General Hospital Spoilers Feb 24-28: Robin Scorpio Leaves to Save Jason Morgan and Julian Jerome’s Bankroller Revealed

General Hospital Spoilers Feb 24-28: Robin Scorpio Leaves to Save Jason Morgan and Julian Jerome's Bankroller Revealed

The drama is heating up in Port Charles next week on General Hospital. And, we have all of your General Hospital spoilers for the week of Feb 24-28 right here! General Hospital fans shouldn’t expect anything but the best next week, Monday marks the popular soap opera’s monumental 13,000th episode, and it looks like the producers have pulled out all of the dramatic stops.

This week Patrick Drake didn’t want to see Robin Scorpio leave Port Charles and head to Africa with Victor to save Jason Morgan, but despite his objections we can expect to see Robin leave town next week. It was announced months ago the Kimberly McCullough, the actress that plays Robin was only hired for a five month contract. McCullough even offered to stay longer but the GH producers weren’t willing to change the storyline. Robin Scorpio-Drake is leaving Port Charles, whether the fans and her husband want her to go or not. The writers may drag out her good-byes and tease us a bit, but at the end of the week Robin is leaving, no question about it.

TJ and Molly will finally get to their hotel room next week, but there will be some unexpected drama for the young couple. There was some serious fore-shadowing, and two different characters made comments about getting pregnant when they were Molly and TJ’s age, so there may be a new teen pregnancy in Port Charles soon.

Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) will finally make his return to General Hospital on Tuesday of next week, and his arrival will throw several characters for a loop, especially his half-brother Sonny. Ironically Ric is returning the same week we are set to learn who Julian’s silent business partner is. Coincidence? Most likely not.

Ava gets herself in a sticky situation, and she will enlist the help of Julian’s henchman Carlos, without telling Julian. AJ is getting extremely close to discovering the truth about the night that Connie was murdered, and Ava needs some man power to help her stop him.

With Robin Scorpio-Drake making her grand exit and Ric Lansing making a grand entrance, the week of February 28th will be gull of must-see General Hospital episodes. Keep checking CDL for all of your GH spoilers and juicy details.