Dracula RECAP 1/3/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Servant To Two Masters”

Dracula RECAP 1/3/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Servant To Two Masters”

Dracula returns tonight with an all new episode called “Servant To Two Masters.”  On tonight’s show Renfield is dispatched to Budapest to acquire a mysterious and long sought after relic.  Did you watch the last episode before the mid-season finale?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last episode, Browning set out to prove once and for all that Grayson was the master vampire stalking London by hosting a board meeting outdoors in the sunlight. Grayson and Van Helsing sought to acquire the final component to make their wireless electricity technology a success to be witnessed. Meanwhile, Mina and Harker consummated their love—not knowing that Lord Davenport plots to destroy the object that Grayson loved most…Mina.

On tonight’s show intoxicated by his newfound invulnerability to the daylight, Grayson dares to deny his curse and regain his humanity. Renfield is dispatched to Budapest to acquire a mysterious and long sought after relic on his employer’s behalf. Harker discovers Grayson manipulated him into slandering General Shaw and strategizes on how to seek his revenge…eventually aiding The Order of The Dragon in compromising Grayson’s demonstration of his technology.

This is going to be an episode that you won’t want to miss. We’ll be there! Will you? Make sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap. In the meantime, hit up the comments section below to chat about what crazy situation these characters will find themselves in next.

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Grayson is working on his device when Van Helsing demands to know how long it’s been since he’s fed. Grayson tells him to back off that he knows how to handle his needs. They run a test and it’s successful. He sends them out to celebrate with drinks on him and says they have to be ready for the public demonstration. VH isn’t happy.

Grayson finds Harker who tells him that Shaw is innocent of taking bribes. He admits he’s discovered the informant is a paid actress and that the hoax was elaborate. Harker asks if it was Grayson and he reminds him that he told him to drop it. He asks Grayson what he’s done and he reminds Harker that they both did it. He says he’ll expose Grayson for making him an accomplice and Grayson tells him that he’s the one who will go down for it. He says that Harker destroyed Shaw not him.

He tells Harker to get back to business and send out press invites for the demonstration of his Resonator. Harker agrees and leaves to follow orders but is clearly not happy. The old boy network (aka The Order) look over the invitation in disgust and agree they’ve had enough of Grayson and his games. Davenport tells them it’s time to bring in Harker.

Grayson sends Renfield off on an errand in Budapest and says he’s the only one he can trust with the task. He’s trying to recover the last of his possessions that were ransacked – a painting of a woman – his beloved wife – that he must have back.

Van Helsing releases Grayson from the contraption designed to imbue him with the sunlight serum and VH asks again why he’s abstaining from blood. Grayson says he feels reborn as a man once more. VH says there is no cure for his thirst for blood and he must always serve it. Grayson tells him he is servant to no man, slaps him on the back and leaves to go take a walk in the sunlit park. He carefully minds his pocketwatch as he notices Mina riding by on her bicycle. She asks why he’s there and he says he’s enjoying the rare sunshine in overcast London. He helps her off her bike and tells her she should be smiling on a beautiful day.

She tells him she had an argument with her father at the hospital. She thinks tedium is impeding people’s recovery and he recommends dance. He tells her he likes to dance and she says her father does not. He tells her she can win him over with her stubbornness and she says it’s her character flaw and asks what his are. He says impatience and envy and she asks what he lacks that he is denied.

Grayson comes to see Lady Jane who is tending her roses. She calls for her servant but he tells her that her butler is diddling the cook. She pricked her finger and he sucks the blood away and asks if she wants to go watch the servants rogering and she brings him upstairs to her bed instead where they get vigorous. She pouts and he asks what is wrong and she tells him her husband is involved with his nurse at their country estate and he’s saying he’s in love with her and is not being discreet.

Jane asks him what he would do in her position and he tells her to go after the object of her affection and says by wounding her she wounds her husband. Jane looks thoughtful.

Mina tells her father she wants a dance at the sanitarium and he reminds her men and women are in separate wards for a reason. She pleads with him and tells him they should give them this one small piece of normalcy. He caves but tells her she can’t have any money from the hospital budget for it.

Grayson writes at his desk while the maid tinkles the chandelier as she cleans it. His hands begin to shake and the noise seems amplified. He stares at her hungrily and then his fangs emerge. He struggles to regain control as he stares at her neck veins. She comes down off the ladder and he imagines taking her in his arms but then Harker comes in and interrupts his gluttonous reverie.

He tells theme there have been several refusals from those that consider him a charlatan – a PT Barnum sort and Grayson promises to put on a show they won’t believe. He tells Harker well done on the invitations and signage for the events and says they have London’s attention and soon the world’s as well.

Grayson stares at everyone woman that passes – young and old – and struggles for control. He stumbles dizzily and Harker asks if he’s ill. Grayson makes an excuse that he drank too much the night before and is just getting old. He walks away quickly.

Renfield sits at an auction. A Dresden triptych is up for sale. There are bids back and forth and just before it’s sold Renfield blows the highest bid away by a ridiculous amount. The highest bidder does not look pleases.

Mina comes to see Grayson and he tells her Harker isn’t there. She surprises him when she says she’s there to see him not her fiancé. He asks if she’s coming to the demonstration and she tells him she can’t because she secured permission for the dance. She asks to borrow his phonograph and says it’s a modest affair. He promises to have it delivered and says she won’t want for anything.

Lucy is with Jane and tells her that Mina was repelled by her confession of love. Jane says she must be mistaken and that Mina is just timid about her desires. She tells Lucy that they are different types of women who understand their natures better. Jane accuses Mina of being cruel to Lucy and she agrees that she has been unkind to her and when Lucy asks how Mina would feel about being cut away from Jonathon’s love, Jane agrees that would be a powerful lesson.

Browning calls in a local bobby and tells him he has a service to request on behalf of The Order related to Grayson’s demonstration and he agrees. Well that doesn’t sound good…

Jane asks Lucy if she’s a virgin and she’s embarrassed. Jane tells her she can teach her how to entice Jonathon and haunt his dreams to get back at Mina. Jane says she must learn to ensnare all of his senses. She takes her hand and shows her how to caress it. She tells her to laugh lightly and gently like a crystal bell. She tells her how to give a look that holds a promise of so much more. She brings her face closer to Lucy’s and then says – taste – and captures her mouth in a kiss. When Lucy kisses back, Jane pulls away and tells her if she can do these things wisely that he doesn’t stand a chance.

Renfield finds his hotel room door ajar and enters cautiously after drawing a weapon. He finds the maid in his room and she’s shocked at his sudden arrival. He sends her out and tells her no cleaning. He looks where she was and then watches as she wheels out her cart. She hastens to bow and close the doors. He goes to where he hid away the box and finds it still behind the heavy wardrobe.

Mina is arranging small flowers at the sanitarium in preparation for the dance. Harker is being fitted for his wedding outfit and Lucy is there helping him. He says Mina told him why she was upset the other night and she’s shocked but then he just tells her he heard about her breaking it off with Alistair. She comes over to help him with his outfit and measures his inseam. He’s quite a bit disturbed but she backs away quickly and writes down the measurements. She says – all done – and walks out leaving him staring at her.

The policeman watches the doors to Grayson Energy. He samples some milk from a vendor and then dumps some powder into it. He thanks the man and moves on who is dumping the milk into a can to be delivered.

Renfield arrives back at Grayson’s who gleefully opens the box. Problem is – the triptych isn’t there. Turns out the maid stole it for Davenport. He unfolds the three part painting and says – who do you love most – and answer himself “Mina Murray” not realizing the painting is not of Mina and predates her by a long, long time.

Harker is scooped up and escorted by several men with a bag over his head into the secret room of The Order. He recognizes Browning’s voice. He tells him that the other men there shall remain anonymous and they welcome him to The Order of the Dragon.
Mina tells her father she hasn’t spent a penny and that all the flowers came from the garden and the borrowed phonograph should be there soon. They come into the room and find an orchestra and decorations. Grayson is there and tells her he brought the music she requested. He then asks one of the patients to dance and sets off with her merrily.

Browning tells him that all the men have sworn to serve God’s word and have pledged their lives to it. He asks if Harker is that kind of man. Browning tells him the evil Ottomans are sitting on a pile of oil and that they would use it to rise up and overthrow Christendom. Harker says if that’s true then Grayson’s energy invention is a good thing. They tell him that Grayson is a fool and only interested in profit and that he’s a charlatan. They ask him to play double agent and promise him power and connections that would benefit him and Mina in exchange for information. They ask for help to win their holy war once and for all.

Grayson twirls the crazy ladies around gleefully and Mina joins in the dancing as well to the music of the superb orchestra he’s delivered. He suddenly appears ill and dizzy and runs from the room but Mina chases him down. He says he’s got to go to the demonstration and she says that it’s not for an hour. She asks him to dance with her and he asks what will people say? She looks down the empty hall and asks what people? He takes her in his arms and they dance.

The crowds are piling in for the demonstration. Van Helsing comes in and demands to know where Grayson is but he’s not there. Mina tells Grayson she’s never seen the patients so happy and he tells her that any blossom would bloom under her care. She tells him he’s flattering her and they nearly kiss. Her father watches from nearby. He can hear her heartbeat and struggles with his thirst. He tightens his grasp and she says his hands are trembling. He looks at her neck and sees the blood throbbing. He moves to her neck and when she leans back her cross peeks out. He says forgive me and rushes away.

The crowd is growing impatient at the demonstration as Harker comes in and is told that Grayson is late. The police bust in and says that Grayson’s device is a threat to public safety and usher the crowds out. The poisoned milk has made some people sick and looks like the device is being blamed… The police confiscate the equipment. Grayson storms in and says that the building next door is full of sick people that got ill after the machine was built. The engineer gets angry when they touch the device and is knocked down and hauled away. He offers double what the policeman was paid to cause trouble but the man refuses it.

Grayson is caught between his anger and his blood lust.

Jonathon finds Mina and apologizes for missing the dance. He takes her in his arms but her stare is a long way away – her mind on someone else… The bobby hops into his carriage and says take me home. Unfortunately Grayson is at the helm of his carriage. He leaps at the cop and tells him he should have taken the money and then drains him dry as he screams.

Grayson comes in bloody and Van Helsing isn’t surprised. He tells him that it’s VH’s fault for bringing him back to life and tormenting him with hope. He says he’s more of a monster than he is and that someday he’ll kill him for it.