Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Divorce Delayed – Adopting Baby Boy to Save Marriage?

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Divorce Delayed - Adopting Baby Boy to Save Marriage?

So much for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorcing, huh? According to reports, Tim and Faith are actually planning to add to their brood by adopting a baby boy within the next year. If they go through with the adoption, the boy would join their three daughters.

Apparently, Tim and Faith have been debating over such an adoption for the past few years, but they decided that it was time to take the leap. Tim has even admitted in the past that he and Faith had planned on having five children when they first got married, almost seventeen years ago. However, it seems like they didn’t want to take their chance with another pregnancy when Faith had some complications with her last one, and adoption seemed like the best alternative.

A source tells the National Enquirer, “It’s been bittersweet for them to see their daughters become teenagers and need Mommy and Daddy less and less. I think the idea of feeling young again by having a little one in the house appeals to them.” Plus, Faith was adopted as a baby so she probably has an affinity to the process and what it entails.

However, this does seem like quite a contrast to all those cheating and divorce rumors, no? Some part of me thinks that this is their way of dealing with any potential marital issues that they might be having. It wouldn’t be the first time a couple has used children as a method to avoid dealing with their problems, or hoping that a newborn would just make all their pre-existing issues disappear.

And who knows? Maybe the difficult times are really behind them, or maybe Tim and Faith were always fine and the tabloids were exaggerating the truth, as usual. Regardless of the reason, both Tim and Faith will have plenty of free time once Tim’s upcoming tour wraps up, and adding another baby to their family will give them plenty of time to spend together.

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  1. moanerlisa says:

    Why is marriage hard? Because monogamy is not inherently natural to humans; which is why it requires a special license, and why there are financial and emotional repercussions for default. Similarly, we are freely allowed to practice non-monogamy without license, and without repercussion. It’s called being single and it’s a right granted to everyone, NATURALLY.

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