Devious Maids Recap 6/29/14: Season 2 Episode 11 “You Can’t Take It With You”

Devious Maids Recap 6/29/14: Season 2 Episode 11 “You Can’t Take It With You”

Tonight on Lifetime DEVIOUS MAIDS continues with a new episode called, “You Can’t Take It With You.” On tonight’s episode when Marisol confronts Opal about Nicholas’ accident and threatens to turn her into the police, things take a violent turn.

On the last episode, Nicholas decided to reveal a shocking secret that took Marisol while in a pill induced haze. In the meantime after an unknown fall Rosie decided that she would save Kenneth; Zoila did the unthinkable and made Genevieve face her mother against her own will. While this was going on Valentina looked for help from Remi, asking her to aid her with Ethan and Spence received some bad news making him and Carmen become closer. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode When Marisol confronts Opal about Nicholas’ accident and threatens to turn her into the police, things take a violent turn. Valentina finds herself in trouble, bringing Zoila and Pablo together to help her. Rosie continues to investigate her suspicions about Reggie. Carmen attempts to help Spence when his drinking starts affecting his job. Adrian learns the truth about Tony.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another fun one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 11 — tonight at 10PM EST!


Tonight’s episode of Devious Maids starts off with Zoila’s ex husband Pablo knocking on her door, and her boyfriend answering in his bath robe. Pablo tells Zoila that it is an emergency and he needs her to come with him. She refuses, but he reveals that Valentina is in jail because there was blood in the car. They rush out the door.

At lunch Rosie shows Marisol and Carmen the necklace that Reggie brought her. Rosie says that Reggie is embezzling Kenneth’s money, and that is why he kicked Lucinda out and put Reggie in the hospital. Rosie plans to go through his papers and find proof he is stealing the money so that she can turn him in to the cops.

Ethan meets a friend and says he needs to borrow money so he can get out of town. He confesses that Valentina knows that they robbed the houses and killed Alejandro, he advises his friend to leave town as well.

Zoila and Pablo arrive at the police station and find Remy in the waiting room, apparently they called her. Valentine has refused to answer any questions and hasn’t been charged with anything, so Zoila and Pablo take her home. The cop strongly advises Valentina to cooperate, but she leaves any ways.

Rosie is snooping through Reggie’s stuff and he interrupts her. He reveals that he has been working on her immigration case, and he almost has a green card secured for her and her son. She shows him the brochure she found in his brief case for a place called Maple Park, and he reveals that he is sending Kenneth to an assisted living center in Sacramento. She protests, but Reggie won’t hear it.

Spencer is fuming and reveals to Carmen that his soap opera character is being put in to a coma. He pours himself a scotch, and Carmen lectures him about “coping with alcohol.”

Adrian meets with a woman that Tony used to work for, he was her chef and scammed her out of $80,000.
Detectives arrive at Marisol’s house, they are investigating Nick’s hit and run. She shows them a security tape showing that he left the driveway at 9:05. They reveal to her that the hit and run was deliberate because there were no break marks.

Adrian heads home and invites Tony to have a drink with him. He reveals to Tony that he knows about all of his aliases and different scams. Tony reveals that he is going to file a lawsuit against Evelyn for abusing their employee relationship. Adrian offers him a check for $100,000 to leave Evelyn alone. He doesn’t want Evelyn to ever know that Tony was scamming her because he knows it will crush her.

Zoila and Pablo question Valentina about the blood in her car, she confesses that it was Ethan’s blood and he got stabbed while he was robbing Spencer’s house. Zoila insists they call the police, but Valentina doesn’t want to ruin Ethan’s life. Pablo confesses to Valentina that he spent 14 months in jail when he was her age, and he doesn’t want her to make the same mistake.

Tony informs Evelyn that he has been offered a “unique business opportunity” and he has to leave. He lies to her and tells her that he can’t keep working for her because he is in love with her and it is torture. He kisses her and says he must go to the airport. Evelyn says good-bye. Adrian listens from around the corner, and seems pleased.

Carmen receives a phone call from the studio and learns that Spence never went to work. She finds him passed out in the livingroom, still drunk. She dumps a cup of cold water on him and slaps him, then drags him to the studio. She lies and says that he is practicing being in a coma and refuses to break camera. They throw a hospital gown on him and tucks him in to bed. They begin shooting the scene, but Spencer starts snoring loudly and ruins the scene.

Rosie pays Kenneth a visit at the hospital to tell him that Reggie is sending him to a home. Kenneth says there is “no point” in fighting Reggie and whatever Reggie has planned for him he has coming. A guard comes and tells Rosie she has to leave. Then he calls Reggie and warns him that Rosie was just there.

Later that day a delivery boy bring Spence his script, he is floored when he realizes that they are killing off his character. Spence says he is going to the producers house to tell him off. Carmen won’t give him his car keys because he has been drinking. She locks herself in the bathroom with the keys.

Rosie returns home and Reggie confronts her about visiting Kenneth. Reggie reveals that Kenneth is well enough to travel and they are sending him to maple Park on Monday. Rosie tells Reggie that if he sends Kenneth away then she will go to the cops. Reggie tells her that if she goes to the police, he will go to her immigration hearing and have her sent back to Mexico.

Marisol rewatches the security tape from the night Nick died and realizes that Opal left just minutes after Nick the night he was killed. She calls Opal and tells her to come over and tell her everything, and she won’t get the police involved. Opal says she will be right over and takes a gun out of a box.

After Spence calms down, Carmen informs him that he has to go to rehab. The door-bell rings and Carmen lets in Rosie, she has come to convince Spencer to go to rehab. Rosie tells Spence to go to rehab and hugs him and says she will wait for him.

Evelyn catches Adrian sitting in the living-room playing records from their honeymoon. He invites her to dance the tango with him. Meanwhile Tony is at the ATM attempting to deposit the check that Adrian wrote out to cash, and a man sneaks up behind him and attacks him. He knocks Tony out and steals the check.

Opal arrives at Marisol’s, and Marisol demands she tells her who Nick killed. Opal pulls a gun on Marisol and Ethan walks in. He yells at his mom, and asks her what she is doing.

Valentina arrives on Remy’s doorstep and reveals that she is headed to tell the police about Ethan, and she won’t throw him under the bus and tell the cops that Remy stitched him up. She thanks him for not breaking his promise and turning Ethan in. She kisses him and he asks if they are getting back together. Meanwhile, Zoila and Pablo are making plans with a lawyer to accompany Valentina to the station. Zoila offers to cook him dinner, and he confesses that his girlfriend Helen isn’t “much of a cook.” They discuss their new relationships, and how happy they are. Pablo points out they always made a great team, and then kisses Zoila.

Ethan wrestles the gun out of Opal’s hand and apologizes for his crazy mom. He takes Nick’s emergency money out of a book on the book shelf and says he has to leave town. Before he goes he reveals to Marisol that he doesn’t know what Opal was blackmailing Nick with, but he does know that Opal pushed Dalia off the bridge the night she died. Marisol takes the gun to the kitchen and says she is calling the police, Opal sneaks in behind her and grabs the gun off the counter and shoots herself in the head.