Dracula RECAP 1/10/14: Season 1 Episode 8 “Come to Die”

Dracula RECAP 1/10/14: Season 1 Episode 8 “Come to Die”

Dracula returns tonight with an all new episode called “Come to Die.”  On tonight’s show Lady Jane learns that the legendary Dracula is back in London.  Did you watch the last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last episode, toxicated by his newfound invulnerability to the daylight, Grayson dared to deny his curse and regained his humanity. Renfield was dispatched to Budapest to acquire a mysterious and long sought after relic on his employer’s behalf. Harker discovered Grayson manipulated him into slandering General Shaw and strategized on how to seek his revenge…eventually aiding The Order of The Dragon in compromising Grayson’s demonstration of his technology.

On tonight’s show Grayson and Van Helsing have a falling out following the cancellation of their public demonstration. This leads Van Helsing to quickly seek revenge against Mr. Browning and his family. Harker discovers that Grayson has been playing him for a fool and forbids Mina from seeing him. With this new information, Mina focuses her attention on her schooling only to be attacked by Lord Davenport’s men. Once Harker realizes it’s Davenport who orchestrated the attack, he responds with murder. Meanwhile, Lady Jane learns that the legendary Dracula is back in London.

This is going to be an episode that you won’t want to miss. We’ll be there! Will you? Make sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap. In the meantime, hit up the comments section below to chat about what crazy situation these characters will find themselves in next.

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In the past, Dracula frolics with his wife when some soldiers bust in. He fights with them while one drags his wife away as she screams. In the present, Grayson is lurking outside Mina’s house staring at her bedroom light. Renfield asks how long he intends to sit there and he tells him his obsessions is dangerous and foolish. He tells him to take Mina or walk away. Grayson says one of those options would destroy her and one would destroy him.

Mina searches the back room of the lab and sees that Van Helsing has cleaned out all of his secret research materials including the mystery substnace she was obsesses with. But she sees a loose wallboard and opens it to find a stash of the red substance. Hearing footsteps, she quickly closes it back up. It’s her father coming to drag her out of work. He asks if she’s avoiding him and Jonathon and then asks her what her relationship is with Grayson.

Mina insists she loves Jonathon and will marry him. She tells him that Grayson has a magnetic appeal for her and that she can’t deny it – she says she knows she sounds like a fool. Her dad tells her he understands love and happiness and says he followed his heart to her mother.

Lady Jayne makes a list with Browning of the locations of  kills and she says there is another elder vampire in London. He says he thought she killed the elder and she says there is another. Browning orders her to find and destroy the creature.

In the red light district, a man flirts with a pro and she pulls him into an alley where she kisses him. Suddenly Jayne is there as well – turns out the woman wasn’t a pro but a vampire and they scuffle. The vampire is doing well but then Jayne has her against the wall. She demands to know the name of her sire and she finally relents and tells her Vlad the Impaler – Dracula and Jayne is shocked. She blows the bloodsucker’s head off.

Jonathon chats with his journo buddy in the park and tells him he’s in trouble. He says the story about Shaw was a lie and the evidence was all faked. His friend asks why he would do this and he says it was Grayson that did it. There’s no one to corroborate Grayson’s version of the story. His friend asks if the bookkeeper/actress was disappeared by Grayson and he says yes. His friend gives him a gun for protection.

Van Helsing hooks Grayson up to the machine and says he can’t believe he killed a chief inspector of Scotland Yard. He basically tells him he’s an idiot. He says he had to do it to discover the plot that the Order had plotted. VH tells him the stunt with the poison has ruined their chances of proving the energy technology is safe and that they are ruined. Grayson asks if they should give up and VH says instead they should focus on revenge. He administers the sunlight treatment to Grayson as he screams in agony. He screams again as he plunges him full of more serum.

The Order refuses to believe Dracula really exists. Jayne explains to him exactly who Vlad Tepes was and what a warrior he was and that he served in the Order of the Dragon back in the day. She says he was excommunicated and found guilty of heresy. She says they said the Order decided that a death sentence wasn’t good enough and that his punishment actually turned him into the master vampire – the  Order made the monster.

The Order wants to talk to the vampire that told her his name and Jayne lies and says the vamp took her gun and killed herself. They order her to get proof and she voes to find and take down Dracula.

Jonathon tells Mina that Grayson lied to him so that he could destroy Shaw’s reputation. He tells her that Laurent was blackmailed by Grayson and says he won’t stop at anything to achieve the ends of his grand project. He tells her that Grayson is evil and she asks if it’s true why he’s still working for the man. He says he has his reasons but won’t reveal them. He orders her to stay away from Grayson.

Grayson is at Jayne’s door demanding to see her although her butler tries to keep him away. She finally relents and lets him in but stops him as he starts to walk up the stairs to her room. She asks why he’s there and then tells him that he wins – she says she’s met her match in him and he’s bested her. She tells him she’s tired of the game and to just stop. He reminds her that he saved her life and she reminds him that his heart belongs to another.

He asks how she knew and she says when she saw him dancing with Mina at the engagement party. He asks if it was that obvious and she says it was to her. She asks if he imagined it was Mina when he was with her and he says no but then she says he’s lying. He leaves.

Davenport’s man tells him that he’s found reliable men to help for a price. He says to introduce them to the lady in question (Mina I assume) and tells him the sooner the better. He stares at the triptych painting of Mina.

Grayson asks Renfield who he needs to kill to get the truth released about the resonator project. Renfield suggest bribery before murder and says he knows just the man. He leaves to go throw money at the problem. Mina lets herself in and wants to speak to Grayson alone. He asks what’s wrong and she tells him that Jonathon is terrified of him. He mocks this and asks if he terrifies her and she says she doesn’t know him as well as Jonathon and he tells her she actually knows him better than others.

Grayson tells her he would never lie to her and she asks why Jonathon is upset. He tells her he works with ruthless businessmen and he has to stoop to their level and tells her that Jonathon can also be ruthless. She tells him she and Jonathon will not be used by him and that his charm infects others to evil. She storms out.

Lucy comes to see Jonathon about wedding matters and he says he has to go to work. She tells him that she’s not really there about the wedding and says he’ll think she’s a fool. He sits beside her and she tells him he can’t get him out of her mind She touches his hand and says she’s always hid her feelings. He asks how long she’s felt this way. She says she never planned to feel this way. He tells her that it will pass for Mina’s sake since they both love Mina. She tells him she wishes she only had his strength.

She tells him she agrees that they must fight against it. She asks for one small consolation in the form of a kiss and he reluctantly agrees to a kiss between friends. She tells him he’s kind and generous and moves closer. He kisses her and when she tries to make it passionate he turns away. She reminds him how often Mina comes to Carfax Abbey all the time now. She asks if Mina was there to see him.

Grayson screams at Renfield that Mina scorns him and hates him. He says he wants blood and Renfield wrestles him to the ground. He says he won’t let him go under these conditions. He screams that he wants blood and tries to go around Renfield who takes him down again. He tells him that Mina has taken root in her and that she makes him hate what he is – Dracula. He tells him that he can’t defeat the order without Dracula. Renfield tells him to forget her or take her and leaves Grayson lying there.

Jonathon confronts Mina about going to see Grayson. He tells her that he tried not to see her feelings for Grayson and she gets angry and says she only has gone there for a reason. He accuses her of flirting with Grayson and says he doesn’t believe her. He stomps out.

Jayne is torturing a couple of vampire dudes for information on where Dracula is. She’s feeding them holy water. One says he’ll answer her and tells her that he’s heard that Dracula lives in the light and no longer needs the protection of the night. He tells her Dracula has bested God and he will fear his wrath day and night and will never see him coming. She feeds that one some holy water as well.

Renfield pours tea while Van Helsing grouses about the best laid plans they’ve made gone awry. He asks how the bribery is going and Renfield says it’s not going well -it’s as if they’ve been frozen out. He says that Browning seems to have an iron grip on the local political scene. Renfield thinks he may even be the head of the Order. VH has a little flashback to when his family was murdered and VH denies knowing who he is even though he was the one who killed his family.

Mina sits at the lab and stares at the loose cupboard. She finally goes to it and extracts a bottle of the fluid. She stares at it in the lamp light and then puts it in her bag. She turns off the lamps and makes ready to go home when she hears a creak and a footstep. She calls out hello and then hears another footfall and sees a couple of men there. It’s Davenport’s men and she hits one then runs but there’s another there and he knocks her down the stairs which knocks her out.

They lay her on the table in the surgery. They tell her they’re going to put sulfuric acid on her face. They demonstrate by pouring some on the table. The man starts to pour it on her but then his arm is ripped off. Grayson takes the band of bad guys apart in bloody fashion very quickly. Mina sees a little of it but then passes out.

Next morning, Jayne walks with Browning and they see the men impaled on spikes in the park. She tells him – Vlad Tepes- Vlad the Impaler. Browning seems to be convinced finally.

Mina is at the hospital and her father tells Jonathon she’ll be okay and has only superficial injuries. Grayson comes to check on her as well and is told she’ll survive. He stands upset at the foot of her bed and she awakes and sees the two men. Grayson asks who did it and says she must tell them. She tells him there were three men that attacked her and held her on the table.

She says they had a bottle of acid and one had a birthmark on his face. Jonathon realizes it must have been Davenport’s man and goes to tell the police. Grayson stops him and says he wants justice as well. Jonathon tells him it was Hacket – Davenport’s man. Grayson tells him nothing will be done about it and he says it’s his word against a peer of the realm and that no one will believe him. Jonathon says he’ll go see Davenport himself and make him answer. He stomps away.

At Davenport’s house, he sits reading but then hears a noise and rises. Jonathon is there and demands the truth. He tells him he knows Hackett attacked Mina. Davenport plays dumb and asks if she’s okay. He accuses Grayson of putting the idea in his head and goaded him into confronting him. Jonathon has a gun trained on him and says that if he kills him that Grayson will win.

He tells Jonathon that Grayson adores Mina and he can prove it. He says they betrayed him and that he recently discovered Grayson has been searching for a painting for 10 years and says he stole the painting away from him. Davenport says he hired Jonathon to get closer to Mina and that’s why he hosted the party there. Jonathon tells him to shut up and he’s freaking it.

Davenport insists that he can prove it. But he makes a sudden move and Jonathon shoots him and then immediately regrets it. He also sees the painting that looks just like Mina and freaks out even more. He runs out and then through the streets of London. A copper calls out to him and Jonathon tosses the gun aside. When the man asks if he needs help he stares at him and the cop sends him on his way and says he needs to be careful so he doesn’t get rolled. Jonathon walks away as directed.

There’s a pounding at Lucy’s door and she goes to answer it. Jonathon takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately and she responds and holds him tightly to her, kissing him back. Browning walks into his home and calls out to his wife. She comes in and they make small talk until they hear a scream from the nanny. All of their children have been stolen. Now Browning’s wife is screaming too.

Jonathon and Lucy are in bed together and in the throes of passion. Grayson sits beside Mina’s hospital bed. She sleeps as he tells her nothing has been the same since he met her and that she’s his wife Ione come back to him but she’s also Mina too. He says she makes him want more than he could have and makes him want to walk in the sun. He says he belongs to her and she belongs to him. He takes her hand as she sleeps on.

Renfield and Grayson stand before the fire. He tells him that Davenport is dead and Grayson tosses his file into the fire. He sees in his mind his wife Ione screaming as she’s burned at the stake. Renfield tells him Jonathon worked out exactly as he’d planned.

The End!