Defiance Recap 7/17/14: Season 2 Episode 5 “Put the Damage On”

Defiance Recap 7/17/14: Season 2 Episode 5 “Put the Damage On"

Syfy’s series Defiance continues with a new episode tonight called, “Put the Damage On.” On tonight’s episode, a stalker terrorizes Amanda.

On last week’s episode Nolan was ordered to hunt down and destroy those responsible for a vicious attack in the badlands on a badly shaken Pottinger and his caravan. Tensions flared when Nolan’s investigation turned up evidence implicating one of Rafe’s miners. Meanwhile, Datak set his vengeful sights on reclaiming control over the family business. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Nolan is ordered to hunt down and destroy those responsible for a vicious attack in the badlands on a badly shaken Pottinger and his caravan. Tensions flare when Nolan’s investigation turns up evidence implicating one of Rafe’s miners. Meanwhile, Datak sets his vengeful sights on reclaiming control over the family business.

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Amanda is getting high in the bathtub. A wind blows out the candles and she’s annoyed. She hears a noise and calls out. She comes out of her bath with a towel around her and calls out again. She slips on a gown and looks around. She panics as she’s grabbed from behind. A voice says – Amanda, you’re mine. She struggles with the man and then throws him out a window. She gasps in panic. She tells Nolon about it and he asks what species the man was but she doesn’t know.

She tells him that he said her name and she reminds him the whole town knows her. He asks what she’s leaving out and she tells him about her rape in NYC and that she never saw his face. She says she thinks it’s the same guy even though it’s not possible. Nolon promises to find the guy and says they’ll find a taller window for her to push him out of. He offers to leave Tommy and she declines and he leaves to go find her attacker.

Next day, Yewli treats Datak’s injuries as he reads his holy book. She doesn’t like the revenge language he’s reading and asks what’s up with the Castis. He tells her that his wife betrayed him, stole his business and turned his son against him. She essentially tells him it’s his own fault. She reminds him she’s one of his only friends and that he needs to avoid more self-sabotage.

He tells her he’s killed men for speaking to him like that. She’s not impressed and tells him to burn the crazy Casti scrolls and fix his family from the inside but he says Stahma won’t let him back in. Yewli tells him if he wants it bad enough, he’ll find a way. She says he’s a smart guy, for a Casti. She leaves. Down the stairs, another calls out to her. It’s Lev. Yewli tells her that she’s not welcome. Lev asks if she wants to know why she came and she says she’s dying.

Amanda walks in the market and Nolon startles her. She says her nerves are shot and he says he gets it. He says it’s her sister but she says that’s not it. He insists it is because Kenya was loving and she doesn’t even know how to love. He says the two of them don’t care about anyone and he says they screw their way through life and can’t have real relationships.

Nolon tells her he didn’t love Kenya and doesn’t love her. He tells her she’s damaged goods. She punches him and he asks where that fire was when they were in the sack. He tells her that she’s his – just what her rapist said. She shoves him away and then sees him walking in a different place in the market with Irisa and the others. She hallucinated the incident and his harsh words. Are the drugs addling her brain?

She runs up to Pottinger. She asks if he’s had any side effects and if he got a bad batch. He says he gets his adreno from an impeccable source. She says she may be going crazy. He asks what’s going on and she says she saw something that couldn’t have happened then thought she was being followed by Nolan but it wasn’t him. He tells her she’s had a terrible trauma.

He tells Churchill to take her to Rafe’s even though she insists she’s fine. That’s where Nolon finds her and he sends Irisa to make her tea. Irisa isn’t happy that they’ve taken over Rafe’s and Tommy says he got what he deserved for harboring a fugitive. Nolon tells Amanda he searched her place and found no signs of any attack at all. She asks if he thinks she broke the window herself and she has no other explanation.

He shows her that he found her adreno pipe but she says hallucinations aren’t a side effect. She tells him she’s just tired and needs some space. He leaves her there.

Rafe is at the Tarr’s place and isn’t happy with the white marble bath tub. He asks for a shower but the servant says that showers are for the low and he is much revered as Christy’s father. She tries to take his robe and put him in the bath but he refuses. He does thank her for the compliment about his daughter. He gets in for a soak and finds it surprising. Stahma is there and startles him. She says she’s there to welcome him. She says Christy was correct to bring him there.

Rafe says it’s temporary and Stahma says they will see to his comfort. She drops her robe and steps into the water even though he asks her to cover up. She giggles and asks why Casti women wear beaded gowns when they bathe. She says that only husbands may see them completely naked. She says she knows that he had Alak beaten and told him he would get more if he continued in the family business.

Stahma says she wants him to know that Alak is only a figurehead as is customary in their culture. She assures him that she is running the family business. She sinks in the water and moves round behind him. She tells Rafe she wants him to have a strong relationship with Alak, Christy and the child and says she would like him to stay with them permanently. Rafe says he’ll think about it. She kisses his cheek and tells him to enjoy his bath. He’s a little freaked.

Datak shows up to his home with flowers. Raga tells him to leave. He doesn’t and Raga punches him and sends him flying. He’s taken inside for medical attention. Stahma asks why he’s there. He says he can barely speak because of the punch from Raga and Christy says Raga deserves a raise. Rafe comes in wearing his bathrobe and Datak asks why he’s there. Rafe says he was invited by Stahma. He tells him he borrowed his slippers.

Datak kneels before Stahma and says he is supplicating himself to them. He pours out some salt cubes and crushes them in his hands. The fluid drips on the flowers. She tells him he is welcome back and Christy explodes and asks how she can take him back. Stahma explains that he’s not back as head of household but he will be granted visitation. Christy says she won’t let Datak near her child. She calls him a disgusting troll and stomps away. Datak smiles and says every family has rough patches. He leaves.

Tommy and Irisa sit with Amanda and she thinks she hears a noise. She’s hearing stomping, seeing shadows outside. She tells Tommy there is someone out there. He tells her to stay put and goes to check. The lights go out. She keeps seeing the masked attacker. Someone comes in the house and she hits them and then shoots another. She lashes out at a third. The lights come on and we see she’s shot Tommy and attacked Irisa. She runs out in a panic as Irisa goes to Tommy to help him.

Yewli and Lev hang out. Yewli runs some diagnostic tests on her. She says it’s fibrosis – a strain they developed to kill humans. The antidote they developed isn’t working on her. Lev says she didn’t come for a cure – she came to be forgiven. She says she came to say goodbye. She rubs her face against Yewli who tells her goodbyes are overrated. She wants to run more tests but Lev wants to take a walk.

She hears a hailer chirping and Yewli ignores it. She goes to take a walk with her friend. It was Nolon calling. He’s in a panic over Tommy and Pottinger comes in. He asks where Amanda is and Nolon says she’s out running around strung out on drugs. Diedre puts out on all points bulletin on Defiance radio for everyone to look out for Amanda. She says to call her if she’s spotted.

Christy shows up at the station looking for Alak. She asks if he’s not answering his hailer and Diedre says he’s hard to reach. She asks Christy if she’s losing her newlywed mojo and offers to help her. Christy tells her that it was Datak that mangled Alak’s hand. She says that the Tarrs still treat her like an outsider yet they still let Datak atone. Diedre says you have to live in their skin.

Christy asks how and Diedre tells her to come play with her. She asks what she menas and she says it’s a secret. Datak shows up at the brothel and says he wants some strange. He kisses a creature (not sure if it’s male or female) and takes him upstairs. Turns out he wants to talk business with the Irathient. He uses some mouthwash once they’re upstairs. He asks what Datak wants from the Votanis Collective.

Datak says Defiance is in political flux and he can broker alliances to direct the changes toward a power structure not run by the Earth Republic. The guy is now interested. Nolon asks Pottinger where Amanda is getting her drugs and he says says she’s an adult. Nolon accuses him of making her a junkie to get her in his bed. Pottinger gets annoyed and Nolon asks if he’s spiked her adreno.

He tells Nolon he’s fired but Nolon says they are way past that point. He asks what that means and Nolon says since he’s messed with Amanda, he can take the badge off his cold, dead body. He tells Pottinger he died nine months ago and it didn’t take – since then things have changed. Then Pottinger sees a figure from his past. He looks past Nolon and says – Connor – then walks off after the person.

Nolon asks where he’s going but then Irisa says they found Amanda. She’s roaming the brothel all sweaty and crazy. She backs up against a wall. There’s froth in her mouth. Nolon finds her. Datak and the Votanis guy come up and see Nolon holding and trying to revive her. It looks like she’s having an OD or seizure of some sort.

Nolon catches up to Connor. He calls out to him. He tells him he found the hair and tells Pottinger he took his brush. He tells him to be a man. Pottinger says he’s dead and was shot by a terrorist. He tells Pottinger that he needs to look at the facts but says the truth is his enemy. He tells him Amanda is beautiful but having her won’t make him Connor. He thanks him for the Bulova watch and asks if it was supposed to be an apology.

He tells Pottinger that they all laughed at him behind his back. He says it was better before the Votanis Collective. Connor says what they did to Coleman was the worst. He thinks back and says he never got over that day. He says that’s why he is the way he is but Connor says he just came out wrong when he was born and that’s why he was crushing on him and followed him to New York. Connor tells him he’s a sick little pervert who desrves to die.

Nolon flips her over to see where she’s touching the back of her neck. She’s got a defective ego implant that’s gone bad. Irisa says they have to get it out. Nolon brings her to Yewli’s but she’s still not there. She’s out with Lev and they talk about how they came there to change the world. Yewli reminds her they came here to destroy the world and it’s repulsive.

Lev tells her she has no poetry left in her. She hugs her and says she could always melt her. Yewli says she wrote the poetry to get in her pants. She asks if Yewli can forgive her for leaving and she admits she missed Lev. She says she had to leave because of what they did and reminds her they killed children. She tells Yewli it changed her and she pulled away from her.

Yewli promises to heal her and says they can live happily ever after. Lev says she doesn’t remember and she asks what. She says her Indogene brain is trying to process the inexplicable. She reminds her that she killed herself eight years ago. Whoa! Another hallucination roaming Defiance. Dead Lev encourages Yewli to kill herself and join her. They stand atop a high building and Yewli looks down, considering.

Nolon tells Irisa they are going to have to get it out without the doc. They prep her for the surgery. He puts sterile mist on it and tells Irisa he did this a long time ago. Her stats are dropping. He uses the laser knife to slice her neck open and says he can’t remember if he cuts around the device or into it. Yewli comes in and stops him and says to cut into it. He does and it’s out. He asks where she was and she says booty call. Later, she tells Lev that she can’t die yet because these people need her and it’s her penance.

Datak sits down and takes food off Rafe’s place. He asks if he’s comfortable in his home. He asks if he seems insincere and tells him that he’s glad there’s a strong man to watch the house while he and Stahma work through their issues. Rafe asks what he wants and he says his place in his life and family back. Datak says he stepped over the line with Alak and wants to mend things with him and Christy.

He asks Rafe to put in a good word and he asks why he would help him. Datak says he heard what happened to Josef and his friends and says the Earth Republic has taken a lot from all of them including Rafe’s home. Datak says one man can’t do a lot, like how when he stabbed the Colonel, it didn’t accomplish much. But he says if there were 1,000 knives stabbing, they could make an impact. He tells him he’s talking to the Votanis Collective about getting weapons. Rafe is intrigued.

Nolon finds Amanda doing her adreno and tells her he was worried. She asks how Tommy is and says she shot Irisa too but he says only Tommy and he’s okay. He told her that anything he thought he said to her wasn’t real. She asks how it happened and he says she came into contact with someone with a defective ego implant or someone did it to her on person. She asks who would do it.

Pottinger is at Yewl’s and she takes out his defective implant as well. He asks why it failed and she says because he gave her inferior used crap. She tells him it worked. She has the little yellow device we saw him with and she tells him she has all of Amanda’s thoughts from the last few weeks and are ready for the next step. We see a flashback to where he encouraged Amanda to get high then brought her to Yewli for her to implant the device.

Pottinger says this is good. Yewli tells him that sometimes implants can break apart a little bit and then get into other people. She says that’s how she and he were exposed. She says there are no memories of theirs that were recorded and says she took the one out of her own head and destroyed it. She talks to Lev after he leaves. She lied to Pottinger and her implant is still in.

Yewli says she’s going to take it out later and Lev asks why leave it in and she tells her she’s not ready to let her go. She walks out of her lab and into the streets.

The End!