General Hospital Spoiler Does Franco Survive Being Shot by Heather During Carly’s Rescue – Valentine’s Day Surprise?

General Hospital Spoiler Does Franco Survive Being Shot by Heather During Carly's Rescue - Valentine's Day Surprise?

“Never bring a knife to a gun fight.” Words to live by, if we learn anything from General Hospital. It’s a shocker of an episode, leading up to Valentine’s Day with tragedy and romance, all packed together.

The major question is – will Franco survive the shooting, as his girlfriend Carly was rescued from Heather, his own mother! First of all, worst mother ever, amirite? What kind of mother would kidnap her son’s girlfriend and then shoot her own son? Heather had brought a knife with which to kill Carly and frame Franco – and yes, he picked up the knife from the ground in the catacombs. Since he had already stabbed his mother once for sure he’d do it again. Plus, Heather’s character is despicable enough so that it’s easy to believe that a Franco type would kill his mom, especially when played so convincingly by the brilliant Robin Matson.

It all started when Franco figured out where Heather was holding Carly, and as he finds her, he promises her everything’s going to be just fine. Unfortunately, he can’t keep his promise because Heather appears a few moments later and sneaks up behind him, telling him that things actually will not be fine. And then, like mother of the week, she shoots him.

But how would Heather plan to keep this murder a secret if she pulled it off? Well, it would be easy for her. She could kill both Franco and Carly, and then make it seem like Franco killed Carly and then himself. That way, she eliminates the need for a major murder investigation, and there won’t be any living witnesses who survive the shooting of her son and the stabbing of Carly to tell the truth.

Good thing Anna Devane and Nathan West showed up to save the day and arrest Heather. Heather is so crazy that during the arrest she begged Anna to let her finish killing Franco saying “let me finish him off.” When they are taking Heather away and cuffing the loony, she begins to cry out how her poor son is hurt – meanwhile Carly cradles Franco’s head begging to him to live. At the moment we have all been waiting for Franco professes his great love for Carly and she says “I love you too Franco.”

What do you guys think? Now that Carly and Franco have professed their love for each other wouldn’t it be a great Valentine’s Day surprise for Franco to live? Will Franco survive the shooting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Sher

    I really love Franco and Carly they have great chemistry. I can’t wait for todays show. Gh has been on fire lately.