Finding Carter Live Recap: Season 1 Episode 10 “Love Story”

Finding Carter Live Recap: Season 1 Episode 10 “Love Story”

Tonight on MTV their drama series Finding Carter returns with the tenth episode of its first season called “Love Story.” Tonight, Elizabeth’s actions infuriate Grant and Taylor.

On the last episode Carter was betrayed by David and her friend Bird. Meanwhile, Max and Taylor struggled to take their relationship to the next stage. Carter gets arrested for grand larceny for stealing a necklace that Bird’s mother owned, yet she didn’t steal it, it was Bird. Crash bails Carter out of jail before they could find out that Bird showed up at the police station with her mom to tell the truth and Carter would have been set free. Carter and Crash take off in his car, Carter has her father’s draft of his book and she opens the window and lets the pages fly out of the car. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Grant and Tyler are furious when Elizabeth chooses to take extreme actions to find her daughter.

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RECAP: Carter and Crash drive down the road. She screams out the window but he tells her to sit down and put her seatbelt on. He says he just got her and doesn’t want to lose her. She asks where they’re going and he asks where she wants to go and she says away – where no one knows her and has no reason to lie to her. Crash suggests California and says he always wanted to be a farmer.

She asks cows and he says no, marijuana. He says maybe a marijuana farmer that has seen the Grand Canyon and she suggests Mount Rushmore then he asks about where she grew up. She smiles and agrees. Liz growls after ending a call. David asks if she has any news. She says the tracker on Carter’s phone seems to be haywire and her her phone is going to voice mail which is full.

Liz says she wishes she could live in David’s oblivious world and he accuses her of being hysterical. She says she’s being proactive. Liz says she sees herself in Carter and says if she was her she wouldn’t come back. David says she would have good reason with that crazy mother. He smiles with the lame joke. Carter calls her siblings and says she doesn’t know when she’s coming home.

She says she wants to see them and they tell her that Bird confessed and that all charges have been dropped. They tell her she’s not in any trouble but she says its not safe for Crash. Liz comes in and interrupts and says it won’t be safe for Crash anyway. Taylor says Liz barged in and Liz apologizes and says she’ll leave but doesn’t. Grant asks where they’re going and she says Disneyland. He says that’s where he would go and they swap armadillo/elephant good byes like usual.

Crash and Carter get back on the road. Liz snaps a pic of the photo of the twins from the party. Carter and Crash talk in the car. She asks his favorite sound and he says a train in the distance. She says hers is excited dog noises when you come back from being gone a long time. He asks if she would make that sound if he had been gone a long time and came back.

Carter’s phone chimes and she tells him to pull over. He does and she shows him that her mom has put out an amber alert on her. She tells him she’s sorry. He puts his hand over his face and then curses and hits the wheel. Grant and Taylor come confront their mom about the amber alert. Liz says she hopes they understand why she had to do it.

Grant says that’s for kidnappings and that’s not what happened. David says he hopes it works – he’s not happy either. The kids try to change the license plate a little because of the alert. Crash says they need to figure out some things. He says she has to go home and that it’s not a game anymore. He says he’ll be charged with statutory rape and kidnapping.

He says she’s better off without him and she says she’s not then he says he’s better off without her. She asks if he means that and he says no. He takes her phone and says her phone has GPS pointing right to them. She crushes the phone and he asks if they’re really doing this. She says she is and then he crushes his phone too. He says it’s just them off the grid.

He picks her up and hugs her then sets her on the car and kisses her. They hear a train in the distance like he likes. Max lies with his head in Taylor’s lap and tells her a story about some kids throwing moon pies in the store. He hands her a key to his apartment. She asks if she can come any time and he says yes and that he’ll cook her food.

Taylor says she wishes she could call Carter and tell her and Max says she’ll be back soon. Carter and Max are at her old place where she lives with Lori. She looks around and he asks if it’s weird being back. She says it’s strange without furniture and he asks her to describe where everything was. She tells him then shows him the height chart on the kitchen wall.

He never had one growing up so she marks him on the wall then shows him the last one her mom marked of her then notices a number written there in Lori’s handwriting. She copies it down then Crash kisses her and says he told her that he would find her mom for her. They sleep on the floor but hear footsteps and knocking and a voice saying he heard someone in there and is calling the cops.

They make a break for it and run back to the car. Crash says he wishes everyone in the world wasn’t looking for them right now. Carter says her mom will know that he didn’t kidnap her and says she needs to leave a message with Max. He says they can’t go back that way but she begs and he caves and she agrees to go to California after that.

They pull up at a store and Crash asks for chips. She asks where his money went and he says he bailed her out of jail and bought something. He shows her a handgun and she’s shocked. He says he has a record and that cops don’t protect guys like him and says he has to be able to protect them. He tells her he she needs to learn how to use it. She checks it out and says she learned some from Liz. She heads into the store.

Liz calls in about the amber alert and Taylor listens in from the top of the stairs. Grant comes to sit with her and Taylor says it’s like old Liz again. She says once again she’s all about the kid that’s not there and Grant says he likes it when Taylor is around. Liz ignores them and searches for the GPS on Carter’s phone online. She slams her laptop closed in frustration.

Carter and Crash play roadtrip games in the car. They pull up to Max’s work and she comes in and Max is excited and hugs her. Crash watches through the window. She tells him she’s not really back. He sees Crash outside and he starts to call Taylor but she tells him to stop or he’ll never see her again. She tells him to turn off the phone and he tells her she’s not a nice fugitive.

Crash watches them impatiently and chants let’s go, let’s go. She says she can’t stay long enough to wait for Taylor and Grant to get there. She says she needs a favor. She hands him an envelope and says to give it to her mom if he sees her and asks him for two burner phones. She says Crash isn’t like him and has never had anyone care about him before.

Max says he’ll go and tell Crash that she decided to stay. Carter says she can’t stay. He agrees to get her the burner phones. Carter asks if he’s heard from Lori and he says no. He hands her the phones and she says maybe she’s gone for good. He says that’s what she’s about to be if she’s not careful. He tells her the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but says Lori isn’t her tree.

Crash gets impatient and heads into the store. She asks what Max’s problem is and he says he doesn’t like him taking Carter from them. Crash asks Max how he is and then Crash gets confrontational with him and Carter tries to pull him out of the store. He says he has an idea of how Max can help them. Crash says there is one last thing he can do.

Crash says it’s easy and tells him to give them everything in the register and report it as a robbery. He pulls the gun and says it’s okay because the safety is on. But it’s not and he shoots Max. Carter is stunned.

Max is bleeding out and Carter asks what he’s done. She runs to Max and grabs him up and Crash says he didn’t mean to. She asks why. She cries and screams – she tells him to call 911. There’s blood everywhere and he says they have to go. She begs him for help. He runs out of the store. She grabs the phone and calls 911. She calls for an ambulance. She strips off her shirt and tries to stop the bleeding.

The ambulance finally shows up. Carter is soaked in his blood. The floor is a puddle of his blood. The EMTs work on him. They start an IV and try to revive him. They intubate him and do CPR. Carter sobs and sobs. At the hospital, she sits with his blood dried on her. Liz checks her watch. Taylor thinks about his sweet words to her.

David and Liz think about Max too. Carter thinks about Max begging her to just stay. Grant pats her knee in comfort. Liz paces. The doctor comes in and tells them that Max is stable. He says he spoke with his parents and they gave consent for surgery but they’re not out of the woods yet. David thanks him. David puts his arm around Taylor and Liz sits by Carter and gives her a sweater to cover up with.

Liz tries to talk but Carter tells her not to say it. She cries and Liz says they all have a long list of “should nevers” and then asks what were they doing with a gun. The door opens and cops come in to talk to Carter and she asks Liz to stay with her. They step aside with them. They ask why she was there and what was her history was with them, where they were headed, why he had a gun, what was the intent.

She just starts sobbing and sobbing and Liz shuts it down. The cops say that they will be in touch. Taylor stands up and tells her she’s not your mother. She says – she’s my mother. She says – you don’t deserve to be comforted, it’s all your fault. She says all Carter has done is hurt her and her family and says she’ll never forgive her. Carter runs off.

Carter walks down the hall devastated. Her sneakers are covered in blood. She thinks about Crash kissing her. She roams the halls and cries. She stops and leans against the wall and sobs as she thinks about Max. She heads into the chapel and sits. Taylor sits and Carter comes to sit with her. Taylor shows her one of her hairs and says that’s how close the bullet came to his heart and how close she was to losing him. David comes to tell them the doctor wants to see them.