Drew Barrymore Urged Lover Ellen Page To Come Out of The Closet?

Drew Barrymore Urged Lover Ellen Page To Come Out of The Closet?

Drew Barrymore has never really hid the fact that she has dabbled in lesbian relationships with various Hollywood women. She even exchanged a passionate kiss with Liv Tyler at the Oscars several years ago, totally raising eyebrows. She has also admitted to dating a lot of women in her younger years before settling in to married life with Will Kopelman. Back in 2009 Drew starred in Whip It with Ellen Page and it began a fabulous relationship for the two.

According to the March 10th print edition of National Enquirer Drew was absolutely head over heels for Ellen and if Ellen had been brave enough to live an openly gay lifestyle back then they could have easily become a Hollywood power couple. Instead she needed to protect her privacy and Drew eventually moved on but the two have remained great friends. It was actually Drew who encouraged Ellen to quit hiding herself from everyone and to just be true to herself once and for all.

Ellen obviously took Drew’s advice and announced to the world this past Valentine’s Day that she is done hiding her true identity. Drew is rumored to be proud of her friend and promised to be there for her no matter how the public reacted to Ellen’s announcement. Obviously the reaction has been very supportive for Ellen, but do you think that this new level of honesty will change the dynamics in her relationship with Drew? Could there be more going on here than just friendship? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Drew Barrymore Urged Lover Ellen Page To Come Out of The Closet?”

  1. Tri says:

    Drew wanted them to become a power couple? Why did she urge her to come out when there are plenty of Hollywood celebrities who swing both ways, inlcuding Drew. Forcing her to come out like that when it isnt her will isnt good. Drew seems jealous that she’s settled into home life and wants what she did in the past.

  2. Janine says:

    Imagine if I told you I do not agree with the act of heterosexuality and told you you shouldn’t proclaim your straightness to the world because it offends me.

  3. Casey says:

    I normally don’t respond to any of these sites. But I just wanted to make this point…you do not have to agree with homosexuality but you have to treat everyone equally. I think a lot of people (both straight and gay) miss that point. I personally dont understand how straight people are romantic together, because I am a lesbian and being with a man is not for me. But most of my friends are straight couples, I do not spew nasty comments there way or tell them they are “doing something wrong”, I dont throw rocks and them or beat them up. My point is that, as humans, we dont have to personally agree with someone to treat them with common decency and respect. For those of you who think we shouldnt “come out” and make it public, I think you would see that if we were treated equally, we probably wouldn’t make sure a big deal of it. But because so many people still feel they have to “hide” it (or worse kill themselves) so they dont face discrimination, loss of a job, loss of family, a beating, etc…it is important for people to publically come out so that those people hiding in their room at home know they are not alone.

  4. Marie says:

    Who’s to say whats “normal”? That’s the major issue with society. Always shoving what they think is supposed to be excepted down peoples throats. Everyone is supposed to look like this, everyone is supposed to dress like this or believe in this or be like this. And when a person has the guts to step out of what you call “normality” they’re judged and critized. Wake up. There’s no such thing as normal. Even as normal as someone looks on the outside doesn’t mean they really are.