Drop Dead Diva RECAP 4/27/14: Season 6 Episode 6 “Desperate Housewife”

Drop Dead Diva RECAP 4/27/14: Season 6 Episode 6 “Desperate Housewife”

Tonight on Lifetime their critically-acclaimed hit series Drop Dead Diva continues with its sixth episode called, “Desperate Housewife.”  On this evening’s episode, Stacy gets worried that she could be pregnant, Grayson and Jane take on a new case. Kim represents a family of orphans.

On last week’s episode Jane took a case concerning a bullied pro cheerleader. When Paul got in trouble for accumulating too much credit card debt, Teri pretended to be his lawyer. Grayson and Owen came up with a unique strategy to defend a family who installed speed bumps on their busy neighborhood street. Jane and Grayson made plans for a romantic evening.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Stacy gets worried when someone suggests that her frequent burping is a sign that she is pregnant with an evil baby. Meanwhile, Grayson and Jane take a case involving national security; and Kim represents a family of orphans when their adoptive parents kick them out following an appearance on a home makeover show.

Tonight’s season 6 episode 6 is going to be a great one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva Season 6 season 6 tonight at 9 PM EST! Remember also to bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry and check back here for our live Drop Dead Diva recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers!

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Tonight’s episode begins with Stacy starting her morning with some hearty pregnancy burps. She talks with Jane in the kitchen and they discuss the fact that perhaps Jane overreacted about Grayson calling Kim behind her back. Jane reels in her anger a bit and the ladies discuss Stacy’s idea for finding out the gender of her baby. She is going to have a cake in either blue or pink made for her and frosted, so that no one will know the sex until they cut it open. At that time she can find out along with all of her friends. Stacy continues to burp her way through the conversation as Jane cringes a bit.

Kim strikes up a conversation with a hottie, Dave, in the coffee shop and he wants to see her again. She is pleasantly surprised that he wants to make plans to meet up with her again.

At the office, Jane is still reprimanding Grayson over not calling her, and calling Kim instead about Terri. She cannot believe he doesn’t see things her way. Just then, a federal agent comes in and tells Jane that she is being assigned a national security case, as is Grayson. DDD writers took the opportunity to throw in a Justin Bieber dig as Jane excitedly asks the agent if she is getting put on the Justin Bieber deportation case.

Just as Kim arrives at the office, she is greeted by Dave. She is very surprised and wonders what is going on. Dave shares that since her assistant is in jail, he is the temp who is filling in. Still a bit shocked, she walks off after Dave tells her about her waiting appointment. She is greeted by a family of young kids who share with her that their foster parents kicked them out of the house after winning a home makeover because of their good deeds. They tell her they have no place to stay. Their grandmother doesn’t have enough room for all of them. They don’t know what to do or where they will go.

Meanwhile, Jane and Grayson are on their way to meet their new client. They are told that their new client is one of the most dangerous people in the world. In the cell is a middle-aged frail woman. Jane and Grayson look at each other wondering how this woman can be so dangerous. The client begins to tell her story-she is just an average mom. She was taken by federal agents without knowing why or what is going on. She thinks that maybe they are mistaking her for another woman with the same name.

Kim is meeting with the parents of the children and is astounded that they kicked the children out for basic things such as asking them for rides, or hoping into bed with them at night, when she calls the parents on it, they tell her not to judge them. She offers some parenting tips as a fellow parent, but it falls on deaf ears. Kim tells the couple and their attorney that they won’t be able to keep their new house unless they take the children back. Kim later goes to court defending the children’s right to keep their home or at least get the value of the home in return. The judge denies her request and the children are very disappointed. The judge shares that the foster parents owe the children nothing. The grandmother is there in court and thanks Kim for her help. She explains how she wish she could take all the kids in but the city won’t allow it. Kim vows to keep fighting.

Stacy stops for a bite to eat and is still dealing with her burping issue. Her server is guest Kim Gravel from Kim of Queens. She tells Stacy that her mother told her when a pregnant woman burps, it means she is going to have an evil baby. Stacy is noticeably freaked but her server doesn’t bat an eye and asks her what she wants for lunch.

Grayson and Jane are in front of the judge with their client trying to find out her charges. The judge has not been informed yet either because of the security issue. The prosecutor says that he is ready to share the charges but it has to be done in a confidential area, which does not include Grayson and Jane!

Kim questions Dave and his career goals. He shares that he enjoys being a temp and has no intention of changing careers. She asks him how he can afford the expensive suit that she assumed meant he was an attorney when they first met. He shared that it was his brother’s hand-me-down suit. His brother…is an attorney.

Back in the courtroom, Jane and Grayson find out their client is being charged with treason and is being ordered back into solitary confinement. As she is led out of the courtroom she screams for Jane to help her. Later, Grayson and Jane meet with the husband of their client. He cannot understand why they would arrest his wife. After talking with him and finding out about some of the family’s normal goings-on, they learn the whole family used the computer. Based on her searches for yellow-cake (sometime the name used for uranium), the husband’s searches for ordering fertilizer (for use to make explosives), Susanne’s emailing with friend’s in Saudi Arabia, and the son’s coding for an app he is making. Because all can be interpreted as a plan for disaster, they explain to the husband how the government monitors such searches and this is likely the reason for the arrest. Jane and Grayson are told they will need a court order to gain access to the computer history of the family’s computer, which was taken by the government as part of their investigation. Back in the courtroom, Jane scores a bit of a win as it looks like she’ll gain access to the computer records.

Stacy comes to the office burping and is spotted, and heard, by Owen. She asks Owen if evil runs in his family. She explains what the waitress told her and he tries to comfort her.

Kim talks with the children’s grandmother who can take some of the kids. Feeling bad that the kids have no place to go, Kim offers to take them for the night. She leaves them in Stacy’s hands and just as she is about to leave, the kids shared that the production company who organized the show promised each of them a new bedroom. Kim’s wheels are turning and she knows she has a better chance now. The next day, Kim is in court and this time she has video of the promise made by the production company for rooms for each of the kids. Unfortunately, the judge argues that while the production company could have a claim against the family for misrepresentation, Kim cannot go after the production company because the contract and promise was to the parents, not the kids. Afterward, Kim shares with the man from the production company that she plans to do a press conference letting the public know what happened. When he asks what she wants, so he can avoid bad press, she asks him to work with her by going after the family because of the way they misrepresented themselves and kept the house. He seems like he is likely to help as he is not happy with the family either. When Kim gets back to the office she tells Dave that she cannot date him. He knows it is because of his temp status, and Kim cannot deny it. He tells her he wouldn’t want to date anyone who wouldn’t date someone just because they are a temp.

Grayson and Jane are burning the midnight oil working on their briefs for their big case. Grayson apologizes for saying that Jane was irrational earlier when she complained about the Kim/Terry issue. Just as they are making up, he shares that Kim agreed with her about irrational being a derogatory term. She really gets upset after finding out he talked to Kim about their relationship. They argue and then their computer screens flicker and they realize both of them had something happen and they lost all of their work. This national security issue is getting more and more scandalous. Later, Grayson tells Jane that he talked to IT and found out they were hacked. Later, Grayson tells Jane that it was not the government who hacked their computers at all. It is actually the software developer for the security program the national government uses. They want to ensure Jane’s client stays in jail for two weeks because they will soon have their government contract signed to buy the software after the beta testing will now be complete. If the government finds out there are problems with the software (they mistakenly arrested someone for doing innocent internet searches), they won’t get their contract that is worth billions.

In the courtroom, Jane goes in for the kill and puts the pressure on the owner of the company who developed the software but he is being difficult. They decide that they need to meet outside of the courtroom to discuss this new information as the representative for the government did not know about the flaw. The judge allows Jane and Grayson’s client to be set free.

Making one last ditch effort, Kim is back in court fighting for the children. She ends up getting the children the home based on enforcement of the contract. They will gain possession of the home and live there with their grandmother and the parents are out.

Later, Stacy finds out (via her special cake) that she is having twins. Owen is a little shaken and goes back to his office. Jane follows him and they talked about how Owen is feeling. While he is trying to respect her wishes to stay away, but he wants to be more. Jane tells Owen to “go for it” and let Stacy know how he feels. Meanwhile, Kim takes a bite of cake offered to her by Dave. She seems to relax her policies and asks Dave to dinner.

Grayson comes over to Jane’s and she begins talking about their relationship issues and Grayson just nods. He is not saying a word and letting her talk. When she keeps asking why he isn’t saying anything, he finally grabs her face in his hands and kisses her. Then he leads her to the bedroom. Guess she is going to have a great night!