Dominion Live Recap Finale Season 1 “Beware Those Closest to You”

Dominion Live Recap Finale Season 1 “Beware Those Closest to You”

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with a new episode tonight called, “Beware Those Closest to You.” On tonight’s episode, the Season 1 finale, the revelation of a higher angel’s identity puts Alex and Michael at odds and Alex goes before the Senate to plead his case.

On last week’s episode Alex was called upon by Michael to help prevent any further casualties after innocent higher angels turned up dead in Vega; at the same time, Gabriel caused tension by revealing a long-hidden secret; William “re-educates” his father; and Noma reignited an old flame. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the revelation of a higher angel’s identity puts Alex and Michael at odds and Alex goes before the Senate to plead his case. Meanwhile, the marriage of Claire and William is followed by General Riesen’s departure from Vega; Arika meets a delegation from Helena who bring with them shocking cargo; and Gabriel raises some suspicions with his so-called surrender.

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The Senate discusses the threat of the higher angels. Alex marches into the chamber and says he has to speak to the Senate about Michael. Whele says he wants to hear what he has to say. Alex says Michael has lied to them all and has been keeping higher angels secret in the walls. He says the angel that attacked the Riesen household was known to Michael and he even got her papers. Alex reminds them of the time when Michael massacred them. Whele asks for proof and Alex says Michael confessed it all to him. He says Michael even hid one in the corps – Noma Banks.

Becca comes to tell Michael about the furor at the Senate and says Alex told them things even she never even knew about him. She says the Senate is voting to remove him and may exile him. He grabs his sword and says he’ll save them the trouble. She asks if it’s true and he asks what she thinks. He tells her she needs to protect Louis once he’s gone and says they’ll kill him if he’s found out. He says Louis has done nothing wrong. She gives her word.

Michael tells her that he hopes she knows that he’s capable of love. He hops out the window and soars off. Alex is in the market when he hears angel wings and Michael swoops down and grabs him. He tells Alex he can’t believe what he’s done after all he’s done for Alex. The guards take aim at Michael and tell the archangel to stand down. He zooms away.

William is with his acolytes chanting the Gabriel crazy mantra. His Dad is there too. Alex comes to see Claire. She says she can’t believe it about Michael but says he did the right thing. He says he never thought he’d see her in a wedding dress (she has one on) and he says she looks nice. She tells him she should have gone with him after Jubilee. He asks if she wants him to haul her away with him.

He says he has to win the war and says she didn’t ask for his help. He asks if she’s late for her wedding to the man she doesn’t love. He thinks she’s doing it for power but he says he doesn’t know. He stomps out and leaves her in tears. A chopper touches down and Edward greets the ladies of Helena. They have the head of Evelyn. Edward tells Arika she did what she had to do and is courageous. Arika talks of Evelyn’s good qualities and says she will miss her.

Alex is in his truck when Michael swoops down and hops in while the truck is still in motion. Alex complains that he hurt his shoulder and reminds him he has claws. Michael said it had to be convincing because Gabriel has spies everywhere. Alex says they all believe that he’s turned against Michael and the angel says it won’t be so easy to convince Gabriel.

Alex says he’ll convince Gabriel and get close enough to take him out. Alex says his mom and Jeep sacrificed themselves for him. He tells Michael all of his training of him has come to this. They roll on down the desert road. Arika tells one of the handmaidens that she misses home. The woman unveils herself and tells her she missed her. It’s Uriel! Arika kisses her and tells her she missed her too.

Arika asks where she’s been and she says her brothers are a drain on her time. Uriel asks to meet Claire and she says soon. Uriel undresses and kisses her and says if she’s right about Claire, it can change things. Arika undresses her and assures her they don’t know who she really is. She says men are all stupid. Arika says they have no idea that she is Evelyn and alive and well.

William and Claire get married. They kiss briefly and are greeted by applause. At the reception, William tells Claire that he has no expectations about tonight. He tells her it’s okay. She kisses him hard and thanks him. Alex and Michael stop at an abandoned waterpark out in the desert. He says Gabriel won’t fall for a trap near Vega.

Alex tells him he doesn’t believe what Gabriel said about him but Gabriel says much of it is likely true. He says he was following his father’s orders and the violence was, frankly, intoxicating. He said Gabriel and Uriel tried to stop his killing spree for decades. He says the two of them beat him within an inch of his life to stop him.

Michael says he was lying broken in a field when a boy whose father he had killed gave him water. He asked why he did it and the boy said it was the right thing to do. Michael says that led him to believe his father’s orders were sometime a test – and a test that he failed. Michael tells Alex that his rise is his redemption and tells him not to let him down.

They hear wings and Noma touches down with a small smile – she says simply – hi. She tells Alex not to look at her that. Michael asks where Furiad is and she tells him Pleasant View 201. He takes off. Alex asks how she got him there and she gives him a look. Turns out she and Furiad used to hook up. Alex says it’s all been lies since they met. He asks why she moved to the bunk near him.

She says Ethan really snored but then says she’s sorry and wishes she could have been straight but she was following Michael’s orders. She says sleeping with him wasn’t one of the orders. She punches him in good humor but he says they can work together but it’s not back to normal. Furiad shows up t the hotel and finds Michael instead of his booty call.

Michael asks Furiad what Gabriel would do if he knew he was fooling around with Michael’s lieutenant  Furiad asks what he wants. Becca tells Riesen that the angels have a weakness on their scapula where the wings attach and says they are vulnerable to electric shock as well and thinks they can incapacitate them. Riesen isn’t happy about the Senate turning on Michael. He says he’s leaving Vega.

Becca says he’s an elder statesman and they need his insight. He tells her that she and Claire can lead without him. He admits he hasn’t told Claire and she asks where he’ll go. He says he’s headed to New Delphi and will take his chances. He asks her to help and take care of Claire.

Noma hears a signal and says that means Furiad is on board. She gives Alex a bottle of Scotch and tells him to wish her luck because she may never make it out of Gabriel’s aerie. She makes him promise not to try and save her and to do what he needs to do. He promises. They smooch. She flies off.

Claire comes to see Arika and tells her she’s sorry about Arika. She introduces Uriel as a holy woman named Laurel. She says she has a marriage blessing for her. Uriel invites her to Helena. She kneels by her stomach and says the loving tides should welcome her with their arms and blesses her. Later, Uriel tells Arika that she’s right and says Claire is carrying the Chosen One’s child.

Uriel tells her they need to spirit Claire out of Vega to Helena and says that will draw Alex to them and then they can end the war her brothers are waging and the world can be at peace like her father wanted. At the aerie, Furiad comes in and finds Gabriel getting busy with an eight ball. Noma shows up too and greets him. He tells her it’s bold coming there and she says she had nowhere to go because Michael has turned back to her old ways.

She says Alex has lost faith in Michael and wants to meet Gabriel. Felicia says it’s a lie but Furiad says she’s speaking the truth. Noma says Alex wants to hear his side of the story since he’s caught Michael in so many lies. Gabriel tells Felicia to lock Noma up and asks her if she just expected him to walk into a trap.

Claire comes home calling for her dad but he’s not there. She asks Ethan if he’s seen him but he hasn’t. Edward is at the wall and demands to be let out without his security detail. He drives out into the desert. Alex is lying down when Jeep shows up. He asks how he got there and he says to be quiet so no one knows he’s there. He follows him outside and into a training room to spar.

He asks Alex what he would give up to bring him back and he says anything. Jeep says that’s failure and says he has to save them all, not just one. They spar violently. Alex stares him in the eye and then cuts him brutally with the sword. He cries out dad when he strikes. He wakes in the desert as Michael swoops in and says Gabriel should have been there by now. He tells him they need to go back to Vega.

Gabriel walks to the gates of Vega. The guards ask for ID and he pops his wings in response. They ope fire and he shields himself with his wings. Then he pulls his sword and offers it to them. He tells them he surrenders. Becca tells Whele they need to kill Gabriel immediately. She thinks they can blow him up. She wants to put him in a vault with a pile of C4 and detonate.

William says they need to interrogate him first. He says they can find out who all the higher angels hidden in Vega are. Whele takes William’s side and Claire asks to speak to her father in law alone. She reminds him that Gabriel killed his wife and kids and wants to know why he doesn’t want him dead. Whele says he detests him but they need the info he has and says they won’t get another chance like this.

Claire says she didn’t really believe the acolyte blindfold was his but now has to wonder. He says he’s investigated it and traced it to Paul Sanchez, a handy man on his staff. He says he handled it. He tells her he could no more be an angel worshiper than she or her dad. She agrees to interrogate him today and kill him tomorrow and they toast to sending him to whatever is left of hell.

Claire comes to see Gabriel and says she’s excited to be the one to put him to death. She says she’s not there to talk about his execution. She wants names of higher angels hidden in Vega. He says it’s irrelevant. He says he’s surrendered and would like to see his brother. He asks if she’ll refuse him a visitor on his last night. Claire says whatever his plans were, it was a mistake to come into the walls.

Gabriel says his plans are to end the war like his father wanted. He says with the chosen one’s arrival, he can make things right without any more bloodshed. She says he won’t find him and he says he knows it’s Alex. He says he knows she’s seen the markings up close. She says he doesn’t know her but he tells her what her favorite flower is and then tells her he can hear every tiny heartbeat. Ha! He knows she’s knocked up.

Alex and Michael come in and Alex asks what he’s up to. Michael says he’s calling their bluff. Alex tells Claire that Michael is on their side and it was a ruse. She says Gabriel wants to see Michael but Alex wants to go end it. Claire tells Alex it can’t happen and gives him an order as Lady of the City. She leaves. Alex tells Michael he’s going in to end it. The angel makes no move to stop him.

William asks Whele why he was wavering in favor of executing Gabriel. Whele says Claire already suspects he’s a traitor. He says he was protecting them but William says he was protecting himself. Whele says he’s blinded by his devotion to Gabriel. He asks his son why he didn’t tell him he was coming to Vega to surrender. He asks if there are others he trusts more than William.

Whele says he hopes Gabriel has been honest, but could expose them. William says he’s not worried about Gabriel and says he expect his dad to do everything to prevent his execution. Alex comes to talk to Gabriel and asks where Noma is. He says she’s safe, but detained. Gabriel says he has much that can teach him and is the only one who has never lied to him.

He tells him Michael and Claire are using him for their own ends. He throws Gabriel into a wall and gives him a mega shock. He has the weapon and is ready to kill the archangel but he tells him that if he kills him, his acolytes will kill Claire and his unborn child she’s carrying. That both stops and shocks Alex. He says – I’m going to be a father?

Gabriel lies on the floor of his cell. Michael asks what he said to Alex to stop him and says it’s inevitable. Michael tells Gabriel was the first voice he ever heard and it comforted him and gave him hope. Gabriel says he remembers the day they were created. Michael says he baffles him now and Gabriel calls him his yin, his better half and says he’s the one who broke the bond.

Gabriel says he’s trying to illuminate him like he tried centuries before. He asks Michael if he ever doubted the humans. He tells him the cell he’s in with the wing restraints must have been in the works for a while. He tells Michael the humans are up to no good. He tells him he’s been looking at the world through Louis’ eyes and says he remembers the white symbol on red around him.

Michael asks how he can know it’s true and Gabriel says the humans are mistreating one of his and have turned Michael into a traitor. Michael looks doubtful and leaves. Gabriel looks at him sadly as he goes and calls him brother. Alex comes to confront Claire and asks if she’s pregnant. She says she wasn’t going to tell him because he can’t be a father to the child and he says that’s not her choice.

William is lurking and overhears. Alex says he can be a father but she says he can’t. She says their baby will grow up safe and cared for. She reminds him the chosen one’s baby will be a target. Alex and Claire are both in tears. He tells her Gabriel knows about the baby and says they have to put her in a bunker to protect her until Gabriel is dead. He calls for Michael.

Michael asks what he wants but Michael says he’s at House Thorn. He cuts the call. Michael strides down a hall, angry and urgent. Alex says he has to go check on Michael and tells the guards to watch Claire closely. Michael finds a laboratory that’s gruesome and full of angel parts. He sees feathers on a tray and photos of experiments. Alex meets him there and he tells him Louis is there.

Michael tells him they’re dissecting the angels. He tells him Gabriel can still possess Louis and they need to be on guard. They head into a room with angel wings and other parts and find Louis chained to a metal bed suspended high up. They lower him. There’s an autopsy scar on him. He calls Michael’s name and seems disconcerted.

Gabriel tells the guards at his cell that it’s time. Two shoot the other two and free him. Then they commit suicide. He walks out nice and cool. Michael works to free Louis and sits him up. He tells him to leave him. His wings are gone and he begs him as a friend to leave him. Michael draws his sword and tells him when father returns then kills him.

Michael is outraged. Becca shows up to the lab and Michael tells her she lied to him. She says she has to keep Vega safe and tells him it’s complicated. He accuses her of using him. She says she cared about him. He holds her face near his dead brother and makes her look. He sees that she kept Furiad’s blade and asks if she was going to kill him with it. He grabs her by the neck but Alex tells him to stand down.

He doesn’t and throws Alex aside. She says she was protecting them but he snaps her neck. Guards show up and fire at Michael who kills them. Alex tells him to stop and shoots at him. Michael and Alex cross swords. Alex is taking a beating. But then Alex gets in one good swing at Michael’s abdomen. The archangel stops and then looks over at Becca’s dead body.

Alex tells Michael that it shouldn’t end like this after everything he taught him. Michael pops his wings and flies out shattering the glass ceiling. Moments later, Gabriel strides in and says he tried to warn him about his brother’s rage. Alex tells him to stay away from him and Claire. Gabriel asks if that’s all he’s worried about. He says he has acolytes all over Vega and asks how he thinks he walked out of his cell.

Gabriel tells him to give him a chance to guide him. He says his marking will let them end the war and bring their father back. Alex says it’s never going to happen and Gabriel says it will or he’ll burn this city down and kill everyone there and then Noma and all that blood will be on his hands. He says the choice is his then pops his wings and heads out the same way Michael left.

William tells Claire he’s sorry about Becca and she says Gabriel is gone and the radar lost him. She says she was dumb for thinking they could hold him even for a few hours. William says it’s his fault too because he supported the decision to postpone the execution. He tells her that they will get through it for their family. He says he overheard her and Alex and says he’ll raise the child as his own and protect it with his life.

He gives her some flowers then she recognizes them as the favorite Gabriel mentioned. She asks why he wanted the execution postponed and then says the acolyte blindfold she found was his. She is angry and says she trusted him. He says it’s a misunderstanding and calls for her guards. He tells them to lock him in the servant quarters and they drag him off. She cries and says goodbye William. She goes to talk to his dad and says the city can’t know he was an acolyte.

He wants to set it up to look like William was killed when Gabriel escaped but she doesn’t want him to look like a hero. Whele says he’ll take care of it all. He leaves.

Uriel touches down near Gabriel and says Michael has fallen back into his old ways. She asks if the chosen one will come to him and he says he’s cautiously optimistic. She kneels and tells him her sword is his. Whele meets with the acolytes and says he’s leading at Gabriel’s request in the absence of William. They all chant together about joining with Gabriel.

We see Whele pull off his blindfold and walk around while the others chant. He dumps gasoline around the chamber and then lights it, setting all the acolytes in a death trap. He leaves and locks them in to burn up. Ethan sees Alex and says he’s hearing crazy stuff about Gabriel and Michael. Alex hands him an envelope to give to Claire. Alex says he’ll explain things later but he needs him to promise to look after her. They hug it out and Alex thanks him. He refuses to tell him where he’s going then heads out.

Whele drives down the desert highway. He stops his Hummer and grabs William out of the backseat. He asks his dad what he’s doing. He pulls the bag off his head and undoes his cuffs. He says Claire wants him dead and she’s Lady of the City. William kneels and says to make it quick but his dad says he didn’t rat him out.

He says he’s loyal and strong and that he could never shoot his son. Whele hands him the gun along with some food, water and supplies for a few days and tells him he can never come back to Vega. They hug. William asks his dad if he’ll see him again but he just drives off. Claire has Alex’s letter. She opens it and reads it. It’s a letter to his child.

We see Alex climbing up the cliffs to Gabriel’s aerie. His letter says he wanted to be with him but couldn’t. He says he has to give him a normal life and happiness – things that are in short supply. He says – if you’re reading this, everything I’ve done was worth it. He says he loves him more than he’ll ever know. He makes it to the top of the aerie and heads inside.