by the same woman that had later claimed she had hit Jimmy with her car by accident.

The team figured out the driver Mary Haymond was a killer after they had found some photos of Zoe. The photos is was ended up unraveling everything.

It appears Zoe was used in a second scam in which she would sleep with older married men and later extort money from them using carefully planned out photos. And then when they went to go speak to Zoe’s husband – they found a crime scene awaiting for them at her house.

Now Zoe was in police custody when her home was ransacked so they knew it couldn’t be her behind whatever happened to her husband. So right away the team knew it had to have been her secret partner. And because Zoe was going to give her up – the team was forced to pull of their own hustle.

They had found Mary’s DNA at the original crime scene for Jimmy and so they let her believe Zoe had turned her in when in actuality they just wanted her to connect the dots for them. And she did.

Mary told them everything about the photos. The scam. And even about Jimmy. She was simply so willing to take whatever they offered but its doubtable she’s going to get off of committing two murders.