Dracula RECAP 11/15/13: Season 1 Episode 4 “From Darkness to Light”

Dracula RECAP 11/15/13: Season 1 Episode 4 “From Darkness to Light”

NBC’s new drama DRACULA continues tonight with a whole new episode called, “From Darkness to Light.”  On tonight’s show Van Helsing achieves a breakthrough in his efforts to enable Grayson to conquer sunlight, only to suffer an unanticipated setback.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last week’s show Grayson seeks to determine whether Lady Jayne is a vampire hunter for the Order of the Dragon. Lucy mends Mina’s broken heart with absinthe, romance and a whirlwind tour of Bohemian London. Grayson’s machinations claim the life of Lord Laurent and earn him a powerful new enemy.

On tonight’s show Grayson ruthlessly sets out to compromise Lady Jayne, by winning her heart. Lucy’s enthusiastic plans for Mina and Harker’s engagement party conceals a broken heart. Grayson’s unexpected reunion with a very old friend proves a growing complication to his and VanHelsing’s mission of vengeance. Van Helsing achieves a breakthrough in his efforts to enable Grayson to conquer sunlight, only to suffer an unanticipated setback.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Dracula at 10:00 PM EST!  While you wait for the recap, check out our sneak peek of tonight’s show below!

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On London’s tube, a ferocious looking man stares at his fellow passengers hungrily. He nods at two others that sit nearby and they head into another car. One has a meat hook in his hand. Suddenly, Lady Jayne is there! She throws off her cloak and does battle with the vampiric creatures. The get the best of her for a moment, but then she slashes one’s beck and then takes out another. A third leaps off the back of the subway train and runs away.

Renfield and Grayson discuss how progressive the Order is to allow Lady Jayne to be a vampire hunter. Grayson decides not to kill her because they would just replace her. Instead, he wants to take from her a most valued possession – her trust! He instructs Renfield to make them a diner reservation at the Savoy. He want the most exclusive and visible table in the room.

Grayson steps onto the landing and senses someone there. He turns and slams the man against the wall but then stops because he recognized him – it’s the third vampire from the train! He calls Grayson Master…

Lady Jayne and Browning look at the two vamps she killed. They determine that one is very young – less than 5 years sired – and the other a century old but says neither could have been powerful enough to kill the seers. Browning worries that the one that they are searching for will be too much to handle. Jayne is less concerned.

The new vamp in town is Josef Cervenka – Grayson’s former right hand. He tells him he summoned Josef there to help destroy the Order. He says they’ve aligned themselves to oil interests. Josef tells him two of his creatures were slaughtered by a female hunter. Grayson says he knows her and Josef wants to peel off her skin.

Grayson says they can’t take the Order out one by one – they must cut off the source of their power. Josef thinks he’s going about this wrong and they argue. Renfield comes in because he heard raised voices and Grayson introduces them and tells Renfield Josef will be staying with them as long as he wishes.

Jayne and Davenport commiserate over Daniel’s death. He blames it on a bad heart – they are covering up the suicide obviously. He says he has to be thankful for the time they had together.

Grayson is hosting Jonathon and Mina’s engagement party in his home. Grayson agrees it needs to be spectacular. Lucy and Mina giggle and make plans and Grayson watches enchanted.

Grayson says he wants info on Arthur Ogilvie and says his number two is General Colin Shaw. They have interests in the Ottoman Empire and have also declared war against Grayson Energy. Grayson tells him to find out Shaw’s weaknesses for him straight away. He agrees.
Josef looks down from the landing and sees Mina and draws in a shocked breath.

Grayson’s man comes to tell him they’re ready for another test. He introduces his chief engineer. Mina wants to see the machine so they put Lucy in a carriage as she finds it boring. Grayson brings her down and she watches the great energy machine do its thing. She laughs happily as she holds a lightbulb and watches it illuminate in her hand.

The test is going well and the lightning is churning off of the giant Tesla coil. But then a boiler bursts from the pressure and Grayson grabs Mina and holds her close to protect her. She can’t see it but he’s got such a look of peace on his face as he holds her in his arms. Renfield finally pulls them apart. Grayson explains the test revealed the last weakness in the system – they need better steel for the cooling chamber. She’s fascinated but he tells her that her ability to save lives makes what he’s doing seem trivial. She’s thrilled.

Josef tells Grayson that Mina is Ilona reborn (Grayson’s wife). He tells him never to tell that to anyone ever and not to mention it again. He stalks out.

Grayson arrives at the Savoy and sees Jayne waiting for him. He’s late. He doesn’t let her see him. He smiles, turns and walks away!

Jonathon and Mina hug. She tells him she’s not sure about having the engagement party at Carfax. She says it’s a huge imposition on Grayson and she doesn’t understand his motive for hosting it. He tells her he’s a little more than just an employee to him. She says he’s assumed an intense interest in their relationship.

Jonathon tells her that it was Grayson that led him back to her and talked to him about how important her medical career was and explained that she was much more than just a wife and property. She’s shocked. Jonathon tells her to let Lucy handle all the party arrangements and just show up for the event. He tells her to bury herself in work and leave it all to her friend.

Van Helsing tells her to dissect the hippocampus out of a herd of dead sheep and grade a bunch of papers. He says he’ll be back in a couple of hours and that she shouldn’t disappoint him.

Josef watches Van Helsing give Grayson an injection and he explains they’re working on a daylight walking formula. Josef is intrigued. VH opens the window and shines some light into the room. Grayson walks toward the light. He holds his hand out into the sun and says he can feel the sun’s warmth. It’s fine for a moment and then his fingertips burst into flame.

VH explains that the serum works fine near the injection site but the problem is that it can’t circulate around the body because his heart doesn’t beat. Grayson proposes that they should try and get his heart working again and explains that it’s just a pump.

Mina works in VH’s office and examines some of his chemicals. She looks at a closed door and pushes against it. She draws the curtain and sees a padlock. Intrigued, she goes in search of the key. She finds it on top of a jar on a shelf, unlocks it and goes into the room. She finds a secret workroom, notes and chemicals. She also sees a box of blood specimens – she’s amazed that the blood is old but still alive.

Lucy chews her out for not meeting her at the florist and calling her there to tell her about the dumb blood slides instead. Lucy has a fit and Mina asks what’s wrong. Lucy tells her that she’s the one planning a party to celebrate the end of the only thing that’s mattered to her. Mina says they will always be friends. Lucy tells her she’s terribly stupid. She says once she’s married, that is that. Mina doesn’t understand. Lucy tells her to get her things so they can go to the café and talk.

Grayson waits for Jayne and her butler apologizes for her delay. He tells him he has all the time in the world (HA!). She finally comes down and says the visit is unexpected. He apologizes for missing their dinner at the Savoy and says missing it was both inexcusable and unavoidable.

He asks to spend the evening with her and promises her an evening to remember. She says he can find another dinner date and he tells her that she’s the only woman that will find this evening’s entertainment intriguing. She says if she has a bad time, he must agree to never come calling again and he agrees.

He takes her to a bare knuckles women’s boxing match. It takes place in a mud pit lined with a fence. Jayne is immediately captivated. She watches lustily and we see scenes of the fight interspersed with scenes of Jayson and Grayson having violent sex later.
Renfield shows Grayson the body of Elsa from the kitchen. He says he’ll miss her apple crumb cakes. Josef murdered her and Grayson isn’t happy.

Jonathon comes to see his chum at the newspaper – Szabo – to talk to him about Grayson’s interest in Shaw. He says he doesn’t understand Grayson’s interest in him. He says he’s admired Shaw since he was a boy but the odd thing is he can’t find any new information about him in the past couple of decades. Jonathon says there is no man without secrets.

Jayne tells Browning and Davenport that the vampires rushing to London to their sire’s call is the Order’s most pressing problem, not Grayson and his electric machine. She’s killed six in the last week alone. Browning says Grayson can’t be underestimated and they agree to try and make inroads through Harker. Davenport says he’ll see to it personally.

There’s a knock at the door and Generals Shaw and Ogilvie are there. Browning asks if they have control over the Persian oil fields yet. He says the Sultan issued a stand down decree so they can’t engage in skirmishes so the only thing they can do is full scale invasion which Parliament would never agree to.

One of the Order’s men comes up behind Ogilvie and chokes him to death. Browning tells Shaw that unfortunately he’s hung himself and it’s tragic. He asks when they can begin the Ottoman Offensive and suggests August. Wisely, Shaw agrees.

Davenport gives a woman (Nora) an assignment to find out what is dear to Grayson and corrupt, deface and obliterate it from the earth. She tells him she knows of his son’s homosexuality and suicide over the death of his lover. She says she wants to clarify that he wants her running an unsanctioned operation. He demurs and then offers to get someone else to do it. Nora agrees to accept but wants double her standard fee plus expenses.

A messenger boy brings Jonathon a note as he gets his shoes shined. It’s a cryptic note that instructs him to meet someone that night to learn all about Shaw. Grayson also gets an intriguing note – his is from Jayne. Renfield complains to him about Josef’s lack of self-control but Grayson insists he must stay because his loyalty is absolute and he’s saved Grayson’s life countless times on the battlefield.

Renfield says Josef can’t be trusted because he can’t control his baser instincts and because he knows Grayson’s true feelings for Mina.
Jonathon comes to Jayne’s home and she tells him these things are best done in person. She says she finds him most agreeable but must terminate their relationship. He says that’s distressingly predictable and turns to walk out. She stops him and asks what’s distressing and he explains that she’s a dominant but once she dominates a man, she’s bored.

He tells her that she’s infatuated because she can’t dominate him. He says her withdrawal is cowardice and an attempt to regain control. Her date shows up then and she tells him that a game requires three players. He tells her that someday she’ll realize he was never playing and stalks out.

Josef tells Grayson that he followed him and saw the huntress make a fool of him. He says he can’t believe he went near such a despicable creature. He says their strategy is complex to beat the Order and sometimes unsavory things are necessary. He says seducing her took her out of the game. Josef says she’s back on the board hunting and killing us.

Josef reminds him when they were the hunters and humans were the prey. Josef begs him to let him kill Jayne. Grayson agrees and says – make her scream.

Jonathon goes to his mystery meeting in a seedy part of London late at night. A cockney voice calls to him from the shadows. He says he’s a former Corporal that served under Shaw. He asks for some money before he talks and he hands it over. He gives him a name and an address – Vera Markham. Jonathon asks who she is to Shaw and the man says – see for yourself – and walks away.

Jonathon climbs the stairs and knocks on the door. Vera answers.

Josef finds Jayne asleep on her bed. He creeps up close. Jonathon dashes into the room and attacks him noisily. They fight, he knocks Grayson down and then Jayne takes his head as he explodes into a cyclone of dust. Grayson “chokes” back to life and she comforts him. She tells him he saved her life. And Grayson has her right back where he wants her.

Grayson and Jayne soak in a tub. She asks why he was there. He explains that he’s an occasional insomniac who takes long walks. He says lately he’s been walking her street. She leans up to kiss him passionately. He holds her and smiles.

Jayne shows Browning the dust from the ancient vampire (aka Josef). They think that they’ve cleaned up London of all vampires and that he was the one they were looking for that killed the Seers. They are both satisfied.

Grayson tells Renfield that he’s sheared the tiger’s claws and says she’s gentle and broken. He says the Order has lost its most dangerous weapon and they don’t even know it. Renfield says he’s sorry for the loss of his friend Josef. He says you have to sacrifice a knight to capture a Queen and that Joseph was a soldier who would have understood. He tells Renfield that tomorrow they get back to work on the machine.

Renfield heads into Empire and Colonial Metallurgy when he is beset and dragged away by thugs working for Davenport. They bag his head and toss him into Davenport’s carriage. They drive away with him.