General Hospital’s Jack Wagner is Headed Back To Television

General Hospital's Jack Wagner is Headed Back To Television

When long time soap fans think back to when the industry was thriving and people were rushing home to watch their “stories”, General Hospital quickly comes to mind. Back in the 80’s the show was a huge cult classic and Jack Wagner enjoyed riding the crazy wave as super popular, Frisco Jones. When GH came a calling, asking Wagner to reprise is famous character he was thrilled at the opportunity to come back to the show that was home to him for many years. In 2013 he reunited on camera with his now real life ex, Kristina Wagner and the whole thing really didn’t play out the way that he had hoped. Instead Frisco didn’t reunite with the love of his life and he walked out on his daughter yet again, leaving Wagner to question why he returned in the first place.

Fast forward a year and the actor has been wooed back to television via the Hallmark Movie Channel. According to the Jan. 20th print edition of ABC Soaps In Depth, My Gal Sunday is a pilot that airs on Jan. 18th and Wagner is teamed with former AMC star, Cameron Mathison in the drama. He is hoping that it will pull high enough numbers to actually be picked up. If not then the actor will always have his music career to fall back on. Wagner has been meeting with Managers and recod labels to try and ink a deal that will bring his “Americana roots music” to the masses.

Are you excited to see Wagner returning to television in any capacity? Do you think that GH kind of screwed him out of what could have been a good story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 responses to “General Hospital’s Jack Wagner is Headed Back To Television”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Doubt GH ever intended to have Wagner stay on since they were only temporarily bringing back a lot of the old characters for the 50th anniversary.

  2. Barbgia says:

    Super excited!! GH did no justice to the actor that he is, he is better off elsewhere!! I’ll be watching.

  3. anitria says:

    I am so happy for jack !,Gh used his return as a stunt destroyed the beloved character in a few shows.Jack came back to honor the show but he wasn’t shown any.Looking forward to movie and new music!#

  4. lexie says:

    I agree tptb screwwd jack wagner fans over too.I was really let down how he was written at the end!#jack wagner