Dance Moms RECAP 1/1/14: “Guess Who’s Coming to the Dance?”

Dance Moms RECAP 1/1/14: "Guess Who's Coming to the Dance?"

Tonight our favorite reality show DANCE MOMS returns to Lifetime with its 4th season.  Before the episode starts Lifetime will kick it off with a special episode called, “Guess Who’s Coming to the Dance?”

In the special, Abby and the moms reunite to hash out the drama of last season while updates on the girls are unveiled and they take to center stage with new performances.

The special will set the stage for an epic season wherein Abby will embark upon a national scouting tour in search of America’s best young dancers for her team. Unfortunately, the dance moms aren’t too eager to welcome “new friends” to the party and will do everything in their mommy power to ensure that their daughters remain top priority. But Abby has little time for mom drama and, in her efforts to infuse her company with shiny new talent, she’ll make her number one philosophy known: “Everyone is replaceable.”

Tonight’s special episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Moms “Guess Who’s Coming to the Dance?” — tonight at 8PM EST.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s Dance Moms special reunion show opens with a Q&A session with the Dance Moms. The girls, Maddie, Mackenzie, Chloe, Paige, Nia, Chloe, and Kendall join their Moms on stage to update the audience on what they have been up to lately. Brooke reveals that she as a boyfriend now, an older boyfriend who owns a car. Nia reveals that Kathy gave Abbie a dog and Abbie didn’t want it, so she took her home and named her Olive. Mackenzie has taken up a new hobby, she is doing make-up tutorials online. Chloe has been “keeping her options open” and according to her Mom she has been “texting fourteen boys at once.”

Up next Abbie is in the hot seat. It is revealed that she has been on a national scout tour in search of new dancers for her team. Last year Maddie performed 17 solos and “carried the team,” and she needs more dancers, it isn’t fair for Maddie to have to do that many solos. She thinks that Kendall’s worst enemy is her Mom, and she is holding her back. Nia has really grown, but she is delayed because of her foot injury. She thinks Kelly is hurting her daughter’s career by trying to play the “Momager,” and encouraging Brooke to sing. Kelly joins Abbie on stage so they can confront the issues. Kelly thinks that Abbie isn’t supporting Brooke’s singing career, and Abbie says that Brooke is a “one-hit wonder.”

Brooke takes the stage to perform one of her “one-hit wonder” songs, titled “Mean To Me.” Chloe takes the stage next and performs a solo dance to the song “Too Late.”

Kristy, Chloe’s Moms joins the Moms and Abbie to discuss why Chloe wasn’t allowed to dance in nationals. Kristy is upset because Melissa showed her boobs on Bourbon St. and her daughter was still allowed to compete. According to Abbie that’s not why she has a problem with Chloe, it has nothing to do with Kristy’s behavior during nationals, it’s because Kristy didn’t take her to camp or choreography lessons that she is upset.

Abbie is upset that Chloe and Kendall didn’t attend “Booty Camp,” the Moms had all signed a contract agreeing their kids would be at camp. Abbie had charged $200 for the public to come to dance with the “Dance Mom Girls” and half of the “Dance Mom Girls” didn’t show up.

Abbie declares that she is “over the Moms,” she has to deal with the kids, it’s not her responsibility to deal with their parents.

Maddie takes the stage next to perform a solo dance to the song, “Maddie.”

Nia’s Mom Holly joins the rest of the Dance Moms and Abbie on stage. She reveals that last year Nia only had one solo performance, and she is disappointed that she didn’t get more opportunities to compete. Holly thinks that Nia should receive more chance to prove herself, she wants Abbie to give her more solos.

Kelly is still hung up on Brooke’s singing. She wants to know why Abbie is not “happy for her.” Abbie confesses that she doesn’t think Brooke is “great” at singing. The only reason she is selling any singles is because she is on a TV show and due to social media. Abbie is sad that Brooke is wasting time singing that she could be investing into dancing.

Kendall takes the stage next and performs a solo dance performance to the song “Voo Doo Doll.”

It’s time for Abbie’s BIG announcement. We have all been dying to hear what “secret” she has in store for Season Four. Abbie has been receiving submissions from dancers all over the country. She has added a new dancer to the Abbie Lee Dance Company, Thalia. Thalia hits the stage and performs her first ever dance solo on national TV, to a song titled “Burning Up.”

Thalia is an amazing little dancer and she will definitely be giving the Abbie Lee Dancers a run for their money this season.