Gang Related Recap 6/19/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Invierno Cayó”

Gang Related Recap 6/19/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Invierno Cayó”

Tonight on FOX Gang Related continues with an all new episode called “Invierno Cayó.” On tonight’s episode, Carlos’ plan backfires when he tries to sabotage another gang’s meth shipment to increase business for Los Angelicos, and it has dire consequences for his family and the Gang Task Force.

On last week’s episode the Gang Task Force discovered a sex-trafficking ring run by a Russian mafia family, which eventually lead them to a gruesome discovery. Ryan was faced with a difficult decision when he moved to put the gang’s leader behind bars, but learned that doing so will significantly delay Javier’s plans to get his family on a better track. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Carlos taints another gang’s meth shipment in order to drive business toward Los Angelicos’ fishscale supply. But his plan backfires and causes a world of trouble for his family and for the GTF.

Tonight you don’t want to miss the fifth episode of Gang Related, so be sure to tune in at 9 pm EST on FOX. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts on the show so far.


Carlos is at the park with Tio who chews him out about attacking Marco. Carlos apologizes then says he feels useless. Tio tells him tonight they’re going to have a junta to talk about family business and says he should take a seat at the table, but Carlos says his dad doesn’t care about his opinion. Tio tells him to say something worth listening to.

Sam tells the group that Los Angelicos has control of fishscale and says they need an inside man. Tae says that’s impossible and Sam says nothing is but they will pursue other leads. Cassius says that Javier is making deals with every other gang and Ryan says if they can turn some minor players they may get an in. They want to target Eddie, a two time loser with the Dokkaebis. Cassius says they’ve been moving Butter – a drug so good it’s supposed to melt your mind. Sam tells them to get moving on it.

Carlos curses his chair and Ryan is there and helps him. Carlos says he’s been thinking about what happened that day and that Javier told him he got four of the Lords that shot him and wants to know what happened to the fifth. Ryan says that he needs to leave it alone. Carlos tells him he’s sorry for what he put him through and Ryan says he won’t forgive him for shooting his partner and Carlos says he understands but wants him to know he’s sorry.

Daniel and Silvia get ready to leave dinner because they have a meeting with some investment guys and Ryan warns that they are as bad as gangsters. Ryan wishes them well and they go though he watches Silvia with some regret. Javier, Ryan and Tio sit down together and he tells Ryan that he knows he’s been keeping secrets. He asks about his hot new girlfriend and when they can meet her.

Ryan says that’s not a good idea and then changes the subject and tells him that Sam is targeting members of other gangs to try and shut down the Fishscale pipeline. He gives him the information on the targets. Carlos comes in and is welcomed. The Russians are still refusing to help them and Javier says there is a dispute. Carlos asks the problem but Javier doesn’t go into it. Carlos presses.

Ryan says the RMF wanted a favor that he didn’t give. Carlos says that’s not his call to make. Tio says they are $3 million short and they worry they won’t make their payment to Alvarez and Carlos says if they do, the Metas will collect in blood. He recommends expanding the drug business to meth and pharmaceuticals and club drugs.

He says it could be a quick score. Ryan says this could start a gang war and says they need no more attention on the family. Carlos says he screwed them over and Javier calls for a stop to this. He tells Carlos that Ryan has a point and tells him to figure out away to do it without starting a war, he’s willing to listen. Carlos glares at Ryan.

Carlos comes in to talk to his buddy and says no drugs because they have some decisions to make. He tells Jesus they are the future of Los Angelicos and need to start acting like it. They shake hands and vow cradle to the grave. Carlos calls Benito and says he has business to talk with him.

Next day, Cassius gets a text about Eddie Lin and says they have a lead on an apartment on 8th Street. Ryan and Cassius head in. The guy is all bloody and his eyes have been gouged out. Ick. They tell him to drop the gun, but he’s out of his mind with agony. They tell him to drop the gun and then Tae yells in another language that they are getting help but Eddie thinks they are his tormenters returned.

Tae says he scratched his eyes out so he couldn’t see them anymore He finally drops the gun and drops to his knees. They cuff him and Vee calls for an ambulance. They look at his stuff and find some Butter and think he was getting high on his own supply.

Javier meets with his money guy and says they have money offshore but he says it’s not clean. He recommends that Javier ask Daniel to sign over $3 million he has in a personal trust. Javier says it was collateral for his bank. Javier asks about his house and club but Malcolm says it will take too long. There is a piece of property that he could sell but he refuses.

Cassius says that the Butter Eddie took was cut with cathinone and it’s the main ingredient in bath salts. Sam worries there’s more bad Butter out there and he sold some to Tony Kang who throws underground parties to teens. Cassius wonders which they should hit and Ryan points to a call on the screen they just got from a party with shots fired.

They head out and find dead kids and chaos. Sam tells Ryan and Cassius to find the shooter and sends the others after Kang. Tae grabs him up and Sam asks who the shooter was and he says it’s just a kid. Ryan and Cassius see the kid who screams about the monsters and they tell him to put the gun down. Ryan puts his gun down and tells him to chill. He walks toward the kid who shoots Ryan and then at Cassius before Cassius shoots him. Ryan was in a vest and is okay but the kid is down. Cassius killed him. Sam runs in and he has to tell him.

Daniel plays golf with the investors and he talks to them about a hedge fund. He wants to get in on it for his customers and Jared cautions that it’s high risk. They tell him to play it safe until he’s more established. Daniel says it sounds good.

Kang told them the Butter cook is Benito Cruz and Sam says to find him. Cassius wants to find him but Sam calls him in to talk to his DEA rep. Cassius goes in and tells Neal it was a clean shoot. Neal says the perception is the issue because the kid’s dad has filed a lawsuit and is making a big deal about Cassius being black. He says Cassius is suspended for now and says his hands are tied because it’s going to be in the media. Sam reminds him the kid shot Ryan but Neal says that won’t be how America sees it.

Jessica and Ryan watch this and Jessica says the kid’s dad is spinning it and it’s going to make Cassius look like an angry black cop so they can sue for big damages. Jessica says the city will settle even though the shooting was legit. She tells him she’s sorry. Ryan comes to see Cassius who says it must be karma for shooting the kid. Ryan defends him and says he would have done the same thing. Cassius says there’s nothing he can do about it. Cassius tells him to focus on the Butter cook and says he’ll be all right. He packs up his locker and goes.

Carlos meets with Benito who hands them all the Butter he has left. He spiked it with cathinone to ruin their market. He asks Carlos if this means he’s in but Jesus tells him he betrayed them by working for the other side. Carlos asks if he’s one of them. Carlos sees someone walk by and tells them to wait and rolls out. It’s Ryan. He asks Carlos about the club drug business and he says he’s chasing tainted Butter and wants to know if he knows anything.

Carlos gets pissy and Ryan says people are dying. Carlos says he’s not helping him and the other pigs, he’s helping his family. Carlos tells him he’s not a real cop and he tells him to look in the mirror and figure out if he’s one of the family or one of them. Ryan says he knows where his loyalties lie and Carlos says he doesn’t know anyone who cooks Butter. Ryan leaves.

Silvia eavesdrops on the women in the locker room. They want to put Daniel and Silvia up for membership but one says that’s a bad element to have in the club. Rachel defends Daniel and says that Javier is a businessman who owns apartments. They tell her she sounds like Diane Keaton in The Godfather and Lindsey says that’s actually who Silvia is. Silvia is annoyed and walks off.

Tae and Vee come to see Su-Jin and tell her that her Butter cook Benito made a bad batch that killed some kids. They ask where Benito is. She says she knows about Tae and calls him Seon-U and hands the bag of Butter back. Tae tells Vee to get a drink and sits to talk to her. He asks how she knows his name and she says she ran his prints and talked to a friend back in Seoul that are police officers.

The prints belong to a twelve year old that killed a kingpin and then disappeared. She says that she’ll help him with Benito if he’ll do a favor. Vee asks Tae what the name is she called him and he tells her a lie. They’ve got Benito’s cell number and it’s pinging to a trailer park. Sam asks if he wants him to ride along since he’s short a partner. He agrees.

Silvia and Daniel leave the club and he asks what’s wrong. She says she overheard Lindsey talking about how if they join gangsters will shoot up the place. Daniel makes a joke and says they’ve earned the right to be there. He says he’ll talk to Jason about it later.

The cops roll up on the trailer park and call Benito’s cell. They get an answer and Ryan says in Spanish that there are cops outside. The guy runs to his truck and peels out and they follow. Tae and Vee are in the car and Ryan and Sam on foot. They run through the trailer park and shoot at the truck. Sam shoots out a tire and the truck plows into a trailer. He tells Ryan that he’ll teach him to shoot like that one day.

Benito looks pretty bad as they tell him about the bad Butter. They show him pictures of the guy that gouged his eyes out. Benito says no hablo so they turn off the cameras. Ryan says if it’s not laced, he can sample it. They spill some out and grab some Butter and cram it into his mouth. They demand to know where the rest is and he tells them where he cooks and says it wasn’t his idea.

Ryan demands to know whose idea it was and he says it was Carlos Acosta and says Los Angelicos are moving into Butter so they wanted him to ruin the Korean supply. He says Javier doesn’t know about it. Tae asks Ryan why Carlos is after his partners – first James then Cassius. Sam tells the group that they found Benito’s cook site and raided it. They’ve got the rest of the tainted Butter.

Vee says let’s go after Carlos but Ryan says that they shouldn’t take the rook when they can get the king. This means dissension in the ranks and this could lead them to Javier. Sam agrees to wait for now. Ryan is off on his motorcycle that night and goes to see Javier. He comes into the office and says they have to talk. He tells him about the tainted Butter and all the people he killed.

Javier says it was the Koreans but Ryan says it was Carlos who made the move to ruin the Koreans. Ryan says they know it was Carlos but he convinced them to hold off to try and make a move on Javier. Ryan says Carlos needs to be out of the juntas for good. Ryan says if he wants to change their lives he has to start by changing Carlos. Javier is very conflicted.

At the unit, Ryan talks to Jessica. She tells him good job with the Butter and he says he just wants Cassius back. She says she wishes there was something she could do and says she’s surprised Sam hasn’t strong armed the kid’s dad to try and shut it down. She says maybe her dad has changed. Ryan asks if she likes food then stammers and invites her over for dinner.

Javier gives Malcolm the paperwork on the lot – he sold it so they could make the payment to the Metas. Malcolm asks what changed his mind. Javier says when they first came here, this factory kept illegals locked in the basement until night shift when they let them out to work. He says he worked in the basement and was able to escape when it caught fire but his parents and many others died.

He says he stood right there watching the fire and waiting for his parents to come out. He says they never did. The owner paid off the cops and they lied and said his parents and the others were squatters that were illegally there. Javier says he bought it with the idea in mind to build something like a hospital or school to honor the memory of his parents. Malcolm says he’s sorry he had to sell and Javier says sometimes to secure the future, you have to let go of the past.

Ryan comes to see the kid’s dad who says he has to record their conversation. Ryan says he’s there to ask him to reconsider the lawsuit against Cassius. Ryan says he needs to reconsider. He tells him that his son shot him and was about to shoot Cassius. He says his son was the victim of the drugs, not the police and he’s ruining the career of a great cop who has helped the community.

The guy turns off the recorder and says he won’t drop the lawsuit. He says it’s a goldmine and is going to sue the whole damned city. He tells him to get out or join his black pig partner on the unemployment line. He clicks the recorder back on and acts all polite and nice. Ryan sighs and sits down. He clicks the recorder off and puts a bag with a gun on the table.

Ryan says it’s a gun from the shooting of a drug lord’s son. He says the guy wants to know who killed his son because he actually cares about his kid. The guy scoffs and says that he can’t pin it on him and says it will never hold up in court. Ryan says he’s not going to court, he’s going to the drug dealer to drop a dime on him. He walks out and puts the gun in his holster – it was his and he was lying!

Ryan goes to see Cassius and tells him the lawsuit has been dropped. He’s stunned. Cassius asks how and Ryan says someone talked reason to him. Cassius says he doesn’t know how to thank him. Cassius is furious at Carlos and says because of him he killed a kid and almost lost his job. He says the two of them are going to take down anyone named Acosta and Ryan drinks to that.

At a club, Daniel meets up with Jason. He says he’s wiring him $2 million and Jason looks concerned. He tells him even if the investment goes bad he doesn’t have to worry about gangster shooting up the country club since he’s not his father. He says that’s what his wife was worried about and Jason asks if he’s serious. Jason agrees and says he’s in. They shake on it.

Benito gets a visit from his father who says he’s going to get him a good lawyer. Benito says he won’t make it in jail and he says he’ll make sure he’s protected. Sam tells Lucho visiting hours are over and he tells Benito that he’ll be okay. He tells Lucho that he’s going to send Benito to a facility where there are no Los Angelicos to protect him and asks him how many brothers he thinks are going to want to run a train on his son.

Lucho asks if it’s a threat and Sam says it can change if he talks to him about Javier’s fishscale operation. Lucho thinks hard. Tae looks up the story about the kingpin that was shot in Seoul. He thinks about his past.

Carlos rolls out of the minivan and asks what Javier wants. Javier says he knows what he did with the Korean’s Butter and Carlos says it worked and now they need a fix. Javier says he acted without his permission and now the task force has him in his sights. He says Ryan could have helped him but Carlos says he’s sick of hearing about Ryan. Javier says as long as he’s alive, Carlos won’t go without.

Carlos says he needs his respect and Javier says he’s let him down too many times. Carlos says he finally told him the truth. He asks if Jesus went along with it. Carlos says he’s his carnal but Javier says he should have known better. Tio kills Jesus while Carlos watches. Javier drives away and Carlos stares at his dead friend.