Dracula RECAP 1/17/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Four Roses”

Dracula RECAP 1/17/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Four Roses”

Dracula returns tonight with an all new episode called “Four Roses.”  On tonight’s showGrayson decides to make a heart-felt confession to Mina.  Did you watch the last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last episode, Grayson and Van Helsing had a falling out following the cancellation of their public demonstration. This led Van Helsing to quickly seek revenge against Mr. Browning and his family. Harker discovered that Grayson has been playing him for a fool and forbid Mina from seeing him. With this new information, Mina focused her attention on her schooling only to be attacked by Lord Davenport’s men. Once Harker realized it’s Davenport who orchestrated the attack, he responded with murder. Meanwhile, Lady Jane learned that the legendary Dracula was back in London.

On tonight’s show as Mina recovers from her attack, Harker joins The Order Of The Dragon and Grayson goes to war with them. Everything begins to unravel. Browning desperately searches for his children, Lady Jane prepares for the ultimate vampire hunt and Lucy confesses her betrayal to Mina, destroying their friendship and ultimately suffering the ultimate backlash. With all the surrounding chaos, Grayson decides to make a heart-felt confession to Mina.

This is going to be an episode that you won’t want to miss. We’ll be there! Will you? Make sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap. In the meantime, hit up the comments section below to chat about what crazy situation these characters will find themselves in next.

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Mina wakes in the hospital after bad dreams about Grayson and the attack in the lab. She sees a single red rose by her bed. Grayson tells Renfield that if it’s a war the Order wants, then that’s what they will get. He calls them arrogant and says they have sealed their fate. Renfield tells him that Mina’s attack may not be the Order. Renfield tells them that he thinks it’s Davenport and not the Order at large. He says he got the triptych back for Grayson. Renfield says it’s a personal vendetta by Davenport rather than a move by the Order.

Grayson says it sounds like the Order because they like to attack family members of their enemy. He says he’s done with stealth and every night from now until they yield blood will flow. Van Helsing packs up the blood from the lab as Renfield comes in and tells him he has to come to Carfax now. VH says that Grayson and he are done because he got fixated on being human and lost control of the resonator. Renfield tells him that Grayson is going head to head with the order. VH says it’s no longer his problem. Renfield leaves.

Jayne has called in all the huntsmen to root out all of Dracula’s offspring and tells Browning about it. He tells her that his children were abducted and she sends out the others from the room. He tells her that the kidnapping is linked to all of it and shows her a letter from Davenport’s son about his being gay and a suicide. He thinks Grayson took his kids and she doubts it. He says the energy scheme was a cover for destroying the Order and thinks his children are next. He says Dracula has motive and the other vampires are just a distraction.

Jayne asks if he still thinks Grayson is a vampire and reminds him they saw him in broad daylight. He says he may have found some sun protecting sorcery. She tells him he’s insane and they can deal with Grayson later. She demands he focus on the vampire crisis and tells him to forget his children for now and focus on the primary oath of the order.

Lucy sleeps in bed while Jonathon broods at the end of it. He puts on his clothes and readies to leave. She wakes and he glares at her before he strides out of her chambers. Lucy’s mother sees him leaving and demands to know what she’s done. Lucy slams the doors in her mother’s face.

Renfield finds police searching Carfax and looks at the warrant and asks what they’re searching for. He says without saying what the search is for the warrant is invalid and he’s prepared to press criminal trespass charges. The policeman threatens to prosecute him for obstruction and then Browning is there saying they are searching for his children. Grayson comes in and gives permission for the search and says they can search but will find no children there. He says he has often longed for children but it hasn’t happened.

The police give up on the search there and tell Browning they are searching everywhere. Jonathon is waiting in Browning’s carriage. Grayson is disgusted that they would think he would ever take children and he asks Renfield who could have done it. He says Van Helsing wouldn’t have done it either. Renfield tells him they spoke and he thinks VH is a little off the rails. Grayson is annoyed that he talked to VH about him and Renfield immediately apologizes and says he overstepped his bounds.

Lucy brushes her hair when her mom comes in and tells her that she spoke to Alistair, her ex and says he’s worried about her. Her mother begs her to tell her what’s going on. She takes over brushing her daughter’s hair and Lucy starts crying. She begs Lucy to tell her the problem. Lucy tells her she should have told her that it’s natural for women to fall in love with each other. Her mother is shocked and when Lucy mentions Mina, her mother steps back horrified. Lucy realizes Jayne has lied to her and played her!

Jonathon has the carriage pull over in the park and tells Browning he will be a double agent if he can explain why the Order attacked Mina. Browning denies the attack and Jonathon says it was Davenport. Browning assures him it wasn’t sanctioned and realizes it was Jonathon that must have killed the man. Browning tells him rogue actions aren’t tolerated and say she didn’t care for Davenport. Jonathon is pleased with the answer and agrees to work for the Order. Browning shakes his hand on it.
[10:40:10 PM] Rachel Rowan: Browning asks for the blueprints of the Resonator and Jonathon searches them out but then Renfield walks in as he’s tucking them into his bag. He asks if Grayson will need him further and Renfield says he’s gone out for the evening but then Renfield asks him to convey their warm regards to Mina. He agrees and departs nervously.

Van Helsing is surprised when Grayson shows up at his home. He says Renfield told him they are done and VH says his lack of self-control has derailed their scheme. He tells VH that one demonstration will bankrupt the Order. VH says he’s not happy with the blood bath strategy and Grayson asks about the kidnapping. VH asks what it is to him and Grayson says if it causes them problems, he’ll hold him responsible and it won’t go well for him. He tells him he’s dining with friends and leaves.

Van Helsing goes to where he has the children tucked away – he has them laid out, knocked unconscious. He thinks about his own children being dragged to their death by the Order and burned in his house. He has a surgical hammer out but stops short of bashing the childrens’ heads in. Instead he leaves them there.

Grayson finds the Order’s members playing billiards at their private club and they seem surprised to see him. He brings in some friends and says he promised them the cuisine in London was excellent. He flashes his fangs and then locks the doors behind him as he goes leaving his fangy friends to eat up the Order’s members!

Mina lies in her hospital bed and Grayson sits by her side. He watches the shadows fall. He lays a rose in her hand and tells her to sleep. She wakes and says “They’re from you.” He says yes and she say she thought they were Jonathons’. She tells him she knows he stopped the men from hurting her. He tells her he wasn’t there. She disagrees and says he was there and saved her. He tells her he has to go and she asks him to stay a little longer. He watches the sun move in and says he can’t stay but that he wants to very much. She asks why and he just says – sorry – and goes.

Jayne shows a hunter the slaughter room and says it’s a declaration of war. She says their deaths will be reported a yachting accident of lost at sea. Browning comes in and says that his children are safe with their aunt and that the cops can call off the search. He asks for a word alone with Jayne and the cops all leave. He tells Jayne the kids are still missing but says the cops are no help and he doesn’t want any word in the press. He tells her to work on cleaning up the vampire infestation while he works on Grayson. He says they must take care of it no matter the personal costs to them.

Lucy comes to see Mina in the hospital and is outraged over her attack. Lucy gives her flowers and Mina smiles. Lucy tells her that she’s sorry and doesn’t understand why anyone would hurt her. She pauses thinking of the hurt that she has done her with Jonathon. Lucy asks if the roses are from Jonathon and Mina says he hasn’t been to see her.

Lucy looks troubled and then tells Mina she must forget about Jonathon and says he’s not the man she thinks he is and must call off the engagement. Mina says she can’t and Lucy says she must. Mina asks what he’s done. Lucy tells her she’ll hate her and then cries and tells Mina she’s sorry. Mina gets angry and screams at her to get out.

The Order meets and holds an induction ceremony to welcome Jonathon. They ask if he’s ready to take the primary oath and he agrees. He swears on his life and the lives of those he loves that he will always place the Order first. Browning slices his palm and Jonathon’s and their hands are bound together by a cloth to share blood.

Van Helsing cuts letters out of the paper – looks like he may be making a ransom note for the kidnapped kiddies. He asks for 50,000 pounds and threatens their death.

Grayson and Renfield discuss the Order and he mentions attacking them in broad daylight. Renfield cautions him and says they don’t need to tie Grayson to Dracula. VH comes in and says that he’s preparing to leave the country. One of his henchmen – Kowalksi – comes in and says that the Board of Health has released their hold on the Resonator. He says the Order has lost their stomach for a tough fight. Grayson is ready to move forward with the big demonstration. He encourages VH to stay in town for it and he agrees.

Browning knows about the release on the Resonator. He set it up so there will be a spectacular failure. Jonathon says Grayson will never give up even if it fails. Browning thanks and dismisses him. The Order looks over the blueprints of the Resonator. They are engineering a debacle to cause a spectacular catastrophe.

Mina is gone from her hospital bed and the nurse goes looking for her in a panic. She’s waiting in Jonathon’s house and she asks where he’s been. She asks why he hasn’t been to the hospital and he stammers and then she pounces. He says he was waiting until she was stronger. She rails at him and asks why he would sleep with Lucy.

He has no answer and asks what she said. He says Lucy threw herself at him and Mina calls him a pig. He reaches out for her and she screams for him to not touch her. He tells her he’s sorry and then tells her to just go. She begs to know why. He says she loves Grayson. She gapes at him and then leaves.

Mina walks the street and is bumped into and roughed up by the evening crowds. She stares at water n the gutter and sees a woman reach out to her. She faints and a carriage almost runs her down. She ends up back in the hospital where Grayson finds her. He has a rose again. She wakes and says he keeps coming back. He says he can’t stay away. She thanks him for the flower and he asks what happened. She says she just got lost.

Mina admits she left the hospital and says she hates them. He says that will be a problem once she’s a doctor and she laughs. She asks what’s happening between them and he says that she reminds him of someone he used to love – Ilona. Mina says she knows her and says she’s dreamed about her since she was a child. She says they look alike and she saw her tonight in a reflection in a puddle. Grayson shushes her and says he’s there for her.

Mina asks if he loves her and he says not to ask him that. She demands that he tell her and he say she has to finish something before he can move forward. He tells her that he owed Ilona a debt that must be paid in full before he can tell her anything. He reminds her that she loves Jonathon and she tells him it’s done and will never be there again. He asks why and she says he was with Lucy. Grayson is confused and asks how could she. She asks him to go and says she needs to be alone. He goes.

Lucy is soaking in the bath crying. Then Grayson is in her chamber and takes her by the beck and tells her not to resist. He bites her on the neck and feeds on her and then feeds her his blood. She’s in shock in a bloody tub with blood all over her face.

The End!