Drop Dead Diva RECAP 3/23/14: Season 6 Premiere “Truth & Consequences/Soulmates”

Drop Dead Diva RECAP 3/23/14: Season 6 Premiere "Truth & Consequences/Soulmates"

Tonight on Lifetime their critically-acclaimed hit series Drop Dead Diva premieres with its sixth and final season.   “Drop Dead Diva” follows the story of shallow model Deb who suddenly dies in an accident only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, plus-sized attorney, Jane.  Tonight’s double premiere episode is called, “Truth & Consequences/Soulmates.”

On tonight’s premiere Grayson is shocked and upset from his last encounter with Jane and refuses to talk to her. Jane takes a pro bono case helping a lunch lady fight to reinstate school meal funding for students in need. It turns out the lunch lady is a former convict who is currently hiding under a false identity. Owen gets a visit from his estranged brother Nick (Colin Egglesfield). He claims a stripper stole money from him, but the strip club is suing him for defamation.

Stacy and Nick go on a date before she realizes he’s Owen’s brother. Then, Jane comes clean and tells Grayson that she is Deb. Grayson is hurt, shocked and needs time to process. Beautiful and prickly new attorney Belinda is hired to fill in while Kim is on maternity leave. Jane defends a man accused of starting a fire in a record store where he worked which killed the store owner’s wife. In a surprise move, Jane subpoenas Owen to force him to help with the case. Belinda and Grayson represent a couple who were trapped on a cruise ship without food or amenities for five days. Grayson asks Jane to go on a “first date.”

Tonight’s season 6 premiere  is going to be a great one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Premiere tonight at 9 PM EST! Remember also to bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry and check back here for our live Drop Dead Diva recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers!

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Tonight’s season premiere of Drop Dead Diva opens with Jane rearranging the kitchen in the middle of the night. Jane wakes her roommate Stacy up slamming dishes in the kitchen, and then Jane fills her in on what happened. Brittany (Old Jane) showed up at the office and freaked out on Jane because she was kissing Grayson and didn’t tell her that her Mom had died. Brittany ran off and Grayson chased after her, so Jane has been up all night wondering if Brittany (Old Jane) told Grayson everything about their switch.

Jane gets dressed and heads to work, and meets with a school lunch lady. Apparently the superintendent at her school has raised the eligibility for free lunches, and there are 56 students who can’t afford lunch and go without lunch every day. The lunch lady wants Jane to come to the school board meeting and represent the hungry kids that can’t afford lunch.

Owen gets a surprise visit in his office from his brother Charlie. He hasn’t seen him or spoke to him in 12 years, but Charlie needs legal help. He is being sued by a strip club for defamation because he left them a bad review with 0 stars online, because when he was getting a lap dance one of the strippers stole his wallet.

Jane heads to the school board meeting to discuss the 56 kids that can’t afford lunch. The supervisor isn’t budging though because of “budget short falls.” Despite Jane’s argument the school board announced they will be supporting the superintendents’ decision. Jane tells the lunch lady she is going to do a little research and see if there is anything else she can do.

Jane arrives at the office and sees Grayson getting in the elevator. She tries to stop him but he literally runs away from her. She asks Owen where he was going, and Owen says he took some time off from work, and he “looked like he had seen a ghost.”

Stacy shows up at Jane’s office with a basket of muffins since she is having a tough time, and Owen’s brother Charlie intercepts her. He invites her to meet him at the café in the lobby in an hour for tea.

Jane asks Terry to track down Grayson for her, she says she needs to talk to him. Owen barges in and announces that the lunch lady gave them a fake drivers’ license and social security number, Terry says she will look into the lunch lady as well.

Owen sits down with Charlie and the owner of the Honey Pot Strip Club and her lawyer. Charlie refuses to take down his review online because it is a “matter of principal” so the strip club owner is going through with the lawsuit and is suing Charlie for $24,000.00.

Terry has info on Jane’s lunch lady. It turns out the lunch lady’s real name is Ella Lawson and she is a fugitive on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.

Jane meets up with Ella, and reveals to her that she knows who she really is. Ella confesses that 10 years ago she lived in Boston and her son was a Marine and he was killed in the Iraq War. Ella protested the war and stole 300,000 bullets form the army base. Her husband called her and warned her that the FBI was coming for her, so she ran away and drove to California with just the clothes on her back and never returned to Boston. Jane wants to help Ella, she is going to reach out to the justice department and see if there are any deals she can make since it was so long ago.

Charlie and Owen go to court for the lawsuit with the stripclub. The judges agrees to subpoena all surveillance tapes from the club to see if Charlie’s wallet really was stolen from him while he was getting a lap dance.

Jane visits the FBI security office and wants to work cut a plea deal for Ella Lawson, the agent laughs in her face and says she is aiding a fugitive and walks out on her. Jane heads back to her office and find an FBI agent snooping around, clearly sent over by the justice bureau. She tells the agent he has to get out of their office, it’s public property, and then tells Terry to call Ella on her personal cell and warn her not to come into the office, she thinks their office phones are tapped by the FBI as well. Terry reveals to Jane that she found Grayson and he is sitting at a sports bar.

Charlie and Owen sit down to watch the surveillance tapes from the strip club. They watch the tapes and realize that Charlie was drunk and he clearly put his wallet back in his pocket, this whole time he was wrong and the stripper didn’t steal his wallet.

Jane tracks Grayson down at the bar. He doesn’t seem thrilled to see her. He tells her he “doesn’t want to talk to her right now.” And, he came to the bar to get away from her. Then he tells her to “get out.”

Jane heads to a nail salon to meet with Ella Lawson undercover, so that the FBI won’t see them. Terry shows up and says the FBI is reconsidering their offer, and they are willing to give Ella just three years in prison. Ella agrees to the deal, she is “tired of running.”

Owen pulls some strings and gets the strip club to drop their lawsuit against Charlie and helps the strip-club get their liquor license back.

Jane takes Ella to court to surrender herself, and the FBI agent that offered her a deal tells the judge that Jane and Ella are lying and he never offered the deal. Ella is taken into custody and the FBI wants her to do the full 25 years of prison.

Terry shows Owen the front-page of a gossip website, and it is pictures of the governor getting lap-dances. Owen realizes the screenshots were taken from the surveillance video he got from the strip-club for Charlie’s case, and puts two and two together and realizes Charlie is the one who sold the photos to the gossip site.

Owen rushes to Jane’s apartment and fills her in on Charlie selling the evidence to a gossip site. While Jane is rambling about Owen getting arrested and all of the laws he and Charlie broke, Charlie walks in with Stacy-they were just on a date. Stacy realizes she just made out with her baby’s Uncle, and Charlie learns that he is dating a pregnant woman. Charlie opens the door to make a quick escape – but there are two cops on the doorstep with warrants to arrest Owen and Charlie.

Jane pulls some strings and gets Owen out of jail, his brother Charlie is being charged with larceny though. Jane heads to court and Ella takes the stand and tells her side of what happened when she stole over $50,000.00 worth of bullets form the army. Jane argues that Ella is not a terrorist because the bullets could only be used in army issued guns, and she had no access to army issued guns. The judge agrees to only give Ella three years.

Owen pays Charlie a visit in jail, Charlie apologizes profusely, but Owen doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Charlie that the court will appoint him an attorney.

Jane walks into her apartment and Grayson is sitting waiting for her. He asks her who she is and she reveals that she is Deb. She explains that she died in the car crash, and she came back in Jane’s body. She reveals that the blond woman was Old Jane, she copied Jane and when she died she came back in another body. Grayson is confused, he doesn’t understand why she never told him the truth, even when he was grieving, and dating other women. Grayson doesn’t get why Jane would tell Stacy the truth…but not him. Grayson storms out.

A woman named Linda has been hired by Owen to help out at the firm, she introduces herself to Grayson and says she needs him to come to a client meeting in ten minutes.

Meanwhile Jane is still curled up in bed, and refuses to get up and go to work. Stacy and Paul give her a pep talk and convince her to go in to the office.

Jane arrives at her office and her new client is sitting there waiting for her. Mr. Donald needs help with his brother. His brother Michael has been in prison for eight years for burning down a record store. He has been up for parole twice now and denied both times. He wants Jane to convince Michael to lie and say that he is guilty so that they will give him parole.

Grayson and Linda are meeting with their client, Miss Evans was on a cruise ship with her husband and stranded on the ship after an engine fire, then the electricity went out and all the food went bad. On top of their week of hell stranded in the ocean, her husband left her afterwards, and she blames their disastrous cruise for him leaving her.

Paul and Stacy think Owen is sad because Stacy won’t date him. They are on a mission to find a Stacy-Jane hybrid to set him up with.

Jane pays Michael a visit in prison, but Michael refuses to admit that he set the fire, and still is adamant that he is innocent. They head into the parole board meeting, and the record store owner cries to the parole board about how much he misses his wife who was killed in the fire. Michael gets up and confesses to the parole board that he set the fire. The board says that his confession and apology wasn’t sincere enough, and he can try again in 2 years, and then drag him back to his cell.

Jane heads back to the office, and tells Terry that she can’t let an innocent man rot in jail. Terry and Jane pull Michael’s case and realize that Owen was the bench trial judge that sent Michael to prison.

Jane asks Owen about Michael Donaldson, and he says he remembers him. Jane asks why Owen didn’t allow evidence to be entered of another fire at a different building that the record store owner owned. Owen snaps on Jane and tells her not to undermine his rulings. He says the Donaldson family is playing Jane, and the only reason they hired Jane was to get to Owen.

Jane subpoenas Owen to come to court and testify about the decision he made 8 eight years ago on Michael Donaldson’s case.

Meanwhile Grayson and Belinda are in court with Ms. Evans – arguing to the judge that the cruise line destroyed her marriage. After court Sara Evans and her ex-husband are arrested for piracy since she testified that during their cruise from hell she and her husband stole food from the pantry.

Paul and Stacy decide Belinda is the perfect hybrid to set up with Owen, but Belinda doesn’t seem interested.

Jane questions Owen under oath about why he didn’t enter the other fire into evidence during Michael’s case. Owen slams Jane and makes her look dumb in court, and explains that the insurance policy of the store owner had lapsed, so he got no money for the fire, and had no reason to burn down his own building. Owen was sure without reasonable doubt that Michael Donaldson was guilty.

Jane takes down the pictures on her billboard from Michael Donaldson’s case, as she is putting them away she realizes there are blood spatters n the wall inside the building. She realizes that the store owner’s wife was murdered before the fire, and the fire was set to cover up the murder. Michael’s arm was broken and in a sling when the fire was set, there was no way he could have killed the store owner’s wife. Terry pulls the autopsy report, and is able to prove that the owner’s wife was dead before the fire started.

Jane pays the store owner a visit, and reveals to him what she discovered about his wife. She explains to him that his wife was stabbed by a right-handed person, and it is clear that Michael’s right arm was broken.

Jane and Michael head back to the parole board and Jane reveals that Michael is innocent, Owen shows up unexpectedly and backs Jane up. The parole board frees Michael Donaldson, and issues a warrant to arrest the store owner for murdering his own wife.

Grayson and Belinda win Ms. Evan’s court case against the cruise ship and the judge orders the cruise line to make her an offer.

Owen confesses to Jane that he was wrong about Donaldson, and he feels guilty that he spent 8 years in jail. After talking to Jane he heads out to dinner with Belinda, apparently she likes him afterwards.

Grayson tells Jane that he is confused..he was in love and Deb and he was in love with Jane. And, he can’t imagine walking away from the only two women he has ever met. He wants to go out on a date with Jane, the real Jane. As far as he is concerned, Deb is buried. But, he wants to go out with Jane.