Dracula RECAP 12/6/13: Season 1 Episode 6 “Of Monsters and Men”

Dracula RECAP 12/6/13: Season 1 Episode 6 "Of Monsters and Men"

Dracula returns tonight with an all new episode called “Of Monsters and Men.” On last week’s episode, Harker discovered that General Shaw is far from the heroic figure he presents to the public and Van Helsing’s first attempt at infusing a vampiric test-subject with his solar-serum was a complete and total disaster. If you missed the episode, check out our full recap RIGHT HERE. On tonight’s episode, Browning sets out to prove that Grayson is the master vampiric predator stalking London; to do this, he plans a board meeting located outdoors — and in the sunlight!

Here’s the official synopsis for Dracula season 1 episode 6 “Of Monsters and Men” — Browning sets out to prove once and for all that Grayson is the master vampire stalking London by hosting a board meeting outdoors in the sunlight. Grayson and Van Helsing seek to acquire the final component to make their wireless electricity technology a success to be witnessed. Meanwhile, Mina and Harker consummate their love—not knowing that Lord Davenport plots to destroy the object that Grayson loves most…Mina.

This is going to be an episode that you won’t want to miss. We’ll be there! Will you? Make sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap. In the meantime, hit up the comments section below to chat about what crazy situation these characters will find themselves in next. What do you think has been the greatest, most successful aspect of this show — another series employing the always mysterious vampire archetype?

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We see Grayson running out into a garden in the rain. The sun streams down on him and a fountain gurgles nearby. He looks at the water and then plunges his hands into it and drinks greedily. The sun beats down. He smiles and holds his face to the sun and spreads his arms like he’ll embrace the light. Back to now, he sits in the shadows playing card tricks.

Browning tells Jayne he thinks Grayson is a vampire. He says that he’s never been seen at a daylight event. Jayne tells him she can assure him she would have noticed if Grayson was Nosferatu. Davenport says he shares Browning’s concerns. He asks Browning if he should probe further but Browning says he knows a way to flush out the beast once and for all.

Grayson and Jayne walk into a restaurant. The crowd stares at them. Mina is there and is being entertained by a man showing her a card trick. She giggles appreciatively. He tears a card and puts it back together. Lucy says it’s ridiculous and Harker agrees that for someone so smart, she seems to enjoy simple things. Grayson comes up, compliments her and explains the card trick. He demonstrates the trick for her and she’s amused. Jayne, watching from their table alone, is not…

Mina says it’s wonderful and Jonathon grudgingly agrees. Lucy is less than impressed and stalks away. She stops by Jayne’s table and the huntress invites her to come for tea. She tells Lucy she knows what it feels like to be denied your heart’s desire and Jayne clarifies she wasn’t talking about Grayson. Lucy stalks off. (Remember she noticed how longingly Lucy was looking at Mina at the engagement party…)

Grayson apologizes to Jonathon and Mina for leaving their engagement party so abruptly. He says he hopes they didn’t think it rude. He tells Jonathon he’s the king of hearts and sets a card down by Jonathon and says she is the queen. He lays down another card between it and says even if an evil jester comes between them, he would not be able to sever their bond. He scrambles the three cards and then flips them back over seemingly moving the jester card.

Grayson calls out to Winston and tells him that Jonathon and Mina’s meal is on them and that they are to have the best. Mina says they should see how much of his fortune they can drink and Jonathon agrees smiling and calls for Winston. We see them later running drunkenly through the streets. They rush into Jonathon’s house still laughing.

Mina lowers her gown so that she is only in her underslip and turns to Jonathon. He stares at her and then walks slowly forward. She kisses him and he kisses her back. They lay down and he asks if she’s sure. She nods yes and he makes love to her.

Mina and Jonathon kiss in bed the next morning and he tells her he thinks they should elope. He asks why go to the trouble of the wedding when they can just be together as they are. Mina asks if them sleeping together makes their vows less sacred and he says no. She says she wants to get married in a church before God and their families. He says they’ll set a date. He asks what she’s doing tonight and she says she’s got work at the university.

Jonathon comes into Grayson’s and the boss says you’re late. He tosses him a block of steel alloy. Grayson asks if he knows what foundries can make it. Empire and Colonial is the only one that makes it – it’s owned by an American named Ewan who is a fan of all things wild west. Jonathon tells Grayson that he loves high stakes poker and has a game that night.

Renfield steps in and says Jonathon did nice work. Jonathon jumps up to shake his hand and ask how he’s feeling after the “mugging.” He’s genuinely happy to see him and concerned. Jonathon says he’s surprised muggers would go after someone Renfield’s size and he says it was a measure of their desperation. Renfield says he should be grateful that he survived the attack. He says he has wounds that need to heal but there are things they can do to lessen their sting. Renfield tosses Grayson the newspaper and he grabs it up in shock and sends Jonathon from the room.

Renfield says he found the Dresden Triptych. Davenport is also informed this item has turned up and will be auctioned off. His man tells him that Grayson has been looking for it for years. Grayson plays poker with Ewan, but he’s playing badly (intentionally). Ewan asks if he’s ever played the game before and asked why he folded nine times in a row even though he was betting heavily. Ewan says he’s nearly cleaned Grayson out and Grayson says – just about. The vampire stares at the reflection of the cards Ewan is holding in the whites of his eyes. Pretty good vision, huh?

Grayson comes back home and Renfield asks how it went and Grayson says Ewan will have difficulty explaining to his parents how he lost the foundry business in a game of cards. Renfield tells him the board meeting of British Emperial has been changed from Friday evening to noon. Grayson is shocked. He sees it is to be held in the solarium. Renfield says as chairman he can’t miss the meeting or he’ll be voted out. Grayson says – damn Van Helsing – and says he either has to lose the company or burn. He curses and stomps out of the room.

Mina looks at slides in Van Helsing’s secret office and sees a container of fluid. She places it on a slide and examines it. The cells are changing rapidly before her eyes. She asks herself what it could be. Mina takes a dead rate from their experiment room and injects it with some of the fluid. The rat lays still and she asks herself what in the world she’s thinking. She packs up the bottle of fluid and tosses the rat in the bin with the other rat carcasses. Its toes begin to twitch!

Lucy comes to Jayne’s for tea and she say she never meant to embarrass her. She says she saw how Lucy looked at Mina she felt like she was gazing into a looking glass. Jayne says her mother should have told her that urges toward other women are natural. Jayne says she had several female lovers before she was ever with a man. Jayne touches her flirtatiously as she talks. She encourages Lucy to talk to Mina and says Mina may have the same urges. She tells her the next time Mina gives a hint she should tell her how she feels. (what a bitch…)

VH unrolls a chart before Grayson and says the serum isn’t working because it’s a viscosity issue. VH has an idea of how to get the serum to circulate thoroughly through his body to protect him from the sun. He tells him he’ll be ready to test it in a few days. Grayson tells him they will test it tomorrow and on him. He tells VH to go back to his lab and double check his calculations.

Grayson throws the newspaper at Jonathon angrily and asks why he exposed Shaw as a war profiteer. He says he didn’t want him publicly humiliated but Jonathon says he had to because Shaw is a traitor. Grayson says he admires his patriotism but doesn’t want anyone to know that he was involved in exposing him. Jonathon insists he went through a number of channels and was discreet. He insists it won’t link back to Grayson. Grayson sneers at him – you see that it doesn’t and stomps out seemingly angry but he’s actually smiling where Jonathon can’t see it.

In the park, one of Davenport’s spies tells him that he saw Renfield giving money to a woman named Vera Markham – he says he told her that Grayson would spare no expense to keep her identity a secret. Davenport thanks him for his service to the order. He tells the man in his carriage to find out who Vera is and why Grayson would be paying him off. He tells him to use any means necessary. The guy is bruised up on the face so he may have been one of the ones that kidnapped Renfield.

Mina is in VH’s study trying to put the bottle of fluid back but then the professor comes in and tells her he is discharging her. He says – that will be all. She holds up the fluid and says she conducted an experiment on the cells and was able to revive human flesh. He tells her it’s not possible. She insists that it is. He relents and tells her to sit down.

VH tells her that enthusiasm doesn’t always lead to accurate results. He tells her it contains a parasite. He takes a solver hammer out of one of his bins and sneaks up on her. She says that doesn’t add up to what she saw. He heads toward her with the hammer and raises it above her head. She says she apologizes. She says her mother died of cancer of the stomach when she was young. VH asks if she wishes to cure cancer and Mina says no. She says she wishes to cure death. He puts the hammer up. Mina hands him back the vial of fluid and tells him she’s sorry she wasted his time.

Jayne meets Browning in the park and shows him the headline on Shaw. He says that Shaw is useless to them now but that Davenport has a lead on who leaked the story. He thinks it was Grayson. Jayne tells him that Grayson has confirmed he’ll be at the daylight meeting. He says he has time to rescind. Browning tells her that he has long overlooked her “proclivities” but if she is involved with Grayson and he turns out to be the beast she will face not only the wrath of the order but of him personally as well…

Mina and Jonathon ride carousel horses and she says she’s winning. Lord Davenport is there and calls out to them. Jonathon asks why he’s there and Davenport compliments Mina then asks for a private word with Jonathon. He asks Jonathon why Grayson ever hired a muckraking journalist and accuses him of libel. Jonathon says that Grayson had nothing to do with it and it’s not libel if what was said is true. Davenport says he ruined the life of an innocent man and that he could face the same fate. Davenport’s man hands him a ticket and program to “A Doll’s House” and tells him there’s only one ticket and that he should enjoy the show.

At the Ibsen play, Jonathon sits alone and watches the play. He recognizes the actress in the play. He has a flashback to the woman who gave him the information on Shaw. He realizes that she was not an informant but an actress hired to play a part and give him bad information.

Mina lies on a chaise and Lucy looks at wedding gown photos. She criticizes the bride to be for not having any interest in her own wedding. Mina apologizes for being distracted and says she thinks Van Helsing has been lying to her. She tells her about the incredible substance that could make such a change in medicine.

Lucy lies down facing Mina and Mina touches her hair laughing. Lucy tells her that she humors her not out of kindness. She touches Mina’s face and kisses her cheek and then her mouth. Mina giggles. Lucy tells her she loves her and Mina says she loves her too and that they’re sisters. Lucy says they could be so much more and that it’s perfectly natural. Mina rises abruptly. Lucy tells her she broke up with Alistair because she loves Mina. She says she always has.

Mina asks if all the times they danced, cried and slept together was she thinking of her that way. She asks if that’s why she undermines Jonathon – for her own gain. Mina tells her to leave and Lucy rushes out in tears as Jonathon comes in.

Down in the science lab, VH explains that the recently started heart is not strong enough to circulate the serum around the body to infuse the tissues. He explains that his new method will be “uncomfortable” because of the intense pressure it will take to force it through his dead cells. Renfield asks if he must do it and Grayson says he must do it or they will lose everything.

VH shocks him once but his heart doesn’t start. They shock him again and check it. His heart is beating. Renfield cranks the table up and Grayson is impaled on a dozen needles forcing the serum throughout his body. Grayson screams and screams in agony.

On Friday, Jayne and Browning stand in the bright sunlight of the solarium. The members of the Order comment that Grayson is late and that means he’s finished. Browning checks his watch and says since Grayson isn’t there, it’s unfortunate for her.

Out front, Renfield opens the carriage door and tells Grayson to keep the meeting brief since they don’t know how long the serum will last. Grayson agrees that he is motivated to be concise. The assembled board members watch as Grayson steps into the full sun. He greets them all and tells them he would be brief because nothing ruins a sunny day like business chat. He sits at the head of the table and instructs them to open their reports. Renfield watches from the shadow.

Grayson tells them there will be profits at the end of this quarter and many others. Renfield comes in and speaks to Grayson and says he must excuse himself. The serum is starting to wear off. He tells them nothing speaks louder than success and they will thrive in developing energy technology for the coming century. He leaves the room to loud applause. Davenport tries to grab him and says there are more questions. Grayson says he must go and walks out. Renfield drives them home rapidly as Grayson lies in the back screaming with burns on his face and hands.

Van Helsing studies photos of the men in the Order – including Browning – that burned his family alive. He lays Browning’s photo down and then crumples it in his hand. He is trembling with anger.

Vera is the last one in the theater and hears a creaking floorboard. She checks the seating area but sees nothing. She says – I did everything you asked. Grayson is there burned and icky looking. She says she won’t tell anyone. Grayson attacks drinking her down to death. He lays her down on the floor. He looks nicely healed now… He walks out and leaves her corpse laying on the seats.