Elementary RECAP 1/9/14: Season 2 Episode 13 “All In The Family”

Elementary RECAP 1/9/14: Season 2 Episode 13 “All In The Family”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled “All In The Family.” On tonight’s show Sherlock attempts to make amends with Detective Bell.  Did you watch last week’s episode before the hiatus?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode show Holmes and Watson came face to face with Moriarty when their one-time adversary was brought in as a consultant on a kidnapping case. Meanwhile, Detective Bell continued his struggle on the road to recovery.

On tonight’s show when a body is found in a barrel, Holmes and Watson launch an investigation into the mafia’s ties to the murder. Meanwhile, Sherlock attempts to make amends with Detective Bell. Peter Gerety guest stars as Deputy Commissioner Frank Da Silva and Paul Sorvino appears as Robert Pardillo, a suspected mafia boss.

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 13 “TAll In The Family.” Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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Sherlock is in a tuxedo demanding that a man named Riley show him his leg. Joan clarifies for him that they are convinced he’s been stealing from the museum with a co-conspirator. They demand to see his fake leg and he hands it over. They tell him that Adrian (the woman he’s working with) is shackled to a desk in another room. Sherlock finds the hidden compartment but then Nash – the detective – kicks them out. Joan and Sherlock take the leg and leave but complain to Gregson that Nash is a dud.

He tells them that no one else is willing to work with them since Marcus left. Sherlock tells Gregson that he should take on cases and work with them himself. Gregson shoots this down and ditches them.

At his new job, Bell is tasked with visiting an oil recycling plant where they got a likely bogus tip about a foreign looking guy acting suspicious. Wozniak is the chick he’s working with and he tells her that he’s just happy to have field work. She gets to carry the gun since he can’t and isn’t happy with leaving the office. At the recycling place, a security guard tells them it’s likely nothing. There are green barrels Marcus asks about and the guy says it’s probably just transmission oil that will be dumped at the land fill.

Marcus is suspicious though and checks out the barrels. He sees one in particular that interests him and knocks on the side. He opens one up and sure enough finds something disturbing. He calls for Gregson’s homocide unit to send detectives. Sure enough, the barrel is not one of monkeys, but of human goo. Ick.

Gregson shows up teasing Marcus about never writing or calling. Marcus says he followed up with the tip and found the barrel and Sherlock asks how. Marcus explains that he noticed minor things that were off. Sherlock comments that Marcus’ new job in counter-terrorism is fascinating but he blows him off. Joan tells Sherlock his anger won’t last.

Sherlock comments that the guy in the barrel may not be able to be ID’d since his hands and head were cut off and not included. They start poking around looking at other barrels while Joan notices a scar and says she may know who it is based on a scar – Handsome Bobby – a mafia guy that has been missing and presumed on the lam for decades.

Gregson says the guy is a lot skinnier than their last photo of him and Joan says he had liposuction and other surgeries. He also had scars from being kneecapped by another gangster. Joan spouts off a bunch of facts about the mob families involved – she says growing up in Queens the mob stuff was like a local soap opera. Sherlock doesn’t find any of this interesting.

Gregson says they need to follow up with Ferraro family members and Sherlock wants to follow up with Handsome Bobby’s dad. They start with Pardillo who tells them he saw his son a couple of months ago. Joan asks if he killed the Ferraro guy back in 1992. He doesn’t answer and Sherlock asks how they stayed in touch and if Bobby’s enemy could have used it to trace him. His dad says he was smart and they used emails that looked like spam to communicate.

Joan asks who he thinks did it and his dad says that he would kill the mutt that killed his son if he wasn’t such a law abiding citizen. He leaves and Sherlock says they need to find the killer before he does. He tells her to check the files and Sherlock wants to go find out who tipped the cops about the barrel.

Sherlock goes to see the demographics unit and the leader (Marcus’ boss) says most people don’t leave their names with the tips because they don’t want to seem racist for calling in people that “look”
like terrorists. All he can tell Sherlock is that it came from a payphone down the street and the voice seemed like a local older man. He gives Sherlock the number of his tech people and says feel free to drop his name. Sherlock tells the Deputy Commissioner he would like to be of service to him as well.

Marcus sees Sherlock leaving and chases him down. He asks why he’s there and Sherlock tells him that he thinks the work they’re doing there is worthwhile and says he volunteered to help out. He says he told Marcus that his boss would be able to get past their personal differences. Marcus is still angry and Sherlock tells him he has genuinely apologized. Sherlock insists he’ll help even though Marcus is displeased.

Sherlock is trying to figure out how to cut someone’s head off in the way their victim was done. He says it was a leftie. Joan found a Ferraro capo that she thinks is their likely candidate – Dante. She shows a photo of him with a blue barrel at a Ferraro family event. She also tells Sherlock that the term mutt sometimes refers to people of mixed Italian heritage which is what Bobby’s dad said – she thinks it was a slip up.

They go digging through trash at Dante’s house in the snow but a baking dog sends them away from the bins. Dante comes out and asks what they’re doing and Sherlock tells them they’re investigating Handsome Bobby’s death and the guy tells them to come back with a warrant. They walk away and he gets in his car – Sherlock says since they were caught Dante won’t spend a day in prison. The guy gets in his car which promptly explodes and Sherlock reaffirms – yep, not a day in prison.

[10:59:16 PM] Rachel Rowan: The NYPD is at Dante’s house and Gregson tells them it was likely construction’s demolitions explosives. Joan and Gregson are worried about a mob war. Inside, Sherlock finds part of Bobby’s head in the house that didn’t dissolve because he had a massive brow like a Neanderthal. Now Joan has to find who planted the car bomb but Sherlock tells her there’s some other interesting things. He shows her copies of Bobby’s emails and phone records and says it came from the government.

Sherlock and Joan go to see a web guy that they believe works for the government and that is delving into mob business. Sherlock tells him he knows that Lantera Digital is an NSA front and that he should just admit what they are. Joan explains they are involved in a murder investigation and that the information provided led to two murders.

Sherlock demonstrates that it’s NSA materials. The guy insists that he just runs a web company. Sherlock says that he’s going to treat the guy to subscriptions to several plushy websites and if he doesn’t work for the government, then he won’t have anything to explain about finding stuffed animals sexy.

Marcus runs into Joan at the NYPD about her and Sherlock helping out in his new department. Joan doesn’t know anything about this. Marcus says that Sherlock’s bull in a china shop routine won’t work there. Joan tries to tell him Sherlock is sorry and he asks her to get Sherlock to back off of his offer.

At home, Joan finds Sherlock detonating explosions in a freezer using the same bomb materials that killed Dante. He tells her about how the government has been involved with the mob before and she tells him she has a new idea – she tells him to call their new boss De Silva for help with a bomb tech. He says he should have told her about his volunteer offer and she says she doesn’t want to work with demographics and knows that he’s trying to force a reunion because he misses Marcus.

He tells her he’s not that naïve but is interrupted by a text. He tells her he can’t say what the text says and that he’ll be back by morning and warns her not to touch the bombs. Sherlock follows directions to a meet with the web developer who tells him that his NSA superiors told him to meet him off the grid. He says their Prism system is secure and Sherlock says they have a leak.

But then the guy tells him that the request came from the police – specifically through demographics. He says that the request came from de Silva because he wanted Handsome Bobby found. Sherlock asked why he wanted him found and the guy says de Silva didn’t need to say why because of how important the anti-terrorism unit is to NYC.

Sherlock brushes his teeth while Joan asks if he thinks that de Silva is dirty. Sherlock says that he has enough authority to make it happen and he wonders if de Silva did it for money or as a mafia favor. He says that with a few keystrokes the man turned up someone who had been lost for 20 years. He says they can’t investigate de Silva without alerting him. So they go to Marcus.

Marcus isn’t happy and insists his boss isn’t corrupt. Sherlock says the allegations came from the NSA not him. Sherlock reminds him that de Silva was the one who assigned Marcus the tip and says it’s a startling coincidence that the tip he gave him led to discovering the body. Joan says they just need to make sure. Sherlock says that Bobby could have been a terrorist or a pedophile and deserved what he got but says they need to make sure.

Marcus gets pissy with Sherlock and Sherlock takes offense. Marcus accuses him of trying to wreck his career and Sherlock says it’s not a career. He says he volunteered at his unit to get a rise out of him. He says he’s not an analyst or data pusher but a detective. Sherlock says he’s hiding from his calling. Marcus yells at him and says he can’t be there because he can’t shoot and Sherlock yells back and says he could have stayed while he gave rehab a try. Sherlock tells him that even if he hates him he shouldn’t give up on his calling.

Marcus tells him things are easy for him and Sherlock confesses that he was a messed up druggie but has been clean since they’ve known each other and that helped him know what he wants to do with his life. He asks Marcus if he knows what he wants to do with his life.

Sherlock and Joan go to find Big Teddy Ferraro and she’s not happy to be there without backup. Sherlock asks him if he has a dirty cop and wants to know how Dante found Bobby. Joan says it’s only a matter of time before the cops nail him for Bobby’s murder. Teddy says Dante got it in the mail 10 days ago out of the blue and that he doesn’t have an inside guy. He says that he told Dante that it was no big deal and didn’t tell Dante to off Bobby.

Marcus goes to see de Silva and tells him that Sherlock told him the tip may have been faked so that they would find the body. His boss asks why and Marcus says he has no idea. He also says he doesn’t think Sherlock is a good fit for their department and he agrees that he will not take him up on it.

Joan tells Sherlock that Teddy seems to be telling the truth and she thinks it may not have been the Ferraro family that ordered the hit. There’s a knock at the door and Maarcus is there. She invites him in and he tells Sherlock that he talked to de Silva and that he asked about the tip – he says his boss didn’t blink but there was something in his voice that bothered him so he checked his office after he left. He found proof that de Silva is dirty!

Marcus tells Sherlock that de Silva has a huge amount of evidence on Pardilla and says he was sitting on evidence for 30 years and then turned in the guy’s son. Sherlock says the writing in the file was Bobby’s Dad’s. There’s a news article about a union election. Sherlock explains that the records start back when de Silva was a beat cop and has been working with the Pardilla’s for years. They think he was cleaning up after the mob for years. The new union rep would spell trouble for de Silva and triggered the chain of events.

Sherlock explains that having Bobby killed and then found would start a mob war and would weaken the Pardilla family enough (if not kill the leader) so that de Silva wouldn’t be found out as a former mob guy. They agree they have to set him up.

Marcus tells de Silva that they’ve tied the car bomb to Pardilla and that Gregson will be bringing him in by the end of the day. His boss acts pleased. De Silva calls Pardilla and the gangster is on a boat where he asked him to meet. He watches him on binoculars then gets a silenced gun and moves in to kill him. When he gets near, Marcus calls out on a PA for de Silva to put down his gun and then SWAT moves in. When Pardilla sees that the DC had a silenced gun to take him out, Pardilla calls him a rat bastard.

Gregson gets a call telling him that the DC made a deal to testify against the Pardilla family. Gregson says the NYPD is going to get a black eye over this one but thanks him for straightening things out with Marcus so that he came back to the unit. Sherlock is surprised and is thrilled. Marcus is unpacking his stuff and Nash is packing up to clear out of Marcus’ old desk space. Joan smiles when she sees him there.