Elementary Recap 11/6/14: Season 3 Episode 2 “The Five Orange Pips”

Elementary Recap 11/6/14: Season 3 Episode 2 “The Five Orange Pips”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns tonight with with an all new Thursday November 6, season 3 episode 2 called, “The Five Orange Pips.” On tonight’s episode, Holmes [Jonny Lee Miller] and Watson [Lucy Liu] join forces to investigate a double homicide, but Kitty gets jealous of their rapport and allows it to override her better judgment in the case.

On the last episode Holmes returned to New York with a new apprentice and a renewed interest in working with the NYPD after being fired by London’s MI6. However, Captain Gregson won’t let him resume consulting for the department without permission from his former partner, Watson, the NYPD’s new go-to private investigator. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per CBS’s Synopsis, “when Holmes and Watson join forces on a double homicide, Sherlock’s new apprentice, Kitty, threatens the investigation when she allows her jealousy of Sherlock and Joan’s work rapport to override her better judgment.”

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Gregson is talking to Kitty and Marcus asks what’s going on. Sherlock says he’s vetting his new partner.  He says he met her working at Scotland Yard on a kidnapping case where she found the kid but took no credit. He says it reminds him of himself. Sherlock tells Marcus he looked at the file in his desk. Marcus says it was in his drawer. Sherlock tells him the killer lived in 3B and he killed his neighbor for killing his bird. Marcus stares openly and says he can’t believe he’s really back.

A guy comes home and sees an envelope in his mail that stands out. He opens it and there are five beads in it. He calls Theo and says someone found him. It’s Gregson and he says Theo is unavailable. He’s dead. The man says someone is there and then Gregson hears him begging and offering anything they want. There are gun shots. The other guy is dead in front of Gregson and had an identical envelope with beads in it.

Joan is down in the morgue working on the two victims when Sherlock comes in. She says Gregson put her on this but he doesn’t leave. He talks about the beads and says this case deserves his attention. She says sometimes they’ll be interested in the same case and agrees to let him help. He says he sent Kitty to the crime scene to take photos and observe Marcus.

She says Theodore was a lawyer and the other was Elias. He says he knew because of the beads. He says it’s a toy implicated in the deaths of many children. The little beads, called pips, were poisonous and one was the inventor of the toy and the other was his criminal attorney. Sherlock says four children died. Joan says bruises indicate Elias may have been hit by a car a few weeks ago.

Gregson says Elias was living as a fugitive. Agent Boden, of the FBI, is there and Joan says the FBI charged him with murder. Boden says Elias knew the toys were poisonous and then he skipped bail and they thought his lawyer Theo was helping him hide. They have a list of parents of the victims as possible suspects.

Kitty snaps photos and Marcus tries to make small talk. He asks if they get less gun deaths and she says most countries do. She goes to step where he thinks she shouldn’t and he reaches out a hand and she panics and he stops. She gets a text from Sherlock with the list of the parents. She says the postmark matches one of the parents. They go see Gabe Coleman. He says someone broke into the building.

Gregson asks where he was last night and tells him that both Elias and his lawyer are dead. He says someone finally found him. Gabe says he was at work – he services vending machines. He was alone and Sherlock says Elias took more than his son, he lost his career and marriage. He says he can see he lives alone there and can see why they would want to talk to him.

Joan says the killer sent a package from this post code. Gabe says he didn’t do this and Gregson asks if they can look around. Gabe says he’s the victim and they’re harassing him. He says he won’t make it easy when someone took care of Elias because the police didn’t. Kitty paints a cabinet while listening to loud music. He flips it off and asks what if he’d been an intruder.

He tells her that he thinks Gabe is innocent. They talk about the case and he says her noticing that detail about the envelopes was a great help. She says someone is setting Gabe up and he agrees. He says Gabe’s innocence is a certainty. Joan sees Gabe come down to the station and she greets him and asks why he’s there. He says he did it. He says he killed them and everything is in his car – the envelopes, beads and the gun. He says he’s there to confess.

Gabe sits in a cell when Sherlock and Kitty come to see him. Sherlock goes into his cell and says ballistics is done and they confirmed it was the murder weapon. Sherlock tells Gabe he looks surprised. He says he mentioned someone broke into his building and Sherlock says he thinks things were planted. He says he decided to go along with being framed but Gabe says he did it. Sherlock asks who he killed first and Gabe says he doesn’t have to talk to him.

Sherlock says he’s the person most likely to prove that he’s not the killer. Gabe says again that he did it. He says he wanted to kill Elias because he took the two people he loved most from him. Gabe says after Dylan died, Amy was angry. Sherlock says Amy wanted him to do something and Gabe says he was too depressed to even get out of bed and go to work.

Gabe says if he was framed, he would take that fall. He says that way Amy would know that he’s the one who got the guy. He says he’s not being framed. Joan comes to see Marcus and he asks when he can meet Andrew. She says soon. Joan says that Elias was hit a few weeks ago and asks him to help her get some traffic reports from that time period.

She gets a text from Sherlock about what he and Kitty are doing and asking her to come along. Marcus asks about Kitty and says she seems intense. Joan agrees. Marcus says Joan kept Sherlock stable but this new girl seems nothing like stable. Sherlock and Kitty wait in an office. She says his guess about Gabe was impressive. He says he observes and deduces and says guessing is an ugly habit.

She complains when Joan shows up. Angela White, Asst US attorney comes out to talk to them. She invites them back to talk. She says she heard about Gabe and says the whole thing was tragic. Angela says she spoke with he and his wife several times. She says for her office, Elias was their bin Laden. Sherlock says Gabe is not the killer. Angela says she heard he confessed.

They ask Angela about them tailing Theo. Sherlock asks to see surveillance footage but she shuts it down. She says he was talking with other clients and they have to protect them. Angela says they can look at the footage internally. Kitty says they won’t be able to find what they can and says maybe the press would like to hear that. Outside, Sherlock chews her out and says she’s not in competition with Watson.

She says now he’s back with Joan, she’s been demoted. Kitty asks why he just can’t give Gabe his peace and Sherlock says life in prison is not peace and there is an actual killer still at large. He says he thought she, of all people, would not want a killer on the loose. Marcus tells Joan he got a hit on the traffic angle. He asks if he should let Sherlock know and she hesitates then agrees.

They meet with Mr Azeem and show him a photo of Elias. He says the guy ran in front of his van and he stopped to try not to hit him and then the man ran away. Sherlock tells him he won’t be punished and to just tell the truth. The driver says that they are playing games with him and they assure him they are not. He points to a newspaper article with Angela’s photo and says she’s a powerful woman and that she was with Elias when the accident happened.

They step out of the room. Marcus says Elias was on the lam then and they wonder why Angela didn’t report running into Elias. They go back to see Angela who denies the meeting happened. She says the van driver was confused. Joan says she looked back at footage and that she’s looking to run for Congress. She says Elias’ murder closed a loose end for her.

Angela says she was ready to take on Elias in court. Marcus asks to see her calendar from three weeks ago and she says they’re insulting her and kicks them out. Later Joan asks Sherlock if he believes Angela. He has his doubts. She then says she and Marcus were concerned about Kitty so she ran a background check. Joan asks if she knows Kitty didn’t exist before five years ago.

She asks if Kitty is a criminal and he says certainly not. She asks what he’s gotten Gregson into and he changes the subject. Gregson and the others go to see Boden and he asks if they will not come after him. He says Angela’s case was falling apart and it would have fallen apart at trial. He says a file box went missing of critical evidence. He says they lost all the clear evidence.

Sherlock says they had no evidence. Kitty says the charges should have been dropped and Boden agrees but says Angela never considered it. Joan says if Elias had walked, she never would have made it into office. He says they saw her meeting in secret with his lawyer Theo. She told the surveillance team that she was trying to get him to turn Elias over.

They bring Angela in and show her bank transfers she sent to Theo. Joan says Theo realized they had lost critical evidence because they didn’t present it in court so he tried to blackmail her. He says Elias was the best outcome for her. Gregson asks why she was paying off Elias’ lawyer and says they have the driver that saw her with Elias.

Angela says Theo was blackmailing her and they agreed he should skip bail. She says she transferred money after they were dead. She says that’s because she didn’t know they were dead. She asks who pointed them in her direction. She says she knew where Boden and the surveillance team were at all time and would never have met where they could see.

She tells Gregson to go back and tell Boden. She says if Boden knew the materials went missing, he may have taken them. She says maybe he had a reason for killing Elias and Theo because she didn’t. Sherlock pulls Gregson outside. Joan says she made good points and they head back to Boden’s place and bust inside guns drawn. He’s not there and it looks like he packed in a hurry.

Joan is at Sherlock’s and gives them an update on the chase of Boden. Sherlock says Boden asked to be assigned to the pips case and Sherlock says maybe he did that to intentionally steal the files. Joan wonders if he was related to one of the victims. They wonder if he had a past with Elias or Theo. Kitty says why would Boden both steal evidence to help Elias and then kill him.

Kitty gets snippy and says she wishes she could have a pip and go to sleep. Then she says she shouldn’t say that in front of a drug addict. She gets sassy and walks out. Sherlock brings Joan into another room and pulls out a fake fireplace. He hands her an envelope and says it’s the answer to her questions about Kitty. He says she was the victim of a horrific crime – she was kidnapped.

He says she didn’t want to be defined by being a victim and needed a fresh start. He says he told Gregson and told Kitty that he would have to know to let her work at the police station. Joan says she’s sorry for what she went through. Sherlock says training her is helping her recover while gaining valuable skills. He thinks she’ll make an excellent investigator, just not today.

Joan says Kitty was right to ask why Boden would help him then kill him. Sherlock says what if they were two different plans with the same goal. Sherlock says he may have been trying to stop the criminal proceedings. Sherlock says with Theo and Elias dead, the case is effectively closed. Joan asks why Boden would care and Sherlock shows her a photo of some games.

The cops stop a delivery truck with guns drawn. It’s driven by Agent Boden. He steps out and is arrested. They open the back of the truck and see the poisoned toys. Boden wanted the games for their street value as a drug – they are essentially GHB. Once Elias and Theo were dead, the evidence was released. He tells her that she asked the right questions last night.

He tells her if she wants to be a detective, she must know she’ll be taking pains. Kitty sits at the police station when Joan sticks her head in and she tells Joan she’s going over some of their old cases. Joan comes in and sits and tells her Sherlock told her about her past. Kitty says Sherlock told her that she had to see it, same with the captain. She says it was just the way it is.

Joan says she didn’t open it and says if Gregson had what he needed, she didn’t need to. She hands her back the envelope and Kitty tells her to read it and says the stuff inside is mostly articles and an assessment or two. She tells Joan she wants her to read it. She says Sherlock keeps telling her she needs to get a better sense of her and that Joan reading it will give her a better sense of her. Joan leaves with the envelope. Later, she opens it and looks through the papers.