Elementary Recap 10/30/14: Season 3 Premiere “Enough Nemesis to Go Around”

Elementary Recap 10/30/14: Season 3 Premiere “Enough Nemesis to Go Around”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns tonight with with an all new Thursday October 30, season three premiere entitled, “Enough Nemesis to Go Around.” On tonight’s episode, season 3 begins with Holmes returning to New York City with a new apprentice and a renewed interest in working with the NYPD after being fired by London’s MI6. Unfortunately, Joan, the NYPD’s new go-to private investigator, must give her approval first before Sherlock can resume consulting for the department.

On the last episode rising tensions between Sherlock and Watson brought their partnership to a crossroad, but they endeavored to put their differences aside while they helped Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, who faced accusations of treason and murder. The only people who could help Mycroft were Sherlock and Joan, they had to take on a lot more than they typically do in the season 2 finale. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Holmes returns to New York with a new apprentice and a renewed interest in working with the NYPD after being fired by London’s MI6. However, Captain Gregson won’t let him resume consulting for the department without permission from his former partner, Watson, the NYPD’s new go-to private investigator.

Are you looking forward to the season 3 premiere tonight? Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know how excited you are for season 3.

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#Elementary is back! Joan is at lunch with her friend Elana and they’re flattering each other. Elana is running a narcotics cartel and they discuss how long they’re known each other. It’s been six months since her husband was assassinated. Elana says she’s not a mastermind and she will never be able to convince anyone of it. She tells her it’s sad and Joan says she knows about her secret bookkeeper Karen Lloyd that comes in every couple of months. She says she asked her to lunch so that her colleagues could pick up Karen. Gregson shows up to arrest her.

The news talks about her arrest in Joan’s office. She’s with a potential new client. She tells him the tiles he thought were stolen were never there and says his brother never bought them and skimmed the money. Marcus calls and says he’s ready to kill their star witness Karen who’s freaking out about security at the courthouse. She agrees to come down and help out. She opens the door and there’s a guy there – Andrew – a neighbor – and asks if she’s seen a lizard. He says he misplaced his bearded dragon.

She opens a closet and points. He asks how she knew he’s be there and she says the pipes get warm and they like heat. She offers her card and tells him she’s good at finding things. Joan tells Karen that they know how dangerous Elana is and are taking every precaution because they know this. They roll out to the court house. Joan says she’ll meet her there. The woman gets in the elevator with security and Joan talks to Marcus. They discuss that they haven’t heard from Sherlock then an alarm goes off.

They tell Joan and Marcus that something happened. On the ground floor, Karen and her guard are dead. The other security people tell them that they watched the elevator the whole way down and no one was in there with them, but they are certainly dead and bloody. Now it’s two months later and Joan goes over the murders again with Marcus.

The elevator didn’t stop and it only took 31 seconds and he thinks the panel in the top was the key but it has a sensor and can’t open while it’s in motion. The shooter was level with them when he fired. Joan says Romero Sosa is her new lead – he did wet work for Elana’s hubby before but he has an alibi. They have to go meet with Elana and her attorneys.

Her lawyer accuses them of harassment and Gregson says she is a person of interest in the murder of a key witness and a cop. They show Gregson photos of Joan lurking outside her daughter’s school and tell him to get her on a leash. Joan says there’s another woman in Elana’s organization with a kid at the school and she thinks they’re talking shop. Gregson says they brought the photos to let her know she’s got eyes on her too.

Andrew meets Joan on a park bench for coffee and it interrupts her looking at girl. He comments that the area is a dead zone and Joan notices she has no signal either. She goes to confront the woman and tells her to stop taking photos of her for Elana and says she knows what she looks like. She gives the description later to the sketch artist.

Gregson tells her they got a tip to check for Kevin Elspeth, a potential assassin who might have been in the hotel. He says he was going to put it in the crazy pile but then decided since they had no other leads they should check it. The letter is from Montcliffe Ekuban. She says she knows that name from someplace.

Joan goes to Sherlock’s place and lets herself in. She checks the light switch but nothing comes on. She turns on her flashlight and heads into the house. She goes to a book shelf and pulls down a volume. The name Ekuban is on it and another has the name Montcliffe. She sees a man sitting in the dark at the table with a giant weird helmet on working by lamp light. She tells him he can take the helmet off.

He does – it’s Sherlock and he greets her by name. He apologizes for the helmet and says it’s an isolator to help you focus. She says she knows he sent the tip on Elspeth. He says he wanted her to see the tip as an olive branch but didn’t expect her to show up. She says she doesn’t know or care why he’s back but tells him to stay out of her case.

He says he learned about Elspeth seven years ago in Germany. John Mason was the name he used her and it’s the name of an Indian massacre. He says he always uses scary pseudonyms. Sherlock tells her he doesn’t want to take the credit. She reminds him he ended their partnership in a five line note. He says he should have done it in person. She says she doesn’t need him anymore and walks out.

Gregson comes into the PD and sees Sherlock. He’s surprised and asks if he’s coming in and opens the door to his office. He tells Gregson he looks well and he says he’s sorry his marriage didn’t work out but is happy he found a new GF. He tells Sherlock to cut the parlor tricks. Sherlock apologizes for not saying a proper goodbye and says he was thinking only of himself. Gregson says it must have been a day that ended in y.

Sherlock says he left MI6 and Gregson guesses he got fired and Sherlock says it was creative differences. Gregson is cold to him and says they’re not friends. He tells him he can come back or leave again but has to do exceptional work but says it’s up to Joan if he gets back in. He says he can’t lose Joan but can lose him. Sherlock promises to talk to her.

He tells Gregson that he’s made a change in his practice that will affect them all. Marcus and Joan go to talk to Elspeth. He says he checked in under another name because he hires escorts to help him focus on work. Marcus says he was in every city within a few days of visible assassinations. Elspeth plays dumb then says he heard about Karen’s death.

Marcus tells him to roll over on Elana and they can cut a deal. Elspeth asks if that’s all and wishes them good luck with their investigation. Marcus says the guy is suspicious as hell. Joan says she’s got surveillance to do and they part ways. A woman follows Joan at some distance. She loses her and then Joan is there and pulls out a single stick. She tells her the police are on the way. The woman pulls out one and they exchange blows. Joan recognizes the moves and says she must work for Sherlock. The woman says she doesn’t work for him – she says she’s his partner.

Kitty recounts this later to Sherlock and he tells her she lied to Joan. He asks if she was curious why she was tailing her and she says she told her that it was none of her business. Sherlock reminds her that he told her not to follow her. She says she was too curious and says he had to see her. He says Joan has two more years of training than she.

Kitty is rough around the edges and very cockney, not a posh girl at all. Kitty tells him she’s sorry and he says not to be sorry, but better. He had her arranging letters in order of the author’s sexual deviancy. He kicks the box over and tells her to do it again.

Joan is at the hotel and finds Sherlock in the death elevator. He says he can’t pass up a locked room mystery. He has strings everywhere to trace the ballistics. He tells her together they may find something. She says he can have the elevator, she’s there to check Elspeth’s room. He tells her that Kitty is his protege not his partner. She calls the woman a stalker.

He says he had to know how she had done in his absence so he knew how much to apologize for. She’s surprised she didn’t notice her for a week and he says she’s good. He follows her into the room and tells her he was afraid when he left. He says he had a small amount of heroin to test himself. To keep it close without indulging.

He says when she said she was leaving, he knew he couldn’t stay away from it and ran away instead. He says he was angry and hurt. He says running away to London meant if he failed, he wouldn’t do it in front of her. He says he stayed sober and said that his experience with her that kept him grounded and focused could be repeated.

He says he’s a mentor and needed the mechanics of the relationship and so decided to do it again. He says her name is Kitty and she says she can’t believe she got in a baton fight with someone named Kitty. The room is adjacent to the elevator shaft. Sherlock says he couldn’t have shot through the wall. He goes to sit in the shower to think from there.

He tells her Gregson said he may take him back and supports his notion of training Kitty but will only agree of Joan blesses it. Joan says she’s glad he figured things out but says she has work to do. She walks out. Joan rings later and Kitty tells her she has a stun gun. Joan says she got nine texts from Sherlock and Kitty tells her that he solved the case for her. She goes in.

Sherlock has a model elevator with little figures in it. He says the killer was not in the elevator. Joan asks what he means. He says it’s most novel. Kitty asked why Elspeth would use armor piercing rounds in a hotel at close range. Joan says he may want to be sure they would die. Kitty said more bullets would take care of it. Sherlock says those rounds are magnetic.

He thinks Elspeth assembled a powerful electromagnet the size of a keg of beer. Sherlock says he noticed grooves in the paneling. He put four slugs in the wall between the panels. He flipped a switch, powered the magnet and the bullets went through them. Sherlock says it was the perfect crime but the one that preceded it was not.

They bring in Elspeth and tell him the magnet theory. He says again he didn’t do it and they have no proof. He says he’s being harassed. They show him some photos of the theft of a 20 Tesla magnet from a university where a security guard was beaten almost to death. They have fingerprints from that crime. They wonder if it will be a match for his prints.

Elspeth says he’s not a killer and tells them to contact his attorney if they want to speak to him again. Joan comes home and gets a call from Elana asking her to lunch. Elana says she heard they talked to a man today. She says Sosa is the likely culprit not the man she brought in. Joan says likely Sosa stole the magnet and Elspeth pulled off the hit.

Joan asks where Sosa is and Elana says they fell out of touch. Joan says that he must be dead. Elana says she’s so negative and that Karen was too. Elana says she’s surprised she wasn’t on the elevator with Karen. Joan says the killer must be disappointed and Elena says whoever it was likely won’t be disappointed for long. Wow – that was a nicely worded death threat.

Sherlock comes to see Joan and has a house warming present for her – coat hangers – he says nothing much was open this late. She asks what he wants and he confirms the prints weren’t a match for Elspeth. He asks to come in and she lets him. She’s watching video of Elspeth check in and says he likely brought the magnets in in pieces. The magnet weighs a ton so likely it would take two people.

Sherlock says he knows what it’s like to be frustrated pursuing a nemesis. He offers to be her sounding board and she says no – she’s learned to work alone since he bailed on her. He says to call if she changes her mind. He leaves the hangers and goes. She looks back at the video and notices something. She writes something down – one ton – and keeps watching. The bags look heavy but mot one ton heavy.

She keeps scrolling through the video. She sees a woman knock over one of his bags. It seemed very light. She and Marcus show up to Elana’s house. Joan tells her she has great taste. She says she was so focused on what happened in the elevator, not after. She says the police flood in after the killing and are searching but you can’t walk out with a huge magnet.

Joan says he brought some parts in and had some shipped in boxes. On check out, his bags were light. He left the magnet in his room. Elana says they can call her lawyer. Joan says they found it – he hid it in the bench in the shower. Joan says she noticed the difference in the grout. He buried disposable gloves with the magnet and they got prints off the inside.

The police stream onto her property and Elana says he must have told them what they wanted to hear. They tell her that Elspeth doesn’t exist any more and the guy is in witness protection where she can’t get to him. The bell rings at Sherlock’s and he yells for Kitty to get it. She yells back asking if he forgot he tired her to a chair downstairs. He says she should have been free minutes ago. He goes to the door.

It’s Joan. She says the place looks good. He says he saw on the news about Elspeth. She says she told Gregson he could come back and says she’s even okay with Kitty. He says that makes him glad. She says they’re not partners and will work on separate cases but says she can help if he needs fresh eyes. She asks why he’s there in New York. She says he could have gone anywhere. He asks isn’t it obvious. He says he belongs here just as she does. She leaves.

Kitty follows her out and tells her she’s grateful and says she thinks she’ll learn a lot working with Sherlock. Kitty tells her she knows she threw away a lot to work with Sherlock. Joan says she never saw it as throwing anything away but moving toward something. Joan asks about her and she falters and then says it’s like she said – she’s moving toward something.