Dallas Detailed Recap: Season 3 Mid-Season Premiere “Denial, Anger, Acceptance”

Dallas Detailed Recap: Season 3 Mid-Season Premiere “Denial, Anger, Acceptance"

Dallas returns to TNT with another great episode and their midseason premiere tonight at 9PM EST! On tonight’s episode called, “Denial, Anger, Acceptance,” the Ewing family seek answers about the fire at Southfork Ranch. Meanwhile, John Ross and Emma deal with their role in Pamela’s overdose, and family relationships are changed forever.

On the last episode in the electrifying mid-season finale, Pamela’s discovery that John Ross had been sleeping with Emma ignited a firestorm at Southfork threatening not only their relationship, but Bobby and Ann’s. Christopher and Heather (guest star AnnaLynne McCord) had to deal with a drastic action taken by Bo (guest star Donny Boaz); Elena and Nicolas’ relationship was tested as Drew’s (guest star Kuno Becker) arrival in Dallas continued to threaten their plans; and Emma took a page out of her grandmother’s playbook that ended in disaster. As cliffhangers mount, lives and relationships are brought to the brink, setting the stage for a summer of showdowns. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap,  right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the mid-season premiere finds the Ewing family searching for answers as to who set the fire at Southfork Ranch and who will survive. While John Ross and Emma struggle with their role in Pamela’s overdose, relationships among the family are forever changed.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for “Denial, Anger, Acceptance” to begin hit up the comments and tell us whether or not you think that this wedding will really happen!

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A fire rages at Southfork. Bobby comes to with Christopher and they look around in shock at the blaze. They find Bo also in the blaze, alive but not doing well. Bobby tells his son to get him out while he looks for Ann and Sue Ellen. John Ross tries to revive Pamela while Emma tries 911 again. She coughs up some pills while Emma is on her phone. He begs her not to leave him.

Upstairs, Bobby finds Sue Ellen passed out on the floor and drags her up. John Ross scoops up Pamela just as the EMTs show up. He puts her on the gurney and they go to work on her. They ask what she took and Emma shows them the bottle of benzos. They don’t know how many she took or if she drank with them. They ask if she had any prior suicide attempts but he says he doesn’t know.

The EMTs wheel her out and John Ross goes scrambling for his clothes and runs out after his wife. Emma is stunned and in complete silence as he goes and she’s left alone in the room. Nicolas and Elena giggle in bed and he says they’d make pretty babies together. The phone rings and he tries to knock it away but she sighs and sees it’s from her mom.

Her mom is calling to tell her about the fire at Southfork. Elena throws on her clothes and runs out. Nicolas looks pensive. Bobby tells Christopher that Sue Ellen is being treated for smoke inhalation then they see Pamela being wheeled in. They ask what happened but the nurses tell them to go. They hear the benzo overdose info from the EMTs though. They close the curtains on Bobby and Christopher.

John Ross comes in Bobby threatens him. Emma comes in and then Bobby chastises her for sending Pamela a sick video. Christopher tells John Ross that while he was out destroying his marriage, there was a fire at Southfork and Sue Ellen was trapped inside. Harris is up late and Judith comes in and tells him he was always up late as a baby until she gave him her breast.

She offers him warm milk and he says milk makes him nauseous. She tells Harris she saw him kiss Ann and says it made her want to throw up. She tells him if he wants pain from a whore, she can set him up at the brothel. He says if he wanted pain from a whore, he’d just stay home with her. He walks off.

Elena rushes to the ER and gives Christopher a hug. He tells her the fire was arson and Bo McCabe set it because he was angry that he’s dating Heather. She hugs him again and says she’s just glad he’s okay. She asks why Emma is there and he tells her that Pamela OD’d because she caught her with John Ross. Heather comes in and Christopher tells her about the fire.

She doesn’t believe her ex set it, but he says he was found in the house. She says she prays he’s innocent so she doesn’t have to tell her son that his father is a monster. Emma approaches John Ross and tells him she knows nothing about the video. He tells her he can’t deal with her right now and she walks away. Ann comes in and hugs her son. Bobby asks where she was – she says she was at the market and asks why Emma is there.

Bobby tells her about the OD after she asks why Emma is here. She goes to speak to her daughter. She tells her she has to move out of Southfork and her daughter says that’s not fair. She says she didn’t force John Ross to sleep with her or Pamela to take those pills. Ann says she wanted to break through all the hurt but says she can’t see the good in her.

John Ross gets word that Pamela is okay but says since it was a suicide attempt, no one can see her. Elena calls Nicolas and tells him a ranch hand set the fire. He tells her he thinks Drew is back in Mexico by now and promises to protect them. Turns out, he’s got him locked up and his guy tells him Drew is getting madder by the moment.

The police take Christopher’s statement and they tell him most arsonists don’t stand in the fire. Heather gets word about Bo’s injuries and Christopher comes to talk to her. She says the beam broke Bo’s back and they won’t know more until after he has surgery. He comforts her and tells her – one step at a time. Sue Ellen is resting in her room and pours some ice water.

She thinks about the booze she poured earlier and a doctor asks if she’s all right. She says she needs to go home but they tell her they want to keep her for observation because she was intoxicated when she was brought in. The doc says she can recommend a program. Bobby comes in and she tells him the doctor wants her to stay for a while. She asks the doc to leave.

Bobby tells her that Pamela is there too, for an overdose. She says she was upset earlier when she tried to talk to her. Bobby says this may be what she needs to finally leave John Ross. She thanks him for saving her life and asks what happened. He tells her Bo McCabe set the fire and asks if she saw or heard anything. She says the last thing she remembers was watching TV.

She says she fell asleep watching TV. We see a flashback of her drinking, drinking, drinking. Bobby says he found her in John Ross’s room and asks why she was there. She says she woke up hungry and went downstairs to get food. We see her in the kitchen, pouring more booze. John Ross comes in and Sue Ellen yells at him to get out. Bobby tells him to go and he does with a glare.

John Ross stares out a window when Emma comes up and says he has to talk to her sooner or later. She says she would never send a video of them making love to Pamela. He says they never made love, they screwed. She thinks it may have been her dad. He tells her they are done and are strangers. She tells him not to be stupid and says they’re still business partners. He walks off.

Nicolas is told that Drew had a letter on him addressed to the local paper about avenging his father’s death – a death he blames on the Ewings. It also exposes Nicolas’ background. He’s told that if he can’t clean this up, he’s as good as dead. Drew glares at him through a window.

Judith comes into the hospital and says she’s there to pick up Emma since Ann is tired of being a mother again. Bobby tells her that his wife shot the wrong Ryland. Judith says he’s gallant to defend Ann considering what happened between Ann and Harris. She tells him she saw them making out and say it looked like a real to curler.

Bobby says he doesn’t believe a word out of her mouth and she says to ask Ann. He turns to his wife who has a guilty face on. Judith tells Emma to come with her since bad language is about to fly. Ann begs Bobby to listen. She says she went to tell Harris to take Emma. She says they were just talking and then he kissed her out of the blue.

She says she was shocked and then left. She says she can’t control what he does and Bobby says she can control telling him the truth. He says she lied about getting groceries. He says with all that’s going on with John Ross and Emma, how dare she lie to his face. He stalks away angry.

Southfork is tented after the fire. Bobby walks around surveying the damage. John Ross comes in and Bobby asks why he’s not at the hospital. He says they won’t let him see Pamela. John Ross says he really loves his wife and he knows sleeping with Emma was wrong. He says he just thought about it as business and made excuses.

He asks Bobby what he can do and he tells John Ross if he wants to be a better person that word are cheap. He says if he wants to be a better man, then just be one. He walks out and leaves him there. John Ross finds a ring in the wreckage. It’s got a pink center stone. He snaps it shut and pockets it. Christopher wakes to a hug from Heather’s son who thanks him for saving his daddy.

The doctor comes out and Heather runs over. She says the surgery went well but they don’t know yet if he’ll walk again but they’ll just hope for the best. The cop comes over and asks the doctor if Bo can talk but then Christopher asks him to give it a rest for a little while. Heather thanks him.

Emma sits alone on her bed when Judith comes in to talk. She tells her that she takes no pleasure in being right about John Ross. Emma cries and says she can’t help caring for him and says it hurt being cast aside. Judith tells her the ability to feel pain is a gift. She tells Emma to feel the hurt, nurture it, feed it and make it powerful to take vengeance on those that wronged her.

John Ross is in the hall staring in at Pamela when Elena comes up. She asks what he’s going to do and tells him to start with – I’m sorry. He says Bobby told him, you are what you do, and he says he really wants to be a better person. He tells Elena she knows him best and asks if he’s a broken sociopath who’s too broken to be fixed.

Elena says we all do things we regret but every day is an opportunity to do better. He says Harris did him a favor by sending a video to Pam of him and Emma having sex. She asks how he knows it was Harris and he asks who the hell else would do it. He walks off and Elena calls Nicolas and leaves a message cursing him telling him she knows he sent Pamela the video. He listens to her voice mail and looks concerned, but overly so.

John Ross lurks outside Pamela’s room and she watches him. He comes in and say the nurses told him it was okay. He closes the door and tells her he’s been there trying to see her. She asks why she wasn’t allowed visitors and she asks why. He tells her he never loved Emma and she says they have that in common. He says he has no excuse and says he has no right to ask for another chance, but is.

He has a ring box in her hand and gives it to her. He asks if she remembers when he gave it to her – the plastic ring he gave her in Vegas. She tosses it in the trash can. He says he knows he hasn’t acted like it but says he really does love her and never thought about how it could hurt her. She asks why he thinks she’s hurt. She says if she really wanted to kill herself, she’d be dead.

She says she drove over there and did what she did so that every time he thinks about screwing that piece of trash, he’d see her on the floor in convulsions. She tells him that’s sexy. He says he’s not giving up on them and she tells him good luck with that. Sue Ellen wanders down to the gift shop and sees a wedding card. It triggers a flashback of her being in John Ross’ room.

She had his wedding invitation in her hand, set it on fire and laid it down on the dresser while she had another drink then passed out. It’s finally clear to her that she burned down Southfork. She panics and looks around at stuff on the shelves. She grabs up a bottle of aftershave, reads the ingredients and sees that it has alcohol. She pockets it and rushes out.

Upstairs, she pops it open and starts to drink it then stops herself and throws it away. She heads down the hall to the waiting area and tells Ann, Bobby and Christopher that she started the fire. She says she was drunk and went into John Ross’ room to get more booze. She says she saw his wedding invitation then set it on fire. She tells them she’s sorry for lying.

Sue Ellen says she’s an alcoholic and will be until she dies. She cries and Ann goes over to hug her while she sobs openly. Bo tells the cop that the house was on fire when he got there and Christopher comes in and confirms it and says his aunt just confessed to starting it. Bo thanks Christopher for saving him and he thanks him for trying to save Sue Ellen.

Heather and the kid come in t see Bo. They have a gift for him and Christopher stays for a moment then gets uncomfortable with the family reunion and skulks out. Bobby is at Southfork cleaning up when Ann comes in. She says it’s quite a mess. He agrees. She tells him she’s sorry and he says he knows. She says he loves her and he says when he used to look at her he felt lucky and now he just wonders what secrets she’s keeping from him.

Bobby says he doesn’t want to live like that. Ann asks how she can fix it. He says they have to rebuild the place. He says he’s going to stay there and oversee the construction. She asks if he’s kicking her out and he says he needs time to figure things out. She sighs and leaves.

Nicolas comes in to talk to Drew. One of the thugs tells Nicolas about Sue Ellen’s confession. Nicolas tells him it’s a huge break and now no one will ever know he set the fire. We see him misting the drapes with a chemical that then leaches up through the outlets and took off when Sue Ellen lit the invite. Drew says he wants everyone to know that he did it.

Nicolas tells him that he and Elena are going to destroy them and if he doesn’t get out of the way he’ll mess up the plan to take everything from them. Nicolas tells him he lost big money from the cartel and if the plan doesn’t go through, they’ll kill him. Drew says he’s using Elena and says if she knew he was using her pain to pay off a debt to drug dealers, she would despise him.

Nicolas says he promised to protect him and asks him to let him. He says if he doesn’t stop, he’ll be killed. Drew says not to lie – he says he knew he was dead the moment they brought him there. Nicolas tells him to get up. He stares at him then yanks the religious medallion off his neck and tells him to give his father his love.

Drew says with what he’s done he’s going to hell and will save Nicolas a seat. Nicolas crosses himself and then the thug pulls his gun and puts it to Drew’s head and takes his life while Nicolas stares him in the eyes.