Finding Carter Recap 8/19/14: Season 1 Episode 8 “Half Baked”

Finding Carter Recap 8/19/14: Season 1 Episode 8 “Half Baked”

Tonight on MTV their drama series Finding Carter returns with the eighth episode of its first season called “Half Baked.” Tonight, Carter and Taylor team up to confront their mother.

On the last episode Carter and Taylor celebrate their birthdays together for the first time since they were toddlers. Meanwhile, Carter’s kidnapper or so called “mother”, came up with a plan for she and Carter to run away together. Carter was stressed and torn between losing all her friends and her real family over running away with the women she was led to believe was her mother for most of her life. Crash and Carter are getting closer every day, he even offered to run away with Carter and her mom. In the end, Carter chose her real family and did not run away. Elizabeth found out about the whole thing and decided to let it go as she was so happy that Carter picked them. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode after learning of Elizabeth’s affair, Carter and Taylor urge her to come clean.

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David drives Carter to meet Lori. We see a flashback to Carter being lost at a playground and Lori running around frantically calling for her. Little Carter comes up and says she was feeding the ducks. Her mom says she can’t ever lose her because she’s the only thing in the world that matters to her. They pinkie swear on it. In the present, Carter stares at her lap and David asks if she’s okay. He says they are a little early. She asks which direction she’ll come from and then asks how upset she was when he told Lori she wasn’t going with her. He says she can imagine.

She says Lori always told her that her biggest fear was losing her and David says Lori had to know it was inevitable. Carter asks if it will be weird for him and he says not to worry about him. They wait outside the car and Carter asks the time. She asks what they should do and he says give it another 30 minutes. Carter doesn’t think she’s coming and David says he wouldn’t want to put her in more pain if he was in Lori’s position. Carter cries and says that sounds like her. They agree to call it a day and leave. Wonder if David really set up a meeting or if he’s lying. Hmmm…

Liz knocks on Grant’s door and she asks if he’s hungry. He’s playing video games and ignoring her. He tells her to go away and she asks why the bad mood and he says because she won’t go away. She asks what she did and if she can fix it. She tells him to say something. He says he hates her and yells at her to get out of his room. She tries to speak and he yells to get out. She goes and closes the door behind her. David asks what’s going and she recounts what Grant said.

David says they knew this day was coming and she says it’s more than puberty angst. He says he’ll talk to him but doesn’t see him in his room. He tells Liz to relax. Max is taking care of his plants when Taylor comes in and tells him her test went badly because there is no room in her brain anymore since he’s taking up space. He talks up the carbon cycle and he says there should be less of him and more of it but she kisses him.

There’s a knock at the door and he hushes her and says it may be Mormons. But it’s Grant. Taylor goes to the door and lets her brother in. He’s not happy she’s there but Max invites him in. He flops down and Taylor asks why he’s there. He tells her Liz is having an affair. Taylor says he needs attention but then Grant tells her very clearly that Liz is having sex with Gabe’s dad. She says it’s not true so they call Gabe over and he confirms it.

They next call Carter over and he tells them it’s been going on for three years. They ask why he didn’t tell his dad to stop. He talks about how devastated his dad was when his mom was dying of cancer and says that he finally came back to life when he started seeing Liz. He says his dad loves Liz and Carter says it has to end. Crash asks if she’s going to tell Liz and Carter says she and Taylor will tell Liz she has to break up with Kyle.

She says it’s wrong and has to stop. They ask Max to watch Grant while they go confront their mom and he agrees and says he’s his little brother too. The twins leave. David and Liz come in chatting from a jog and find their daughters waiting. Carter calls her Elizabeth and says they have to talk. They take her out of the room as she says she’s nervous. David asks what’s going on but they won’t tell him.

They tell her they know she’s sleeping with Kyle and tell her that Grant was in the closet and overheard she and Kyle talking. She’s devastated and says everyone in the house has a right to hate her. They tell her that Gabe has known for three years and she says it’s over. They tell her it’s not over for Kyle because he keeps a photo of her by his bed. Liz says she’s ashamed and embarrassed and sorry. She says she will end it once and for all. Carter says she has to tell David.

Liz says she just got her family back and doesn’t want to destroy it. Carter tells her to tell him tonight and Liz agrees. Carter says once it’s done they can all go back to normal. Carter walks out and Taylor tells her that her while life she tried to make her proud. She says she goes and sleeps with her best friend’s dad and didn’t even think about how she would feel. She says she didn’t cross her mind at all then stomps out. Liz cries.

Carter tells Crash how her mom reacted and he says Liz is responsible if she loses her family, not Carter. She says she’s not accustomed to all this family drama. She says she wants everyone to be happy and he says he’s the only one in his family. She apologizes but he says he’s never been happier. They kiss.

Liz comes out of the shower and David comes in and asks what’s up. She tells him she’s been having an affair and he says he knows about Kyle. She asks why he didn’t say anything and he asks her what would he says – please stop banging your handsome partner. She asks why he stayed and he says he knew one day it would stop and says he knows it meant nothing to her. He says he knows what she’s like when she’s in love. She says he does. She tells him it’s over.

She puts her hand on his chest and then he asks if that’s what the girls wanted to talk to her about. She tells him that Grant overheard her talking to Kyle. He blows up and says he’s now the object of pity to her and his kids. He says he has to do something. He’s angry and says he just got Carter back and now she can’t respect him. She says she’ll do anything and he asks if she means it.

Carter, Taylor and Grant come in the house and David greets them. She asks how things are and he says good. David says they had an open and honest conversation and worked things out. Taylor goes to cook dinner and David tells the kids that Liz moved out. He says they worked everything out and she’s gone. Grant and the kids are in shock – they thought worked things out meant it was all going to be okay.

[11:39:48 PM] Rachel Rowan: Taylor finds Carter reading a letter. Liz left one for each of them. Carter says hers says not to blame herself. She says she’s gone from having two mothers to having none. Taylor shows her the letter she got and it had her first teeth in it. They wonder what they can do and Carter says they can figure it out tomorrow. Carter pins up the letter on her wall. She climbs into bed.

Next morning, Taylor runs in and tells her they overslept. Liz wasn’t there to wake them. They go into a panic. Everyone is late, there’s no milk and they’re running amok. They all rush out the door and Grant says he’s going to be late and needs a note. They rush to drop him off and Carter writes a note. The sisters agree to pick him up and Carter says they’ll figure it out together. She promises to get milk.

He heads inside and the sisters agree they need to ditch today. They head off to Max’s place to hang. Crash is there too. They all sit around in silence and Crash asks whose idea this was. The sisters tell them they think they will get along if they spend some time together. Max asks what they have in common and Crash pulls out some weed. Carter tells Crash that Taylor has never smoked.

Max tells them not to pressure Taylor into it and Taylor says she wants to and says she doesn’t have to make her mom proud anymore. She grabs the pipe and asks how she does it. We see her playing with beads and asks if she should recite a poem. They are speaking in British accents and she does Pussycat, Pussycat. They all laugh. Max tells her it’s a good British accent. She flops over giggling.

Max goes to her and picks her up off the floor. She tells him he’s beautiful then asks if he’s her boyfriend. She giggles and says she has a beautiful boyfriend. He lays her on the bed and she asks if he’ll lay with her. He says no and she says she wants him to. He says not while she’s high. She makes a pouty face and says poo and he says he wants to be with her, just not like this. He tells her to sleep and kisses her cheek.

Crash tells Carter she has him wrapped around her little finger. She asks if he’ll promise, pinkie swear and she says it’s something she and her mom used to say. She tells him she misses her mom and he says she’ll see her again and says he’ll find her for Carter. They kiss. Grant sits alone at the school and tries to call his sisters. He gives up and calls Liz to come pick him up.

At home, Liz rants at the girls for leaving Grant alone. She tells them it was irresponsible and dangerous. She says she’s sorry and it’s only been 24 hours and Taylor is stoned. Carter says they’re falling apart and asks Liz to come home. Liz says that’s not what David wants and Carter goes to talk to him. Taylor eats a fudgesicle with relish and Liz takes her upstairs to lie down.

Carter knocks on David’s door and he doesn’t answer. She goes into his office and he’s not there. She finds a bottle of booze and brings it out. Liz says he must be in his Hemingway mode and knows where he is. Carter finds her dad at the bar and says they need to talk. He says he decided to get a divorce. He tells her that she should understand that he has to reinvent himself.

He says Liz married him when he was a promising young writer and he says he will never be the person she thought he would be. She asks why that means divorce and he says he let her down. He says the only book anyone wants is the book he can’t write. She says – Finding Carter – and he says it’s okay because he found Carter.

Carter tells Liz he wants a divorce. Liz says she thought it was fixable. Carter says it is fixable but she’s the one who can fix it. Carter says she has to know that Liz is 100% committed to working things out with David. She says yes. Carter leaves. She goes to talk to her dad and says she wants to help. She says if he lets Liz come home and doesn’t divorce her, she’ll let him write the book.

He asks if she’s sure and Carter says she’ll want to approve everything and he agrees. She says if she says no to something, he can’t put it in. He agrees and thanks her. She asks if Liz can come home. He says he can’t believe they mean that much to her and she says yes. I think David orchestrated this whole thing. He didn’t drink that booze. He planted the bottle knowing Liz would send Carter to him.

He totally just manipulated them into giving him permission to write the book he’s already been writing. What a sneaky, two-faced jerk! Carter goes back to see Liz at the hotel. She asks how Carter talked him into it but she won’t tell her. She asks why Carter would do this for her and she reads the letter that Liz left her when she went. It says that she owes all her honesty to Carter.

Liz says she’ll see her at home. She says she has to go to work and Carter asks about what happened to doing it all differently. Liz tells her to trust her. They come in the front door and Grant hugs her and says he’s glad she’s back. He asks if she has milk and he’s happy. Liz also tells them she took a leave of absence from work. David comes up and asks why.

Liz says she became a cop to find Carter and she found her. Taylor says they no longer have a cop in the family. Liz says it’s just a leave of absence. Liz thanks David for letting her come home and he says he didn’t want to tear it apart since they just got the family back together. They go to fix dinner.

Later, Carter comes downstairs and Liz calls to her. She shows her a baby book she made for her. Carter asks where Grant’s book is and Liz says she owes Grant a lot of things. Liz tells her she knows she saw Lori. She thanks her for staying and choosing them. She says she almost talked to her. She says she thought David made the call and she says she made it but then froze.

She tells her David talked to her for just a moment and he told her that Carter picked them and she needed to go away. Carter asks what about a meeting and Liz says there was nothing like that and it was a short conversation. Carter blows up and says the lies never end. She says everything he told her was a lie. She runs upstairs and out onto the balcony gasping for air.


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