Flipping Out RECAP 3/12/14: Season 7 Episode 2 “The New Girl”

Flipping Out RECAP 3/12/14: Season 7 Episode 2 “The New Girl”

The exciting designer series Flipping Out returns tonight with another new episode called, “The New Girl.”  On tonight’s episode Jeff hires his friend Megan as his new design assistant.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On last week’s season premiere found Jeff comfortably settled in his new home, Gramercy, with a slate of high-profile clients, including “CSI” actor George Eads and his wife, Monika, who were undertaking a major remodel of theirHollywood Hills home. Meanwhile, we learned that Jenni was seven months pregnant, forcing Jeff to make plans for her upcoming maternity leave.

On tonight’s episode Jeff prepares for Jenni’s impending maternity leave by hiring his friend Megan as his new design assistant. Jealous of Megan’s hire, Andy acts out, forcing Jenni to take up her role of Human Resources Director again. Meanwhile, Jeff helps an old friend redesign her home on a tight budget.

Tonight is going to be a fun episode of Flipping Out that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravo’s season 7 episode 2 of  “Flipping Out” tonight at 9 PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “Flipping Out”, so far! While you wait for our recap, check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s show below!

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Tonight’s episode starts with Jeff and the crew in the office…but there is someone new that has joined them! As Jenni prepares to have her baby, she cannot be in the office as much. Jeff knows he needs a right-hand assistant to help him so he calls on his friend Megan. Instead of letting everyone know beforehand, Megan is there when Andrew arrives and he has no idea who she is, but hears Jeff telling her the plans for the day. When Andy asks if Jeff needs him to do anything, Jeff replies that he’ll call him if he thinks of something, leaving Andy to feel left out and concerned about the new person that Jeff is paying so much attention to.

Jeff and Megan leave to start their day. Jeff updates Megan along the ride on their current projects. They arrive at the house of a personal friend of Jeff’s. She was a good friend to him and allowed him to live with her family while he was struggling and just starting in real estate. He wants to pay back the favor by helping her with a remodel and paint job.

Back at the office, Jeff calls a cosmetic surgeon to inquire about breast implants for Vanina, because he feels responsible for her recent breakup because it was likely due in part to all the hours she is working. Jenni cringes at the fact that he is buying boobs for his employee…from her HR perspective. Jeff teases Jenni she is always displaying her boobs, so he thinks Vanina should do the same.

Jenni and Jeff meet with Frank the contractor at Kelly’s house. They find a rat infestation in the attic. Frank does not want to clean out the rat infestation so Jeff tells him to give him a bid on removing the entire ceiling and rebuilding. The stressful part for Jeff is that he knows Kelly has no additional money, so this rat issue may cause major issues.

Back at the office, Megan is in shock as she listens to all the inappropriate things the staff…and their boss…is saying. Jenni is feeling helpless in her HR position. Jeff and Megan take Kelly to look for bathroom necessities. As they look through toilet options, Kelly tells the man helping them that she does not want an “Asian” toilet. The man helping them was Asian, so Jeff takes the opportunity to play on that for a while, teasing Kelly mercilessly. Once again back at the office, the conversations go to an inappropriate side as the team talks vaginas, and Andrew goes too far. Megan is shocked and Jenni is basically giving up on even trying to keep diplomacy and tact in the office.

Jeff, Andrew, and Megan take Vanina to the cosmetic surgeon to check out breast sizes. As they walk out, Andrew asks the assistant if the doctor does penis reductions. Jenni really has her work cut out for her. Back at the Wagner house, Andy continues to push Megan’s buttons because he resents her for coming on the team when he was able to take on more responsibilities.

Jeff, Vanina, and Megan head out to a new project which is a million dollar makeover. After taking some notes, they head back to Kelly’s house. Frank is not coming down enough on the price for the ceiling and attic job. Jeff lays it on the line and says he’ll hire someone else. Frank seems to soften a bid then and says he’ll take another look at what he can do on the price.

Vanina is at the doctor’s office and it is surgery day. She is very nervous. She calls the office after her surgery but says she is very “loopy.” Andy, once again, makes inappropriate comments about Vanina and Megan is getting more and more annoyed.

Jeff and Jenni meet Kelly at the house and he tells her about the rat infestation, and shows the ceiling torn apart. She worries about the cost when Jeff mentions they are over budget. He commits to not going over 60,000 and Jenni cringes in the back, worrying that something else may come up.

After Jenni finds out that Andy was making fun of Megan’s last name Weaver (calling her Weaver Beaver, and a few other comments) she is forced to meet with him and write him up. She then calls Megan in and they clear the air. Jenni says she feels like she made progress, and for once…it looks like she may have gotten through to Andy and really did make progress! At least for a few minutes. Shortly after at Grammercy, the talk is focused on Vanina’s new chest. Good thing jenni wasn’t there!