Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Lisa Rinna and Peter Reckell Hired to Play Billie and Bo?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Lisa Rinna and Peter Reckell Hired to Play Billie and Bo?

There are going to be some drastic changes coming to NBC’s popular daytime drama Days of Our Lives over the course of the next few months, and fans are buzzing about what is to come. So far during the month of May two DOOL characters have been killed off, Nick Fallon and Mark Collier’s Liam. And, there are three more confirmed exits on the way. James Scott, Alison Sweeney, and Camila Banus have all announced they are leaving the series as well. So, it is only a matter of time until their characters EJ, Sami, and Gabi are either killed off or written out of Salem.

It’s not unusual for characters to come and go on daytime soap operas, but Days of Our Lives already has probably the least amount of characters of all of the daytime soap operas, and losing five characters is going to be a huge hit for DOOL. It’s pretty clear that TPTB at Days are going to have to either bring in a slew of new characters or bring back some of the old characters that we’ve lost over the years.

Nick, Liam, and Gabi weren’t necessarily major characters. But, in a few months when EJ and Sami leave the series the NBC soap is going to have a huge chunk of time to fill, EJ and Sami’s scenes usually make up half of every episode.

Rumors have already been making their way around the internet that DOOL alums Lisa Rinna and Peter Reckell (Billie and Bo) may be returning to the soap opera to fill up some of the holes in the cast. As of right now neither star has actually been approached by NBC to return to the soap, so the rumors are nothing but rumors. In the June 2nd edition of CBS Soaps, Lisa Rinna gave the magazine an interview and mentioned that she does want to return to Days Of Our Lives. So, hopefully NBC gets wind of that interview and contacts her, so we can have our Billie back!

What do you think about all of the cast changes on Days Of Our Lives? Are there any old characters you hope to see return? Share your thoughts on the issue in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days Of Our Lives spoilers.

The fans at Soap Opera Spy weigh in with  their opinions on the where this all fits in to DOOL:

The show owes it to his fans….even if it is short term…need to wrap up storyline so Hope can move on…but I like Peter Reckell…he is not arrogant and cocky…maybe his character is but not the real Peter!!

I refer to the character I do not know him personally. Probably most of us dool fans will never have the opportunity to meet/know these actors. Would be nice though.

 I don’t know him personally either but he has a real name and I have met some soap stars…the way he acts on TV is not the way he acts in real life…

Probably just after Hope and Aiden fall in love.

they really need to do something with this bo & hope story line – they can’t leave hope in limbo forever while bo is supposedly off on some secret mission – i know it’s a soap but come on writers…

He is so arrogant and cocky

Noooooooooo PLEASE Noooooooo NOT BO! He says he owes it to the “fans” that he come back for closure – I call bull crap – he just wants his foot back in so he can weasel a cast spot. I was so happy when he left – was supposed to be final!

Just as long as they don’t come back as a couple. Not a fan of Lisa Rinna.

Great choices!

As we can see the views cover a great range here. Regardless of how fans feel about the players involved there will need to be replacements with all these actors leaving Days of our Lives.

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  • Bobby Kincaid

    If Bo comes back I’m not watching. He’s old and his character is stale. He’s greedy and he was greedy at a time when the studios were canceling Soaps such as Amc and OLTL and Days was also in harm of being cancelled and then you have Peter who was demanding his huge paycheck or he was leaving.
    Sorry but here you had probably thousands of fans in foreclosure and peter wanting more money. Please Nbc and Days don’t bring him back or if you do make it a finale on his character
    He’s no longer in his prime even thought he thinks he is

  • Bobby Kincaid

    They all were the dullest characters.
    Why fans are in support of Peter Reckell when all he cares about is money. He can’t get a job now all of a sudden he cares for the character and the fans. Gimme a break

  • deedle doodle

    love Bo, always have, bring back Don Craig, Give Lucas a much bigger role, Get rid of Kate, so tired of Jennifer, Love dr. Jonas and Nicole, warming up to JJ and Girlfriend, Like Eric, If you continue to make Brady’s character so stupid he can go too, marlena’s and john WTH how did that get so stupid. Rafe OMG if he leaves I’m done with days. He is the biggest reason I haven’t stopped watching.

  • PassionQueen77

    Yeah that would be cool but they are busy doing other things. I will miss Sami too.

  • guest

    I would like to see Jack Deveraux back. Or Steve.And I hope to see James Scott and Allison Sweeney return as well , all time faves.

  • guest

    Time to develop AJ’s character more, he’s the diamond in the rough.

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  • I’m Awesome

    I hate Billie, but I would love for Bo to come back and end things with Hope for good! #I’mlovingHaiden

    • george

      I so agree!!!!!

  • I’m Awesome

    Oh yeah one more thing: I’M AWESOME!!! >:D

  • PassionQueen77

    Cool. Shawn is a good actor.

  • deedeefour

    After 30 plus years of the drama the Dimera family brought to Salem, I feel that EJ and Sami’s characters were good for dramatic story lines along with Kate. Stefano cant bring much now with his age and with these main characters gone what big scandal or nailbitters will we have to look forward to? There always has to be a villian to keep it interesting to watch. It’s going to be hard to fill the shoes of these veteran characters. I wish James Scott would come back soon and keep the Dimera family drama going. Im tired of dull dragged out storylines with the rest of the cast. Days needs to step it up. Bring back Philip, Stephanie, Nathan, Melanie and Shawn and Belle. We need to keep the characters connected to their roots. IMO.

    • genna

      Don’t forget Mimi – she was great!

  • genna

    I never liked Lisa Rinna, so I’m not happy if she comes back. Bo is ok,but, again, is getting long in the tooth. I sure like the addition of Aidan to link with Hope. What happened to the romance between Abe and Justine – that would have been a great story line! Sonny and Will are boring, by the way, not because of the gay thing, just the whole storyline is boring. Bring back Chad, Sean Douglas and Belle, Stephanie, Phillip, Mimi, Chloe (as a good person, she makes a bad villian) Stefano and Victor – fantastic believable characters – they make the show! I love Rafe. Clean up Daniel- doctors do not look like an unmade, unshaved skid row bum! John has been kicked to the back burner – the show is not using his talents. More of Kayla, Justin and Adrian. Gees, get rid of the Brady character’s personality – he is just too darn stupid and weak to be believable!

  • Jackie

    I don’t have a problem with Sony and Will……that’s just our world today! But with Jennifer and Daniel,….I just don’t get it! Jennifer is Maggie’s niece. Daniel is MAggie’s son……HELLO…….. that makes them cousin……..why are they promoting incest.

    • ACB

      Maggie is Jennifer’s political aunt ( by marriage, not blood.

  • Dedeb

    Bring back Shawn, Bell, Philip, Stephanie, Melanie, Max, Carrie, Austin, Mimi, Chad, and Stefano. Refresh with some new characters and new stories.

  • Arlene Swiger Belk

    Bring Patch back in with Bo. Let them both come back as partners undercover. Yes keep Bo and Hope together. Maybe Jen and Aiden can hook up. Jen and Daniel dont belong together that story line is really starting to tick me off. It also sickens me Samie and EJ are leaving. Even worse the way their relaionship ended makes me furious. Why couldnt the have just lived happily ever after. And last the Will and Sonny relationship sickens me. There is enough confusion in childrens minds already without homosexuality involved in a day time soap. In my opinion less sexual explicit scenes would be welcomed. Its bad when I now have to set my day to Soap to Parental Control because my niece who is 10 threw her hands up over her mouth and says her Maw Maw, ” Maw Maw why are two boys kissing each other thats nasty yuck”. Its a Day Time Soap People…

    • steve

      I think it time for you to start educating your niece instead of making a big issue of it, but sounds like you yourself needs education!
      Amazing how much hates around.

  • collpike

    I would love to see Hope with Aiden… I would love for Chelsea Brady, Melanie Jonas, and Frankie Brady come back. If they Bring Bo Brady Back maybe have in love with Billie or a new woman. I want Hope with Aiden now…. Please bring back Philip Kirakis and Shawn Douglas Brady with Belle…. please…….

  • mary

    recast bo brady please

  • michele

    how about bringing Frankie back

  • Joni Manner

    I would like to see Steve “Patch” come back. Phillip Kiriakis would be good. Shawn, Belle and Claire. Lose Abigail somewhere in the revolving door with Ben and Jordan. Put Daniel with Nicole or Rafe with Nicole. Lose Aiden and bring back Bo for Hope. Jennifer stinks too she is way too dramatic not a good match for Daniel. NO Lisa Rinna! She is ridiculous. NO Vivian. NO Chloe. Bring back Chandler Massey. Melanie come back and Chelsea too. GET RID IF EVE! She likes herself too much and she is not all that. That is my two cents for what it is worth.

  • Christina

    I would love to see Shawn, Belle, and Phillip to come back to days! Also, I want Chloe to come back! Either way days is never going to be the same without Sammy and EJ!

  • Rusty

    You do know, they’re all Senior citizens now!? Why not a new soap spinoff. Call it The Days of September!