Elementary RECAP 3/13/14: Season 2 Episode 18 “The Hound of the Cancer Cells”

Elementary RECAP 3/13/14: Season 2 Episode 18 “The Hound of the Cancer Cells”

Elementary, one of our favourite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled “The Hound of the Cancer Cells.” On tonight’s show Holmes investigates the murder of an influential cancer researcher and tries to determine whether the scientist’s untimely demise was linked to his latest cutting-edge invention that could have changed the face of modern medicine.. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Holmes and Watson consulted on a case in which a man suspected of murdering his wife years ago received a ransom demanded for her safe return. Meanwhile, Lestrade overstayed his welcome at the brownstone and seemed unwilling to leave.  Sean Pertwee guest starred as Gareth Lestrade.

On tonight’s episode when a famous cancer researcher is found dead, Holmes and Watson must determine if the scientist’s untimely demise was tied to his latest cutting-edge invention. Meanwhile, Bell is finally cleared to re-enter the field.

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 18 “The Hound of the Cancer Cells.” Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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Joan asks Marcus why he’s got a paint shaker and he tells her it was a joke about his shaky hand that he’s now recovered from. He invites her and Sherlock to a party to celebrate his recovery. But he shows her a case about a witness – Nicole Watkins – that has gone missing and a shooter will walk if they don’t find him. Joan tells him he should make her a Martini with the shaker.

A guy comes into his office in a lab and goes to shower and change after his jog in. While in the shower, his vision starts to get blurry and off and he calls out and his voice sounds like it’s under helium. He notices the vent was taped over and there are hoses under the door. He says in a very squeaky voice “please stop – I don’t want to die” and collapses in the cutest day ever.

Sherlock and Joan look at the dead guy who is dressed with a bag over his head and the hose under it. They found a suicide note and Joan says helium is supposed to be a good way to go. Sherlock says it all looks convenient and asks why Gregson is suspicious. He tells him about the wet clothes and shower stall. Sherlock checks the door and shows them there is tacky residue that indicates the door was likely taped shut. He takes a chemical and blows it on there and then rings a hose over and you can clearly see where the hoses where. Sherlock says he was asphyxiated while he showered with helium, then was dried, dressed and staged.

There are no security videos in the lab because it was secure research. Gregson says he’ll check the exterior video. Joan asks what’s “it’s all true” means on the suicide note and the lab assistant says it’s about research results. The lab assistant hesitates and Sherlock says to tell them who had him sign his NDA so they can talk to him.

They go to see Granger’s boss. He tells them he was working on a breathalyzer that can detect cancer. Granger was running trials on the device. They call it “the hound” after cancer sniffing dogs. He says the accusation that the results were false is killing their patent. He says he’s losing investors. Sherlock asks where he was this morning. He says he would never have hurt him and says the research wasn’t faked.

Sherlock asks again and the guy closes the door before he answer. He says he was with his girlfriend and is in the middle of a divorce. He’s worried about his wife’s lawyers. He says his girlfriend is Sloan and gives them her contact information and asks they don’t tell his wife. Sloan confirms the alibi. Sherlock tells her that if Granger’s study is true, the invention is incredible. He shows her the critic was “Adam Peer” who has caused many retractions of studies and papers.

Joan tells him about Marcus’ party and he interrupts. He shows her video footage of Granger arguing with a woman. Sherlock checks the guy’s phone and says the last call was one hour before the argument. They go see the woman and she says they went to school together and Granger had a thing for her. She says he looked her up last month and she had to tell him to leave her alone. Sherlock abruptly ends the interview and leaves.

Joan says the woman was lying and the office isn’t a travel agency because of high tech security they observed. Sherlock also noticed hidden weapons and says Gregson is getting them a warrant.

Joan goes to see Manny – a former teacher of the witness Nicole that Marcus is looking for. She’s hiding out at his house and he takes Joan to see her. Nicole is upset and she tells Joan that there are people trying to kill her. Joan says they can protect her and Nicole shows her an ultrasound. She’s pregnant. She texts Sherlock that she found her and is headed to see Marcus.

Gregson calls Sherlock and tells him the woman’s office is entirely abandoned. The doorbell rings and it’s Ms Sirin – the woman – and she asks to come in. He asks her intentions and she admits that she’s Mossad. He asks what Israeli Intelligence wants with Granger and she says nothing but she knows who may have killed him.

Sirin tells Sherlock that she did go to college with Granger and says she has dual citizenship. She says she cared about him and he was her friend. She says she had to see him to stop prying in her life. Sirin tells him that there was nothing going on at the “travel agency” and she tells him about the email saying his work was fraudulent. She says Granger asked her to use her Mossad resources to find out who Peer is. She says she told him know but did some research after he died. She says she has other emails that Peer sent and gives him the evidence. She says she hopes he will find Granger’s killer and make him pay.

Joan tells Marcus about Nicole’s baby and says that’s why she won’t testify. She tells him Nicole is with Manny Rose – a teacher. Marcus says Manny is a legend and chased gang bangers out of school with a bat. He’s surprised they know each other.

Sherlock is studying the emails from Sirin. He gives her the name of an officer that called for her. He tells her that Sirin could have skipped out but is impressed she came by. He tells her he’s not going to Marcus’ party and he asks if they’ve met. He reminds her that he’s a recovering addict and asks does she know about triggers. She says she didn’t know the party was in a bar then asks if that’s just an excuse he’s using. He says moments like these belong to the police fraternity and says he’s an outsider and caused Marcus’ injury.

They look at the emails and see he’s using multiple encrypted servers making it impossible to search. She recognizes a painkiller case she remembers. She says the studies were bad and the drug company had to pay a huge fine. She says there was a researcher that tried to warn things. This was his first case and she thinks this could be the point of origin.

They go to see a woman about the painkiller case. They ask Ms Buckner about the whistleblower employee and she gives his name – Lawrence. She says he’s been off the grid since then. She says they did think he might have been Peer but then they gave up on it because the FDA shut them down.

Marcus comes to see Rose and tells him the dealer Nicole would testify against is a real bad dude. He tells Marcus he thinks she might change her mind but Marcus says he want to tell her that she doesn’t need to testify. He thinks Martenz might be convicted without her testimony but Rose thinks she hsould testify. Marcus asks him to pass along the message and leaves.

Sherlock comes in and says he found Lawrence in Mexico where he was a surfer who then drowned. Joan brought in her gift for Marcus. She framed his requalification target. Joan looks at Sherlock’s wall of Peer suspects but he’s eliminated most of them. He says Lawrence was the only one in the know that wasn’t part of the fraud. Joan thinks it’s someone that he told and that gives Sherlock an idea. They think it was a higher up at the drug company.

They catch Ms Buckner on her way out and they tell her they think she’s Peer. She asks how they know and they rattle off their evidence. Sherlock says they don’t have a warrant but her bosses won’t care. She says she’s only half of Peer and says Granger was the other half of Peer. She says she didn’t hurt him. Buckner says they are barking up the wrong tree.

Buckner is at the police station for a sit down and she tells Gregson they didn’t send the Peer email that discredited Granger’s study. She explains she and Granger met at a conference and agreed that there was too much money influencing science. She says they blew the whistle on her company and then they started looking for mistakes and fraud. Joan understands that if word got out about her being Peer it would look like she was trying to hurt competitors. She says she did what she thought he wanted.

She tells them she was coming off a flight when he was killed. Buckner asks if they are going to tell the truth about Peer. Sherlock says they have to. Joan wonders why discredit him if they were going to kill him. He says the fraud accusation followed by suicide is aimed at the company not Granger. They go back to his boss. He seems shocked that Granger is Peer. Sherlock says this news should reassure his investors. He asks them who killed Granger and Joan asks if the hound has any competitors and he writes them a list.

Rose comes to see Marcus and tells him he told Nicole she should testify and she freaked out and left. Marcus says he will take her place and testify. He says he knows all the details of her testimony and Marcus says it’s perjury. He says it won’t work and that Martenz will still go free. Marcus asks why he would risk it and Rose says he hasn’t done enough. He tells him the kids at his high school and his neighborhood have it bad. He says he’s put his life’s blood into the neighborhood and always did the right thing. Marcus tells him he stood up to some bangers when he was 12 and says he was beat half to death but stayed out of the gang and says it was because of Rose. He promises to get Martenz.

Joan tells Sherlock that Radner Science is the closest competitor. Sherlock stares at the poster and says he is having second thought about Marcus’ party. He says he doesn’t want to be a distraction and she reminds him that Marcus wanted him there. Gregson calls and tells them that Printz – the boss – is at the station under arrests for the murder of his wife.

Printz insists he would never hurt his wife and Gregson says she had a restraining order but he insists it’s a lawyer thing. He says he was with his girlfriend and Gregson sayst he GF as alibi thing is wearing thin. He tells Sherlock to tell Gregson what they told him. He thinks the same people that killed Granger also killed his wife and is framing him for it. He says he would be an idiot to use his own gun and leave it there.

Sherlock tells Gregson that Printz isn’t dumb and Sherlock says she knew her attacker since there were no forced signs of entry. Sherlock wakes Joan bright and early and says the beat cops found the receipt and the cab driver that remembered them. Sherlock thinks that they must focus on someone targeting Printz. She thinks it’s a long way to go.

Sherlock wants to focus on Rander Science and tells her he agrees. He pulls clothes out of her closet and tries to get her dressed. She tells him he’s hyper and he throws a jacket on her face. They meet with the guy from Radner. He tells them they don’t kill their competition when they can just buy them. He says they would just buy Printz’s start up. Sherlock think he solved it and that it’s Printz himself.

He’s back in the interview room. He tells them that they met Chuck Hammond from Radner and he gave them his company valuation. Joan says he tanked the company in the short term to screw his wife out of money in the divorce. They theorize that he could bring it back after the divorce. Gregson says he went to plan b and killed his wife because they solved the crime and his company would rebound in value too fast and cost him in the divorce.

The lawyer reminds them he has an alibi from the GF and the cab driver. They have the cab partition and the only person he could see is the GF. They checked the GF’s computer files and found her trolling for a date on a site that would look like him to step in for the alibi.

Marcus gets a call and goes down to the morgue. Rose killed Martenz and some of his crew shot down Rose. He asks Marcus if he knew Rose and he says “only the legend.” The gang banger and the teacher lay side by side in the morgue.

Sherlock finds Marcus outside his party looking thoughtful. He tells Sherlock he’s had a rough night and just can’t be happy at his own party. Sherlock says their work comes at a price. He says he’s not ready to go inside yet and Sherlock tells him not to. He takes him down to the corner coffee shop and says the party will still be there in a few.