Egypt Prosecutes Doctor for FGM Death of Sohair al-Bata in Landmark Case


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has been outlawed in Egypt since 2007 which wasn’t that long ago. FGM is the practice of removing certain necessary parts of the female anatomy for non medical reasons. Although the alleged reasons for the practice are religious and cultural the inherently barbaric and unnecessary practice was outlawed. Unfortunately, it is still being practiced by family members who opt to have the procedure done privately – and illegally.

Now, in a landmark case, as reported by Jezebel, a doctor who preformed this procedure on a 13 year old girl who subsequently died from the procedure is being prosecuted. Dr. Rasland Fadi is being prosecuted for performing the procedure and causing the death of 13 year old Sohair al-Bata after she died from complications of the surgery. al-Bata’s father is also being prosecuted for the death of his daughter since it was he who insisted that the procedure be done.

This is a landmark case because the mere aspect of prosecution is giving this procedure a different sigma; instead of FGM being a cultural right of passage, it will now be viewed as a crime, one that can yield punishment. This is process, even if that progress came at the heels of a tragedy. We here at CDL can only hope that justice is done and this child’s untimely passing can aid in the protection of young women who are in danger of having this barbaric procedure forced upon them. What do you guys think? Is this landmark case one giant leap for womankind? Let us know in the comments section.

One response to “Egypt Prosecutes Doctor for FGM Death of Sohair al-Bata in Landmark Case”

  1. Kudzuqueen says:

    I have no opinion either way, but what about circumcision? I know there are medical benefits, but do people regard this as mutilation as well?