Elementary RECAP 4/24/14: Season 2 Episode 21 “The Man With the Twisted Lip”

Elementary RECAP 4/24/14: Season 2 Episode 21 “The Man With the Twisted Lip”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies continues tonight with an all new episode entitled, “The Man With the Twister Lip.”  On it, A surprise visit from Sherlock’s brother Mycroft leads to discord between Holmes and Watson. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Joan investigate a missing person’s case that takes them into the world of unmanned aeronautics.

On last week’s episode a pickpocket died of anthrax poisoning, putting Holmes and Watson on the trail of the toxin’s source in order to prevent more deaths.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode when Sherlock’s brother Mycroft makes a surprise return to New York, his motivations cause discord between Sherlock and Joan. Meanwhile, a missing person case takes Sherlock and Joan inside the world of unmanned aeronautics.

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At an AA meeting, a guy talks about his sobriety. He tells Sherlock he’s next and asks the greatest threat to his sobriety. He says he is without peer and that he can only share so much to a non-peer. He says he has made progress but doesn’t know how much more growth is in him since he can’t properly value relationships. He says the greatest threat to his sobriety is the lack of a peer. Joan waits for him when she hears a woman crying. She finds a woman on the stairs – Tess – and asks if she’s okay.

Tess tells her she can’t find her sister. Sherlock is surprised to see Joan there and she asks if he remembers Tess and says they need to help her. Tess tells them she and her sister got clean at the same time and they talk every morning but she can’t get in touch with her and the police aren’t helping. She doesn’t think it’s a relapse, but something worse.

Sherlock and Joan come home and he says Paige’s case is likely a relapse and isn’t very interesting. She reminds him that Tess supported him when he started going to meetings. He says he’ll help. Sherlock smells dinner cooking and sees Mrs Hudson who tells him she let “him” in and he insisted they have dinner. Mycroft is there and asks why they keep a whisk in their spare bedroom. Sherlock isn’t happy to see his brother.

Mycroft says he doesn’t know how long he’ll be in New York. He says his new restaurant is having growing pains. He says he also had a break up in London with Claudia. Sherlock asks how he knows his brother’s lover’s name and asks if their shagging again. They insist they are friends and Mycroft asks her if she wants to come help him interview a new chef but Sherlock says they have an important case. She says she would be happy to join him.

They come to Paige’s house and Sherlock says they need to work up a shared custody agreement for them to share Joan. She threatens him with a kick in his man bits if he ever uses that terminology again. Joan finds a strange card in the desk with just an emoticon and a phone number. She says she doesn’t want to talk about Mycroft. Sherlock finds a stash of heroin and cash and says she’s not clean anymore and is likely dealing. Joan makes the call.

Sherlock calls the number on the card and says they’ll buy some drugs and he’ll follow them on the bike and then Marcus can arrest all the dealers. At the jail, they have all the dealers, but no Paige. Gregson tells Marcus to take the lead on it. Marcus tells the guys that Paige is missing and says they need to help to get a deal.

The dealer says he was out of town and can prove it. He was on a ski trip and has credit card receipts to prove it. He offers info on her but Sherlock says they just need to find her.

At Diogenes, Mycroft tells Joan he came back for another reason and says it’s her. She’s surprised and he says he hadn’t entertained a relationship with her because of Sherlock but says he thinks it can work. He asks why they should deny themselves the chance of something because Sherlock will make it difficult. She says difficult is an understatement and tells him she’s flattered but she doesn’t know what to say. He tells her to think about it. He takes away her dessert plate.

Sherlock is lying on the couch listening to music Paige sang. He says he’s hoping it will inspire him. He asks how it went with Mycroft but she’s not forthcoming and goes to bed. She wakes to Sherlock with a tray and asks if his brother took liberties with her. She says she doesn’t even know what that means. He tells her he found a hidden track in the music that refers to Harriet Tubman. They discuss that her guitar is missing and there’s a park near her place with a Harriet Tubman plaque.

They head to the park and poke around. Sherlock says he should respect her privacy about Mycroft and she says he won’t. He asks what kind of proposal his brother made and she says he made a sweet declaration of interest that she didn’t respond to because of the reaction she expected from Sherlock. He says nothing and then points. They go into the bushes behind the plaque and he sees a guitar. He says the branches indicate someone ran through here. He sees her footprints and another set.

They split up to each follow a set. Joan follows Paige’s. She traces it to a tunnel that is gated shut and then she spots a body down the hill. He yells out same thing. She goes to him and he’s at another body. She asks who that is and he says he can’t tell.

There are shotgun pellets all along the rocks and he can’t figure out how the shooter missed since the guy was cornered. Sherlock tells Marcus the dead man ran and was pursued before Paige who was likely just a witness. Joan says they need to solve his murder to find hers. Marcus says the guy’s name is Zack Pillar and he moved here from Vegas. Sherlock mentions that he saw a mosquito and Marcus says it’s too early. Sherlock says that’s why he mentioned it.

They find the business card of Zack’s shrink and call him in. He says Zack was just a regular guy not likely to be a murder target. He says he worked at an aeronautic start up. The doctor doesn’t want to tell them any more because of patient confidentiality and he leaves. Sherlock says they will go to Zack’s office while Marcus checks his apartment.

Sherlock and Joan sit at Zack’s office and there’s an ad playing for a drone program. Sherlock says he doesn’t like drones. Joan asks why he hasn’t said anything about Mycroft and he says he’s giving her room to think. His boss comes out – Ellen – and he asks if they make drones. She says only military and government can fly drones and says Zack flew drones for a military contractor. She says the only drama she knew about was his ex-roommate from Vegas he was suing over a dispute with a car.

Joan says they should go and he says he has an errand to run and will meet her later. He sits in Mycroft’s restaurant and snaps some photos of a guy. Mycroft comes over and Sherlock tells him the customer is shady. Sherlock tells Mycroft that he has stability in his life with Joan and him dating her will be a distraction. Mycroft says it won’t be and says he’s undervaluing Joan. He says he only values Joan to a certain extent but doesn’t care about her happiness. Sherlock says Mycroft is not necessary for her happiness and Mycroft says he would pick apart any man she tried to date. He tells Sherlock he won’t tell Joan he was there.

Joan comes in and Sherlock tells her that his brother is a criminal or an idiot. He says he was at the restaurant and saw de Soto – a French criminal group leader. She asks if he was there to discuss her and he says that’s not important. They argue a bit but then there’s a buzzing that distracts Sherlock. He grabs a glass, dumps the water and traps the insect. She asks if it’s a mosquito and asks what the noise is. He says it’s metal striking glass and that it’s a machine.

They study it under magnification. He says its a surveillance vehicle. He covers his mouth as he speaks and says it’s been following them since they found Zack’s body and says they want to monitor the investigation. Sherlock says the reason the shotgun blasts were off was because they were from drones. They both cover their mouths as they talk because he says it likely has a camera and audio recording capability. He says a tiny drone like that can be used to spy on or kill people with toxins.

Sherlock and Joan discuss the bug “bug” and he says they must assume they are being watched. She asks who the bug tells him that Paige and Zack were killed by drones. He shows her a video of a drone that could have been used to kill them. He says the people they are looking for are powerful – McCarthy Strauss – the people Zack flew for are dangerous.

Sherlock and Joan go through stuff from Zack’s apartment. She notices his laptop isn’t there. He sees articles about military actions and UAV accidents. They think Zack may have told his shrink. They see some notes that say “I have to say something” and asking if things are his fault. They suspect that a UAV incident went bad and is haunting him and is what led him to a shrink. He says the military contractor is a potential, but so is his doctor.

Joan tells him she has a lunch thing and he asks if it’s his brother and she says it’s none of his business. She goes to see Mycroft and says she’s having boundary issues with Sherlock. She says she’s had a good time with him and thinks they could be a good match but says she works and lives with Sherlock and says things may change. She says she needs to get her own place and that could change things and make their relationship possible. She says she would like to explore it and he’s pleased.

Sherlock sends a text to Joan asking her to come to the station. She snaps a photo of some customers she thinks are shady. She comes to the station and tells him she thinks he’s right about the customers at Diogenes being French criminals. She thinks they should warn Mycroft. He’s not sure his brother is clean.

He went to the hacker collective to get files from Zack’s doctor and found out that Zack’s employer paid him $200k. Marcus is bringing the doctor in on some other charges. They found black market candy eggs hidden in his community garden. Gregson says he has to be getting close to losing his medical license because of a bunch of other minor infractions.

Gregson says they know about his deal with McCarthy-Strauss and want to know what happened to Zack. He tells them that there was a friendly fire accident and the company was worried when Zack left. He says the company showed up and made him an offer. Zack told him he wrote it all down and was going to go public. He’s about to tell them more but then he says there’s a bug in the room.

Sherlock panics and bangs on the glass, but it’s too late. The doc slaps his neck and says it bit him. He immediately goes into cardiac arrest as Joan and Sherlock rush in. Sherlock says he’s been poisoned.

The doc is taken out in a body bag as Gregson and Sherlock talk. He tells Gregson it was likely strychnine. They worry that the bug may be in the station still and tell him about the drone in his house. Gregson wonders if that’s enough for a warrant but Sherlock isn’t sure there are identifying marks on it. They think McCarthy-Strauss stole the computer to delete the report. Gregson tells them to get evidence.

Joan and Sherlock look at photos of the principals and she proposed a bluff to find out. Sherlock holds up notes to the bug drone that says they have a copy of the report and will hand it over for money. Joan lurks outside their offices as Sherlock waits for the meeting. Sherlock texts her the COO Kenneth Carlson is who is meeting him.

Joan gets the text and bumps into a woman leaving the building and steals her badge. The COO comes to sit by Sherlock. He asks where he got the report. Joan comes up into their offices and looks around. She tells the receptionist there’s an unconscious woman in the bathroom and says she’ll call 911. The receptionist walks away and Joan walks into the offices.

Carlson says he needs confirmation that he has it before they can talk. Sherlock says there are several copies on the cloud. Joan goes into Carlson’s office. Carlson asks him to tell him the first sentence of the report. Sherlock says if he wanted him to memorize a passage he should have had the mosquito pass that message along.

Carlson tells him to convince him or they’re done. Joan prowls around Carlson’s office. Carlson starts to walk away and his phone rings. He tells him that it’s his office and he should get it. Joan reads the first lines of the report from the laptop she found. He asks how she got into his office. Sherlock tells him not to run and says that there are police cars nearby to pick him up.

Joan tells Sherlock the report is going public even though Carlson was able to cut a deal. She tells him she’s going to see Mycroft about the French criminals and asks if he wants to come along. Sherlock apologizes for not respecting her privacy. He tells her he values her as a person. She tells him that’s nice but his apologies always come after he’s gotten what he wanted.

She heads into Diogenes and looks around. She texts Mycroft that she’s there and takes a seat at the bar. She sees the French criminals again. Sherlock sits at home then gets a book off a shelf. He puts a packet of heroin that he took from Paige’s into the book and reshelves it.

The criminal leaves and Joan follows. He goes into a door and she creeps closer to get a look. He stashed papers in his motorcycle. She picks the lock and sees a photo of herself. The guy is there and says it’s only fair that he take her picture since she took his. He covers her mouth with an ether cloth and knocks her out. A van pulls out and several men hop out and they shove her unconscious body into it.