Dominion Recap 7/10/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “The Flood”

Dominion Recap 7/10/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “The Flood”

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with a new episode tonight called, “The Flood.” On tonight’s episode, a powerful Vega senator takes the city’s leaders and food supply hostage.

On last week’s episode Alex hoped to leave his responsibilities as the Chosen One behind by leaving Vega, but instead, ended up fighting for his life alongside Michael in a battle with Gabriel’s forces. Elsewhere, Riesen went too far in the name of security; Claire made a personal sacrifice. Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a powerful Vega senator takes the city’s leaders and food supply hostage, demanding the Chosen One’s secret identity be made public; at the same time, Michael is called to a family meeting of archangels, including Gabriel; and Claire goes against the majority.

Dominion airs at 9 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates! In the meantime, check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.

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Time for #Dominion. Michael is hustled into the emergency room and Alex tells him to hang in there. They force Alex to wait outside. Soldiers come in and arrest Alex for desertion of duty but he says he needs to be there. They haul him out and book him then tell him to strip. They scan him and then tell him to strip or go in the hole. He won’t. They tell him he’s AWOL and asks if he has something against Vega. Alex head butts the guy and then is kicked and beaten. They throw him into solitary.

Becca sleeps with her head resting on Michael’s bed. Someone comes in and peels up the bandage to heck his wound and then pulls a knife and holds it where a lighter will allow it to melt. He drops the molten metal onto the wound and it closes, healing Michael. The angel begins to open his eyes as he heals. He wakes in a bed and Becca says he’s alive. She says they couldn’t stop the bleeding so she brought him here. He says the blade was Empyrean steel and should have killed him.

He pulls off the bandage and sees that he’s healed. He asks where it is and she says she never saw it. He says they have to find the blade and he has to see Alex. She says he needs to rest and that she was afraid she lost him. He asks if that would be a bad thing and tells her she deserves better than living in secret with him. He says there are good men in Vega but she says she wants a great one that she can love. He asks why she thinks he’s capable of love and she says she knows he is. He kisses her and pulls her on to the bed.

As they sleep later, Uriel creeps up on them and goes to stab Becca with her blade. Michael grabs the woman and flies her out of the room. She stands and he asks if she hasn’t learned her lesson yet. She says she was just playing with her. He tells her radar will have spotted her and there will be soldiers on the way. He asks why she’s here. She says he’s been keeping something from the rest of them and tells him not to play dumb. She says she knows he’s found the chosen one and tells her little brother they need to talk. She tells him to meet her up North and flies away.

Next day, Claire comes to see Bixby in the hospital. She has a pink bunny for her. She tells her that the chosen one was there and she asks when. She says he brought Michael in and she asks if he was all right and she says soldiers took him away in handcuffs and that they didn’t know he was the chosen one. She tells Bixby she’ll be back soon and leaves. Senator Frost watches her go and then looks over at Bixby. Looks like he heard.

At the counsel meeting, Frost stands and says that the chosen one should just reveal himself. David says if the tooth fairy showed up that would also be great. Becca tells Frost to move on but Frost says he’s heard the chosen one is there in Vega. David stands and says the chosen one is there and says it’s him then laughs. Everyone laughs at his joke. He tells Frost to keep him in his prayers. Frost sits back down but isn’t happy at being mocked.

Michael meets Uriel and Gabriel and accuses Gabriel of sending Furiad to kill him but Gabriel says he went rogue. Uriel tells them to chill and says they need to talk and not fight. Uriel tells Gabriel he can kill all the humans he wants but hands off Michael. He says he had nothing to do with it. She asks Michael why he’s keeping the child from them and he says he had to protect him from Gabriel. Gabriel says father taught them to share their toys. She says the chosen one’s markings aren’t just for him.

Gabriel asks Uriel if she’s finally chosen a side. Michael reminds her she loves mankind too. She says she doesn’t choose sides because she loves them both. Gabriel tells her that Michael has spent 20 years killing angels and then Michael tells her Gabriel has figured out how to possess eight balls and she says that’s disgusting. Gabriel says he can do the same with the chosen one and he says he’s never forced him to do anything but Gabriel says he will.

Gabriel asks if the chosen one knows about his colorful past and says he’s taking the high road and will wait for the chosen one to come to him on his own like he’s destined to do. He tells Michael to enjoy quality time with him while he can. Alex wakes in solitary with water dripping on his naked body and his tattoos all showing. He sees a black message on the floor that says she died for you. He wakes from the nightmare and is told he has a visitor. Claire tells him to leave her with Alex and she goes into the cell.

She kisses him and asks what they did to him. He says it was nothing he didn’t deserve. He says he had to keep his tats hidden. She tells him Bixby and Michael are both okay and he refuses her offer to get him out of jail. He says it’s safer for others if he stays there. He says he doesn’t want anyone else around him to get hurt. She asks what to say to Bixby when she asks to see him. Alex tells her to say he misses her. She tells him to write a letter like his dad did for him and he says that’s different. She asks how and leaves. She tells the guard to release him.

Arika tells Noma to come have a drink with her since she’s getting off shift. She tells her she’s not like other soldiers and Noma laughs and says she has a functioning brain but Arika says it’s something deep inside. She tells Noma she’s intuitive and knows when someone is hiding something. She tells Noma she’s guilty as charged.

Noma asks if she really wants to know and she says she’s scared of heights. Arika says she understands if she doesn’t want to share. Her replacement shows up and she tells Arika she hopes she doesn’t get fed to the lions. Arika offers Noma a job and she asks why she would leave Vega and Arika asks why she would stay.

Alex shows up to see Bixby and he tells her to take it easy. He jokes with her and she tells him it’s not his fault. He looks pained and says it is. Bixby hands him a jello and he eats it and makes a face.

David comes to see Riesen and they look at a new irrigation system Frost designed. Frost shows up and tells them he’s never been religious and only believes what he can see. Then he said an angel came down from the sky and told them he saved a baby that would one day save them all. He says it gives him and many others something to live for. He tells Riesen to stop lying and hiding the chosen one. He says he knows he’s keeping him from the public to protect his power.

He says that he heard someone in the infirmary talking about the chosen one and says that Claire knows who the chosen one is. He has a device in his hand and uses it to lock all the doors and says he can drown them all at the touch of a button. He says the crops will be destroyed and the people of Vega will starve. They ask what he wants and he says he wants to meet the chosen one.

Noma tells Ethan that Arika offered him a job back in Helena and he tells her that she should run. He says she had a body in a box delivered. She says that he’s threatened by a strong woman like Arika. Alex shows up and they’re thrilled to see him. He says he took a drive to clear his head. Ethan asks what’s going on and asks why Noma says – I get it. Alex tells him he’s been seeing Claire. He asks the same Claire who’s dad orders executions.

The LT tells them they have a hostage situation at the tower. The counsel meets and argues about what to do. Becca says they have a message from Frost saying what will happen. Claire comes in and asks if her father is okay. Becca appoints her lady of the city temporarily and tells her to take a seat. She does. The others then take their seats. Claire is told that Frost will flood the tower unless he gets an audience with the chosen one. They want to attack the tower but Claire asks for a moment.

In the tower, Riesen says this is non-negotiable. Frost says he can’t let a couple of power-hungry politicians control the fate of the world. Riesen and David stick to their story that there is no chosen one. David says his faith doesn’t make something real. Frost says his faith is stronger than dime store televangelism and will lead them against the monsters. David tries to talk reason and says the chosen one is all of them, not one person. Frost says he wishes that were true and tells him he has 30 minutes to deliver the chosen one.

Claire tells William that they can’t attack. Claire wants to give him the audience and says she thinks the people of Vega deserve to know that the chosen one has come but William says they can’t put Alex at risk. Becca says they need to vote on sending in the soldiers and Claire says fine. She says William can cast her vote with his and she walks out of the meeting.

Uriel tells Michael and Gabriel they shouldn’t be fighting over a world that wasn’t created for them and asks why their father deserted them. She says she misses him and Michael says he’ll return. She tells him to train his chosen one and unlock his markings and his destiny. She promises him he will have her sword with him against Gabriel. He thanks her and she says that humans once were father’s greatest creation.

Riesen tells David that there will be an attack on the tower soon and David rants about Claire taking Alex under her wing. David says he always thought Frost was reasonable until today. He says to be reasonable and Frost shoots him in the leg and says he’s tired of being reasonable.

Alex, Ethan and Noma are with the soldiers getting ready to attack. The LT says David has been shot. Alex says Frost must want something and Noma says he’s demanding to see the chosen one and she says he’s lost it. Riesen treats David’s gunshot wound and says he’ll live. David says he’s sorry to disappoint. David asks why Riesen looks so bad and asks if it’s his heart. He says he’s taking pills but can’t even pronounce them. David says they’ve beaten death 100 times together.

David says they’ll come to an end at the hands of Frost, a crazy SOB. Riesen says he’s not crazy. The soldiers are put into position and told they can terminate the target. Alex goes up to the LT and asks to go in. He tells him to get back in place but Claire is there and says Alex can negotiate. The LT says he has orders from the Senate but she says she’s acting lady of the city and he backs down and says they have five minutes.

Frost is told the are complying with his request and he says that only one man can come in. They blow the door and Alex comes in. Frost holds Riesen at gunpoint. Alex says he’s the one he wants to see and pulls off his jacket and says he’s the chosen one. He shows his tattoos and says if he’ll let them go they can talk. He says he’s just a V2 and asks if they just printed the things on him. Frost thinks he’s being scammed.

Alex swears to him that he’s the one and is the baby Michael saved. Frost tells him to prove it. Alex tells him – she died for you. Frost asks what he said and Alex repeats it. Frost says she did. He says his daughter Abby died for him. He tells them it was the first night of the war and because of her sacrifice he was able to survive. He asks him to turn off the water. Frost says they need to go outside and let people know that things will be different.

Alex says they will and will tell them together if he’ll just turn off the water. He does and he hands over the device. He tells Alex thanks and calls him savior. He tosses away his gun and Riesen picks it up and shoots him in the head. He tells Alex to put his shirt back on. He asks why Riesen did it.

David is given a prescription for the pain and William tells him he shouldn’t have been drinking. He tells William that sending the troops in was stupid and that Claire did the right thing by bringing in the chosen one. He says William put the life of the chosen one above theirs and William says that two old men past their prime won’t save mankind, Alex will. Arika comes in and says he’s got a fever and she has a remedy. He says he’ll stick to bourbon and pours more.

Claire finds Alex at a shrine. He says Frost served Vega for 20 years and will be remembered as a madman but she says her dad will rewrite it so that Frost will be seen as a hero who saved the agri-tower at the cost of his own life. She tells him he came forward and he says he had to. He says that words came to him through his markings and the words made Frost believe him.

She says the people deserve to know about him but he says he doesn’t know what he’s doing or what any of it means. She says it’s time he started figuring it out. Michael swoops in just then and she leaves. Alex asks where he’s been and Michael says he has a family emergency. He tells Alex he can teach him but only if he’s willing. Alex says he wants to learn everything.

Uriel comes to Gabriel and says she doesn’t want a fight. She says she thought she could fix things between them but Michael has lost his way. She says they can’t sit back and do nothing while he has his way with the chosen one. She asks if he’s fated to come to Gabriel and he says he is and that’s what father wanted. Uriel says to prove it to her. She tells him he won’t face Michael alone and will have her sword. It’s the same promise word for word she made to Michael. Gabriel hugs her, thanks her and calls her sister. She smiles wickedly where he can’t see.

Bixby lies in her hospital bed sleeping. A man sits nearby. It’s David. He cranks up her painkiller IV and says she won’t feel a thing. He pets her head as she flatlines. He holds her little hand as her life fades away. He clicks off the monitor.