Elementary RECAP 4/10/14: Season 2 Episode 20 “No Lack of Void”

Elementary RECAP 4/10/14: Season 2 Episode 20 “No Lack of Void”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled, “No Lack of Void.”  On it Holmes and Watson track a lethal toxin’s origin when a pickpocket dies of anthrax poisoning.

On last week’s episode Holmes and Watson tracked a serial killer known for biting his victims appeared to be killing again, even though he was presumed dead.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a pickpocket dies of anthrax poisoning, putting Holmes and Watson on the trail of the toxin’s source in order to prevent more deaths.

Guest cast for tonight’s episode includes: Ron Raines (Ian), Garrett Dillahunt (Bart MacIntosh), Brandon Espinoza (Apollo Mercer), Michael Medeiros (Joe Bey), Jamie Harrold (Coogan Burl), Dennis Flanagan (Jeremy), Larry Mitchell (Uniform Cop), Brett G. Smith (ESU Captain) and Jay Ward (ESU Officer).

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 20 “No Lack of Void.” Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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Sherlock works on a new accent when Joan comes in. She asks if the voice is Alistair and he says it is. He says it’s the Derry region of Northern Ireland and Alistair recorded some of that particular accent for him. She says she has to go to the station and return some files to Marcus. He’s not there but Gregson is and asks if she can take a look at a sick guy in holding. She asks for a pair of gloves and asks the guy’s name. It’s Apollo and he’s a pick pocket. She approaches the guy and says he’s dead. The guard says he was fine a few hours ago. She rolls him over and blood comes out of his mouth. Joan says they need to quarantine the area. She thinks he was killed by anthrax!

Sherlock comes into the hospital and finds Joan with the Gregson and Marcus. She says they weren’t exposed and he says that’s obvious and moves on. He looks at the file as Marcus gets a text saying the ME found a small torn plastic bag in Apollo’s digestive tract. Lab work on the bag showed anthrax traces. Joan says once the bag ruptured his death would have been imminent. Sherlock said the guy lifted it from someone and thought he was stealing coke then swallowed the baggie when the cops approached.

They watch security footage to see if they can spot who he took it from. Sherlock says Apollo was pretending to get signatures for charity and then picking pockets while they were distracted by the clipboard. She says she was working in New York the last time anthrax came. He’s snippy and she asks if something happened with Alistair. He tells her that Alistair is dead. He says he got there and he wasn’t there and says he called his partner who told him he died of a massive heart attack the week prior and Sherlock even missed the funeral.

He shows her that Apollo is a thief of some skill and shows her when he took something out of a guy’s breast pocket. She looks at what he dumped and among the items was a hard sunglass case with no glasses. They think that guy was the courier. They see him on some footage buying coffee and he paid with his smartphone. The guy is Charlie Simon and he had a record for stealing from a university lab. Sherlock says that a lab may have been the source and they wonder if he could have made it in a lab.

They chat with Charlie’s roommate who says he’s not home. Joan asks if he knew he was an ex-con and says that he is an okay guy but has weird walking schedules and comes back smelling like antiseptic. Long walks every few hours. Sherlock asks if Charlie had any extreme views and says that only about his ex-wife and the alimony payments. Joan says anthrax requires frequent monitoring dring the growth phase and says his lab must be within walking distance. They presume he walked 10 minutes and Sherlock calculates a search radius of half a mile.

Sherlock says it would be non-residential because it would be cheap. Marcus is ready to start a search but Joan checks the mail and sees a notice from a storage unit. They watch from an observation post as specialists go into the unit he was using as his lab. They find Charlie dead in his lab – looks like a stab wound or GSW in the chest but so far, no anthrax.

Sherlock asks to see the trays and they move the cameras back to them. They see red stained trays. Sherlock says it was from blood agar because it’s the best growth medium. Sherlock says that lab would have been sufficient to produce thousands of small bags of anthrax and it’s all gone.

of weaponized anthrax – enough to kill half a million people. Eugene MacIntosh’ prints were in the lab as well and he’s part of the Sovereign Army – an extremist group. Gregson says he probably killed Charlie and should be considered armed and dangerous. Gregson asks where Sherlock is and she says he has private business. He asks Joan to ride with Marcus to see Bart – Eugene’s brother – at his upstate farm. She agrees.

Sherlock comes to see Ian – Alistair’s partner – to offer his condolences. He tells Sherlock he’s sorry he didn’t get in touch with him about Alistair’s death. He says that Ian made Alistair very happy. Ian says that he has something for him and hands over a first edition, signed of Waiting for Godot and says he knows it was the first play Sherlock saw Alistair in. He thanks Ian. Sherlock asks how he was and Ian says he was happy and in good health. He says he had just finished a rehearsal for a new play and was excited.

Sherlock asks about Jeremy and if Alistair had seen him recently. Ian says they had dinner a week ago and Alistair didn’t talk about it which was normal. Ian asks what he’s getting at and Sherlock says his passing seems at odds with his vitality and wonders if there’s more to it than meets the eye.

At the farm, Bart tells them that Eugene is the dumbest smart person he knows. He says he makes stupid mistakes and that they argue a lot. He says he hasn’t seen him in a month. He says Eugene doesn’t like that Bart takes farm subsidies and his mother takes Social Security. Marcus asks if he knows where they can find him and Bart says he doesn’t want to be the one that sends him back to jail and she tells him about the dangerous plot.

Bart gives them an address in Cambria Heights and Joan calls Sherlock – he’s near the house. She asks how it went with Ian and he doesn’t answer. Sherlock waits outside the house and sees Alistair. He tells Sherlock he doesn’t look well and asks if it was a rough week. Alistair tells him he shouldn’t be mad that he’s dead and Sherlock says he will be what he likes. He asks who Sherlock is watching for and he says no one and tells Alistair that he’s not there.

Sherlock sees some men loading cases into a van. Alistair asks if that’s what he’s looking for and he says it’s impossible to tell then says it’s not really. He goes to the van and opens the back and then opens a case. He sees jars packed with powder. Then he checks other bins and sees letters addressed to Congressmen.

But then there’s a guy with a crowbar who tells Sherlock he made a terrible mistake. Joan gets a call from Sherlock. We see the two men he’s laid out but Sherlock is covered in white powder. She says the cops are en route and he tells her to tell them to bring haz-mat gear because he found the missing anthrax. OMG was he exposed?

Sherlock is treated by a nurse and insists that he hasn’t been exposed. He says he tasted it and Joan freaks. He says it was baby powder and talc. She asks why he broke into the truck alone and he says he had to try and stop them. Joan chews him out and thinks he acted out because of Alistair. Gregson comes in and confirms that it wasn’t anthrax. He says they need to find Eugene and the anthrax. Sherlock says he thinks they are together.

Joe is one of the guys Sherlock knocked out and Gregson says his name is Kurt. Joe says that’s his slave name and says not to call him that. Gregson says they have the envelopes they know he was going to use for anthrax but Joe says that it’s legal to have baby powder dust and to write to Congress. Gregson says he also owes back taxes and had weapons with serial numbers scraped off and that will send him to jail.

Sherlock says that he saw that Joe was panicked when he woke with white powder on him. Sherlock says he knows that he thought it really was anthrax. They think that Joe bankrolled Eugene’s anthrax project. Sherlock tells him that Eugene stole his money and kept the real anthrax. Sherlock says they can punish Eugene for him and asks again if he wants to help them.

Joan gets a call from Gregson and says that Joe set up a meet with Eugene for noon tomorrow. He also tells her that Charlie had the bag on him so that Eugene could take the anthrax for a test drive on some animals. He asks her to update Sherlock and she says he’s at the gym. Gregson tells her to also tell Sherlock they’re going to talk about his little stunt.

A guy comes to the door asking for Sherlock and says it’s Jeremy and that he doesn’t appreciate him telling Ian that he had something to do with his father’s death. Joan says she heard he died of a heart attack and Jeremy says that’s not what killed his dead. He tells her Sherlock lied to her.

Joan comes downstairs in the morning and Sherlock tells her that Marcus emailed to say they’ll let them know when they have Eugene in custody. She tells him Jeremy came by upset about what he said to Ian. She’s angry that he didn’t tell her that Alistair died of a heroin advice. She asks why he lied and he said he was protecting Alistair’s privacy. She says that he took a risk with his life last night and then acted out with Ian. She asks what the real problem is. He tells her that he’s been friends with Alistair when his addiction was in the future and Alistair’s was behind him.

He says Alistair tried to talk him out of his addiction and was 30 years clean. Sherlock wants to know what turned Alistair back onto drugs. He says he knows relapse is a risk but his death has blindsided him and bothers him and it bothers him that it bothers him. Joan says he was a friend. He tells her he’s two years sober and Alistair for over three decades. He says he will talk with her about it after he processes it.

Gregson calls and says the meet is off. Eugene showed up to Bart’s dairy farm. He and Bart argued and Bart shot him!

says his brother set off the perimeter alarm at three am. He says Eugene had goggles and a mask on and was infecting the cow’s feed because that would infest the milk and kill people. He says his brother was ranting and crazy and says his brother had a gun – the gun used to kill Charlie. Gregson buys it all and asks where the rest of the anthrax is because they only found about half in the barn. He says his brother said something about friends up North and Marcus says it must mean Canada.

Gregson says he’s going to alert the Canadian government. Sherlock and Joan head home. Joan and Sherlock are going through files looking for Eugene’s contact with extremist groups. Sherlock shows her a photo of Eugene’s ring finger and says he was newly married but was married out of state. His new bride told Sherlock that he wasn’t anti-government any more. She says they were married at a state courthouse and Sherlock says if he was anti-government he wouldn’t have been married there.

Sherlock says that Eugene was smart and the milk plot was a stupid plan. Sherlock throws a plate and shatters it then stomps into the kitchen. Joan throws down a plate and smashes it and tells him it didn’t solve anything. Joan tells him that Alistair used drugs because he was an addict and that it doesn’t change anything for Sherlock. She says he just needs to stick to not using drugs. Sherlock tells her he’s ashamed of his behavior and that he’s been indulgent and narcissistic. He says losing one of his few friends has been hard on him. He apologizes to her and says he’s no closer to using than he has been any other day and says he would tell her if that changes.

Joan gets a text from her mom to throw away all their milk because of the anthrax scare. Sherlock says she’s not the only one. She pulls out their milk and tells him it’s expired not for the risk of anthrax. She reminds him that Bart said his farm was struggling. Sherlock tells her that he owes her mom some thanks. He says that the anthrax may have just been to kill cows.

The cops come back to Bart’s farm with some questions about livestock insurance. It’s $2k a head and would earn him a couple of million bucks if they all died. Joan says that they know that both Eugene and Bart own the farm. Bart says they could have just sold the livestock and Sherlock says that’s complicated and would result in far less money. Sherlock says they know that anthrax is naturally occurring in feed and on some farms so it wouldn’t be questioned.

Sherlock spells out the plot and says that Eugene went to Joe to bankroll the anthrax. Joan says that he lied to them about where Eugene was so they could catch Joe. Sherlock asks where the anthrax is. Bart says this is a crock and tells them to leave. Marcus shows him a photo of the anthrax they found in his mom’s attic. He says Eugene hadn’t been at their mom’s in years, but he was there last night storing some things.

Sherlock stands at Alistair’s grave and his friend is there with him. He says he would have refused to perform this scene if it had been in a play. Sherlock tells him he’s on the way to a meeting and Alistair tells him he’s sorry he let him down. Sherlock says he didn’t and that what he did has nothing to do with Sherlock. He says he came to his grave because he loved him very much and wanted him to know that he’ll be missed. Sherlock turns and Alistair is gone. He looks one last time at the grave and walks away.

The End!