Ellen DeGeneres: The “Meanest Woman In Hollywood” – Portia de Rossi Struggles in Marriage – Report

Ellen DeGeneres: The "Meanest Woman In Hollywood" - Portia de Rossi Struggles in Marriage - Report

No one likes to deal with a fake and from the sounds of it one of the women who seems to be the sweetest celeb is in fact a nightmare once the cameras stop rolling. I usually take these kinds of stories with a grain of salt but when lots of publications out there repeatedly tells stories about Ellen DeGeneres being the queen of mean, well at some point I have to think that it might be true. According to the April 7th print edition of National Enquirer, Ellen is incredibly disrespectful to anyone not being interviewed on her show.

Sources behind-the-scenes of her syndicated show insist that Ellen’s outbursts and tantrums are horrendous. If her water is the wrong temperature she’ll throw the bottle, if the studio is too cold she freaks out and her antics aren’t limited only to work. Ellen denies being a germaphobe but totally sets up her cleaning crew to make sure that the home that she shares with Portia de Rossi is spotless. Her recent drunken battles with Portia have also grabbed headlines and the two are rumored to be undergoing counseling in order to keep the marriage together.

You know how it goes. If a bunch of people that don’t know each other all have a similar story to share then it’s likely to be true and if so than Ellen sounds like a real peach to contend with. Do you believe the mounting rumors about Ellen’s bad behavior? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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13 responses to “Ellen DeGeneres: The “Meanest Woman In Hollywood” – Portia de Rossi Struggles in Marriage – Report”

  1. MakeLoveNotWar says:

    Please stop publishing false rumors.

  2. Jake says:

    I don’t believe these shitty tabloid rumors at all! Someone wants their paycheck.

  3. Wbminion says:

    I work with her staff at the studio. They’re always in a state of panic, her list of demands is absurd. And you’re not allowed to say hi to her on the lot. Yes she gives lots of stuff to staff and guests but guess what- it’s usually not her money people! It’s all self serving.

  4. […] not that, it’s career related. In this particular case, we’ve heard everything from ‘Ellen’s mean’ to them fighting over the furniture in their new home. Basically, it’s all over the place, […]

  5. Kestrel says:

    I’m calling bullshit. I’ve met her twice. That doesn’t render me able to judge her. They say EVERYONE is mean and lots of times they are BUT sometimes it is because they hit the star up for money and were told no or they are just selling them out. And to quote the National effing Enquirer as a source? The same people who print babies born with “mysterious tails” and have Khloe Kardashian being pregnant for the last 5 years? Walter Kronkite is rolling in his brave.
    You make Us Weekly look like the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

  6. wikitikimulagh says:

    this is so silly

  7. T says:

    Everyone working on her show says she isn’t at all like her on air persona. She is a total BITCH! Extremely Mean and unkind. What a disappointment

  8. sugar ray leonard says:

    What about her dogs?

  9. Anime Fangirl says:

    Of course its not her money!!! These companies will usually give the stuff away for free to get their name and product on the show… and if someone were to dip into their pockets to cover the cost of something it would most likely not be Ellen

  10. Rachel says:

    Yes, psychos are limited to the lesbian population.
    Some gay guys are psycho, some straight guys are psycho, some straight chucks are psycho, some trans people are psycho… people, in general, have the capacity to be psycho. Let’s not act like it’s a lesbian thing mmmkay?