Dance Moms Live Recap – Cathy and Abby Fight: Season 4 Episode 28 “Another One Bites the Dust”

Dance Moms Live Recap - Cathy and Abby Fight: Season 4 Episode 28 "Another One Bites the Dust"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms returns with an all new Tuesday September 16, Season 4 episode 28 called, “Another One Bites the Dust.”  On tonight’s episode everyone tries to impress Abby in the last competition before Nationals, especially Nia, Kendall and Sarah who all have solos. Meanwhile, Tracey’s dream of joining the Elite team is threatened; and Cathy crashes the competition and causes Abby to explode.

On last episode when Abby assigned Chloe and Kendall to be Maddie’s understudies for the week, it prompted an idea from Holly to use a board to keep score of all the times Abby favored Maddie over the other children. As the number of tally marks increased, so did the tension between the moms and Abby. Meanwhile, Cathy and her Candy Apples were looking for their very first win against the ALDC this season and they brought back Gino to help them get it.  Did you watch the episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode it’s the last competition before Nationals and it is everyone’s last chance to impress Abby; especially Nia, Kendall and Select Ensemble member Sarah, who all have solos. Sarah’s mom Tracey’s dream of joining the Elite team is threatened when guest mom Kate and her daughter, Kayleigh, show up for the group dance. But the real shock comes when Cathy crashes the competition and causes Abby to explode.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 4 Episode 28 – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Dance Moms tonight!

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Tonight’s episode of Dance Moms begins with the moms joining Abby in the studio without the girls, they reveal that they aren’t bringing their kids in until they talk to Abby. They are fuming that she called their children “mentally slow” and referred to them as “Space Cadets.” Abby doesn’t want to hear it, but Holly refuses to back down, because she is sure that she is right.

Abby brings the girls in to the studio and announces that she chose for them to skip the last competition because she wanted to teach their moms a lesson, that they need to “act like ladies.” Abby reveals that Tracy and her daughter Sarah will be joining them this week. Abbie reveals the pyramid, and of course Maddie is on top…again.

Next, Abby announces that they will be going to Orlando, Florida for Dance Kids USA. It will be their last competition before nationals. Sarah will be performing a solo in Florida titled “Sun Goddess,” it’s primarily acrobatic tricks. Tracy’s mom interrupts and says that her team is falling apart and she wants Tracy to be on this team for nationals, Abby ignores her and goes on to say that Kendall and Nia will also be doing solos in Florida. Nia is doing a tribute to Maya Angelou titled “Good-Bye Maya.” The group routine is titled “Seven Dancers,” but they only have six dancers. So, Abby is bringing an additional team member to go to Florida with them.

The moms head upstairs and Tracy asks her what Abby was yelling at them about in the studio. Nia’s mom Holly fills her in and says that Abby “abuses her power” and puts the girls down and the moms have had enough of it. Meanwhile downstairs Abby threatens that dancers and says that she has had enough of their moms, and if their moms go, then they have to go.

They begin practicing their group routine, and the moms think that it is way too juvenile for them. “Seven Little Dancers” is something that little girls do, not pre-teens. Abby makes a phone call and asks a girl named Kaylee to come in for the routine. The moms overhear, and Tracy says that she remembers Kaylee from auditions and her mom is certifiably crazy.

It’s now two days to competition time, and Abby hits the studio with Sarah to teach her the “Sun Goddess” routine she will be dancing in her solo. Sarah’s mom Tracy gushes from upstairs about how happy her daughter is to be here, and how badly they need a win to prove themselves to Abby. Nia works with Abby’s choreographer James and begins learning her tribute dance for Maya Angelou. Holly’s mom is glad that Nia is working with James this week and not Abby.

Abby’s seventh dancer Kaylee arrives with her mother Kate, Abby begins working with the dancers on the group routine. Kate heads upstairs to sit with the moms, and they begin bickering instantly. Tracy is furious that Kate brought Kaylee, because this was supposed to be her daughter’s week to shine. Tracy’s daughter Sarah came up from the elite team, and Kaylee didn’t even make the elite team during auditions.

Abby and the moms and dancers finally head to Orlando Florida for the Dance Kids USA competition, and they are off to a bumpy start and arrive an hour late. They run in to Abby’s nemesis Cathy in the hallway, and she mocks Abby and tells her to be careful on the ramp because she might roll down. Abby warns her team to ignore Cathy and rushes them in to the dressing room.

Sarah takes the stage first and performs her solo “Sun Goddess,” her mom Tracy gushes about how well she did, but admits that she looked a little nervous. Maya follows her with her solo and tribute “Good-bye Maya.” Holly watches proudly form the audience, she says that she knows Maya would be “incredibly proud of Nia. Kendall performs her solo, which is the same dance that Maddie performed last week. Cathy whispers in the audience that Maddie did it better, and Kendall’s mom Kathy overhears her and is furious. Kathy confronts her in the hallway after the dance, and screams at her that she is hideous and a “wanna-be.”

Abby and the moms head to the dressing room after the dances. Tracy and Kate begin bickering about their daughter’s performances and whose was better. Abby preps the girls for their group dance and tells them not to screw up because this is their last chance to dance before nationals. They take the stage and Abby and her moms sit down in their seats. Abby moves to a different seat because Cathy is behind her and “touches her.” After their performance Cathy laughs that it is the worst routine she has ever seen.

It’s time to hand out the awards, Sarah wins 4th place for her “Sun Goddess” dance. Kendall wins 2nd place for her routine “Fool Me Twice.” The 1st place over all solo goes to Nia. Holly jumps up and down and cheers, since this is the first time she has won. Now it’s time for the group awards. Abby Lee’s routine “Seven Dancers” scores first place.

The dancers and their moms all head to the dressing room and begin celebrating their win Abby says good-bye to Kaylee and Kate and tells them that they will be in touch and let her know about nationals. Abby lets Sarah know that 4th place is not okay, she tells Tracy to pack their stuff and go home and she starts crying that it isn’t fair. After Tracy leaves, Kathy marches in to the dressing room and tells her that they had the “dumbest routine” she has ever seen and warns them that she is going to blow them away at nationals. Abby chases her out of the dressing room and screams at her that she is a joke in the dance community and tells her that her name belongs in the obituaries.