Elementary RECAP 3/6/14: Season 2 Episode 17 “Ears To You”

Elementary RECAP 3/6/14: Season 2 Episode 17 “Ears To You”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled “Ears To You.” On tonight’s show A man suspected of murdering his wife years ago receives a ransom demand for her safe return. Meanwhile, Lestrade overstays his welcome with Holmes and seems unwilling to leave. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode tensions rose when Holmes and Watson were forced to partner with Gareth Lestrade, Sherlock’s former Scotland Yard colleague, on a bombing investigation.  Sean Pertwee guest starred as Gareth Lestrade.

On tonight’s episode Holmes and Watson consult on a case in which a man suspected of murdering his wife years ago receives a ransom demand for her safe return. Meanwhile, Lestrade overstays his welcome at the brownstone and seems unwilling to leave.  Sean Pertwee guest stars as Gareth Lestrade.

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 17 “Ears To You.” Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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about the roosters. Sherlock tells Joan he’s been there 19 days and she reminds him he said he could stay. Lestrade threatens to pluck it. Joan tells him that Lestrade has offers and then asks where he got the bomb. He says a friend built the bomb and he’s not sure what will happen when it gets to zero. He snips the wrong wire and it speeds down to zero as Lestrade screams again. Joan goes to check on him. Romulus is charging the detective when he tries to get the remote. Joan lures the fowl with a treat and snags the remote.

Lestrade thanks her and she tells him he should make a decision soon. He shows her an offer from Brazil and she asks if he speaks Portugese. He admits he doesn’t and then asks her if she would like to look through some of his offers to see if there is something that she would prefer to working with the “c*&k handler” of course referring to the roosters. Joan walks away.

A cabbie gives a guy a ride and the guy admits to being Gordon Cushing from the news. He says he knows the look when people recognize him. The cabbie asks if he did it and Cushing asks him to pull over so he can get out. At home, he finds a package inside his gate, picks it up and head inside. He opens it and finds two bloody human ears. He drops his wine glass and it shatters on the floor.

Gregson tells them about Cushing. Joan explains that Cushing’s wife disappeared in 2010. She was a partyer and he didn’t approve. No body was ever found so no charges were found. He called 911 saying he got his wife’s ears and a demand for two million dollars. Sherlock tells Gregson that it’s odd to get a ransom demand four years after that. Gregson tells him that Cushing said he got a call the year after she was taken and paid out a million dollars after a kidnapper gave proof of life. She wasn’t returned, he went to the police, but no one believed him.

Cushing tells them it’s good because it means his wife is alive. Gregson says they are doing a DNA match. He says he knows they are his wife’s ears. He brought in photos. Cushing asks if they think she still killed his wife. Gregson tells him that he’s worried about whoever had their ears severed. Sherlock brings up the prior ransom and he says he couldn’t tell the police because he couldn’t take the risk. Cushing tells them that phone records showed he got the call in 2011 and bank records showing he got the ransom. He tells them he doesn’t miss his wife and had fallen out of love with her before she disappeared. He says he wants her back only to clear his name.

Sherlock says the photos and severed ears look alike and he thinks that Cushing seemed sincere but good liars are hard to sniff out. Joan says she saw him on the news when it happened and if he’s telling the truth, she feels sorry for him. Lestrade sends a text saying he’s locked out and can’t find the spare. Joan comes home and asks why Lestrade is peeking in the door and he says he’s trying to assess the damage in his reflection. He is bruised up because he got mugged and Joan checks him out but tells him he needs to go to the hospital. He’s angry to see the rooster on his bed. He asks why the chickens aren’t gone and she says the petting zoo can’t take them for another week.

Joan asks if he’s been drinking and he says he was at the pub. She tells him that he’s been drinking within the last 10 minutes. She asks how he would pay for it if his wallet was stolen. She chews him out for drinking in Sherlock’s house and says that Sherlock can’t be around alcohol. He tells her he’s got a lot of pressure and she asks why and he says Sherlock is right and he can’t do the job without him. She reminds him that he did it long before he met Sherlock. He tells her that he was only adequate before Sherlock but no one wants adequate.

Lestrade tells her it’s easy for her to say since she’s the special one whose with Sherlock now. He tells her he’s been there before and she should enjoy it while it lasts.

Sherlock is working on another bomb and Joan asks why he’s not working on the Cushing case. He says Gregson calls and the ears are a DNA match. He says the police are handling the ransom exchange so he’s free to play with the bomb. He tells her Marcus sent her an envelope and she’s annoyed that he opened her mail. She asks since when do you do that and he asks how long she’s lived there. She asked for information on muggings in the area.

Gregson is overseeing the ransom drop. Cushing waits in the subway and a man sits next to him. They’ve got eyes on the perp. He looks at the bag of money and tells him to keep his phone on and says he’ll call with her location. The guy hops on to the subway tracks and walks into the tunnel. Gregson calls it in and they plan to pick him up at the next station. Cushing panics and worries that the guy will find the tracker in the bag. Gregson tells him to calm down but he won’t. He hops down onto the track to follow and the cops cut the power. They find Cushing in the tunnel and he’s struck the ransom guy in the head and killed him. He tells them he was just trying to get him to stop and listen to him.

At the station, Cushing tells them the ransom guy came at him and he picked up a piece of rebar off the ground and swung at him. He asks if they’ve ID’d him but they have no hits on who he was and he had no ID on him. Cushing is freaking out because if he was working alone that means Sarah could be starving or thirsty. He says he’s been trying to convince people for years that he didn’t kill her and now he may have.

Gregson tells Sherlock this is a mess and Sherlock wonders if it’s a mess designed by Cushing. Joan says the ears are the issue since there is a DNA match. She says he would have to have his wide stowed away somewhere. Sherlock says he and Joan should go to the morgue but then Lestrade shows up so she sends Sherlock on ahead and says she’ll meet him. She pulls Lestrade into a room and she tells him he has until the weekend to take an offer and get out. He asks if she and Sherlock were laughing at his drunken mishap and she tells him she didn’t tell him. She tells him that she doesn’t find his self pity amusing. She says that Sherlock is particular about who he works with and that he chose Lestrade. She gives him the case files on the muggings so he can investigate. She tells him he can solve the case and get is money back and figure out he’s not just a tag-a-long.

Sherlock and Marcus are in the morgue and Sherlock tells him he was a roofer – a career for immigrants and ex-cons. He says that his shoes are worn thin and he wouldn’t be if he had millions from the 2011 ransom. Sherlock thinks he’s an errand boy. He notices a chachke from a hardware store but the owner didn’t recognize him. Sherlock notices tattoos that are sobriety chips he’s had inked onto his body. Sherlock says these may help ID him.

Joan meets Sherlock at a meeting but he’s having no luck. He doesn’t like being there asking people to ID someone at a meeting where anonymity is key. He also tells her that giving Lestrade the files was a mistake and that it won’t help drag him out of his funk or the bottle. He tells Joan that Lestrade is lost without him. He says he’s helping by allowing him to bottom out. Sherlock says that the next move should be Lestrade’s and that he needs to find his way out of the pit himself.

Sherlock stops her and sees a woman come in. It’s Sarah Cushing! She’s alive, not kidnapped and wearing both her ears. They sit down to listen in on the meeting. Afterward they pull her aside for a chat. She admits to being Sarah and says her new name is Allison. She says she left him because of all the fights and she was scared he would hurt her. Joan asks why she didn’t go to the police to say she was alive but she says she was too scared and that if he knew she was alive he might find and hurt her. She says she’s sober and married to a doctor.

Sherlock shows her the photo of the dead ransomer and she says it’s Jim Browner that she knows from AA. She says he blackmailed her for a while. They tell her about the ears and the DNA match. She says she can explain that. She says that she saw a story on the news and says the brush in the bathroom wasn’t hers and that it belonged to someone her husband was sleeping with and they must be that woman’s ears.

Lestrade makes calls about the muggings. He gets video from a guy that was filming when he was mugged. The tourist tells him there was another guy. Another guy – Philips – says he got a concussion when he was mugged. He says his memory was fuzzy. The guy invites Lestrade out for coffee after complimenting his accent. The guy says there was some good samaritans and a yellow bicycle chained to a tree. Lestrade finds it in the video of the other mugging.

Sherlock tells Cushing that Sarah is alive and the ears belong to someone who was in his bedroom. Joan asks who he was seeing. He says it was a hooker named Kendra. He offers the name of the agency and says that Kendra wouldn’t see him after he was accused of murder and that Kendra took off after the news broke. Cushing tells them that he thinks Sarah was in on the original ransom demand and he thinks she’s in on this one as well.

News reports announce that Sarah is alive and married to a plastic surgeon. Sherlock asks how long it takes to ID a prostitute. He thinks it’s taking too long and says he can find the hooker in 20 key strokes. Sherlock says that Sarah could be involved and Joan says that Cushing could also be lying and trying to frame Sarah for revenge. Joan asks if he’s heard from Lestrade and says if he’s finally hit the gutter they can start rebuilding him.

Marcus has found that Kendra’s real name was Kelly and she died in a car wreck three years ago so the ears also are not hers…
[11:03:57 PM] Rachel Rowan: Sherlock sits at the kitchen table and tells Joan that the ears match the hair’s DNA and Cushing says they could only be Kendra’s. She asks if he’s camped out near the guest room because he’s worried about Lestrade. He says he’s there for the food and she says he’s not eating. He shrugs it off. She doesn’t think they need to let him hit rock bottom before they help him. She looks at a photo of a guy and he explains it’s Alfonse – the guy who invented the mughsot. He’s a French guy from back in the day who believed that ears are as unique as fingerprints. He shows Joan photos of Sarah’s ears and the severed ears.

Joan asks if he thinks she kidnapped an ear twin and cut them off. Sherlock isn’t having it. He’s stuck on 2010 then gets a look on his face. He goes to get the banana he says he would have when he had a breakthrough. He reminds her that Sarah’s new hubby is a plastic surgeon.

Shawn (a guy) comes in and finds Lestrade sitting in is living room. He rattles off a limerick that accuses him of crime. He says his bike has been ID’d and the robberies occur when he’s working his delivery job. Lestrade says he also found his wallet there and he’s just depressed because it was so easy to find him. He demands his money back and the guy goes for a baseball bat. Lestrade punches him and the guy goes down and Lestrade is aggravated that it was so easy. He finds a rooster feather in the guy’s place!

They bring Sarah in and they ask her to touch her toes then ask to see her back. She tells them it’s not funny. She says she had cancer surgery and Joan accuses her of growing ears on her back. She denies all knowledge. Sherlock says the DNA match is a real problem. He says he knows she lied about the brush not being hers and Gregson says the ears are hers as well. She plays dumb and Sherlock explains that they know her hubby has constructed ear scaffolds before. Sherlock says they know she and her new hubby and the guy she met at AA to collect ransom from her Cushing.

Lestrade texts Joan to meet downstairs in the library. Sherlock too. Lestrade comes in and asks them to sit. He has the case files in his hands. He tells that there’s no hard feelings for putting one over on him. He tells them he captured Shawn – the guy that mugged him. Turns out the other mugging victims were very helpful. Lestrade says that Sherlock doctored the files and it’s him that took the calls and was talking to Lestrade. Joan has no clue. She tells him the files were her ideas but Lestrade says she has no clue how well Sherlock knows her and can predict her movements.

Lestrade tells him Sherlock’s voices are always so great. He shows him the feather he found there. He says if he hadn’t found it he would have given up on detecting. He tells them he’s going to work for the Irish National Police. He tells Sherlock to confess to setting up the crime or he’ll stay. Sherlock shakes his hand and tells him – well played. Lestrade tells Joan that she shouldn’t feel bad about Sherlock leaving her in the dark and says she’ll know better once she knows Sherlock better.

Joan comes in the kitchen and Sherlock denies manipulating the files. He says the feather came from Lestrade’s clothes, not his. She asks why he let Lestrade think he set it up and he says it was better for Lestrade. He’s working on another bomb and she asks what happens when it gets to zero and he says it explodes because he asked for more of a challenge.