Dallas RECAP 4/7/14: Season 3 Episode 7 “Like a Bad Penny”

Dallas RECAP 4/7/14: Season 3 Episode 7 “Like a Bad Penny”

Dallas returns to TNT with another great episode tonight at 9PM EST! “Like a Bad Penny” is the name of the new episode and on it John Ross seeks help from J.R.’s business partner in order to control Ewing Global. Meanwhile, Emma learns more about the controlling nature of her father and grandmother, and Elena focuses on an unveiled secret as her brother returns to Dallas.

On last week’s episode episode on the heels of Bobby’s appointment as Railroad Commissioner, John Ross scrambled to find the funds to keep the Arctic lease deal alive, even if it meant betraying those who loved him most. Sensing an opportunity, Elena and Nicolas got Pamela and John Ross out of the office to divide and conquer. Meanwhile, things got complicated for Christopher and Heather (guest star AnnaLynne McCord) and Ryland’s plotted to keep Emma and John Ross apart took an unexpected turn.

On tonight’s episode  As Bobby and Ann work to get Sue Ellen released, John Ross pushes ahead on his plans for control of Ewing Global, enlisting the help of one of J.R.’s last business partners. Meanwhile, secrets come to light as Emma discovers the lengths her father and grandmother have gone to control her, Elena decides what to do with a secret she’s discovered and her brother, Drew (guest star Kuno Becker), returns to Dallas, which leads to a surprising showdown.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well.  While you’re waiting for “Like a Bad Penny” to begin hit up the comments and tell us whether or not you think that this wedding will really happen!

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Bobby talks to a shrink to argue against Sue Ellen’s involuntary confinement. The doctor says she stank of booze and has a history of past problems. Bobby offers to get her treatment, but without being locked in a sanitarium. Ann says that this experience will traumatize Sue Ellen. The doctor says it’s not up to her – it’s up to the judge and she doesn’t know how long it will take for him to review her paperwork. Sue Ellen sits nervously in the common room of a psych ward. She looks around at the nut jobs around her. A woman screams and an orderly runs off to deal with it.

John Ross fires his receptionist Candice for hitting on him. She begs him not to do it. He sends her packing against her protests. Bum watches her go and John Ross tells him to investigate Candice and find out what she was up to – he thinks she could be working for someone or looking for a harassment lawsuit.

Elena watches the video of John Ross doing naughty oral things to Emma who then tells him to go home and kiss his wife with that mouth. Elena gets a call from Drew who tells her he can’t sleep because he keeps seeing the explosion and knows he kills Pamela’s babies. She tells him he couldn’t know what would happen and he tells her he can’t live like this and wants to turn himself in. Elena tells him not to come back and open old wounds. She tells him to stay at Joaquin’s. She comes to Joaquin/Nicolas’ place and she tells him Drew wants to come back. He says if he comes back, he could out them as childhood friends and ruin their plans.

Nicolas hands her something that he says will put a stop to Christopher hassling her about playing double agent and investigating him. Pamela comes into John Ross’ office and tells him she felt him tossing and turning all night. He says the stuff with his mom reminded him of when he was a kid and a drunk. He says he may have overreacted, but Pamela defends him. She tells him it’s them against the world and she says they’ll win. John Ross tells her about Sheik Ali who wants to buy Arctic leases, but can’t because of American law. He says they should go to Vegas to meet the Sheik and offer to buy the leases for him if he’ll back them in the IPO.

Christopher confronts Elena about Nicolas for backing John Ross in the bid to go public. She says he was just doing what Cliff wanted. She tells him she found out who Nicolas was before 1992. She says she researched it based on some information she already had on Nicolas. She asks what he was hoping to find and he tells her if Carlos del Sol couldn’t find it, it must be well reasoned. She says the only people he was hiding from were the parents who abandoned him. He didn’t want them coming back to him just because he was wealthy. Christopher asks if she really likes him and she says yes. He says that her working there has pushed them farther apart rather than closer together.

Drew sneaks back across the border into Texas in a delivery truck. He tells the driver he needs to go to Dallas. Candice tells Harris she doesn’t know what else she can do – turns out she was in his mom’s brothel before and was in fact, a real prostitute. He tells her she can’t use the car or apartment and she says that means she has to go back home. He tells her to return the dress he gave her.

Ann comes to see Sue Ellen and tells her they’re working on her release, but says it may take some time. Sue Ellen says she wondered if she did the right thing for Pamela. She says when she looks at her, she sees herself early in her marriage to JR. She says if someone told her the truth, maybe she wouldn’t have become an alcoholic. She cries and Ann says they did what they thought was right and that maybe what she did was a wake up call to John Ross. Ann tells her that he fired his secretary, but Sue Ellen insists that he’s his father’s son.

Candice comes to her apartment and Emma is there to threaten her about coming onto John Ross. She tells her to quit coming on to her and says she can offer her a job. She says her dad is Harris Ryland and Candice tells him Harris is the one that just fired her. Emma is shocked that Candice was working for her Dad.

John Ross and Pamela are introduced to the sheik’s son and his wife. He says that JR promised his Dad that he would reach out to him as soon as they had control over Barnes Global. Pamela tells them that her father is making any deals with Barnes Global impossible. They both apologize but he’s not having it. He says they tried to make the deal without his Dad and are only there because they couldn’t do it without him. He tells John Ross that he has dishonored both of their fathers. He leaves.

Christopher comes down into the parking lot and Drew calls out to him. He asks why he’s there and he says he’s come to pay for what he’s done. Christopher says he needs to go because he can’t make it up to him. He tells him to leave. Drew says he would give his life to bring them back and Christopher says nothing will bring them back. He proceeds to beat the holy crap out of Drew. Drew tells him to finish it but Christopher says they both have to live with the pain. He gets in his car and leaves Drew bleeding in the parking lot.
[9:45:21 PM] Rachel Rowan: Christopher comes to Heather’s and she sees his bruised and bloodied knuckles. She brings him in and cleans him up. He says he thought he was healing from the loss of his babies but when he saw Drew, he just snapped and started hitting him again and again and wanted to kill him. Heather reminds him that he stopped. He tells her he wanted a family of his own so badly. She says that he’s helping her and he says she’s given him a second chance with family. Her son comes out and he asks if he came to play Lego and he says yes and goes to play with the boy. She smiles as she watches them.

Harris works on his laptop when Emma comes into to ask him why he hired Candice to seduce John Ross. He says he did it for her so she could see what a dog he is. She says he turned Candice down and he reminds her that John Ross is still married and that all she will be is his side piece. She says they understand each other and her Dad gives her an envelope. He shows her the photos from the brothel that look like he’s fooling around with the girls. He tells her one of them is 16 and he has the papers to prove it. Harris says he has to show her who the real John Ross is.

At the casino, Pamela and John Ross come to the poker game. The prince tells him the insults continue and he says he wants to show his father that he meant no disrespect and is ready to show him what kind of man he is. Pamela says she saw his wife admiring her earrings that once belonged to Catherine the Great and that John Ross could use the one of a kind jewels to buy his way into the poker game. The wife whispers to the sheik who invites him to join the game.

Christopher calls the Sheriff to tell them that Drew is in town. Someone comes to Heather’s door and it’s Bo. He tells her he misses her and wants her back. But then Christopher steps into view and Bo freaks out. He says the Ewings took his job and are trying to steal his family. Christopher says he’s going to wake up Michael. Bo takes a swing at him but he misses and collapses. Christopher says he’ll take him home.

Elena shows Nicolas the video the PI got but she says she won’t send it to Pamela. He says it needs to go to Pamela. She says that if she was Pamela and had to watch her husband betray her with someone she thought was her friend, it would be horrible. She says they’ll get justice some other way. He says they’ll look for another way. He walks out onto the balcony and makes a call. He calls Jasper and tells him that Elena misplaced the video of John Ross and asks her to send it to his email.

At the poker game, the prince pushes a pile of chips in and tells John Ross he doesn’t have enough o cover the raise. John Ross stares at him and pushes all his chips in and then adds his father’s watch and says it was one of two things he left him. He says if his father was king, the watch would be his crown. He calls it. They turn over their cards and the prince has a full house. John Ross peeks at his – a pair of 8s that would give him four of a kind and a win. Instead, he folds.

He tells the sheik that he disgraced himself and his father by not following through on his promise and trying to make the deal on his own. John Ross thanks him for the game. Pamela asks why he threw the game and lost the watch. He tells her it was an albatross around his neck and that maybe he’ll be free to be his own man. Pamela says he could have gotten rid of the watch another way. He says sometimes the best way to win is to show you’re not afraid to lose.
[10:02:35 PM] Rachel Rowan: Christopher knocks on the door of Bo’s crappy little house. He offers him keys to his truck that he had to leave at Heather’s. Bo thanks him and Christopher offers him his old job back. He says if he wants to win her back, he needs to stop drinking. He tells him he’s throwing away his relationship with his son over the drink. He says he doesn’t need Christopher’s lecture and then Heather is there to pick up Christopher.

The shrink tells Bobby and Ann that the judge has left Sue Ellen’s release up to them. She says that based on her blood alcohol level, it’s a risk to let her go. She says she has to detox but Bobby insists she has to be released today. He says he will personally guarantee her. Sue Ellen is packing when they come in and tell her they got her released. She tells them she needs help. Bobby says they’ll get her help but she has to tell them the truth from now on. She says she wants to go home. Bobby says they’re taking her out of there, but not to her home. She has to stay with them at Southfork to get help staying sober.

Drew digs through a box of his stuff at Elena’s place and finds a folder. He sees the documents for the land deal JR made with their father.

Christopher sits at his desk when his Dad comes in. He tells him they got Sue Ellen out and Christopher tells him Elena found out how Nicolas was before ’92. They try to figure out how to deal with the IPO and Bobby says he wants them to be in control of the IPO even if they can’t guarantee the outcome.

Emma comes to see Candice to ask her about the photos her Dad showed her. She says she doesn’t believe it and asks the real reason her Dad wanted her to seduce John Ross. She says she wanted her to get his DNA onto a dress. Emma pulls out a photo of the supposedly under-aged girl and asks her if it’s the dress in the photo. Candice nods.

John Ross and Pamela come back to Southfork and find the family all assembled. He asks what they need to see him for so urgently. Bobby introduces Calvin Hannah and says he can underwrite the IPO. John Ross says he doesn’t have the super-majority to make that decision but then Sue Ellen comes down the stairs. Christopher says they can roadblock him for weeks or he can accept Calvin and they can get started tomorrow.

John Ross says he did what he did to help Sue Ellen but she says he did it to help himself. Bobby says she’s going to be staying there and they have to work out their differences. Bobby walks Calvin to his car and he warns him that John Ross will come after him. He tells him when he does that Calvin should make him think he got him.

Emma finds the dress that her Dad has been using and holds it up to herself.

Elena finds Drew at her house and he asks where she got the documents – we see a flashback to her getting them from Cliff. Drew demands to know how long she knew that JR screwed their Dad and worked him into the grave. He tells her the Ewing’s greed ruined their family. She tells him that she and Joaquin are working on a plan and he tells her the time for waiting for justice is over. He stomps out.

John Ross gets a call saying there is someone at the front gate for him. He goes to see who it is and it’s the prince. He tells him the sheik has had a change of heart and will back him in the IPO. John Ross thanks him and tells him he will be his partner in the Arctic lease. He gives John Ross his watch back and says that gambling it reminded his father of JR and that sealed the deal. John Ross isn’t too happy to see that watch back.

Elena calls Nicolas and tells her that she’s scared about what Drew is going to do and he promises her he will use all his resources to find him. He gets an email with the video of John Ross and Emma that he was expecting and sends it on to Pamela.

Pamela and John Ross are in bed getting sexy when the message comes in. Nicolas meets Hunter McCabe who says he’s happy to have the chance to take down the Ewings but isn’t happy about meeting armed Mexican gangsters at midnight. Nicolas reassures him. Nicolas tells the cartel leader that he will be able to get controlling interest of Ewing Global. Hunter tells him he will set up the shell corporations needed to take over the IPO. Nicolas tells him this will give him the network to launder his drug money for years to come. The cartel guy tells Nicolas that if he fails him, he will kill one of his children. Nicolas adds a caveat. He tells them he needs them to find Drew Ramos.