Dracula RECAP 1/24/14: Season 1 Finale “Let There Be Light”

Dracula RECAP 1/24/14: Season 1 Finale “Let There Be Light”

Dracula returns tonight with an all new episode called “Let There Be Light.”  On tonight’s season finale Mina discovers the secret of Grayson’s obsessive love.  Did you watch the last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last episode, as Mina recovered from her attack, Harker joined The Order Of The Dragon and Grayson went to war with them. Everything began to unravel. Browning desperately searched for his children, Lady Jane prepared for the ultimate vampire hunt and Lucy confessed her betrayal to Mina, destroying their friendship and ultimately suffering the ultimate backlash. With all the surrounding chaos, Grayson decided to make a heart-felt confession to Mina.

On tonight’s show a public demonstration of Grayson’s technology moves forward with catastrophic consequences. Lucy joins the ranks of the undead, Van Helsing exacts a terrible revenge upon Mr. Browning and Lady Jane and her huntsmen attempt to eradicate London of all vampires, culminating with a confrontation and battle-royal between her and Grayson. Finally, Mina discovers the secret of Grayson’s obsessive love.

This is going to be an episode that you won’t want to miss. We’ll be there! Will you? Make sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap. In the meantime, hit up the comments section below to chat about what crazy situation these characters will find themselves in next.

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Dead roses it in a vase near where Mina sleeps. She wakes hearing Grayson’s voice and looks out the window. There’s a phonograph in a cart wheeling around the streets announcing the demonstration of his energy machine – the Resonator. She looks at in invitation to the event.

Grayson stares at the triptych of Ilona and Renfield tells him Van Helsing is there to administer the sunlight formula. They go to the basement. Grayson is confident of the success of the demonstration and the crash of the oil futures of the Order. He invites VH to ride with them but he says he will meet them there. Grayson asks about Browning’s kids and Renfield confirms it is out of the papers so Grayson decides not to push it. VH says he will savor every second of them bringing the Order to their knees.

Lucy wakes with a light aversion that ‘s excessive and her mother offers to fetch the doctor for her headache. Lucy begs for no doctor and her mother says she’ll wait until tomorrow to call the physician. Lucy hunches in bed miserable.

Mina comes to see Jonathon and he asks why she’s there and she admits she’s not there to see him. She says she just wanted to leave his mother’s necklace that he had given her. He refuses it and she says she thought his home would one day be their home. He tells her she should have stayed away from Grayson and asks her to swear that she doesn’t love him but she can’t. He asks if she’ll be at the demonstration and he says good – doesn’t he know about the disaster planned? What a jerk!

There’s a band playing and people performing to keep the crowd’s attention before the demonstration. Grayson is there in the dim daylight posing for photos before he heads down to check on the Resonator. He asks Renfield if he’s heard from Jonathon – he’s been gone for two days. He tells Renfield when he finds him to bring him directly to him.

Jayne announces the entrance of the seer Loetzes and the hunters gather round. He pulls out a weird hourglass looking device that Browning calls by its Latin name. It’s a relic with the blood of Christ in it. Jayne says the seer will tell them where the vamps are and they will hunt in groups sending up a signal after each kill. They all chant greedily as she says they will eliminate the foul one and his offspring.

Jonathon shows up finally and Grayson demands to know where he’s been. Jonathon admits that he killed Davenport and has been hiding out. He says he was drinking and it’s all a blur. Grayson tells him to pull himself together and asks if there were any witnesses. He tells Jonathon to trust him and says he needs to go on with business as usual like dealing with the press outside. Jonathon is doing a good job play acting. Grayson tells him if he can get through the day, he’ll be just fine. He sends him off to go to work. Jonathon has an evil look on his face and Grayson stares at him oddly as he goes.

The seer says he sees so many vampires. Jayne tells him to focus on one and tell her where it’s hiding. They have an address and she dispatches some hunters. They have the advantage of daylight for a little while longer. The hunters head into a darkened room and kick down a subdoor. Two vamps attack and they kill them both. Two flares light the sky to signify the kills.

Browning gets a note that he refuses to share with Jayne. He says he has to go and tells her to focus on hunting. Grayson gets a chill and tells Renfield that death is coming. Jonathon brings in two men to photograph the Resonator from the London Times. He tells them to go ahead. Aha! Are these the saboteurs? Jonathon is acting hinky still and Grayson tells him to pull it together.

Browning’s wife got a package with a note from the kidnapper that said he’ll send another piece every day. She has a box in her hand and as she slaps her husband and screams blame at him, it falls to the floor and a child’s finger falls out!

the wall and trashes his lab. He upends everything and smashes all the bottles. Renfield comes in as he’s finishing his fit and demands to know what’s going on. He tells Renfield he found it this way. Then he stabs Renfield twice in the stomach and says he has no more use of Grayson and has destroyed the sunlight machine. He tells Renfield that neither he nor Grayson will ever walk in sunlight again.

Grayson fields questions from the press while the faux-photographers rig the Resonator for an epic disaster. Grayson promises to put the oil folks out of business in a year. They ask what he thinks about the people he will put out of work in the refinery and he says he’s hiring.

Kowalski goes to check on the machine and sees the guys tinkering around the machine. Jonathon covers and the photographers lie and Kowalski seems convinced. Jonathon escorts the photographers out as the saboteur tells Jonathon that five minutes after it starts it will explode and take out a block. Jonathon is horrified – he thought it would just be a malfunction and they tell him the Order does nothing in half measure.

Jonathon goes running to find Mina and sees the invitation to the demonstration. Mina arrives at the demo and exits her carriage. She winds her way through the crowd. Grayson looks around.

Browning takes his carriage out to where he’s keeping the children and heads in with his bag but Van Helsing holds him at knife point. He asks where his children are and VH says they’ll be united soon enough. He tells Browning to hold still or he’ll be killed and he tells VH he brought his money. VH lights the lamp and lets Browning see his face. He asks if he recognizes him and he says he should and then tells him his name and that he slaughtered his family. Browning says that doesn’t narrow it down.

VH tells him he’s a vile monster – worse than the one he unleashed on the Order and Browning asks if it’s Dracula and he says yes. VH opens a trap door and Browning falls through it and then dumps the money in on top of him. He says he’ll pay for it and then demands to know where his children are. He says they’re down there with him but they’re a little shy.

Browning calls to his children. Rose comes out of the shadows and then his son William as well. They tell him “it itches” and he calls for them to come to him. They look at each other and smile and then pop out their fangs while Browning says “no.” They attack him. VH calls down and tells him that he fed the children Dracula’s blood and now they’ll feed on him. VH kicks over a large tub of what we can assume is a flammable liquid. VH sets the barn on fire and leaves them engulfed in flames.

VH staggers out and he can hear screams of the children and of his own children when they died in a painful flashback. He holds his hands to his ears and screams.

Jonathon tries to get to the front of the crowd to warn Mina – he calls out to her. It’s time and Grayson steps up and introduces himself. He tells everyone that they’ve likely noted all of the electrical devices around the area and tells them there are no wires and they’re not plugged into anything.

The seer gets an image of Dracula and says he’s down by the river in front of a crowd of humans. Jayne is wide eyed and realizes it must be Grayson. She goes to leave and he hands her a gift from the Pope’s armory – a jewel encrusted knife. She runs out to her carriage and orders it to take her to the docks.

Jonathon continues to fight the crowd looking for Mina while Grayson continues his speech. The crowd gets impatient and begins to chant – show us. He finally finds Mina and tells her the Resonator is set to explode. She demands to know what he’s done and he says there’s not time and tries to haul her out but instead starts a brawl when he runs into someone.

Grayson calls for stage one and two of the demonstration and the lights all around begin to glow. Mina tries to get up front to stop the demonstration. She runs on stage and tells him that the machine has been sabotaged. He orders it shut down and Kowalski and Mina go to shut it down but Kowalski yells that it’s not responding. Mina smashes open a fire alarm to try and scare the crowd away. Jonathon finds her and says they have to go and she tells him to leave her.

Grayson demands to know what they did and he tells him they reversed the wiring. He orders Jonathon to take Mina and get away. She screams to stay with him. Grayson tries desperately to fix the machine. The crowd runs out like cattle in a stamped as the building explodes and takes out a city block of buildings and innocent people.

she comes to, she screams Grayson’s name. She shoves him away and calls him a murderer and says he killed Grayson and all these innocent people. She runs away from him. He turns and see his journalist bestie dead nearby in the rubble and is horrified. He begins to cry.

Jayne observes the wreckage and looks down into the hole where the explosion took out floors of the building. She works her way down into the bowels of the wreckage looking for Grayson. She calls out his name. She calls out that he’s a bastard and she knows he’s still alive. She hears someone groaning and heads toward the sound. She looks around and he says her name.

She says she knows who he is and he tells her she’s always known deep down. He tells her to walk away from him and the Order and live. He tells her life is precious. She pulls out her gun and cocks it and says no. He slaps the gun out of her hand and she pulls out a pair of axes and he says – that’s more like it. They engage in some fisticuffs but he easily gets the best of her. He pins her to a wall and says he thought she loved him. She says she lied and stabs him with the Vatican knife.

He staggers and falls. She picks up her axe and swings it and he dodges out of the way, rises and then throws her up into the air. He was faking! He tells her he’s grown immune to all her toys. She lays there nearly broken and he tells her he knows the darkness inside her. He says he lives in darkness but yearns for the light and life.

She asks if he thinks he could live through Mina and calls him an undead thing. He grabs her throat and she begs him to kill her instead of turning her. She says he owes her that. She looks away, prepared for death. He latches onto her neck and drinks her life’s blood then leaves her there to die. He gently closes her eyes.

Lucy wakes and calls to her mother whose asleep at her bedside. She asks her mother to come to her and kiss her. Her mother wakes and says she was worried. She asks her mother to hold her and she goes to Lucy and takes her in her arms. Lucy latches onto her mother’s neck and her mother screams.

Mina goes to Carfax and calls out for Grayson. She goes room to room calling – Alexander – and crying. She sees the triptych that looks like her and turns up the lamp to look at it more closely. Then he’s there and calls her name. She goes to him and they hold each other close. She says she was afraid she had lost him and he tells her he’s there and always will be.

He touches her face and she looks at the portrait and says – Ilona. He says it someone he’s always loved and she asks from a past life and he says and here and now and she realizes it’s her and she asks how. He say she’s been asking himself that same question and it must be a miracle. He kisses her deeply. Next we see them, they are in bed together and are in ecstasy.

The headlines are all about the explosion as Van Helsing clears out his office at the lab. He pulls out an old dust-covered metal box and opens it. Inside are crosses and a small book. He pulls one of the crosses out and triggers it and a blade comes out one end. Jonathon comes in and he asks him to sit down. Jonathon asks what he can tell him about Grayson and he says he can tell him everything he needs to know to destroy him. VH tells him – his name is Dracula!

The End!