Finding Carter Recap 8/5/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “The Fugitive”

Finding Carter Recap 8/5/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “The Fugitive”

Tonight on MTV their drama series Finding Carter returns with the sixth episode of its first season called “The Fugitive” where Carter reveals her feelings for Crash.

On the last episode Carter learned what real police work was about; Elizabeth and Carter bonded when she went on a police training day. Although, half way through their day, Elizabeth got a police call and had to rush to the scene of a crime and it was there that Carter actually was able to see the true Elizabeth when she was consoling the wife of the victim. Meanwhile, Taylor attended a party which didn’t go as planned and ended up getting out of control. But, Taylor got her first kiss and many more; she and Max left the party together and continued the kissing at home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Carter reveals her feelings for Crash. Meanwhile, Taylor is torn between Gabe and Max.

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Carter plays with makeup when Taylor comes in. She says she found a permanent marker in her makeup bag and worries she used it. Taylor says Bird called and she invited her over even though she and Carter haven’t been talking. Bird is there and asks if she’s giving her the silent treatment over her hooking up with Crash. Bird says she misses her and is upset that Carter is okay without her. Carter admits that she is upset about Crash and Bird says she and Crash are just friends.

Carter says she just keeps seeing them hook up in her head. Bird says she thought Carter was cool with it and Carter says she wanted to be cool with it. She’s upset because she does have feelings for Crash. Bird says they are both the same to Crash – just a girl to bang – and she says she picks Carter over Crash. Carter asks where Crash lives and Bird says to just call and that he wouldn’t want her to come to his house.

Carter won’t accept that and heads out. Bird brings her to Crash’ pad which is an enormously ratty trailer with junk piled in the yard and pizza boxes on the front porch. They knock and a cranky woman comes to the door and says he’s not there. She yells at them and tells them to go. Crash walks up just then and gives them the evil eye then heads into his trailer. Like Bird said, he isn’t happy they’re there.

Gabe is running track and Taylor is cheering. He finishes his race and she brings him some water. He thanks her and she comments on his perfect record and says her relay was a flop. He tells her he had fun with her the other night and says she melted his brain. Taylor doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks about his becoming team captain. He asks to see her but she says she has homework.

Taylor asks if he means a date and then asks if he wants her to bring Carter along. She says she knows he likes Carter and he says Carter told him it was a no-go because Taylor liked him. He asks for a shot to get her to like him again and Taylor says it’s crazy but she caves and agrees to go out with him. Carter has pizza delivered from the place Crash uses and buys the hat off the guy.

She goes back to Crash’ place with the pizza and his mom opens the door and then tells Crash to pay. He comes to the door and tells her it’s a cool hat. She asks to talk to him and he says no but then comes outside. She takes off her pizza hat and he asks what she wants. He asks if she came all that way out there to make it clear that she’s not into him. In response, she grabs and kisses him and he says – so you are into me.

She smiles at him and he smiles back. She sits beside him and he asks, now what. She says they should go out somewhere, like to his favorite place. He says that’s right here, right now. He says his life isn’t exactly scenic and he’s spent most of it in juvie and she asks him to take her to one and show her. Crash says he spent a lot of time with people who saw nothing in him and they’d be shocked to see her with him. He says he’s shocked too.

Carter says he is worth something. Crash says he’s going to take her to his least favorite place instead. Taylor comes to see Max at work at the convenience store. He offers her some free munchies then asks why she’s there. She tells him Gabe asked her out. She asks if she should go. He says she should but won’t look her in the eyes. He says Gabe is a catch since he’s a popular jock. Taylor asks if he has no other reaction. Max doesn’t offer anything else up and Taylor thanks him. She’s upset but goes. He’s upset too.

David comes home and finds a receipt on the floor for some really expensive lingerie. He searches Liz’s drawer and finds it and looks annoyed. He puts it back.

In an old warehouse, Crash tells Carter it’s his after school hangout. He says it’s his community center. He says he used to come after school and get high there and says they even put in a zip line. She says it’s his Disneyland. He tells her he had a younger brother named Ben. He says his mom dropped them off at his aunt’s house then never came back for them. He says he brought Ben there one day when he was supposed to be watching him at home.

He says he sent his brother to go sit in the truck while he and his friends got drunk. They walk up to the burned out carcass of a truck. He tells her that his brother was playing with the ignition and there was a defect and it set on fire and killed his brother. Carter is in complete shock.

Kyle tells Liz that they’ll be able to lock Crash up by Monday and he’ll be sent away for a couple of years. Kyle is annoyed that Liz doesn’t remember it’s their one year anniversary. He says he got them a hotel room with champagne and reminds her she promised to spend the whole night with her. She says she will and that David won’t care because he’s always in his office working. We see David in his office working and there are texts on his phone from Liz saying she has to work late. He gets up and paces.

Crash tells Carter that he doesn’t want to ruin her and that he destroys everything he touches. She tells him he is more than the worst thing that has happened to him and that he should never come there again. He says he comes there all the time so he doesn’t forget. Carter comforts him then kisses him.

The doorbell rings and Taylor and Grant both run for the door. He’s expecting Max and she’s expecting Gabe. It’s Gabe. Max shows up then and tells Taylor she looks nice. Gabe says that’s his line and Max tells them to have fun. Gabe says he intends to. They leave and he says he likes Max and Taylor says she does too.

Liz finds David in his office and tells him a lie about going to an overnight spa trip with her mom because her mom’s friend canceled because of a hip replacement surgery. She says it’s Monday night and she offers to get her mom to cancel and take him along but he declines. He clearly knows she’s lying but she doesn’t seem to notice.

Carter is eating ice cream in the kitchen smiling when Liz comes in. She asks what she’s so happy about but Carter won’t give any deets. Liz asks if she can have some ice cream and Carter hands her a spoon. Liz says they need more junk food in the house and Carter mocks the gluten free cookies. Liz says they’re terrible but she bought them because she knew she wouldn’t eat them. Liz cracks a lame joke and Carter giggles.

She makes an elephant man reference and says Carter wouldn’t get it but she says her other mom used to watch classic movies with her when she was sick as a child. Liz says she’s grateful that Lori gave her a great life and Carter says it’s an amazing thing for her to say. Liz tells her she’s working on a court case against Crash and Carter gets upset.

Carter tells her she doesn’t know what kind of life he’s led. Liz says his bad choices are now who he is. Carter says he hasn’t had anyone believe in him ever but now she does. Liz says he’s going to be in court on Monday and the judge won’t see him in good light. She says he’s going to prison for at least three years. Carter asks if it’s definite and Liz says it could be 5 or 10 years.

Liz says the fact that Crash didn’t tell her any of this is a sign that he’s not a good guy for her. Carter says what it means that since he does know it is that he’s not planning on showing up in court on Monday. She takes off out the door.

Crash is at Bird’s when Carter finds him and asks why he didn’t tell her he was going to prison. He says he just wanted one last perfect day with her. She says the day isn’t over yet and kisses him passionately. Gabe and Taylor are playing putt putt. They laugh about a mini golf party when they were kids and they reminisce on knowing each other since kindergarten. She makes fun of a horrible hair cut he had as a kid.

Taylor says she’s realized that she is more like his sister. Gabe says he guesses so. She hugs him. Crash and Carter cuddle post-coital. He says he wishes they could be together and travel from adventure to adventure. He says he wants to live in Alaska and she says she wants to go to Utah and sell hot dogs to rich skiers then says she just made that up.

Crash asks her to run away with him now. He doesn’t want to wait until he’s out of prison but she says to have faith in her and says she has faith in him. He grabs his clothes and starts to dress. He says he doesn’t want three years of her seeing him behind bars in a green jumpsuit and being told she can’t touch him. He dresses, then kisses her and goes.

Carter gets a call from Bird and they lament that neither has heard from Crash. Taylor is curling her hair when Carter comes in to sit. Taylor says she’s hoping to hear from Max and Carter says to just call him and tell him she likes him. Carter asks if she’s willing to lose him by chickening out on not saying that she likes him. Carter says you never know how long you’ll have someone in your life.

Carter says there’s stuff now she’ll never get to say to her mom and now to Crash either. Taylor says she needs to go get Crash and make him go to court. She says she doesn’t know where he is but Taylor tells her to go find him. Carter makes her promise to go see Max and tell him she likes him.

Carter leaves a message for Crash – Liz overhears – she tells him he can’t run away from his problems. She says that’s not life, it’s running from life. She tells him not let decisions he makes now ruin the rest of his life. She begs him to please come home. Liz looks thoughtful and walks away without coming in. At the courthouse, Bird comes in and tells Carter that no one has seen Crash.

She says he won’t show up but Carter says he might. Bird says Crash doesn’t take on responsibility. Liz comes out and says it’s time and he’s still not there. But then he is and Carter goes to hug him warmly. He asks if she doubted him and she says no and he says that’s why he’s there. He’s in a shirt and tie and greets Liz. Liz asks to talk to Crash alone.

She says she has scored him a deal – probation and community service. He goes to hug her but Liz backs away. Carter comes over thrilled. Liz says she needs to talk to him some more. She tells him he has zero chances left. She says if he even lights a joint, he’ll go back to jail and will spend the rest of his life there. Crash says he’ll do what he has to do to show her that she’s wrong about him and that he can be good enough for her daughter. He holds out his hand to shake hers but she just gives him the evil eye and walks away.

At the police station, Kyle tells her to go check her desk. He says he left her the key to the hotel room. He whispers happy anniversary and she says she’ll be right behind him after she grabs the key and her bag. But David is sitting at her desk. She asks what’s up and he tells her she forgot her bathing suit. He asks if her mom is picking her up there and says he’ll wait with her.

He asks if she needs the envelope and she says it’s work and she can take care of it tomorrow. She gets a call and says it’s her mom and he says he hopes she doesn’t have to cancel. He tries to help her with her bag, but she pulls it out of his reach. When she turns away to take the call, he takes the key out of the envelope and pockets it.

Carter and Crash are kissing in the car when Carter gets a text. She checks and tells him it’s just Max. She ignores it. Taylor comes to see Max at work. He’s surprised to see her. He says it’s kind of a bad time. She offers to go and he says okay so she does. He heads into the back and Lori is there. He asks her to leave. Lori says after tonight she won’t see him again.

Crash asks Carter what Max wanted and she reaches for her phone. She sees a ton of texts from him and calls him but it goes to voice mail. They head to the store. She goes inside and asks Max what’s wrong. Carter sees Lori and goes to her and hugs her. Crash watches with interest. Carter introduces Crash to her mom. She tells him it’s a great name.

Max tells them they need to get out of the middle of the store so they head into the storage room. Carter says she’s okay and Lori says they are going to be together. She says she got them Russian passports and she just needs to pack a small bag. She tells Carter to meet her there tomorrow night. She hands her a burner phone and says it’s only good for one call.

Max comes in and says his shift is up and the next guy won’t be up for hosting America’s Most Wanted. Lori tells him he used to be cool and he says she used to be cool too. Carter tells her she loves her and Lori says she loves her more. They hug it out. Lori leaves as she says she’s going to miss calling her Carter.