Destiny’s Child Reunion: Beyonce and Kelly Rowland ‘Say Yes’ – Featured On Michelle Williams’ Single

Destiny's Child Reunion: Beyonce and Kelly Rowland 'Say Yes' - Featured On Michelle Williams' Single

Whenever I hear the words ‘Destiny’s Child reunion’, I can’t help but turn into a thirteen-year old, squealing and screaming by equal measure. But since we probably won’t get an official reunion anytime soon, we’ll have to make do with the former members of the band collaborating with each other.

Michelle Williams has just released her new single ‘Say Yes’, which happens to feature vocals from Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Reports state that Michelle, Beyonce, and Kelly also shot the music video together, although that hasn’t yet been released.

The fact that all three of them are working together again – and so amicably as well – definitely puts a kink in those rumors about a feud, no? Obviously, Beyonce is still much more successful than either Michelle or Kelly, and she can rest easy knowing that’s not going to change anytime soon. However, it’s also interesting to note that she used to deny rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion with an impassioned fervor, but lately, she’s been much more open to the idea.

Is it possible that there’s even the slightest possibility that Destiny’s Child will have some sort of reunion – again? They’ve already gotten together to perform in the past, and they’re clearly open to collaborating with each other on music videos and singles, so it’s really only a step away from an official reunion. Not a performance, and not a single, but an honest, true-to-form collaboration, perhaps featuring an entire album or even a tour. Of course, Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle would all have to work through their own individual schedules and carve out some time to work on such a reunion, if it were ever to happen. And considering how busy all their schedules are, we’ll probably have to wait a bit longer to see them back together on stage.

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