Ellen DeGeneres ‘Secretly Mean’ – Is This Why Portia de Rossi Wants To Break Up? (PHOTOS)

Ellen DeGeneres 'Secretly Mean' - Is This Why Portia de Rossi Wants To Break Up? (PHOTOS)

Although both Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi have denied rumors of marriage trouble, the tabloids refuse to give up writing about them. This time, a new report from the National Enquirer claims that Ellen Degeneres is ‘secretly mean‘, even though she projects a very different image on camera.

A ‘source’ tells the Enquirer, “While she acts like she’s the sweetest woman in Hollywood, Ellen is actually cruel and cranky to nearly everyone around her. Instead of hosting the Academy Awards, Ellen should win one. She fakes it for the camera and has managed to convince America that she’s the nicest woman in showbiz.”

Wow, someone at the Enquirer really has it in for Ellen, don’t they? The amount of vitriol spewed in this article is pretty nasty, with allegations including, “She’s a monster. She routinely rages at underlings and takes her frustrations out on the staff.” The report claims that her staff constantly lives in fear of her, that Ellen is always making fun of her celebrity guests, and that she berates her staff whenever their jokes don’t work out.

The report also claims that Ellen is friends with many A-list celebrities, but it’s all pretend – she only acts like she cares because she gets something in return. Plus, the source claims that this is one of the reasons that Ellen and Portia have been having so much trouble recently – allegedly, Portia is sick and tired of pretending that Ellen is the most wonderful being on the planet when the truth couldn’t be further from that.

Honestly, this story just shows how out-of-touch the Enquirer has become. Ellen Degeneres employs hundreds of staffers on her show, and if they were being mistreated, stories from more reputable sources would have been released by now. Plus, there are annual secret surveys held in Hollywood over the worst employers in the town, and Ellen is routinely ranked as one of the best – both to her staff and in general. I don’t think that many people would make that up out of ‘fear’, so I’m calling bull on the Enquirer’s story. Plus, whatever’s happening between her and Portia, I don’t think it has anything to do with how ‘mean’ Ellen is.

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  • scorpio

    You obviously didn’t read the WHOLE
    article. I suggest you reread the whole article and not just skim through it.

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  • lit per

    Why are you so obsessed with gay sex?

  • lit per

    Why are you so obsessed with gay $3x?

  • lit per

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  • janish

    This report from NE doesn’t surprise me being that I know someone who has met and worked with Ellen through the Make a Wish foundation and this person reports that Ellen is far from nice and kind to these kids. The MAW Foundation has asked that if the children’s wish is to meet Ellen to consider something else because she’s absolutely terrible and its all basically an on-camera personality to gain more publicity. People are not always what they seem.

  • richie

    ellen degeneres is very phony, she is mean spirited and treats all her employees like peons! and she refused to give a terminally ill child his one wish which was only to meet her, she knew this but couldnt be bothered! its like nowadays that if your gay that automatically makes you a good person, hate to tell you people but being gay doesnt make you a good person just like being straight doesnt make you a good person! plenty of asshole straight and gays! the truth will come out about ellen one day mark my words!

  • richie

    people are so pathetic how they buy into the processed image that these celebrities put out there, just because ellen always tries to make herself look nice and sweet doesn’t mean that’s who she really is! lots of people are phony, and celebrities and professional athletes often put on a great show for the cameras but when the cameras are away the real person comes out! she projects an image of sweetness because thats what keeps the big bucks coming in!