Elementary Recap 11/13/14: Season 3 Episode 3 “Just a Regular Irregular”


Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns tonight with with an all new Thursday November 13, season 3 episode 3 called, “Just a Regular Irregular.” On tonight’s episode, A math genius, who is part of Sherlock’s [Jonny Lee Miller] network of “irregulars” experts, stumbles upon a body while participating in a math puzzle competition. Meanwhile, Holmes reaches out to Kitty, after she learns about Kitty’s past.

On the last episode, when Holmes and Watson join forces on a double homicide, Sherlock’s new apprentice, Kitty, threatened the investigation when she allowed her jealousy of Sherlock and Joan’s work rapport to override her better judgment. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Sherlock helps a math genius from his network of “Irregulars” experts after he stumbles upon a body while participating in a math puzzle competition. Meanwhile, Joan attempts to extend an olive branch after she learns about Kitty’s past.

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Kitty is practicing her weapons training when Joan shows up. She says Sherlock is with Philip something, a knife thrower, because he’s researching a case from the 1930s. Joan comes in and sees Philip is actually retired Giants player Phil Simms. Sherlock explains to her that knife throwing doesn’t pay much so he played football. He demonstrates his knife prowess and leaves. Sherlock tells her it was a shame the man spent years slinging that misshapen ball around.

Joan asks Kitty for her help. She shows her Chad Keswick, a guy who flips houses. She says she was hired to find out why he’s after a specific building in Queens. Joan thinks he saw her and asks Kitty to take over surveillance and offers to share the fee but Kitty says no. Harlan writes out formulas feverishly and says – hello portal ten. He puts on his shirt and heads out. He says he’s there Belphegor and asks where the next clue is.

He opens a door and a dead guy falls out surrounded by balls of some sort. Harlan tells Marcus and Gregson he was playing Belphegor’s prime and says it’s a math game. He says he called 911 and waited on the police to show up. Marcus says the cops said he was distraught when they got there and he says he was because he found a dead guy in mothballs. He draws out Belphegor’s prime and explains the game.

He says it gets progressively harder and you get GPS coordinates when you progress a level called a portal. He asks for Sherlock and Joan and says he won’t say anything else until they get there. Sherlock says Harlan is one of his Irregulars, specialized consultants he uses on cases. Gregson says Harlan has an alibi – he was teaching a class at Columbia when the victim died.

Gregson asks Sherlock to go with Marcus but he says he’s busy. The captain presses and he agrees then strong arms Joan into going. Sherlock tells him he just moved back from London and Harlan is upset that he didn’t tell him but he’s glad Sherlock is back. Sherlock tells Joan it’s interesting that the moth balls are strange. Joan says the John Doe was shot in the foot and the knee and it was more like torture.

She asks why he wanted her there and he says he would have said the same thing if he heard her ask Kitty to help out. He says he approves of what she’s doing with Kitty but it wasn’t an outcome he would have predicted. He says Kitty can learn a lot from Joan so he sent her to follow Chad. Sherlock yells out for Harlan to come in and he says he didn’t find the phone number he was supposed to get.

Sherlock says it’s likely under the fresh paint that was applied right after Doe was killed. Joan says the killer shot Doe and then painted over the number. The prize is $1.7 million. Harlan forgot to mention that. Marcus asks who would pay that and Harlan says the games mostly have anonymous organizers. Harlan says math peeps are his peeps and he can think of 10 other people likely competing.

An annoying Pomeranian barks at Sherlock when they interview one of the math peeps. She hands Sherlock a treat and tells him to get on the dog’s good side. Sherlock takes a nibble of the treat then drops it down for the dog. He tells the woman she’s lying about not knowing John Doe. He says when he was brought into the morgue, he had crumbs in his pocket that he tasted.

Harlan is grossed out that Sherlock sampled crumbs from the corpse. Sherlock says those crumbs were from one of Pepe’s treats and asks if they are homemade. The woman says his name was Ike and was her former boyfriend. She says they were working together on the games and says he works at the Tory Foundation. Harlan says that’s bad form to work in a team.

She says she was out of town with her husband so Ike went to the location they know. She says she has 16 names she knows were competing. Kitty shows Joan her surveillance info. She says a woman came with a truck and a crate. They all went into the building for three hours. Joan says this is good and Kitty tells her she knows where to send the check. Joan says she read her file and Kitty asks if she feels sorry for her.

Joan says no – she just seems to be focused solely on becoming a detective. Kitty says all that happened was just that – something that happened that’s all in the past. She tells Joan not to counsel her. Sherlock calls Joan the next day and he says she’s had sex. She’s actually lying in bed with her BF. She asks what he wants and he says Byron Lowenthal, a statistician, has been in the hospital and has a history of violence.

He says he and Marcus are at a flophouse to talk to Byron. Sherlock tells her to go enjoy more coitus.
Marcus knocks on the door and the guy says he has to get pants on. Sherlock shoves Marcus out of the way of the door but nothing happens. Sherlock apologizes for shoving him but then there’s a huge hole blown in the door. He saved his life. Marcus goes after the guy, but Byron is gone.

They scour his room as Gregson shows up. He looks at the hole in the door and says they got lucky. Sherlock says he heard the gun case. They see a bunch of legal and illegal stimulants the guy was using to work on Belphegor’s. Sherlock asks to take the notes to Harlan for assistance on the math. Kitty brings Harlan there and has printed all the scans out from the crime scene. He pulls off his shirt and tells her it makes him feel closer to the numbers.

He says it’s nice meeting another member of Team Sherlock. He says if she had worked a math case, they would have met already. She says there was a case they used Indira Patel on – he’s distraught thinking Sherlock has fired him. Joan calls her client to report about the crate. Andrew comes out and finds Sherlock on the couch.

He tells Andrew that Joan seems adequately sexed and that puts Andrew off. He tells Joan he’ll see her later and goes. Sherlock tells her that her home is utterly pleasant. He says he didn’t know when she said she wanted her own life she wanted the same life everyone else has. He asks about Kitty and whether she disappointed her. Joan says she did a good job but she has concerns.

She says she thinks Kitty needs more help than Sherlock can provide since she was both raped and tortured. He says he offered to pay for therapy for her and says you can’t force someone to get help. He says what she wants is to be a detective and he’s trying to channel her feelings into work. Joan says he told her that he wanted to replicate what they had but she says he needs what he needs and Kitty needs something different.

He says he’s glad that she’s in Kitty’s life now and says they can be like parents to her. She says Kitty is not their child and says the woman clearly needs help. He gets a text from Harlan on the math. He shows Sherlock that Byron was a step behind Ike so likely wasn’t the killer. Harlan says Ike solved the portal nine problem but was given a different problem than Harlan had.

They figure out the person changed the game after Harlan found the body. Harlan says he know where Harlan went. Sherlock asks what if he hadn’t have found the body. He says he would have texted the phone number to get the next problem. Sherlock says that’s an extra step. Sherlock says that’s likely the site of Byron’s murder. They go there and sure enough he’s there dead. He was shot in the foot and knee just like Ike.

Marcus says they think the perp was moving the body but then just left it there. Sherlock looks around and Marcus asks how he knew Byron was the next victim not the killer. Sherlock says the killer is manipulating the game. He explains that the game designer knew the body had been found so he changed the location. That means the game designer is the killer and the game is not a treasure hunt, but a trap.

Harlan is feeling ill and he says Marcus told him that Byron was tortured too. Harlan says he’s spent the last few months playing a game designed to kill him and says there’s a metaphor in there. Sherlock says it’s a moral that games are stupid. Kitty texts and cleared one center as the sponsor. Harlan thinks it was a serial killer and Sherlock says it’s more business-like.

Harlan says it’s the government but Sherlock says they would have done a better job of taking away bodies. Joan calls and says another math guy – Paul – knows who the killer is. They go see him. He shows them a blog by Mo Shellshocker. He’s a math blogger and Paul says he’s a murdered. He says the guy is killing off people who called him out saying he didn’t solve the equations the guy was bragging about.

Paul says they are trying to figure out who the guy is. They are checking all his math for clues. Joan says she has to go work on her other case and goes. Sherlock asks Harlan why he didn’t stay and help. Harlan says Shellshocker wouldn’t kill anyone. He says he’s leaving town until this blows over. Sherlock says he knows he’s Mo Shellshocker since it’s an anagram of Sherlock Holmes. Harlan says it was an homage and didn’t think Sherlock would ever see it.

Harlan says math is dangerous in the wrong hands so he decided to do something about it. Harlan says he catches people who murder math. Kitty says he’s a wanted man – she shows an FBI notice. He cracked some DOD numbers for a new jet fighter that were off. He blows up at Sherlock and says he knows about Indira Patel and that Sherlock replaced him. Sherlock sends Kitty out of the room.

Sherlock tells him it was him, not the maths. He says his work was great and he enjoyed him but he says he got too needy. He says he was asking his advice on social matters and invited him to a party. Harlan says they were friends but Sherlock says he was his employee. Harlan says he used to have a hard time making friends but really thought he had a friend in Sherlock.

He says if Sherlock thinks he’s a loser, he must be. He walks away sad. Joan skypes Sherlock and asks what’s up. He says he’s thinking. He asks what the killer wanted. He lured brilliant mathematicians to their death. He had a type. Sherlock says he’s a serial killer only in the most technical sense and says the torture seemed functional not pleasurable.

Joan asks if there’s a link between Ike and Byron they haven’t figured out. Sherlock says it was more random since the killer wouldn’t know who completed the formulas first. Sherlock says it was a game of chance in a way. He says that means he knows what he wants but not who has it. Joan says that makes it another puzzle hunt. Kitty comes back and sees them talking online and goes downstairs. Sherlock tells Joan he’s going to try one more time to get Kitty some help.

Sherlock comes down and tells her he’s been thinking about her. He says he thinks she needs help and says he’s located some good support groups. He says it’s a process like voiding your bowels. She agrees to go, surprising him. She tells him she was thinking about Harlan and that some of the stuff he’s up to is quite good. She shows him some of the things Harlan was up to.

Sherlock calls Paul and fakes an American accent. He says he knows who they’re looking for Mo Shellshocker and says it’s Harlan and he has his address. Sherlock waits on Harlan to come home and tells him he’s there to spare him an agonizing death. He says Joan helped him see it. He says the killer was hunting Mo Shellshocker. Outside, a car pulls up and stops.

Sherlock says work like theirs creates enemies. He says it was a lottery winner. He shows Harlan that his blog on predicting scratcher tickets was the key. He says another mathematician was making millions of these and when the blog was published, he decided to kill Harlan off. Sherlock says the killer had to torture each person to see if they were the elusive Mo.

He says once the game was compromised, the killer then tricked a group of maths guys to help look for hm. Sherlock says he called Paul and gave him the address. He says he did not give him the correct apartment number. We see Paul come into an empty apartment and finding a huge group of cops waiting for him. Sherlock says Paul was arrested an hour ago.

Harlan says he’s still screwed because now the cops know he’s Mo. Sherlock says he lied and told the cops he was just using Mo as bait. He says he protected him because they did good work together and have more good work to do in the future. Joan comes to see Kitty with a case update. She says the woman was Valerie, an art authenticator.

The building has a mural in it by a famous artist that was painted over. It’s Diego Rivera. Joan says she has to leak the details and has to refund her client so she has no fee to share. Kitty says that works for her. She tells Joan she’s going to a support group meeting tonight and it was Sherlock’s idea. She says she know Joan put him up to it.

Kitty says when Sherlock first approached her in London, she had been in a bad way for a while but says Sherlock has helped her. She says what she’s learned is that Sherlock can’t pull it off alone, to give her what she wants. She says she needs Joan’s help too and so she’s going to go to the meetings. She asks Joan to help her. At the support meeting, Kitty sits quiet with Joan by her side.