General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Hits Jason in Car Accident – Jordon Takes The Blame – Jason Taken To Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Hits Jason in Car Accident - Jordon Takes The Blame - Jason Taken To Hospita

General Hospital spoilers for September 24 reveal that Jason Morgan was on his way home to Port Charles, but unfortunately fans were deprived of the heartfelt reunion we were all hoping for. On the September 23 episode of General Hospital Helena’s goons picked Jason Morgan up while he was trying to get in to Sonny’s house and kidnapped him once again, because Helena claims to have “big plans” for him. In a shocking twist, Jason escaped and jumped out of their moving car on a dark road. Ironically, Ava Jerome had just escaped from Sonny Corinthos’ men, and was racing down the road in her car and calling her brother Julian for help, and she crashed into something.

Rumor has it the “something” that Ava Jerome crashed her car in to, was none other than Jason Morgan, who had just escaped from Helena’s men. General Hospital spoilers tease that Elizabeth will have a “mystery patient” at the hospital, so it is safe to assume that it may be Jason Morgan after Ava ran him down in the middle of the road. According to GH spoilers, The Young and the Restless alum Billy Miller has signed on to play the part of Morgan. They may use the car accident as an excuse for a completely new face, to make the switch from Steve Burton to Billy Miller smoother for the audience, and if the accident left Jason’s face mangled, that would explain why no one at the hospital recognizes him.

Obviously there is also a chance that Ava Jerome’s accident may affect her unborn baby, which would be horrible for more than one reason. If she loses the baby, then Sonny Corinthos will for sure kill Ava. However, there is a chance that she and the baby are okay because according to General Hospital spoilers Morgan comes to her rescue after the accident and helps her leaves town. If you or your unborn baby is seriously injured, then you usually head to the hospital, not out of town.

So GH fans, do you think that Ava Jerome ran down Jason Morgan in the road? Do you think Ava survived the accident without a scratch, or could she have lost the baby? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

Update: we learned on the Sept. 24 show that Ava’s hitting Jason was a complete accident – now Jordon has helped cover-up the incident. Ava is still on the run from Sonny, Jason is on the way to General Hospital in an ambulance, and we still haven’t seen Billy Miller’s face!

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