Elementary RECAP 2/27/14: Season 2 Episode 16 “The One Percent Solution”

Elementary RECAP 2/27/14: Season 2 Episode 16 “The One Percent Solution”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled “The One Percent Solution.” On tonight’s show Holmes and Watson are forced to partner with Gareth Lestrade, Sherlock’s former Scotland Yard colleague, on a bombing investigation.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Holmes’ latest investigation took him inside a professional dance company when an up-and-coming ballerina was  murdered. Meanwhile, Watson embarked on a solo enquiry to find a homeless veteran when his friend alleged he was abducted.

On tonight’s episode tensions rise when Holmes and Watson are forced to partner with Gareth Lestrade, Sherlock’s former Scotland Yard colleague, on a bombing investigation.  Sean Pertwee guest stars as Gareth Lestrade.

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 16 “The One Percent Solution.” Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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At a restaurant, a bomb below a table is triggered.  Joan comes home to find Sherlock has roosters. He tells her he broke up a cock fighting ring and brought the two home with him. He tells her that there is debate that fighting chickens can be trained to be less aggressive. She tells him good luck and says she’s not helping. He keeps using the word “cock” and she gets annoyed and walks out. They get a call from Gregson and go the bomb scene. Six politicos were killed and the bomb was homemade, but complex.

They head into the demolished eatery and Sherlock asks a few questions. There were also some bankers there and one has a security czar that always checks places out. Gregson says they have to give access to the czar and Gregson says he knows the man. Then Lestrade is there and Sherlock is shocked and says the last time he saw him he was taking credit for his work.

Lestrade shakes Joan’s hands and she tells him he looks good. He says he’s delighted to see them. He asks if Sherlock is ready to match wits with him. Sherlock looks askance. Lestrade asks if Sherlock thought he was on the skids and a woman brings Lestrade a coconut water – she’s his assistant. He aggravates Sherlock and says he knows he thinks he can’t do the work without Sherlock. He tells him he’s even been on a chat show and has been invited to be on a Ted Talk kind of thing on solving crime.

Sherlock tells him he must be very pleased. Joan gets a text from the hospital and says a couple of the victims can talk. Lestrade calls for a helicopter to take them the eight blocks because he’s ridiculous. Sherlock asks if there were prearranged seats and asks her to write it down. Lestrade says he needs to aim a little higher and mocks him. Lestrade sits at her bedside and throws around some terminology acting like a crime guru. Sherlock is annoyed and asks her to write out the chart and takes Joan and leaves.

The restaurant manager tells them that he doesn’t think anyone broke in. He says one waiter came in but then left sick – John Bowden – and that was the only event. He says he tried to unionize the dishwashers and says he hated the customers. He says the guy is annoying, but not a terrorist. Lestrade comes up and Sherlock shushes Joan. He shows Lestrade a photo of Bowden at a protest.

Gregson calls and says a terrorist group took credit. He reads him one of the threats. Sherlock says it’s from a book. He says it’s like Aurelius the bomber – a unabomber-like guy. Lestrade says it’s a big game hunt now and Sherlock tells him to quit mixing metaphors. Later at home, he watches Lestrades Ted Talk on crime. Joan comes in and tells him dinner is there.

She tells him she knows Lestrade taking credit for his work bothers him and he should speak up. He says Lestrade won’t change and she says it’s about letting him know he knows and not necessarily about change. She asks if he’s mad that Lestrade stole his act or that he’s pulling it off. Sherlock doesn’t think Aurelius is really the bomber and is just copycatting. He says the waiter also isn’t a suspect. Sherlock thinks the clues are a wild goose chase.

The roosters are clucking mightily and Joan is annoyed. She drags the roosters apart from each other. Sherlock tells her that the bomb was off center near a Labor Department guy and a couple of bankers. He thinks three people were the likely targeted. The labor guy had no power and the woman was powerless too. Iver was a future CEO. She sees the name Jack St Teton is a name from the hotel next door that he says is an obvious fake.

Lestrade’s assistant calls and the detective says he’s looking for Bowden and a link to Aurelius. Sherlock tells him that he thinks Iver was the target and Lestrade says he can’t go barging into their offices. He panics and Sherlock hangs up on him. Lestrade beats them there and tells Sherlock to behave himself in the meeting with the chief banker. Joan goes to follow him and Lestrade’s assistant says she needs to wait outside. Joan rolls her eyes and heads in.

Sherlock tells the guy he thinks Iver may have been the target. He tells Sherlock he was an ace guy working in commodities. He asks about company rivalries and then Sherlock grabs up a book off his shelf with the title Teton that the guy wrote. Sherlock pulls Lestrade out and asks why he was in the hotel next door the night of the bombing. Lestrade blows up and says he’s not going to let Sherlock harass his boss. He has security toss Sherlock out.

They head to the hotel and we see that it wasn’t the boss that checked in under that name, it was Lestrade that is Jack St Teton. They now know he’s involved in some way with the bombing!
[10:46:57 PM] Rachel Rowan: Joan and Sherlock watch the security footage and they decide Lestrade isn’t a bomber. They wonder if the hotel room was used to assemble the bomb. They ponder showing the tape to Balsille – the head banker. Lestrade comes by and apologizes to Sherlock and says he was being territorial and he’s sorry. Sherlock accepts his apology. Lestrade sits and smiles. He asks if they found out anything interesting.

Sherlock lies and says the security footage had been taped over. He says he thinks Balsille is a great man, but maybe not a good one. He says he cheats on his wife at various hotel rooms. He looks at Sherlock’s evidence board and tells him he still thinks the waiter is worth a look. Lestrade holds out his hand and asks that they coooperate.

Sherlock shakes his hand. Sherlock says they could toast, but he has no coconut water. Joan gives Lestrade his jacket and wishes him goodnight. He gives her his card and tells her to call if she learns anything. She tells Sherlock she thinks Lestrade just tried to recruit her and tells Sherlock she stole his phone and hands it to him. She wants to know why Lestrade lied to them.

Sherlock makes homemade croissants and tells her he worked on the phone last night. Balsille had Lestrade working on a project “operation firewall” that focused on Iver who was planning a coup to have Balsille outed. Lestrade calls and says he found Bowden and that he had Gregson pick him up. Sherlock tells Joan to go to the station and make an excuse for her because he’s still pursuing Lestrade.

Joan shows up and Lestrade’s assistant blocks her and accuses her of trying to take her job. Lestrade comes out and Joan gives him his phone and says he left it.

Bowden tells them he really did feel sick and wasn’t involved with the bombing. Lestrade asks why he hid and he says he sometimes goes on a radical website and beefed about the people that eat in the restaurant. He tells them he told a guy named Cassius on the site that the lunch was happening. Then the guy’s lawyer shows up and he clams up. No one thinks he’s a killer.

Sherlock is waiting in Lestrade’s hotel room and startles him. He tells him he doesn’t think he’d be involved in a murder but tells him about the video footage and the plot about Iver. He tells him Joan stole his phone and won’t be coming to work for him. He says he has enough evidence for the police to bring him in for conspiracy to commit murder.

Lestrade says he knows him and Sherlock says he doesn’t know a man who takes a helicopter eight blocks. Lestrade admits to showing off for him. He tells Sherlock that Balsille has peculiar sexual habits and preys on people for sexual favors that he pays for. Lestrade says he would be out on his ear if he’s caught. Sherlock says he doesn’t care about that but then Lestrade explains that he’s the one who makes the inappropriate offers – he says he’s a rich man’s pimp. Sherlock asks why he didn’t tell him and Lestrade says he was embarrassed and said he wanted him to think he had talent. He says he knows Sherlock thought he was a fool before and wonders what he thinks of him now.

[11:03:43 PM] Rachel Rowan: Joan agrees that Balsille isn’t a bomber, just a pervert. Sherlock tells her she’s lucky that Lestrade didn’t make her a dirty offer and she’s grossed out. He tells her he watched the video about Bowden and thinks there may be a link to Aurelius after all. He had the Aurelius files sent over and Joan asks if he thinks he’ll find something the NYPD missed and she says of course you do.

Joan wakes to a rooster crowing outside her door. She asks why and he says to wake her. Sherlock says he talked to someone at NASA and got heat scans of the city. He finds explosions where there is a heat spike in Queens right before the bombs went off. He says it was a several thousand degree burn each time. They found the house the burns take place at. She thinks it could be from the magnesium he uses in the bombs. Sherlock found Aurelius!

They are on stakeout outside the place when Lestrade knocks on the window. He says Gregson called him. Lestrade is annoyed but Sherlock tells him he was working Lestrade’s theory. Sherlock tells him that Joan isn’t jealous of his virtues but develops her own. Gregson tells them the guy – Caldwell – isn’t home but they got a warrant.

They bust in and find Caldwell dead. He killed himself with chlorine gas he was planning on using in a bomb. Joan says the bomb is a different type and Sherlock finds the plan that shows he was going to send it to a biotech company. They conclude that Aurelius didn’t do the restaurant bomb.

Sherlock’s phone rings from Lestrade – the ring tone is “You had a bad day” – HA! They ignore his calls. Sherlock tries to figure out the motive. There is a pounding at the door and Lestrade comes in furious and says someone blackmailed Balsille and thinks they told someone. They told no one. He explains the person wants stock trades made rather than a money ransom. Sherlock says there is money that will occur because of the transaction.

Sherlock says the day they want it done is the day the jobs report comes out. He says the bombing and the blackmail are related and he knows who’s responsible. Lestrade is freaking out because he thinks he’s going to get fired if Balsille can’t find the blackmailer.

Balsille is in his office when Sherlock and Lestrade come in. Lestrade tells him they know who is blackmailing him and made the bomb. Lestrade says Sherlock solved it and Balsille says he should hire him instead. One of the guys that was targeted was one of the few who sees the jobs report ahead of time. They think it was Michelle Forrester – the woman who took over from the dead labor department guy. She was able to sit close enough to get only minor injuries.

Balsille doesn’t know how Forrester knew about his proclivities and Lestrade reminds her that she was an intern at his company years ago. Balsille asks if they want him to confess to the cops that he pays for sex. Sherlock says they need the full list of his past companions. Balsille offers Sherlock a bribe and Lestrade says they don’t take bribes. He tells Lestrade he’ll lose his job and Lestrade says he’s been ruined before so he doesn’t mind and that his one good trait is that he can’t let murderers go free.

Gregson arrests Michelle as she leaves the hospital.

Joan and Sherlock are ready to let the roosters interact to see if they play nice. He says he’s either got a scientific breakthrough or the ingredients for a chicken dinner. Lestrade comes banging at the door as he released the birds. Lestrade is there with his luggage and says Balsille canceled his paycheck and he can’t afford to fly home. Sherlock says he can stay as long as he shuts up. The roosters play nicely and Joan is impressed but then realizes this means they now have pet chickens. She tells Sherlock she won’t feed them.