Dallas Season 3 Sneak Peek Preview and Spoiler: Promo Trailer Explodes with Family Drama! (VIDEO)


Dallas will be returning to your TV screens on February 24th for its third season and, based off the recent sneak peek preview trailer, this next installment of the popular series certainly promises more  family drama, sex, and lies to ignite your lil’ scandal loving heart. If you haven’t caught up to season 3 yet, then turn back now, as spoil nuggets reside in the following paragraphs. To catch our review/recap of the season 2 finale, click here for the scandalosity.

Season 3 will work to fulfill many lingering questions, including the biggest one of all . . . Who killed JR? Do you think it was his ambitious son? Could one of his many enemies have ended his life? So many possibilities. While you probably want to know the answer right away, don’t count on the culprit coming to light right out of the gate. We suspect the revelation will arrive at a turtle’s pace — but that’s just our prediction. Who knows? We could learn about the killer in the first few minutes!

On season 3 of Dallas, the Ewings continue to navigate the tumultuous — and downright dangerous — world of oil, money, family, and scandal. Check out the season 3 preview trailer below and let us know what you’re most looking forward to this season. The trailer begins with an ominous tone/atmosphere, featuring a spine-tingling voice, darkness, and fire. All the elements for a creep fest!

We have high hopes for this epic drama. Be sure to tune in on February 24th and don’t forget to check CDL for your latest Dallas spoilers, previews, and recaps!

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