Finding Carter Recap 8/12/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Throw Momma From the Train”

Finding Carter Recap 8/12/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Throw Momma From the Train”

Tonight on MTV their drama series Finding Carter returns with the sixth episode of its first season called “Throw Momma From the Train” Carter and Taylor celebrate their birthdays.

On the last episode Carter revealed her feelings for Crash and he was thrilled, although Crash had a surprise of his own, his brother died in a pickup truck fire while he was supposed to be watching him. Meanwhile, Taylor was torn between Gabe and Max and looked like she was going to choose Max.  Carter’s “mother” who kidnapped her appeared and told her about a plan to run away together. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Carter and Taylor celebrate their birthdays together for the first time since they were toddlers.

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Carter lies in bed toying with her car key. She looks upset. There’s a knock at her door and she hides the key. David comes in and wishes her happy birthday. He tells her she’s exactly 17 years old. She asks what happens now and he says they wait 25 minutes then wake Taylor. He drags the girls downstairs and they complain about it being too early. In the kitchen, the grandparents are there and offer to cook or open presents. Taylor is in shock and they step into the other room to talk.

Taylor says this never happens and says it’s usually the worst day of the year. Carter says she didn’t even know this was her birthday. Both girls are overwhelmed. Carter tells her she just turned 16 six months ago and Taylor asks what day but then grandma interrupts. Grandpa says the last time they celebrated together they were three.

Carter says she remembers him riding him around on her shoulders. Grant feels neglected and creeps out of the room. They offer the girls a party and they agree. Grandma hands them Macy’s gift cards to buy fab new dresses. She tells Carter to buy something new and tells Taylor to buy something slinky. The girls head out. Liz’s mom asks her why David is asking her about a spa weekend.

She says she rolled with it and then asks Liz if she’s cheating. Liz says it’s complicated and her mom says she’d be so happy if she unloaded David since he’s a loser. She tells her to let her know how she can help. Liz says she has to get ready for the party but her mom says for her to go shopping with the girls and says she’ll get her credit card.

David comes in and says they can pay for their own clothes and her mom asks if they really can. Grnadpa offers them donuts and Carter stares at a heart shaped balloon in the bouquet. She thinks back to her most recent b-day with Lori and waking to balloons all over her room and the whole apartment. She says it’s her favorite day of the year – the day she made her a mom.

Liz is making a champagne toast and thanks the girls for making her a mother. They all toast – Grant is back now and Carter excuses herself from the table. She goes to pack some clothes and then hides the bag under the bed. Taylor comes in and sees her stashing it and says that’s not a good sign. She pulls it out and Carter admits she saw her mom. Taylor says around her she’s called the kidnapper.

She kicks the bag and asks Carter if she’s leaving and going back to her. She asks when and says it better not be today. She asks her to reschedule devastating her family and Carter says it’s not up to her. Taylor says it’s all up to her. Carter says she can’t stay there and be with her mom. Taylor says she could let htem wake up tomorrow and relive the nightmare of losing her.

She asks if she could do that to them and says if she can, she must really hate them. Carter says there is nothing she can say. Taylor says to say she’s staying. Taylor says everyone thinks it’s great to be a twin but they wouldn’t say that if they had to be her twin. Carter cries and pulls at her hair in frustration.

her. She won’t. She tells her she has some cute dresses for her and shows her one she thinks Max will like on her. She asks how things are with her and Max and Taylor says it won’t matter since Carter will be gone soon. She asks who else knows and she says Max. She says she met Lori where Max works.

Taylor asks if he was texting her and she says at least Lori didn’t kidnap her again. Carter says she doesn’t want her to hate her and Taylor says stay or she won’t then threatens to tell Liz. She asks what about Grant and Carter says she can’t think about him. It’s incredibly awkward and Liz asks to see what they’ve got on. Taylor comes out in a little black dress. Carter comes out in the exact same dress.

Carter looks at Taylor and says it’s not contest – her sister wins but Taylor says she wants her to have it. Taylor says it’s your last – then stops – and Liz asks last what. Taylor says the last time I’ll be this generous with you. Liz insists they both get the dress and shows them the a photo of them when they were three wearing the same dress. Carter looks over at Taylor and asks her to be her twin again.

Taylor agrees but doesn’t look happy. Carter asks to hold on to the photo. The girls go to change. Carter sits in the dressing room staring at the photo of them at three. She thinks back to asking Lori for a baby picture of her for a school thing. Lori says they lost them all when the basement flooded. Lori says she has one and it’s her only one so she has to give it back. We see it’s a pic of her alone, when she was three sitting on the steps.

It’s the birthday picture but Taylor was cut out of it. Liz calls Carter who answers. Liz says she can’t remember the last time she was this happy and Taylor tells her she’s a great mom and hugs her. Carter walks out and Taylor repeats what she says then walks off. Liz says she doesn’t know what got into her. She hands back the photo then asks what other baby pictures she has. She asks to see them when they get home and Liz agrees.

At home, she flips through a pile of photos her herself when Max comes in. He points out a photo of them as babies and says it’s cute. He asks what she decided and she says she has to go. Max says he thinks she shouldn’t and she says it’s not his choice. Max says he knows things she doesn’t that would influence her decision.

She tells him not to tell her if it will hurt her and he says that’s not fair. Max asks Taylor if she thinks Carter should go and she says no. Max says he saw Lori lurking outside their house and Carter says she asked him not to tell her but he says he’s talking to Taylor. He says he wanted to talk to her but Lori was there. Taylor says she’s upset because Carter doesn’t care what she thinks and it’s her birthday.

Max asks if she would leave her sister on her birthday. He says he can’t be her firend if she goes with Lori and leaves with Taylor. It’s party time and Grant is answering the door and taking coats. Grandma is serving food. Max comes in wearing one of David’s shirt and he tells the kid to keep it.

Bird and some others show up and pile coats on Grant. He drops them because it’s just too much and his grandma yells at him. He stomps upstairs. Poor kid. Crash comes in and helps pick them up. Crash introduces himself and she says it’s a sexy name and tells him to call her Joan. He thanks Liz for welcoming him but she doesn’t look very welcoming. Crash goes to stow the coats.

Taylor and Carter come down in their identical dresses. David snaps a pic and then has them stand close. Everyone takes a ton of photos. Then they hug for more photos. Crahs pulls Carter aside for a kiss. He asks what she decided and she says she thinks she’s going to go. He tells her it’s awesome and that he wants to come along. She says she’s leaving tonight and he says they need to make plans.

Ofe tells Bird an idea he has for a dystopian best selling YA trilogy. He asks her to remember it for him. She says she should be in a corner making out with someone and he offers but she walks away. Gabe comes in then and Liz greets him. She tells him to make himself at home. Kyle is there with him and David walks up and says he’s glad he made it. David insists the he stay for at least one beer.

Kyle reluctantly agrees and shrugs out of his coat. Gabe hugs Taylor and says she looks amazing. He asks Max why he’s not playing with Grant and Taylor says it’s because he’s with her. Gabe asks when that happened. Max says he can’t fill out his questionnaire today and puts his arm around Taylor and they walk off.

Grant is in his closet skyping with his GF. She asks why he’s in a closet and he says he’s timing to see how long it will take for someone to notice he’s gone. She says he skipped the birthday party to throw himself a pity party. Crash is in Carter’s room looking through photo albums. She comes in and closes the door. He asks to have one of her baby pics and she asks why.

Crash says she has that effect on him. He says she makes him want real things. He says he wants her and us. She says she wants him to come with them but says it’s not possible. She says it feels wrong and would be dangerous for him to come. He says dangerous is his fave word but he won’t be dissuaded. He says it’s her decision to go and his decision to come along.

He says she’s only looking at the bad things but the good things are that she’ll have her mom and him and asks what else she needs. She says nothing, she guesses. They kiss.

 [11:37:38 PM] Rachel Rowan: Gabe checks out the party alone then heads upstairs to Grant’s room. He sits down to play with Grant’s video game and Grant peeks at him out of the closet. She says he’s going to beat his score and yells out ass wipe. Grant closes the laptop and Gabe asks if he called him an asswipe but he says it was his GF. Gabe says not to sound shocked. He invites Gabe to his closet pity aprty and he agrees.

Bird comes up and hugs Carter and she asks who told her she was leaving and she says Crash told her and Ofe. Bird wants her to stay but says she has to do what she has to do. She offers her a bangle but Carter says it’s too expensive. Bird says they would have been lifelong friends and it’s her only chance to give her something like this. They hug. Ofe says he just got her a keychain Bop It game.

They hug too. Ofe tells her it’s been an honor and privilege to be her friend. Carter tells them to stop talking about her in the past tense and walks away. Ofe tells Bird he must not know the proper fugitive etiquette. David approaches Kyle who says he has to go. He asks if he has a hot date and Kyle says he wishes. David says it’s too bad Liz is stuck there with his family.

Kyle ask what he means and David asks what he thinks he means. Liz walks up and David walks off. Kyle grabs her arm to pull her aside and tells her that her husband knows about them. He pulls her into Gabe’s room and tells her that David knows they’re having an affair. He recounts the conversation and then Liz says it’s not like he said I know you’re sleeping with my wife.

Gabe hugs Grant who is visibly upset by what they overheard. It’s cake time. Joan sets down a cake in front of them and they smile. The girls blow them out together with eyes closed to make a wish. Taylor takes her sister’s hand. The crowd applauds and Carter hugs her sister warmly. Everyone is happy. Carter smiles and laughs. Later, she and Taylor lie on the floor.

Taylor asks if she has to go and Carter says not yet. She says it was a great birthday even if it was the only time she’ll get to celebrate it. Carter asks her favorite part and she says at Macy’s when they had the same dress. Carter asks what she wished for and she says not to lose her. Carter shows her a phoot of them holding each other as little tiny babies.

We see Lori taking Carter to a hospital nursery to see babies that were born on her birthday. She tells her she was a fat baby that hated swaddling. Lori tells her to pick out a baby to take home and they joke about taking one with funny ears that the parents probably don’t like. Then she points out one named Agatha and says if they take her and change her name, she can have a whole different life.

Carter points out twins and says she wants them. She says it would be great to be a twin. She asks when she thought her birthday was and she says May 5th. Taylor asks if she ever read any articles about her kidnapping or their dad’s book. Taylor says that her birthday was the second worst day of the year. The worst day was May 5th. She says she hasn’t been celebrating her birthday and Carter realizes she’s been celebrating the day she was abducted.

David is in his office writing a chapter of his book called The Birthday Party. Carter comes in and he closes the laptop. He asks why she’s still up. She comes in and hands him the key her mom gave her. She tells him she saw Lori and he says it’s all right and that she can tell him. She says she’s waiting on her to run away with her. David asks if she thinks she’s coming and she says she told her she would.

Carter says now she doesn’t know what she wants. She says she can’t make this decision. David asks where she was going to meet her and she hands him a scrap of paper and a burner phone that’s good for one call. She sighs and tells him she hit a snag. She says she can’t call and tell her she’s not coming and he says she doesn’t have to. He says she doesn’t have to call.

Carter says she has to tell her but she thinks it will be the last time she talks to her. She says she wants to tell her she loves her and she’s afraid she won’t tell her she loves her back. David says he’s her dad and will take care of it. She asks how and he says it’s the Dad Code and can’t tell her. He tells her she’s too tiny to carry this enormous burden. He tells her to trust him with it and she agrees. They hug.

Grant sits in the kitchen eating cake when Carter comes in. She asks if he had fun at the party and he says no. She asks if he heard something that upset him – she thinks he may have heard about her leaving. She tells him what he heard isn’t true. She says she’s not going anywhere and he’s floored but she reassures him and he says he needs her – they all will need her. She asks why.

Grant says to forget it – it’s probably the sugar talking. They say good night to each other. David comes to the bedroom and talks to Liz. He says little did they know that life could be so good and she says it could be good again. He says he wants to talk to her about a conversation he had today. She gets a panicked look thinking this is about Kyle. It’s not.

He tells her Lori is back and looking to take Carter away from them again. She’s in shock. David shows her the paper that says where Lori is. She says she can’t be the one to arrest Lori. She says she promised Carter and he says to call the FBI and have them do it. Liz says Carter chose them and that’s enough. David asks if she’s sure. He asks if they should call and tell her Carter isn’t coming.

Liz asks for the phone and David says if she presses the button, she’ll be talking to the woman that stole their daughter. She dials. Lori asks if it’s Carter and David says it’s her father. He says Carter doesn’t want to talk to her and she asked him to say goodbye to her. Lori says not to underestimate her and says he did before. He tells her the police are on the way and she says she can tell he’s lying.

He tells her to stay out of their lives. Liz tells him he’s amazing and kisses him. They pause and kiss again and then fall into bed together.