Dominion Recap 7/3/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Broken Places”

Dominion Recap 7/3/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Broken Places”

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with a new episode tonight called, “Broken Places.”  On tonight’s episode, Alex tries to outrun his responsibilities as the Chosen One; Riesen goes too far for security.

On last week’s episode Alex rejected his new role as the Chosen One, but then a sleeper threat in Vega forced him to spring into action and protect the ones he loves. Meanwhile, Michael met with Gabriel one last time before the war between angels and mankind reignited; and Gen. Riesen and David Whele tried to tie up loose ends. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right now for you.

On tonight’s episode Alex hopes to leave his responsibilities as the Chosen One behind by leaving Vega, but instead, ends up fighting for his life alongside Michael in a battle with Gabriel’s forces. Elsewhere, Riesen goes too far in the name of security; Claire makes a personal sacrifice.

Dominion airs at 9 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates! In the meantime, check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.


Gabriel lands and folds up his wings. He walks into the seedy diner and sits down with William. He says Claire was badly injured in the attack on Alex. He says if he had known he could have kept her out of the way. Gabriel tells him that he’s the one loyal man he trusts. Gabriel says he cares about him and chose him because when he speaks people listen.

William thanks him and says he plans to marry Claire and says he didn’t want her to suffer. The waitress comes over and Gabriel stabs her in the face with a fork. She screams. He unfurls his wings and attacks the patrons in the diner mercilessly. The owner shoots at him and he rips his head off. He tells William that men are weakened by blood and death and says God gave them this reflex.

Gabriel says the sight of blood makes the stronger even stronger. He tells William that he is one of these stronger and must see blood and death as commonplace. He tells him to go back to Vega and strengthen his acolytes. He says to tell them the chosen one is here and their time is near. William agrees. He stares at the dead people and leaves quickly and with no further comment.

Gabriel tries someone’s dessert and says it’s not bad. Alex and Claire speed down the road and she says she can’t cook. He says he’ll teach her to fish and cook and she smiles at him. She says no matter how fast you drive, you can’t run away from your own skin. He shakes his head then realizes he was only imagining that she was with him.

Riesen gets dressed and his eight-ball lover girl Clementine asks what’s wrong. He tells her higher angels disguised as humans have been attacking and asks if she’s seen any. She asks how she could and says she spends her days here and only thinks about him, their passion and the luxuries he gives her. She says he’s spoiled her so much she almost believes she’s human.

Arika stares down at the lion at David’s and he asks why she’s roaming and she says he likes caging things and he says only things that can kill her. He says he’s saving the lion’s species from extinction. He tells her she owes him some gratitude and she says he needs her. He says he needs Helena’s air force to blast Gabriel’s aerie.

He offers her the loan of a nuclear scientist and some uranium. She asks if Riesen sanctioned the deal and he says that’s not required. She says she thinks she’s negotiating with the wrong man. He says Riesen is on his way out and tells her to run back to Evelyn and make the deal before he changes his mind and feeds her to the lion.

Riesen asks Michael why other angels can look like humans and says he thought only Michael and Gabriel could do that. He says that until now, the higher angels have stayed out of it, so it wasn’t important. He says no other archangels wanted in the war and says only lower angels had joined Gabriel but now it’s changed and it bothers him as well.

He says in Heaven, the angels can see endlessly but on earth they can only see as far as the eyes will let them. He says therefore he had no idea there were higher angels hiding in the city walls. David gets pissy with him and Frost calls him down. Michael says he doesn’t care for his disdain and says he’s only there to protect the city.

David says that Michael was a deserter that could turn on them and says he may have never been on their side. Michael says he has a good point. He asks what if he was a traitor and slaughtered everyone in this room. He tells David he could kill him now and no one would stop him. He asks David if murder is a crime only to humans and tells him to ponder that along with the real danger they face. He walks out.

Alex stops at a roadside wreck. There’s a body in the road drawing flies. He gets out with his gun drawn and says – damned eight balls. He pulls the gas can out of the vehicle and then sees movement in the car and jumps back. The badly injured man asks if his wife is alive. He says they were making a dash for Vega and were attacked by angels.

He begs Alex to take care of his wife and he says he’ll make sure she’s safe. The man is struggling and in pain. Alex pulls his gun and gives him a mercifully quick death. Gabriel comes back to the aerie and tells his angels says William is spreading the good word for them. Furiad asks why Gabriel doesn’t just go into Vega and get the chosen one for himself.

Gabriel says he must come on his own or else he’ll rebel. Furiad asks how many more they must sacrifice before they have him and doubts that he will come with Michael sitting on his shoulder. Gabriel says he has faith that the chosen one’s path will bring him to them and then asks Furiad if he doubts him. He lowers his gaze and says nothing.

Noma finds Ethan and tells him Alex is gone. He doubts it and she tells him he missed a shift. He says he saw Alex with Michael after Jeep’s funeral and he says he’ll go talk to Michael. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he goes. Claire is in the market and is given some flowers. William confronts her and asks where her guards are and then where Alex is. She says he’s not coming back.

William says maybe his destiny lies outside the walls but says he can still save them. He tells Claire he had no idea about the engagement announcement and says she’s his only friend. She says she still is and he says it doesn’t have to stop there but she says she has to go. Michael lurks around the marketplace as well. Louis sidles over and says he had no idea Felicia was siding with Gabriel.

He tells Louis he needs him to keep an eye out for infiltrators but he tells Michael he can’t spot higher angels any more than he can. Michael says he respected his neutrality and kept his secret but times have changed. He tells him to tell the others they must stand with him or leave Vega. Ethan walks up on Michael and stammers then asks if he sent Alex away.

He says he’s been gone for 12 hours and Michael is shocked that he’s gone. He pops his wings and is gone in a second. Claire comes to see Sophia and Tobias but they’re gone. She’s surprised to know the blues tossed it and the sergeant says anyone that came into contact with Felicia was hauled in for questioning. Claire goes to confront her father and says it’s about politics.

She says because he is scandalized that he had a higher angel hiding in his home, this is his political response for the press. He says she was almost killed and she tells him not to use her as an excuse to treat people inhumanely. He tells her to marry William if she wants to change how things are done. She asks what he’s keeping from her. Riesen hesitates then tells her he’s sick.

Alex speeds down the road but Michael is standing in the middle of it. He presses the gas and speeds toward him. Michael doesn’t move and Alex has to swerve around him. He gets out and tells Michael to leave him alone. He says he doesn’t need him and he says he has no choice. Michael climbs into Alex’s truck and says he’s calling shotgun.

Speaking of shotgun, Alex pulls his gun and holds it to Michael’s head. He tells him to get out and he says no and Michael says it would be a shame to use his hand. He asks if Michael is threatening him and Michael says he’s been shot many times and says bullets have a way of harming the shooter more than him. He tells him he’s going to New Delphi to have a new life.

Alex asks what it will take for him to leave him alone. Michael says one stop but won’t tell him where that stop is. Alex asks if he’ll let him go on alone if he makes the one stop and Michael says deal. David congratulates Becca on her new proposal. He tells her that he’s concerned about Michael’s inability to recognize other archangels.
[7:42:36 PM] Rachel Rowan: He says if they understood Michael’s vulnerabilities more, they could be better prepared to deal with the others. She says she hardly thinks he’ll come to the lab and she tells him to talk to him about it. He reminds her that Michael offers to murder him earlier and she says she caught that. David says he thought she might have access to privileged information.

Becca says she’s busy and he tells her to multi-task during one of her late night stargazing trips to the stratosphere. She says she understands that if he goes after Michael he weakens Riesen. He says that sleeping with an angel will make her a pariah and says he’ll expect regular reports from her that are up to her usual high standards. She’s not pleased at the blackmail over her affair with Michael.

Alex pulls up to his old house. This is where Michael has brought him. They go inside and he looks around. He sees all the writing on the wall of Jeep’s room. His tattoos flare painfully when he’s near them and he sees a flashback of Jeep scribbling on the walls and in his journals and ranting that he just wants to read one. He sees Jeep boozing and then attempting suicide.

Michael asks what he sees and he says – he lost his mind. He tells Michael he’s done. He tells Alex that Jeep saw this place as a sanctuary and not a place to hide. Alex says a deal is a deal and then Michael tells him his mother died in that house trying to save him. A helicopter from the Helena air force drops a package in Vega.

Ethan comes to tell Arika that her transportation is there and she asks how Alex is. He doesn’t say much. She asks if he prefers the company of men and says he looks at her without desire. She asks if he desires Alex and he says no, they are like brothers. She asks him to give Alex her regards. They bring in the delivery from the helicopter that was for Arika.

– –

They open the trunk and we see a body has been folded into it. She kneels down and Ethan asks who it is. Arika says it’s her sister. Michael tells Alex that he found his mother wrapped around him to shield him when the eight balls came and would stop at nothing to get to him. Michael says he held him in his arms while Jeep went to bury his mother. He says he cried and cried while he held him and then he was Jeep’s responsibility.

Alex says he used to think Jeep was the greatest dad. He says he taught him to drive cars and shoot guns. Then he says that he knows now that it was so when he dumped him on the street he could survive. Michael admits that he told Jeep to abandon him. He says he had to struggle so he could rise. Alex says he needed a father and he says that’s what Jeep said then.

He say that even though Jeep wanted to keep him, he sacrificed because he believed in Alex. Michael tells Alex that he believes in him too. Michael says he will do anything he must to protect him. Furiad and the other of Gabriel’s angels track Alex and stop at the skid marks where he avoid hitting Michael and they say – he’s headed North.

Arika performs last rites on her sister as David comes in. He says they burn their dead in Vega. She says that’s superstitious because they think the angels will take their bodies. He tells her – when in Rome – and tosses a pack of matches out her. She says he’s cruel and he says only to those that have outlived their usefulness.

She asks if he thinks she’s no onger useful and he tells her that since her wife just delivered her sister’s body to her in a box, it doesn’t look good. She says it was a warning from Evelyn to keep the secrets of Helena. He says he doesn’t think she can deliver on the deal and she tells him sister’s body isn’t cold. He says the deal is all there was between them.

David essentially tells her to get out. She asks where she’ll go but he doesn’t care. Then she reveals that she has loyalists in Evelyn’s inner circle and suggests a coup. She says if he will let her strategize safely from Vega, she’ll take power then make their deal her highest priority. He says he’ll see that her sister’s body is transported to the ocean. That pleases her.

Alex paces around outside and Michael watches from the house. He walks out and Alex tells him a lot of babies were born the day he was and asks why he picked him. Michael says they weren’t just like him and asks what Michael isn’t telling him. Before he can answer, the bad angels drop from the sky and Michael has to do battle with them. Alex holds off a nasty angel that’s attacking him.

Furiad puts a sword through Michael. Alex gets his gun and kills the angel attacking him. He shoots at Furiad but he furls his wings around him to shield himself. He speaks to him in their language and says – we’ll see you soon – then swoops away. Alex goes to Michael who tells him not to remove the shard of sword still in him or he’ll bleed to death. Alex asks what he should do, but Michael is unconscious.

William is heading out when his dad stops him. He asks where he’s going and says he hopes he’s sneaking out to romance Claire. He asks how the wedding plans are going and William says she needs him as a friend right now. His father mocks him and William says it’s a good thing. David says he just put Samson in with a female in heat. He says he knew what he wanted and took it.

David tells him it’s in the creature’s blood and William says good for the lion and the cubs that will be born. He tells his father that the cubs will be raised by their mother and never know their father and says nature is kind once in a while. (ooh. burn!) William gives his father a pained look and slams out the door.

William leads a service and says the time of darkness has ended and they will step into the light of Gabriel. He says he has charged him to share the knowledge that the chosen one has arrived. He tells his acolytes to join him to welcome their newest member – brother Paul. He steps up and they all tie on blindfolds. William says the golden thread welcomes Gabriel’s binding promise.

He tightens the golden waistband around Paul as they all chant that they are not the weak and that pain makes them stronger. Paul cries out finally and collapses. William pulls off the golden cloth and smiles. Arika starts a small device beeping and sets it on a balcony. She smiles when she sees a tiny light flicker in the distance.

William stands by the fire when Claire comes in. She says she made a deal with her father. He’ll draw up a bill of rights for everyone in Vega and stop detaining people. He asks how she managed that and she says she agreed to marry him. Gabriel plays his trumpet. Furiad comes in and tells him the child will not be influenced by Michael any longer and says he left Alex.

Gabriel asks if he laid his sword on his brother and Furiad says he couldn’t let anyone else fall into amber. Gabriel calls Irin and she steps up to him. He grabs her by the neck and Furiad begs Gabriel not to do it. He tells Furiad to give him his sword. He does and Gabriel runs her through and tosses her aside.

Gabriel says his brother Michael is not dead by the hand of a wild dog like him and says if he tries it again, he’ll put the sword through him. Alex drives Michael back to Vega and tells him to hang in there.