Dracula RECAP 11/29/13: Season 1 Episode 5 “The Devil’s Waltz”

Dracula RECAP 11/29/13: Season 1 Episode 5 “The Devil’s Waltz”

NBC’s new drama DRACULA continues tonight with a whole new episode called, “The Devil’s Waltz.”  On tonight’s show Mina and Grayson unveils their true feelings.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last week’s show Grayson ruthlessly sets out to compromise Lady Jayne, by winning her heart. Lucy’s enthusiastic planned for Mina and Harker’s engagement party concealed a broken heart. Grayson’s unexpected reunion with a very old friend proved a growing complication to his and VanHelsing’s mission of vengeance. Van Helsing achieved a breakthrough in his efforts to enable Grayson to conquer sunlight, only to suffer an unanticipated setback.

On tonight’s show Harker discovers that General Shaw is far from the heroic figure he presents to the public. Van Helsing’s first attempt at infusing a vampiric test-subject with his solar-serum is a disaster. Lord Davenport’s agents abduct and torture Renfield. Harker and Mina’s engagement party sets a stage for betrayal and contretemps when a single dance between Mina and Grayson unveils their true feelings.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Dracula at 10:00 PM EST!  While you wait for the recap, check out our sneak peek of tonight’s show below!

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Mina wakes and sees Grayson in her room. He says he knows he shouldn’t be there but says there’s no time and that he must tell her she’s making a terrible mistake. She asks what he means and he says Harker will never make her happy. She asks how he dares and he says she knows it’s true. Mina insists that she loves Harker and that he will be her husband. Grayson kisses her deeply and she falls back on the bed kissing him back passionately. He kisses her neck and she moans in pleasure.

Mina wakes when Lucy comes in and tells her it’s no day to lie in. She was dreaming! Lucy tells her if she hasn’t reconsidered she must get up. Mina says she hasn’t and Lucy says hers will be the most magnificent engagement party anyone has seen.

Grayson comes into his energy lab and says he has their first test subject. They head into the holding cells and he tells Van Helsing not to get too close. He has a female vamp locked up. Grayson tells him they have no more time because he must walk in sun soon because people are talking. He asks where Renfield is and VH says he hasn’t seen him since yesterday and was looking for him.

Nora – the interrogator and torturer – pulls a bag off of Renfield’s head. He is tied up and has been beaten. She tells him he is in control of how it goes and wheels up a table of instruments of torture. She tells him her profession has become tedious of late because they are only so many variations on pain. He demands to be released and her assistant strikes him in the face hard. Renfield tells her there will be repercussions.

She says that she hopes for once her subject will simply answer the question. She takes his finger and holds a spike to it. She asks him who Grayson loves. He doesn’t answer and she shoves the spike in. Renfield screams!

Harker meets with his source who tells him that General Shaw is getting money from arms manufacturers. He’s the sole shareholder in Empire Munitions that is bringing in 60,000 pounds per month. He figures out the general is taking bribes for military contracts. The woman asks what he will do with this information.

Lucy tells Mina she needs to help with the invitation list. Mina wonders at the well-heeled names on the list and Grayson says they are his doing. Mina asks if all this isn’t too much trouble and Grayson insist that it isn’t.

Harker rushes in with the news about Shaw and he and Grayson head behind closed doors.

Mina tells Lucy that she had the most perplexing dream. Lucy is intrigued and thinks it was a sex dream. Lucy asks if it was about Jonathon’s naughty bits and Mina gives it away inadvertently that the dream wasn’t about Jonathon.

Grayson tells Harker that Renfield has gone missing. Harker asks about the police and Grayson says he can’t afford the scandal and it must be handled with discretion. Harker says he’ll hit the hospital and morgue and said he was headed out to look for information. Harker says that since Renfield is hardly inconspicuous it should be easy to find out what happened. Harker promises to handle it and rushes out.

Mina tries to speak with him but Harker says he has to go. She asks him about the invitation list and reminds him the party is tonight. He tells her the additions are business acquaintances. She asks him about the people he knocked off the list. He tells her they are moving up in the world and were bound to lose a few friends along the way. She asks if he’s listening to himself and he stomps away.

Browning and Davenport discuss who will be in attendance at

Browning says that Grayson will realize that money can’t buy cooperation and that he’ll be left twisting in the wind and then go home. He adds “unless provoked.” Uh-oh. Davenport says there would be no direct action against Grayson without his express permission. Of course Browning doesn’t know that Davenport has sicced someone on Grayson’s trusty right-hand. I don’t think this will end well with Davenport – the question is whether it will be Grayson or the order that will get to him first…

Mina sits in her room and her father comes in to tell her that her mother would be proud of her choice of Jonathon. Mina says perhaps of the old Jonathon but says that he’s changed and that he’s social climbing and has cut ties with his old friends as if they’re expendable. She tells her father she wonders and he finishes her sentence saying she wonders if he’s expendable as well.

Nora has bloody towels everywhere and says she’s impressed with his ability to resist. They rub salt in his wounds – literally. She says he’s very strong and says she has to have the answer to the question of who does Grayson love. Nora uses a grasping tool and crushes a huge chunk of his flesh – I can’t tell what it is and I don’t want to know. He screams!

Van Helsing works with his lab equipment when Grayson comes in. Grayson tells him Renfield has been abducted by the Order and that he’s powerless to help him until the sun goes down. He says they’ll never break him. VH says then there is no problem. He explains that he will use electricity to try and jolt the subject heart into beating and then inject the serum. Grayson says if it works they will do it on him immediately after. VH complains that it’s a slow process and he doesn’t have the equipment there.

Harker finds a notebook on the street and recognizes it. He’s found where Renfield was kidnapped from! He asks a vendor outside a question.

Grayson waits for the sun to go down. He holds a card up to the sun in the window and thinks.

12 years earlier: Men are playing cards on a train and Grayson comes in looks for a Habersham. The man says to call his office and Grayson says he has. Habersham says he must be Grayson –the man who wants to buy some of his assets. Grayson tosses him a bag of gold. Haberhsam’s man picks up the bag and hands hi boss a sample of the gold.

Habersham says he’s either very brave or very foolish. He says it’s a very dangerous country. The servant says it’s a bad time to buy a mine. We see that it’s Renfield. He says if you buy one you need to make sure you get a lease back provision to avoid taxes. Grayson asks his name and he introduces himself.

Now – Harker rushes in and tells Grayson he’s confirmed that Renfield was kidnapped. He says he was out Empire and Colonial and he found a newspaper vendor that saw it happen. The man thought they were the police so he didn’t call them. He shows Grayson the notebook he found.

VH ties down the female vampire. Grayson comes in and tells him he has a lead on Renfield. They prepare to restart the vamp’s heart. Grayson sends the electric jolt but VH checks it and says it wasn’t enough. They ramp up the charge to 3,000 volts. VH applies the charger and the vamp screams. The doc checks it and says the heart is beating!

He injects the vamp’s heart with the serum and it screams. They open a window and let a beam of sunlight in. It shines on the vamp but doesn’t burn her. She smiles as V says – success. But then her foot begins to blister and bursts into flame. She then bursts into flame everywhere and Grayson looks disappointed – not at her death but at the death of their experiment…

It’s finally dark and Grayson heads out as VH tells him he can’t go because the party is about to start. Grayson tells him to release him and drives away impatiently in his motorcar. He stops at the site where Renfield was taken and sniffs the air. He sniffs the ground. He begins to walk and then to run.

Carriages pull up and drop off guests at the lavish party. Mina and Lucy circulate among the guests. She’s glad to see that Jonathon relented and invited one of their old friends. He says he promises not to do his drunken dancing bear.

Jonathon tells Mina that she was right and he was beginning to forget who he was. She says she’ll always be there to remind him and he kisses her. Jonathon wonders aloud what Grayson will think of what they’ve done with the place and she tells him he’s not there yet. Their friend does a mini bear imitation and they giggle.

Renfield is lying on the floor suffering and coughing. Nora asks again who he loves and they kick him. He doesn’t answer.

Back in the past, we see Renfield’s recollection of the train incident. Renfield tells them about the federal tax problems. He offers Grayson whiskey and tells him they mean to kill him. Harbersham’s sidekicks knock Renfield down and begin to beat him. They stop but Renfield is splashed with blood as Grayson slaughters the men and decapitates Habersham. He comes back to Renfield and leans down over him. He tells him he’s safe now.

Back in the present, they continue to beat Renfield as Nora repeats the question. He looks up and sees his boos rising up in the shadows of an upper level and he begins to laugh. Grayson leaps down and makes quick work of the men that were harming Renfield. The three men lay dead – one with an arm ripped off. Grayson walks toward Nora who is frozen in shock – as he nears, she screams.

At the party, the musicians strike up a song. Davenport and Browning listen and wonder where Grayson is – they think he’s ready to make a grand entrance. Browning says he met Grayson’s large sidekick once. Davenport doesn’t answer. Jayne wanders through the party and Lucy tells her companion says she’s looking for Grayson. He asks how she knows and she says because he’s the only one who isn’t there. He tells her that it’s a pity she’s wasted her life on the one man who doesn’t seem to want her and her husband is withering on his sick bed.

Grayson finally arrives and asks Mina if all is as she wishes. She says it is and he kisses her hand and tells her she looks lovely. She’s flustered and walks away. Grayson thanks Harker for the information on Renfield and says he found him and that all is well. Harker fills him in on Shaw’s activities.

Jayne stares fixedly at Jayne as she caresses a lock of Mina’s hair. She smiles. The Order’s people discuss Harker and whether he may be a good recruit. That they note he has potential but is a little rough around the edges.

Grayson says his intentions are to embarrass Shaw not have him brought up on charges. Harker is angered and says Shaw is a hypocrite. Jayne approaches them and Grayson excuses Harker. She says she missed him and he says she looks ravishing. She asks where he’s been and he tells him someone abducted and tortured Renfield. She asks who would do that. He watches the pulse at her neck. He says likely a business rival.

Harker introduces Grayson to the members of the Order that are there. He shakes all their hands and then Jayne drags him away. Grayson sniffs his hand. He’s caught the scent of the perpetrator. Mina calls Grayson over and Jayne gives up and walks away. Mina wants to introduce him to her mentor Professor Van Helsing. Grayson pretends he doesn’t know him and says he’s pleased to meet him. She says VH is a pioneer in his field.

Jayne approaches Davenport and tells him Grayson told her his man Renfield was abducted and tortured. She asks if that was the business of the Order and he says absolutely not and walks away.

Mina tells VH that Grayson generously opened his home for their party and he says that was remarkably generous. Grayson thanks him and says it was a pleasure meeting him. He walks away as VH looks thoughtful. We see a flashback to VH in the past when his family home was burned. Mina asks if he’s all right and he excuses himself.

Mina’s dad stands on the stairs and calls for attention to make a toast. He calls her beautiful and says he’s so proud of her and has long considered Jonathon a son. He tells them her mother would have been proud and calls for a toast to the happy couple. The crowd echoes the sentiment and applauds.

Jonathon comes up and thanks Dr. Murray for allowing him to marry his daughter and there’s a wolf whistle. He thanks Grayson for tonight’s festivities and says he wants to express his gratitude by offering something special to him and offers him the first dance with Mina. The crowd parts and Grayson walks up to Mina and bows as the music begins. They begin to dance as Jayne watches from the sidelines.

Lucy watches jealous as he touches Mina. Jonathon watches jealously as well and so does Jayne. The dance grows more intimate as they stare into each other’s eyes. He sees his wife as she was. They turn in each other’s arm. There’s a tap on his arm and he sees Jonathon and then he slits Jonathon’s throat as the crowd screams – it was just a vision in Grayson’s mind. Jonathon asks to cut in.

Grayson stalks away. Lucy stalks away. Jayne stalks away. Mina tells Jonathon she needs air and walks away. In the carriage, Browning tells Jayne that Grayson has a secret and she asks what it is. He says he has no idea. He wonders that he has no long biography and that those oppose him end up dead. She says the same could be said of him. He tells her Grayson’s arrival was the same time as the advent of the old ones arrival. She says that she brought them their ashes. He tells her she isn’t the first woman to be blinded by desire.

Lucy stalks up the stairs but stops halfway and collapses in tears. Her maid rushes out and sees her.

Jayne stares at her face in the mirror.

Jonathon sits and stares sadly.

Mina lies in bed staring at the ceiling stroking her pillow.

Grayson tends to Renfield’s wounds tenderly, washing blood from his friend’s face.

In the past, we see Renfield being fitted for a suit while he tells Grayson that he attended law school and passed the bar. He says he couldn’t practice because of his race and was left friendless and penniless. He tries on a hat and then turns to Grayson and tells him he’s very grateful but wants to know why. Grayson tells him he requires a lawyer and that he’s one of the highest caliber.

Grayson says he knows what it’s like to live as an outcast of “polite” sicety – more so than Renfield could imagine. Renfield says he can see that Grayson is a man of secrets but can only work for a man who trusts him completely. Grayson walks into the room and says that he will reveal all his secrets to him and that his life shall never be the same. They shake as Renfield asks if that’s a promise.