Elementary RECAP 1/2/14: Season 2 Episode 12 “The Diabolical Kind”

Elementary RECAP 1/2/14: Season 2 Episode 12 “The Diabolical Kind”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled “The Diabolical Kind.” On tonight’s show Detective Bell continues his struggle on the road to recovery.  Did you watch last week’s episode before the hiatus?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode before the holiday hiatus, when a hedge fund manager who was also running a Ponzi scheme was murdered, Holmes and Watson had to determine which of his clients was guilty. Also, Sherlock contemplated sponsoring a fellow recovering addict.

On tonight’s show Holmes and Watson come face to face with Moriarty when their one-time adversary is brought in as a consultant on a kidnapping case. Meanwhile, Detective Bell continues his struggle on the road to recovery.

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 12 “The Diabolical Kind”? Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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Watson heads out for a blind date for coffee. Sherlock teases her from his perch on the sofa where he is wearing a beekeeper’s outfit. She leaves and he heads to the roof to tend his apiary. This is where he stores his secret stash of letters and pulls them out to reread them while Watson is gone. He’s writing to Irene (aka Moriarty). He says he watches Watson’s curated mating rituals and that she is increasingly less content.

We see Gregson at his desk looking at a photo of him and his wife. He looks discontent. Marcus is in the firing range trying to get his crippled hand to relearn to shoot. He takes shaky am but can’t seem to fire. Sherlock says he finds her a stimulating challenge despite what she’s done. We see Irene staring at a large portrait of Watson she’s painted.

Men watching electronic surveillance from a van hop out and break into a house. They shoot a man on the stairs, grab him as he falls. With night vision gear on, one of them continues through the house until they find a little girl asleep in her bed. The man says “Kayden” as the girl wakes.

Next day at the scene of the crime, Gregson explains to Sherlock and Watson how the crime occurred and says Mrs Fuller found her husband’s body and her daughter gone. He tells them they broke through a state of the art security system. The phone rings and the cops say there’s no caller ID and assume it’s the kidnappers. Mrs Fuller answers the phone and the man asks her who else is there. Gregson tells him who he is. The man tells him to tell the FBI not to muck it up. He says he wants $50 million.

Sherlock says it’s Moriarty and Watson reminds him she’s in jail. After the call ends, Sherlock tells him he recognized the voice and says Irene is involved. Sherlock says he has to go see her and Gregson says he’ll work on getting him into the super max wing. He tells Gregson he’s on her visitor list and Watson asks how he knows. At home Sherlock shows Watson the letters and says they were sent to a private post office box and he has no idea how she found the address.

Sherlock insists that he’s only maintaining a relationship with her to study her. He refers to her henchman as “Faux-iarty.” Gregson tells him the Irene has been moved. She’s being held in a private cell at the Brooklyn Navy Yard – not the prison. Gregson says they are holding her in a special place while the US and UK governments build their case.

Irene secured some concessions in her accommodations by offering tidbits of information. The UK representative – Mattoo – meets them and says that the information she’s given them has been game changing. Sherlock tells him that she can be very persuasive and Mattoo says he’s been screened to ensure she’s not a risk. Sherlock deduces that he’s gay and can’t tempt him sexually. Sherlock tells him she has other wiles as well.

Mattoo tells Watson that he knew Irene was talented but can’t believe how well she captured her. They enter her cell and Watson is discomfited to see the over-sized portrait of her. Irene tells Watson that she wishes she’d had better luck in her search for a soul mate. Watson isn’t happy about that. Irene tells Gregson she has no idea why he’s there and he tells her about Kayden’s kidnapping and her father’s murder.

Irene says she knows who Fuller is but says kidnapping for ransom isn’t her taste. Sherlock tells her that her leftenant made the call about the money. Irene says he’s ambitious and says she could give him his name and description and list of likely accomplices. Sherlock tells her if she shares he’ll continue writing to her and she says he’ll do that anyway. She tells him her jailers have a list of favors she wants and if they give her a couple, she’ll help out.

The kidnappers talks with Kayden. He says he wants to get to know her and offers to teach her to play cribbage. There’s a knock at the door and he excuses himself. One of the henchmen wants reassurance from Devon and he says that they’ll hear from Moriarty soon.

Back at the station, Watson demands to know why he’s writing to Irene about her dating life. They are interrupted when Mattoo comes to the precinct with Irene in tow. She says her jailers have agreed to loan her to the NYPD which is perfect since she’s heard they rely heavily on consultants.

Mattoo tells them he understands why they wouldn’t want her but reassures them that they have a tracking chip on her and has special security measures – stun guns at 50,000 volts and special handcuffs. Watson asks if they have taken her out before and Mattoo shrugs. Sherlock tells Gregson they shouldn’t let her into the investigation. Mattoo says that Irene has had no access to technology to send out instructions and that the only person she’s communicated with is Sherlock.

Mattoo tells them the bottom line is if they don’t take her, the FBI will. Irene gives them Devon’s name and aliases and says he was former black ops for the UK government but that they would deny his existence. She also gives them sketches of the likely accomplices. Sherlock says that’s great and she can go back to jail. Irene says she wants to see the crime scene and Watson says she’ll tag along with her.

At the crime scene, Irene looks at a photo of Kayden and says it’s sad. Watson tells her to quit playing sympathetic – she says it’s wasted since there is no one in the room. Irene tells her she’s been thinking about her a lot and how clever she is. She’s interested in her partnership with Sherlock and says she needs validation from a brighter mind. Watson says the partnership was Sherlock’s idea and says she knows Irene doesn’t like it.

Irene says as soon as figures out Watson she’ll move on and the same goes for Sherlock. Watson says Irene thinks she’s in love with Sherlock but doesn’t really know. Irene says she likes him because he’s the only person she can talk to and it’s the same for him – that she’s the only person he can truly relate to. Irene tells Watson she’ll figure that out one day. Watson gives her the eye roll.

Watson comes home to find Sherlock on the phone yelling in French and slamming it down. He tells her he was talking to a friend from Interpol. He says that no one can confirm any of the people that Irene gave them and that he knows she’s planning her escape. Watson says they sketches have gone to the police to look for the men so they can focus on the evidence.

Sherlock asks if she had her say with Irene and Watson says he has been hogging her. She tells him she knows he has feelings for Irene and she gets it but says he will get hurt in the long run. He says Irene will always be Moriarty and will never change. Sherlock sits and they comb through the case files.

A beat cop is looking through the emailed sketches of the suspects and they head off to answer a call for an unruly suspect. They find a guy in a hoodie in a tunnel and he’s walking slowly with a bottle in his hand. They tweet their siren at him and then get out of the car and approach cautiously. He turns and shoots them both down. There was a second guy with him as well. They check their cell phones and find one locked but the other not. One of the cops comes to and shoots the hoodie guy in the head but the Devon shoots him down. He takes the phone that has their sketches on it.

Gregson compares one of Irene’s sketches to the body of the man in the hoodie that was killed. Gregson says it looks like a match and Sherlock agrees. Watson asks about the missing cell phone and Gregson wonders why they lured in two cops for a shooting. He says it doesn’t make any sense. He says the kidnappers would normally lie low and wait for the ransom. Sherlock asks to see Gregson’s phone and lines up the sketch beside the emailed images.

Sherlock tells him that Irene sent them messages in the sketches. He comes to confront Irene about it and accuses her of weaponizing her sketches. She denies it but Sherlock quickly proves it. He also accuses her of plotting the kidnapping and screams at her. He tells her to give up her endgame and says he will figure out her messages.

Gregson comes to tell him that Devon has called in. They leave to talk to him. He tells Gregson that he had to shoot the cops because of Irene’s assistance in their investigation. He says they know she’s at their station and they took out the cops so they could find out how much they’ve been exposed. Gregson says nothing will stop them from disappearing and Gregson says fine but to leave the girl. Devon says Kayden has been begging to speak with her mother. They hear Kayden crying and begging to go home. Devon says there better not be any surprises at the ransom drop.

Sherlock says he doesn’t care what Irene has promised, she needs to go back to her cell. Gregson tells Mattoo to take her away.

Sherlock has found a series of numbers embedded in her sketches. Watson asks if they are GPS coordinates and they find the location is on the coast of Norway. Sherlock says Irene’s plan may not be escape but something far worse. Sherlock looks out the window and says he’s expecting the paper boy to deliver all the recent copies of The Ledger newspaper which was the only paper she had access to. He suspects that Devon may have been communicating with her through the classifieds. The bell rings and Sherlock grabs the stack of papers.

Watson tells him that when Kayden was on the phone crying that Irene looked annoyed. She says that she’s seen the same look directed at her by Irene. Mattoo comes in to find Irene complaining about having to wear her special cuffs full time. He tells her that’s what she gets for her antics with the sketches. He says the NSA found her code quickly.

Sherlock tells Watson he has been holding out scant hope that Irene could change. He says he thought she might undergo a metamorphosis of sorts.

Irene tells Mattoo that she’s developed 17 methods of escaping despite all of their special measures. He’s not impressed.

Sherlock tells her he’s found an Ava Maria cypher in the newspaper. He says that Irene isn’t behind the plot to kidnap Kayden – he says Irene is one of the victims.

Irene tells Mattoo that if she broke one of her paint jars she could neutralize her bracelets. Suddenly she’s behind him strangling him.
Sherlock says the first message demanded Irene send him the location. Watson asks about how Irene is the victim and he says the second message told her to act quickly or her daughter’s life will be in danger. Watson asks how the Fullers’ daughter could be Irene’s. An adoption? An arrangement? Hmmm…

Kayden plays cribbage with Devon and he tells her well done as she wins the hand of cards. They hear gunshots and he tells her to get under the bed and not to open the door for anyone. She does as he says and he goes to investigate. He calls out to Clay and hears a man crying. He tells Devon that he’s sorry and says she told me to shoot. He says she knows things and he has family and can’t have her coming for them. Suddenly bullets drill into Devon’s body and he slumps. Irene is there and he asks how she found them. She tells him she traced the sediments from his boots based on his list of known properties. He tells her that Kayden is safe and tells her to get on with it and then asks if she’s going to let him bleed out. She says that she has something less passive in mind.

Gregson tells Watson and Sherlock how Irene escaped and dug out her tracking chips. He says she hurt Mattoo but left everyone alive. Sherlock tells him she’s gone after her daughter. His phone rings and it’s Irene. She tells him where she is and says the police must wait outside and that he’s the only one who can come in.

He heads to the house where the men held Kayden and finds Irene waiting for him. He asks where her daughter is and she says she sent her away into a good situation. She says she had her before they met and that she gave her to the Fullers after she found they were having fertility problems. He asks how Devon found Kayden and Irene says that her daughter’s father needs a lesson in discretion.

He asks what’s in Norway and she says there is a vault with seeds for all the world’s plants in case they ever need to reseed the planet after a disaster. He says that can’t be what he was interested in and she says the location was a ruse to buy time to get her daughter. She says she only found her because of Sherlock – the keenest mind she’s ever met. He goes to her and looks at her damaged arms where she dug out the trackers. He tells her she needs an ambulance and asks why she didn’t run.

She says she doesn’t want to live as a fugitive and says she’ll be a free woman soon enough. Irene tells him his letters have meant a lot to her and have influenced her in surprising ways. She says she didn’t kill Mattoo because she knew Sherlock would find it repugnant. She asks how he became “one of them” and he says he’s not sure he is. She leans into him and he takes her in his arms.

He brings her out and hands her off to the police and says he needs a hospital. They take her away in an ambulance. Watson stares at Sherlock. He looks broody. Back at their house, he stares into the fire. Watson tells him that she got a call from Gregson saying Irene will pull through despite her injuries. She asks if he’s okay and he insist he is. He has the stack of letters at hand and takes them back up to their hiding place in his bee hives.