Dallas RECAP 4/14/14: Season 3 Episode 8 “Where There’s Smoke”

Dallas RECAP 4/14/14: Season 3 Episode 8 “Where There's Smoke”

Dallas returns to TNT with another great episode tonight at 9PM EST! “Where There’s Smoke” is the name of the new episode and on it relationships are jeopardized in the wake of a discovery about John Ross and Emma. Elsewhere, Bo takes drastic action, impacting Christopher and Heather; and Drew’s arrival in Dallas mars Nicolas and Elena’s plans.

On last week’s episode as Bobby and Ann worked to get Sue Ellen released, John Ross pushed ahead on his plans for control of Ewing Global, enlisting the help of one of J.R.’s last business partners. Meanwhile, secrets came to light as Emma discovered the lengths her father and grandmother had gone to control her, Elena decided what to do with a secret she’s discovered and her brother, Drew (guest star Kuno Becker), returned to Dallas, which leads to a surprising showdown.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode in the electrifying mid-season finale, Pamela’s discovery that John Ross has been sleeping with Emma ignites a firestorm at Southfork threatening not only their relationship, but Bobby and Ann’s. Christopher and Heather (guest star AnnaLynne McCord) must deal with a drastic action taken by Bo (guest star Donny Boaz); Elena and Nicolas’ relationship is tested as Drew’s (guest star Kuno Becker) arrival in Dallas continues to threaten their plans; and Emma takes a page out of her grandmother’s playbook that ends in disaster. As cliffhangers mount, lives and relationships are brought to the brink, setting the stage for a summer of showdowns.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well.  While you’re waiting for “Where There’s Smoke” to begin hit up the comments and tell us whether or not you think that this wedding will really happen!

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Nicolas comes in and Elena hugs him. She tells him how crazy Drew was acting when he found out about JR switching the deeds. She asks if they should just tell the Ewings the truth and cut their losses. Nicolas tells her to trust him to find Drew and see this through. He holds her close.

John Ross has a surprise laid out for Pamela and is talking to planners while Bobby walks up and rants.  He says he’s building a master suite for he and Pamela and Bobby says he’s destroying Southfork and says he can build over his dead body. John Ross tells him not to tempt him and goes back to talking with the planners. He has left Pamela a note to follow the rose petals. She grabs her phone and follows the flowers out. She checks her texts and sees the video of her husband with Emma and her telling him to go home and kiss his wife. She stares in horror at her smiling husband’s mouth.

Christopher wakes and stares at his hand busted from beating up Drew. He shaves slowly and washes his face. He brings breakfast to Heather and greets her with a kiss. She asks if he’s trying to sweep her off her feet and he says he wants to thank her for helping him after his encounter with Drew. He says he’s spent too much time dwelling on abandonment and says he feels like he can breathe with her. He asks to take their relationship to the next step and she says she can’t risk another man breaking her son’s heart. Christopher promises he won’t hurt her but she says she can’t play house. She says Michael thinking of him as a dad is a big deal and he needs to think about if that’s what he really wants. Her phone rings and it’s Michael’s school saying Bo took him. She and Christopher take off while she dials the police.

John Ross comes looking for his wife when he gets a call from Bum. He says he has info on Candice for him and says he was right about her and they have a problem. A beaten up Drew approaches his mom at the market. She hugs him and asks what happened and why he’s back. He says he has to make things right and she begs him to leave it alone. He hands her a piece of paper and tells her to give it to Emma. He hugs her and leaves.

Sue Ellen tells Ann she likes the sober coach the hospital sent and says she thinks they can relate to each other. Ann tells her she’s proud of her and goes to fix them some tea. Sue Ellen looks down the hall and sees water in the hall. They go in and find Pamela sitting on the floor with the tub overflowing. They pull her up out of the mess and wrap her in a robe. They ask what’s happening and Ann wants to call the doctor.

She tells them no and they ask what’s wrong. She hands them her phone and they watch the video. Sue Ellen tells her it’s over between them and she’s horrified that they knew and didn’t tell her. She asks how long they knew and have been looking at her with pity. They tell her they tried to get them to stop. Pamela says it’s her right to know so she can decide what she wants and they insist they were trying to protect her. She screams at them to get out and they go.

Ann mops up the mess as Sue Ellen picks up a liquor bottle. Ann tells her to stop and says they tried to do the right thing but it back fired. Bobby overhears this last and asks what happened. Ann tells him about the affair between Emma and John Ross and that they knew before the wedding but kept it secret. They tell him about the video. Bobby is angry with Ann for keeping secrets from him. He asks what’s her problem that she keeps important secrets from him. He says the video was probably sent from Emma herself because she’s cruel. He tells her he wants Emma out of his house and tells her to call Harris and tell him to take over for her safety. Ann breaks down crying.

Bobby marches out and finds the cops with Heather and Christopher. They tell him about Bo kidnapping Michael but the sheriff says it’s not criminal since he hasn’t broken a custody agreement. Christopher reassures her that Bo won’t hurt his son and tells her to text him a list of places he might be. Bobby says he and Christopher will go searching for Bo and that he has news to tell him on the way. Christopher promises to find her son and hugs Heather.

John Ross comes up to Candice’s place and she opens the door and invites him in. He thanks her for her hospitality. He walks upstairs and asks why she’s packing. He tells her he didn’t mean for her to leave town and she says without a job she has to downsize. He says he wasn’t paying her enough to afford that place and asks why she was so hot to get him in bed. He tells her she could get him to change her mind. He tells her that it’s no coincidence that Harris brought him to a whorehouse. He says he knows she’s a call girl and likely works for Harris. He demands to know what Harris is up to and says he’ll let her keep her nice place and will pay her bills.

Elena comes home and finds her mom there ranting about Drew being in town. She says she called the police and they said they think he’s still in Mexico. Elena plays dumb and agrees that she hopes he goes back to Mexico but she looks worried.

John Ross comes to see Judith at her brothel. She welcomes him and says she can get him anything that’s on the menu or not. He tells her that he’s had a peek at the cards she’s holding and says he knows what they’ve been up to trying to get his DNA on the minor girl’s dress to jail him. Judith says if she wanted him in jail, he would be in jail. John Ross tells her that she and Harris need to quit coming after him. He says Candice will testify about them trying to frame him unless she puts a leash on Harris.

He threatens her with jail and Judith says Harris only wants to protect Emma. He tells her that she needs to empower Emma with power at the company since the only people with any brains are the women in the family. She asks what his intentions are with Emma and he says since he’s married, they are not honorable. Judith says she and Harris will do what they have to in order to protect Emma and he says the same goes for him about his family. She thanks him for stopping by.

Emma steps out of her hiding spot and Judith asks what she thinks of John Ross now. Emma says it’s casual and that she has what she wants. Judith tells her to use what she has against John Ross so he doesn’t use her. She tells her to be smart and not let her heart get involved when it comes to men like him. She tells her to put a leash on John Ross and make him heel.

Nicolas goes down to his car and Drew is waiting in the backseat. He tells him that they should have told him about JR’s betrayal. Nicolas says they were going to tell him once they got justice. He tells him they are planning to take everything from the Ewings. He tells Drew to go back to Mexico and let them handle it. Drew says it’s a blood feud that can only be settled by blood.

He asks him to come with him and Nicolas tells him he’s being irrational and their plan will get revenge without landing them in jail. Drew says he’ll do it alone then and runs off. Nicolas gives chase but doesn’t see his foster brother anywhere. He calls the cartel guys and says they have a problem because Drew is out for blood and if he reaches the Ewings, it will ruin their deal and cost them all money. Nicolas tells him

Christopher comes out of a bar and says Bo isn’t there and hasn’t been lately. He asks if Ann has called again and Bobby says she’s giving him time to cool off. Christopher gets a call from the sheriff who tells him Bo is at the rodeo. They are going to keep an eye on him until Heather can get there. Christopher calls Heather and they speed off to meet her there.

John Ross gets a call from Emma and says he was thinking about her. He tells her talked to Candice and she says she got the dress from her and threw it away. She tells him they’re in it together. She’s lying. The dress is there. She also tells him that Judith has given her power at Ryland Transport. She asks him to come meet her and he agrees. She has the green corset and the dress.

Judith tells Harris they have a problem and tells him John Ross knows all about Candice and the 16 year old scam. She says he threatened them both with jail and Harris says he’ll take care of it.

Bobby and Christopher get to the rodeo and they see that two cops are being attended to by EMTs. Christopher finds Michael in the barn and runs to reassure the boy. Heather comes up crying and hugs Michael and gives Christopher a kiss. He tells Heather that he’s all in and kisses her. She comforts her son and asks him to watch him. Heather goes to confront Bo’s brother. He says that Bo just wanted to have some time with Michael and Bobby comes in and says there is a warrant out for Bo over hitting the cops. Bo’s brother tells Christopher he’s a jerk for trying to steal his family. He tells them Bo is headed back to Dallas and is gunning for everyone at Southfork.

Elena is in tears on the phone with her mom about Drew when Nicolas comes in. She tells him she can’t keep lying like this. She says she lied to everyone and pushed them all away. She says it was only JR that hurt her dad and he’s dead. Nicolas asks what about him. He tells her they are family and he loves her and she says she loves him but feels like she’s been using him too. He looks at her bag and then says she hasn’t ever used him and that she’s his destiny.

Ann rings the doorbell at Harris’ and tells him that Emma has to come back to him because the affair has come out and Bobby kicked her out. She’s ranting about how unfair it is that Bobby kicked her out. She says she’s angry with Emma, Bobby and herself but Harris tells her she can be angry with him. He says he made the mess and will clean it up. He invites her in for a drink. She pauses but then goes in.

Nicolas promises to make comfort food for Elena while she takes a bath. He goes into his bedroom and pulls out a tool then pulls her diaphragm out of her purse. He pokes her several holes in it, snaps it back into its case and puts it back in her purse.

Harris and Ann walk outside. She tells him she always felt unsettled in his house and he says he was weak and let his mom control him. She says he was one of the strongest man she knew. She says they were both to blame and if she had paused to think, she would have realized she was young and stupid. He says he loved her but they never had a chance with his mom hanging over them and says she destroyed the most important part of his life – her. He kisses her and she says she has to go. He apologizes. Judith watches with interest from the window.

Pamela listens to a message from John Ross and stares at the layout of the master suite he wants to build them. Sue Ellen comes up and says she knows she must feel humiliated and angry but she wanted to protect her from the pain she felt from JR’s cheating. Pamela tells her she’s not a weak, sniveling drunk like Pamela and walks away from her. Pamela turns on her GPS tracker of John Ross’ phone and sees he’s at the Omni Hotel in Dallas. She gets a hard look on her face and walks out. Sue Ellen pours and gulps down a drink.

Emma is in the green corset and heels when she comes out. John Ross tells her she’s tempting fate wearing that. They toast with champagne. Sue Ellen keeps hitting the bottle until she drains it dry. Emma and John Ross are on the bed when Pamela is let in by a hotel staff member. She walks up to the bed and stares at them. Emma sees her and starts. They both jump of the bed. John Ross asks her to not do anything she’ll regret.

She puts her hand in the pocket of her trench coat and tells Emma she loves what she’s wearing. She pulls her hand out and unties her coat. She’s also in the green corset. She asks if she can join them. She kneels on the bed and looks at Emma and John Ross then gestures Emma over. Emma takes her hand and kneels in front of her. John Ross is entranced. His wife and mistress kiss. Pamela touches Emma then she gestures at him to join them.

He looks conflicted, but then lust gets the better of him. He takes off his shirt and steps in between them. They both kiss his neck and then he kisses Pamela and then Emma. Elena pops in her diaphragm while Nicolas lies in bed waiting for her. He pulls her to him and kisses her.

Bo drives and smokes a joint. He stares at the lights of Southfork. Sue Ellen goes in search of more booze and finds some and pours yet another drink and then another. Bo pulls up out front. A fire starts in one of the windows of the ranch. Bo started it. He looks at it with satisfaction.

Pamela starts having a seizure of some sort and John Ross tells Emma to call 911. John Ross starts CPR on his wife while Emma is on the phone. Looks like she took some sort of pills. Emma has the bottle and talks to 911.

Bobby and Christopher rush into fiery Southfork calling for Ann and Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen is passed out on the floor. The guys struggle to make it back out of the house.