Dominion Recap 7/17/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Something Borrowed”

Dominion Recap 7/17/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Something Borrowed”

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with a new episode tonight called, “Something Borrowed.” On tonight’s episode, Alex begins training with Michael, but a vision causes him to go rogue while on a mission.

On last week’s episode a powerful Vega senator took the city’s leaders and food supply hostage, demanding the Chosen One’s secret identity be made public; at the same time, Michael was called to a family meeting of archangels, including Gabriel; and Claire went against the majority. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Alex begins his training with Michael, but soon after has a vision that causes him to go rogue during an Archangel Corps mission. Elsewhere, Claire goes out on a limb to protect Riesen, however she can’t stop his long-held secrets from coming back to haunt him; and David makes a move to secure his power.

Dominion airs at 9 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates! In the meantime, check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.

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Alex is out in the burning sun with a gun rushing to load it. He takes aim at Michael as he dives at him from the sky. He knocks him down. They try again and Michael knocks him down again. Alex asks if that’s all he has and then he comes out him and kicks his knees out from under him and he loses the gun. Michael soars down and steps onto the ground. He tells Alex he failed but he wants to try again. He says the lesson is over and Alex says he doesn’t know what he’s trying to teach him. He says he knows how to shoot and Michael asks how he explains the lack of bullet holes in him.

Michael tells him he made him forget all his training. He says he used the sun against him and said he could have used his shadow to track him for counter maneuvers. He says he knows what he’s doing and Michael says if he knew, that little girl would be alive. Alex yells at him and says her name is Bixby. Michael says he needs to get his head in the game and chastises him again to use the shadows to track him.

A child is crying. We see a family hiding in a closet and the kids crying. The baby whimpers and cries and the husband tries to shush them. We see a creature climbing the walls and the dad tells her to make hm stop. The baby cries louder and the creatures attack and drag them out of the closet. The dad beats the creatures on his wife. We see he actually was beating his wife. It’s David back in the day and he holds up his hammer toward the crying baby that he blamed for his wife’s death.

Back in the now, William interrupts his revery and asks if he’d like to speak at the engagement party. He tells his son they are survivors and they must cherish their time together. Alex comes to the barracks and Claire is there. She sees he’s beat up and asks what happened and he says lessons with Michael. She tells him she spread Bixby’s ashes in the garden and he says he thought she was going to make it but Claire says the doctor said her injuries were too severe.

Alex kneels and holds her face and says he’s sorry. It looks like he’s going to kiss her and she says she can’t. He asks if she’ll marry William and she says it’s the right thing to do and he says she shouldn’t get engaged to someone she doesn’t love but she says she has to look out for the city. He pulls her close and kisses her. She tells him to stop and says she’s sorry again. She leaves him with a token of Bixby’s and goes.

Claire is lost in thought when Noma asks if she’s okay and she says she was just looking at wedding fabric and it’s all too much. Noma says it’s all the lower v’s can talk about – the prince and the principate. She says that’s what the counsel wants and Noma says it’s like a real-life fairy tale and she says they are very happy.

David comes in and tells her it’s a match made in heaven and asks her to call him David since they are going to be family. He’s brought her a wedding present and she opens it. It’s a necklace he says was his wife’s and that she wore on their wedding day. She hugs him and says it’s beautiful. He asks about her dad and she says he’s fine and stubborn as an ox. He says he’s an inspiration to them all.

David tells her there are many concerned and she asks who since it’s a secret. She asks if he’s told anyone and he says Romero has figured it out and is pushing for a vote of no confidence to force him out. Claire asks how she can do that and David says she has a point and says it may be what’s best for Vega. She says a strong leader like her father is best. He says she’ll be a strong leader.

He says he heard how she dealt with the Frost situation and is confident she’s ready. He says the people worship her. He says she may be lady of the city sooner than she expects and says it’s best that she’s prepared. In the market, we see a woman in a wig and dark glasses skittering around. I think it’s Clementine, Riesen’s 8 ball lover. She looks at a jewelry box and the merchant greets her. He sees her eyes and she begs him not to say anything. He starts to pull a gun and she snaps his neck in a panic.

Alex sits in all his tattooed glory up in the tower with Michael. He asks Alex about when his marking spoke to him in prison and he says he heard from them then because he was cut off from the chaos and all the distractions and had focus. He tells Alex to close his eyes, breathe and shut up. He tells him to listen. Alex concentrates and opens his eyes and hears a voice calling to him. It’s Bix.

She tells him not to let them hurt anyone else. He asks Michael where he went and he says nowhere. He says they’ve been there for hours. Michael asks what he saw and Alex says – who he’s fighting for. He grabs up his shirt and walks out.

Riesen comes by and brings Clementine flowers. He sees the jewelry box and asks if it’s new. She admits she went to the market and he asks how she got into Vega. She says she used the tunnels he showed her. She says she needed some things. She says she’s been a good girl all these years and asks who will take care of when he’s gone.

She asks who will feed her? She asks if Claire could do it and he says it’s not possible. She asked if he thought she would die of a broken heart when he went. She says her kind won’t take her back because they would smell him on her and the humans would shoot her on sight. He promises to think of something.

David comes to see Becca and asks if he knew about Riesen’s bad heart. He says everyone will know soon enough once they toss him out. He says she’ll support him or else everyone will know about her and Michael. She says that won’t work and he names off four women – Emily, Gloria, Hannah and Veronica.

He says it was a good old fashioned orgy and calls Michael a love machine. He says it’s a shame she can’t satisfy him all on her own. David tells her she’ll do what he says or he’ll parade her and Michael’s harem out in pubic and says he knows the girls will be happy to testify.

William is out welcoming newcomers to the church. He says they are devoted to a savior and have secret prayers and a vow they share. He steps up and then sees someone that upsets him. He says – may the chosen one protect you all. They repeat it. The guy he saw is one of Gabriel’s. He asks William if he’s forgotten his vow to Gabriel.

William grabs him up tight and crushes him against him and says his vow to Gabriel is to be his eyes and ears in Vega. He says if dares question him again and then lets him go with a threat. Claire shows up and asks who that was. He says it’s a poor ragged soul questioning his faith. He tells her he heard about her dad’s heart and she says that’s why she’s there. She says people want to use them against him to force him out of his seat.

She says she needs to convince David to stop what he’s doing. She asks if there is anything he can tell her about Daid that would help her. He asks if she’s trying to blackmail his dad. She says no, then says yes and that she’s sorry and that he must think she’s horrible. He says she’s a good daughter and says he’ll talk to him before the party and ask him to back off. He says he can be convincing when he wants to be. He kisses her and they walk off together.

Michael practices with his swords. Becca comes in. He grabs her and kisses her. He tries to unzip her but she says that’s not why she’s there. She says that he told her to go find a good man she could have a normal life with. She says he was right. She says she can’t see him anymore and he says that’s what best. She asks if he has anymore to say and he says he doesn’t know what she means. She tells him goodbye, kisses him and goes. No declaration of love like she was looking for.

Noma asks Ethan for lipstick and he has some but she doesn’t like the shade. Alex comes in and they ask why he looks so bad. She asks if it’s about Bixby. Alex says there was an eight ball attack in the city and he says he’s not going to sit around if there is angel inside the walls attacking. No…

William paces and sees the scarf the angel tucked into his pocket. He hurriedly lights the fireplace but it doesn’t light. He grabs matches but it’s too late, his dad is there. David says he thought this day would come and he says the day he would ask him advice about his wedding night and how to tame his filly but William says he’s there to talk about Riesen.

He tells his son it’s an opportunity and William says he’s dying and they can wait. David says he’s doing what’s best for Vega but William says he’s doing what’s best for him and David says it’s what’s best for his family – what’s left of it. He asks William who the well he is to talk to him like that and says when he’s lord of the city he’s going to need him holding his hand the whole time.

He says he knows it and Claire knows it. He says Claire isn’t warming up to him, she’s playing him like a fiddle. William says he’s wrong. David says the sacrifices he’s made for him would make his blood run cold and he has no idea. William pulls him close and kisses him on the head and says he is the man he is because of him. He holds his father tight nearly crushing him and David is taken by surprise and breathing heavy when he releases him.

Riesen comes to see Michael and the angel tells him he’s ready to join the hunt for the eight ball. He tells Michael to cancel the hunt and says he wants him to take care of it on his own as a classified mission. Michael says she must mean a lot to him and Riesen is surprised that he knew. He asks what he must think of him and Michael says he loves her. Riesen says he did once but she’s his undoing.

Michael says he can capture her safely but Riesen says she needs to do and asks him to make sure she
doesn’t suffer. Michael clasps his shoulder and jumps out to fly. Clementine runs down the street and someone approaches her and asks if she’s okay. She says to leave her alone. Noma comes up and tries to talk to Alex.

He reminds her that she was cold to him in basic and she says Finch found about them and he was going to kicked out of the corps. She says she had to promise to end it with him to keep him in the Corps since it was his only family. He tells her that the Corps wasn’t more important to him than her and she reminds him he met Claire after that.

They get radioed to check on a body in a nearby sector and they head there. They see Richardson, one of theirs, shoved in a car. Alex pulls the cloth off his body and says the angel is still inside the walls.

We see three women lounging around a bath, naked and chatting. Becca creeps up on them and she tells them they all have to leave Vega and head to Helena. She says their nights with the arch angel are over and if anyone asks, they never happened. The women are shocked.

William and David come to the engagement party and Riesen greets them. They ask where Claire is and we see she’s upstairs. She’s at David’s house and the guard worries about her being there. She says William left his speech and she’s looking for it. The guard questions her and she tells him it’s okay. He steals a bottle of liquor while she’s looking away. She finds a paper with three kids handprints that says to Daddy and she finds the scrap of cloth from the eight ball that William had stashed there.

She comes into the party to a round of applause. She apologizes to her dad for being late and said she had a dress emergency. She tells him everything is going to be okay. William comes up and kisses her and David says it was quite an entrance. She sends William along to dinner without her and walks with David. She’s wearing the necklace and he says it looks nice. She thanks him for telling her about the Senate vote and then says she thinks everyone should know that one of their own is working with Gabriel.

She pulls out the cloth and tucks it in his pocket. He says she’s framing him and she says she found it in his desk. She reads him the inscription from the drawing she found there. She reminds him that the people love and trust her and she says she’ll expose him as the filthy traitor that he is if he goes after her father. William comes to ask if they’re coming and she says they are then tells David he should put it away. He’s in complete shock.

Clementine cries over the blood on her hands as she hides. Alex and Noma are nearby. She takes off and they take off after her. He shoots at her and she throws some things at them. They duck and then the pursuit continues. They creep down an alley and he sees her and shoots. She falls and then stumbles away. He presses on after her. He sees a shadow and follows her into a tunnel.

He sees blood dripping and realizes she’s above him. She leaps down onto him and he stabs her. She begs him to wait and says she doesn’t want to die. He says she deserves it and she says she’s afraid. He tells her she’s condemned people to the darkness. She says she didn’t fight Gabriel’s war and he reminds her she’s in someone’s body that she took. She tells him she has a daughter. He holds his fire.

Claire greets their guests and thanks them for coming to celebrate their union. She says there is one person not at the table that she wished could have lived to see the day and toasts to her mother. We see a photo of her mother. It’s Clementine! OMG! Riesen has been keeping the eight ball as a lover that took his wife’s body!

The End!